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BACKGROUND STUDY In communication, language is an essential tool for everyone. Speaking through a person or child will be able to develop social skills with others. The mastery of social skills in a social environment begins with the mastery of language skills. Language can be interpreted as a system of signs, whether oral or written, and an inter-human communication systems. Every child learns to communicate with others through a variety of ways. Although the way children are different from one another, there are common things that happens to almost every child. Children will be able to expand its expertise in the field of sound pronunciation, writing, reading very supportive literacy skills at a higher level. So the language or communication development in children is one aspect of the stages of child development that should not escape the attention of educators in general and parents in particular. That's why prospective elementary school teachers need to master the various concepts associated with the development and child language acquisition

On developments in this era of globalization we are required to be able to use a language other than the language that we use everyday such as for example the use of English in today is very common to have based our control, therefore we should teach English to the children in an early stage. So that children do not find difficulty when they have grown up, because sometimes in adulthood the child will be difficult to learn the language. We should teach children early on to use the English language as a whole so that children can understand what they read in English, but they also could understand what they hear, speak and write their ideas In English.

English is one of foreign language. Meaning of foreign language itself is one not widely used in the learners immediate social context which might be used for future, travel, or other cross culture communication situations, or studied as a curricular requirement or elective in school, but with no immediate or necessary practical application. We know that foreign language it very important in this era, because foreign language especially English it commonly to use in social communication or in the world, we can get knowledge, so it is easy to communicate with people around the world, in order to get overseas scholarships, opportunities where the opportunity to work where larger, we can enjoy movies, television channel world, and the book with the English language.

we can use one of the TPR (Total Physical Response) that is “ Combining the picture’s part with another parts of the picture to make it complete”. because it can caused they are cheerful and easy to understand the lesson. then she called a children to come in the front to find the “dress” picture. because in qualitative method more pressure in understanding aspect deeply to a problem. shirt. a professor of psychology at California State University San Jose.htm that is developed by James Asher. This method more prefer use technique in depth analysis that is study about problem in one by one. For example in the video of teaching foreign language . Asher said that the fact more frequent or more intense stimulation of memory a person is given the stronger association related memory and the easier it is to recall (recalling). raincoat) and the children did the same thing. Then the teacher say another words (skirt.RELATED LITERATURE Theory that is used in learning foreign language in this study is TPR (Total Physical Response) method that we can searching in http://file:///E:/MOZILA/metodepembelajaran. Because it can bring the joy in children (positive mood) will give good impact for children to learn the language. He said {appropriate method to teach English in early childhood learning more priority to activities which directly relate to physical activity (physical) and movement (movement)}. there are twelve childrens in the class. pant. THE OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The objective of our study to investigate to weather TPR ( Total Physical Response ) is an effective way to teach children in kindergarten. sing a song and tell a story to make the children get positive mood. In the TPR method. combining the parts of picture to another parts of the picture or mentioned as puzzle make the puzzle completed. researcher expected to get understanding in case that their take. The teacher ask five children one by one to come in the front. In growth childhood that speaks directly according to TPR method is a process of giving the command (command) where the child responds physically first before he was able to produce a verbal response. RESEARCH METHOD Research method that used is a qualitative method. in TPR method there many method that is used teacher in learning foreign Language such as imitate the teachers spelling about the lesson. First. And in this method. . This activity is done verbally given to the activities of the motion (motor activity). and in language learning means to engage with mobile games that can be combined with singing or storytelling will be able to reduce the pressure of one's language learning. the teacher say “dress” . DISCUSSION From the video which had been analyzed.

BIBLIOGRAPHY file:///E:/%20/Teaching-pre-school-English.Next session.interested method will make the children interested too to the lesson. the teacher says . We take for example 10:2. which has been mentioned by her to the children and then the children find it and give it to the teacher. Another children also did the same thing.htm file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/Mengajarkan%20Anak%20Belajar%20Bahasa%2 0Inggris%20_%20Tips%20Anak.“Give me pant!” and then the child take the pant picture and give it to the teacher. and interact with another children and will not saturate learning a foreign language. The methods which is used in teaching foreign language will influence the success or not in attacking children in foreign language. Related to the video. they could understand what the teacher saying.file:///C:/Users/user/Documents/Pemerolehan%20Bahasa%20Anak%20 _%20Putry_Bulan09.htm . creative. it means from 10 children. Average the children give good response. CONCLUSION The conclusion of this paper is that we can make this learning as an example for teaching foreign language learning in children because it is very effective for in early childhood development. The method which is used in the video are very interested in the learning . 2 of them are don’t understand. The interested method will make the children be active. the teacher ask to another children to give her one of the picture of the clothes. From the method which is used to teaching foreign language.htm Indrawati.

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