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A Dip in the Deep Well of Understanding ~ Being Response-able to Life
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Well, at least some things haven't changed – such as I don't know what brought me here to the journal – and while “following Heart” is reason enough for me, I know it doesn't suit many others – nor anyone who is centered in mind. So let's all drop down into Heart for the best possible experience, together. In spite of having put up more journals lately – before the recent break – than in the months that went before, I now have about 13 or more ready to record – not counting those from 2008. I'm wondering if any of you have had any sort of similar experiences. If you have, it would be fun to read about them in the comments. I don't know why this intensity of flow , aside from blockages to flow being cleared up. So maybe that's at least part of what's happening – but I smell a mind trying to wiggle its way in, so I'll gently, lovingly escort it back out, since it's not needed where we are going. Heart has its own brain , of sorts – had you heard of that? I'll put a good link to at least introduce it by Sacred Sarrah. This is the body's heart , of course – you won't catch the capital-H Heart portal producing neurotransmitters like that.

Meanwhile, back down in the deep Heart. Let's just BE from there – in there. Being NowHere is so easily accomplished once we find our way here. This is where we both get to observe from sufficient distance to see things with new clarity – and we get to be danced . Has that ever happened to you? If not yet, then it's bound to before long. It's a Heart thing, you'll see. The o ld man is dying away from us. Some are more in resistance to it than others. It doesn't feel good to any of us, resistance or not. Still, I've found that just allowing , just letting things and people be as and what they are is the best way to greet this stuff. Then too, the closer to Heart we can stick, then the clearer our changes will be to us. Not saying we will understand them – don't get me wrong. Just that we'll be better able to see them from here. And it's a guaranteed thing that you are changing . In this physical environment, what with all of its changes, it's not possible to remain the same as you once were – not at all. A lot of the changing going on happens at very deep levels, but by being in Heart you're as close as you can be to that – thus your increased ability to see into such things. It's really cool. Frankly, I don't know when the understanding will come. The funny thing is, what I've discovered by surrendering the need to understand – letting go of that need – is that we truly can live without it. Now that's scary to mind, but then we don't slip over into mind all that much anymore, anyway, so that's fine. How are you on the understanding thing? Are you willing to let it go ? If not, then perhaps to loosen the death grip you have on it? Needing to understand things is very much a thing of the mind . So if you've view it from Heart perspective it will be easy to see that it's not you at all who is bothered by not understanding – that would be mind. But all I can do is to point the way. All I can do is to say that this experience is waiting for you, if you desire to have it. Yet there is a price , and the price is a certain letting go – a surrender of the felt need to understand things. It's truly a new way to face life . Heck, it helps turn it into what amounts to a whole new life, when that need is let go.

Plus, when the need to understand is not out there in first place in your life, then you can be more assured that you're functioning from a much deeper level. You're likely in Heart, but even if not, then at least you're not in left brain, and that's great, since left brain won't take anyone into awakening. Wrong tool for the job. Pretty simple – but only when seen with Heart vision, I guess. To the mind, this one is just nuts. I feel some of you letting go of that need – maybe even for the first time – just trying it out, seeing how it feels. Gotta tell you, that's really cool. We're getting more and more Present, which means more and more responsive , too. We're better at turning on a dime these days. Once we let a lot of this stuff go that's bound us up in knots all of our life, then we're a heck of a lot more free to respond. We're response-able . Neat word trick, huh – response-able for responsible, but really, they do connect. Those who are not responsible can be viewed as unable to respond as perhaps they might like to – and as we all once were. After all, we all started this trek from left brain, pretty much. There are always exceptions to everything, but not so many to this. One thing that tells us is that we have this deep well of understanding available to us – everyone does. Maybe you're not used to looking at the self as being deeply understanding. Perhaps you'd like to try that one on, for I promise you have that, inside. Once you touch into this deep well of understanding – well, you'll never be the same , again. It changes you. Once you see that, as they say, “there, but for the grace of God, go I” - well, it changes the whole storyline, somehow. It makes things shift . You see your self in others that much easier. From the left or analytical brain we are the farthest possible from this deep understanding. It's a long journey, but one that most of us enjoying these journals have already made. You may not have taken that step-off-the-cliff of recognizing in the self this deep well of understanding – but you can. That depends on you, of course – if you're able to respond – response-able. This understanding we can also approach from

another angle – that being our other amgodiments or lifetimes. Also in those many piled upon many amgodiments we walked a mile in our brethren's moccasins – we tried it their way, so we know a good bit about that. There are many ways into this deep well. One of them is actually just knowing about it . For some, that's all it will take, and splash! There they went – they took the dive off of the cliff. That's how response-able some of us are, these days. Just look around you. You may recognize a lot of them using bodies much younger than your current one – but don't let that limit you, especially since we know all time is just Now, we can't let time limit us – unless we want to. Sometimes we do it just for the f un of feeling limited . That's something we can't experience upstairs (in higher consciousness). So it's fun to try it out here, in 3D. Yeah, I said fun. It's a shift we're making. We don't have to make ourselves over or go get anything we haven't already got. Had you figured that one out, yet? Did you know you are already quite perfect ? That you are Source? I'll give you another lovely video link to support you in making that particular shift. So do you see how we're just shifting into this – into this awakening thing? Have you made that connection, yet? Or do you still sense something lacking , something missing in self? There isn't – I'm here to share that with you – and if you're ready to hear it, then it will hit its mark, and you'll be free of that sense of unworthiness. We all carry certain energies of feeling unworthy. If you think you don't, I'd be suspicious of that thought. Always, too, let us remind the self that this conscious mind – the one who is convinced it knows so darn much – is but 5% of the whole mind. And the whole mind is but about 1 billionth or less of who You really are. So shift into that . Shifting – shifting attitudes, ideas, angles of view – that's what most of this is about. We all already contain 100% of what's needed for this. We're actually already awakened . If we don't feel like we are, then we are still in the process of hiding it from ourself . Seriously – if you'll open yourself to that, and just go

