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Applying Tomorrow’s Technology to Today’s Ministry Volume 18

August 2006

No 8

Friendship-west Baptist Church’s Kingdom Kopy Leverages Advance Printing Technologies To Spread The Word

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HAND HELD DEVICES Page 38 Procrastinators!Now is the Time to Buy a Pocket PC! by Craig Rairdin 2 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine

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Understanding How CCMag Works!
his is an exciting issue. I hope you will look at all of the articles in this issue. We have our first of three Bible study software reviews (Logos Bible Study 3) as well as two great articles on two different churches and how they increased their ministry using some of today’s best technology. If you know of a church that has used technology to increase their ministry, drop me an e-mail so we can share their story!
In this issue, Nick gives more information about why he recommends when it comes to purchasing a notebook computer. I have been getting several e-mails from people asking if I REALLY recommend their notebooks because I love them, or because they advertise in CCMag. Let me make this very clear, I love PowerNotebooks! You don’t have to take my word for it. Just check out what Doc Watson said when he reviewed ( Doc was not paid to write the article, and he didn’t get the keep the notebook after the review (although he really wanted to keep it!) Doc ran it through his tests and gave it his highest ratings. Now consider Nick’s recommendation. Nick has moved away from recommending Dell Notebooks to his clients. Instead, he strongly recommends as the place to go when considering the purchase of a new notebook. Nick does not get paid for this endorsement either. In fact, churches pay Nick to consult and make recommendations. If he doesn’t recommend the best, he will soon be out of business. So, check out Nick’s article and then visit if you are in the market for a new notebook. port us. So how can you help? There are two ways. First, whenever you contact a company that advertises in our magazine, be sure to let them know that you saw their review or advertisement in CCMag. Second, help us spread the impact of our ministry by letting others know about our publication. In addition, feel free to forward copies of the magazine or specific articles to friends and associates that would benefit from the information. I am excited about the ministry we accomplish here at CCMag. We are in our 18th year, and I have heard from thousands over the years who have let us know that the information we published helped them in one way or another. I am very grateful to our sponsors who have advertised and supported our ministry, and to our readers who take the information we provide and use it to expand and enhance their ministry. Together We Serve Him,


Supporting CCMag?
This might be a great time to remind you and all of our readers that we are indeed supported by advertisements. We offer our subscriptions completely free. However, we don’t allow advertisements from products or companies that we wouldn’t do business with ourselves. Each year we end up actually turning down one or two advertisers because we do not believe in their products or services. We review those products and services that believe will be a great help to those using technology in ministry. In order to pay our bills, we encourage the companies we like to supChristian Computing® Magazine August 2006

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Press Releases
Can Churches Build & Manage their Own Web Sites? The All New ACS Extend Platform 3.0 Makes It Easy
ACS Technologies® (, leading provider of information management solutions for churches, schools and other faith-based nonprofits, has made great strides forward in the area of Web design over the past four years. With the announcement of version 3.0 of the ACS Extend Platform (, churches and faith-based organizations have access to enhanced Web site design tools through the completely redesigned platform, enabling them to utilize the incredibly powerful content management system to build and manage Web sites with little or no technical training. Extend 3.0 was built to provide nonprofit organizations with powerful tools to build professional, interactive Web sites that easily integrate with other ACS management software solutions. “Overall, our goal was to make Extend even more user-friendly and take the confusion out of Web site design,” says Sally Grantham, Extend development coordinator and project manager for ACS Technologies. “Our clients want Web tools that enable them to focus on the ministry aspects of their Web sites, not the technical side. With Extend 3.0, we’ve built enhancements that make it more straightforward to build, create and maintain an effective Web site.” Through an all-new dashboard-style welcome page, users can view icons that direct them to build channels and pages, edit existing pages, create, edit and review content items, create channels, edit user profiles and rights and more, making it easier to use. From new dropdown menus, to icons, to shortcuts, Extend 3.0 just looks and feels completely new. “Today’s busy world doesn’t leave a lot of time for mistakes. Living in such a fast-paced society, it’s becoming more important to give people the latest information about your ministry,” comments Jennifer Gilbert at Faith Landmarks Ministries ( “Extend 3.0 has completely revolutionized our church and its presence on the Web. With simple functions and appearance, and with being it being a Web-based content manager, we can quickly and efficiently update our site from work or anywhere in the world! Thank you ACS Extend 3.0!” In addition to the same great functionality that Extend users currently enjoy, Extend 3.0 includes many enhancements that enable for even better navigation within the user-interface, making it all the more powerful to use. Some of the enhancements include: • Dropdown Navigation – Users can navigate more quickly through the new dropdown navigation bars at the top of every screen, enabling them to update and make changes to their sites. • Additional Deleting Tools – Users now have the ability to delete multiple pieces of media or content at one time. • New Short Cuts – Now there are more short cuts within the Site Manager to speed up the layout process. • Enhanced HTML Editor – The awesome HTML editor now has new features to make for more advanced content design and layout. • New Expiration Data Feature – Put an expiration date on a piece of content that will remove it from your site’s search at a designated time. • Added Links Manager – To add links to your own login; add other links to areas within your Web site. Extend 3.0 has also been migrated to the Microsoft .NET platform, a leading technology, and opens the door for Extend to tie to other ACS products more easily. One of the most valuable advantages in utilizing the .NET platform is in creating connectivity efficiencies between Extend and Access ACS. The new Extend 3.0 release will make it possible for many future updates and services, enabling ACS Technologies to offer even more benefits to clients of all kinds. Exciting future features and updates include a church locator application, user profile options so users can set defaults in screens when you open those pages, a calendar and categories for additional site organization. For more information on all ACS Technologies products and services, visit or call 1800-736-7425 today! 4 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine

