ABOUT: What did you do last weekend?
Affirmative Subject Present I Am You Are He, she, it Is We, they are Past Was Were Was were Subject I You He, she, it We, they Verb do have Negative Present Past Am Wasn`t Are Weren`t Is Wasn`t (was not) Aren`t Weren`t Answer She stayed home. Yes, she di No, she didn´t

Past simple questions Auxiliary Subjec t What did Liz Did she

Complement Yesterday? Over the weekend? Last Sunday? A good time?

1. Well, on Saturday morning I got up late and made the breakfast at home. • Traducción • Negative 2. At 10:00am. I washed my clothes and I dressed my daughters. • Traducción • Negative 3. After that I went to the park with my children. • Traducción • Negative 4. At 12:00 o’clock. We went to visit my mother’s house. • Traducción • Negative 5. At 1:00 o’clock. I went to study my English lessons. • Traducción • Negative 6. I finished my English lessons at 8:00pm and then I came back to my house. The journey took 2 hours. • Traducción • Negative

My wife Tania And I started to cook Lomo Saltado. • Traducción • Negative . • Traducción • Negative 8.m. • Traducción • Negative 10. On Sunday morning I got up early and my wife made a delicious breakfast. We finished cooking and I helped to serve the food. • Traducción • Negative 11. After that I started to read an interested book and made a call to my brother. At 10: 00pm. At 12:00pm. At 3:00pm.7.m. At 12:00a. After that we went to the restaurant and ate fast food. I helped my children to make their homework while my wife was cooking. At 10:00a. At 1:00pm. I went to my children’s room to kiss them and say good night my babies! • Traducción • Negative 9. • Traducción • Negative 12. • Traducción • Negative 13. • Traducción • Negative 15. We went to walk around the park and bought four ice creams. • Traducción • Negative 17. My wife and I cleaned the house and our children made a mess in their room. • Traducción • Negative 16. • Traducción • Negative 14. I worked in my computer making a lot of things. At 11:00a.m. I decided to take a rest while my wife and daughters played in the grass.

I made my homework and drank a cup of coffee. • Traducción • Negative 19. • Traducción • Negative . At 12:00 o’clock my wife and I watched TV until I overslept.18. • Traducción • Negative 20. Al 10:00pm. We returned at home at 8:00pm and I started to organize my work’s material for the next week.

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