where it leads you, you're in for a very big surprise. You are already awake! We've been fooled for a very long while about who and about what we are. That's what it amounts to. This is also the amazing power of belief to create – to create the chains and the seeming prison we have found the self in all these years and amgodiments... but no more . The time for all of that sort of experience is officially over. All that waits is for each one to make the same decision for the self – to be response-able – to ratify awakening as a thing that is already done. Now, i t's done at a deeper level than is available to the outer mind. That's how TPTW (The Powers That Were) were able to hide it from us – the managed in their various ways to hide us away from our deep center. Well, that was a mess, sure – when viewed from a certain angle. From other angles, though, it was and is no mess at all. For one thing, it's easily mend-able – we just shift . We shift back into connection with the Deep Self – the Higher Self – with what I choose to call Heart , with a capital “H.” From there, we connect with the Source that we are. Yes, it requires the shedding of a lot of old programmed beliefs . I think most of us can pretty easily see that at this point. We've gained enough breathing room by being deep down here in Heart. That always increases the clarity of our vision, though I don't know how it works. Just stay out of mind long enough and you'll experience it for yourself. Then maybe you'll come and tell me. I don't much care about the how and the why , anymore. I was so surprised a while back to find they were expendable – they were ditch-able – they just are not necessary. The “ that ” of it, the isness of it, is enough. That's being NowHere – just BEing – do you see? It's quite a different way of life than the one lived from left brain. The whole orientation is different, as I bet you can at least sense if not see. The whole feeling of life is deeply different. Oh, things tend to look much the same from your eyes when you look out. As they say, “ chop wood, carry water ” or the regular daily chores still need to get done – awakened or not. Yet there's a whole

different sense about it all – that only Heart can give you. For one thing, there's a real Joy in daily living – found mostly in the little things – so little you'd not think of them at all if you lived within mind. Everything becomes somehow special. You won't even be killing bugs , anymore, beyond a certain point. I have a nest of red wasps that has been building just outside my front door. You know, they build the thing for the young to hatch from that has the look and shape of the honeycomb. Well, often enough I've thought I need to take that down. Once upon a time I would have stood off with the can of wasp shot stuff that you can spray from 20 feet and let fly – maybe feeling a bit guilty, but not much. Not anymore. Now, instead, what goes through my awareness is now I've never once been stung by them. They don't try to come inside, though I use the door often. Then, too, there is something so very amazing, I sometimes just stand and watch it in awe. There will be one of them just standing on the nest they've created so far, not doing anything at all but buzzing its wings really fast. It will just stand there for the longest time running its wings, keeping the young cool in the heat. It's been in the 90's lately, around 33 or 35 – pretty hot – so it makes sense. Still, just imagine that, if you will – the selfless service there – the cooperation, the sense of community . Now, how can I condemn that life to a painful chemical death? I'm not suggesting everyone adopt my ways or anything. But if I might, I'd like to suggest that, if we are going to eliminate bugs and creatures that are somehow in the way, that we do it more humanely – that's all. At night these creatures can't fly. So if I was going to remove them, what I would do is use my little Grab-It tool that I use to reach things on high shelves, take a plastic bag out, and take the nest down. I'd carry it away in the bag, and gently spill it out , somewhere at distance from the house. Self and Now. It's all we need deal with , my dears, for the face of the entire planet to change . As we make our internal shifts like this, we'll see it reflected out there – in the outer world. And even if that wasn't the case, it would still deserve to be done just

to be humane. Like the petition I signed the other day protesting the terrible damage to the cetaceans , the whales and dolphins, being done by the US Navy with their sonar testing – supposed testing. The things we once did so unthinkingly – back when we were the center and circumference of our whole world – well, they just won't wash, anymore. We're waking up – we're beginning to see and feel the results of those things we used to do – and it doesn't look good. We're all becoming at least somewhat more response-able . Do you see? Before we were trained and taught to act only for selfcentered motives and results. That worked for at least two reasons. One was that we had a much smaller sense of self – just the little I. Two is that it was made possible by corralling us into left brain . No way would that have worked for them had we found our way into Heart. No way. So this is the shift , and every little thing you do, every move you make internally, makes a bigger difference that you're now able to tell. Our whole Cosmos being holographic and fractal, we're so closely joined up as to be one big whole , in spite of seeming to be separate. We are not separate – it's just a seeming, one which we're all beginning to see through at various points. So I'll encourage us all to injoy the process . Life, itself, is found in the process, my friends – not in any ending or goal or solution. No such thing. It's only in the NowHere . If you're looking for it anywhere else, well, then – you're lost, but just temporarily. It won't be long until we reach what some have mislabeled the 100 th Monkey Effect. It's really that we're all just The One. I just noticed the roots of the word “ encourage ,” and they're really cool. It has the word “courage” in there, and that one has the French word for heart in it – coeur – and “age.” One could call courage, then, the coming of age of the heart . So that makes the word “encourage” look even lovelier – to bring about or enhance the coming of age of the heart. So let us encourage one another each step of the way as we make our own trek. Let us all be response-able in this way – by knowing that Self and Now is our business, and that whatever else

is going on out there, or with this one or that one, that is not . I will give you a link to what Abraham has to say about trying to solve the ills of the world. I love their sense of humor. I think you will, too.


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