Also included with Expansion Pack. • ZOEgirl—”Beautiful Name”. players must match the pattern by stepping on corresponding arrows imprinted on the game’s dance pad. • Matt Redman—(2006 GMA Music Awards ‘Praise & Worship Album of the Year’) “Blessed Be Your Name” (#3 on the CCCI Top 100).Hit Parade Gets Even Longer: Introducing Digital Praise’s Dance Praise™ Expansion Pack Volume 1: Modern Worship Digital Praise Inc. a Dance Praise add-on. ZOEgirl. “To God and Heaven”. Matt Redman. “It Is You”. To make it easy to tell the source of a particular tune within the Dance Praise product line. delirious?. the popular PC game for one or two players that pits dancers against an onscreen display of scrolling arrows. As the arrows roll by in time with the music. a leader in family-friendly entertainment software. songs appearing on Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 5 . Featuring the likes of Chris Tomlin. Digital Praise president and CEO. Volume 1 is a bonus—a free Dance Praise upgrade that offers multiple ease-of-use enhancements plus a new “click out” capability that lets users instantly go to the Web site for a particular song. Expansion Pack. Volume 1 makes Dance Praise even more enjoyable. • Newsboys—”You Are My King (Amazing Love)”. the best songs. Volume 1: Modern Worship lets kids and families groove to the best contemporary worship music around. “Holy Is The Lord” (#8 on CCCI’s List of Contemporary Christian Music’s Top 100). loads of fun. The lineup of Modern Worship songs—upbeat. energizing and most of all. chart-topping releases with lyrics that glorify God—are from the best up-and-coming stars as well as established artists. • delirious?—”Now Is The Time”. “Each song comes with three dances. album and/or artist if desired (Dance Praise upgrade does not include the Dance Praise game. Glorifying God through interactive gaming has never been so active and appealing. “We Win!”. Expansion Pack. Families and churches alike will appreciate the uplifting lyrics and spiritual integrity of these songs.” New Features Digital Praise’s Dance Praise dance arcade game for PCs has been a top seller due to its playability and innovative features. and include: • Chris Tomlin (2006 GMA Music Awards ‘Artist of the Year’)—”Indescribable”. “Even If” • Steven Curtis Chapman— “Children of the Burning Heart”. David Crowder*Band. Steven Curtis Chapman and many more. The action is fast-paced. Volume 1 adds 35 new songs to the lineup of over 50 hits found in Dance Praise. This pack comes through with the best artists. The Dance Praise upgrade included with Expansion Pack. Volume 1: Modern Worship. and the best moves. “One of the most-requested genre additions among Dance Praise users has been Modern Worship.” said Tom Bean. Volume 1 giving players over 100 new dances in all. which is sold separately). • And 19 more hits from eight more top artists. “Dancing Generation” • Audio Adrenaline—(48th Annual Grammy Award Winner 2006–‘Best Rock Gospel Album’) “Big House”. “Let us Pray” • David Crowder*Band—”Here Is Our King”. Expansion Pack. “Hands and Feet”. today added even more variety to its top-selling Dance Praise™ dance arcade game via the release of Dance Praise Expansion Pack.

readable and inspiring.hearitfirst.the “Select Song” screen are color coordinated—green for the original Dance Praise. By simply clicking on an album cover or artist’s name. with options for scripture readings. director of e-products at OCP. “There’s nothing like it in the Church today. Unfortunately. use worship programs from OCP. or direct from Digital Praise.” 6 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . prayers. one of the leading publishers of worship resources in the U. www. We created PrintandPraise. many communities don’t have the skills or resources to produce something beautiful.S. the service allows churches to (Expansion Pack requires Dance Praise for operation and is not included with Expansion Pack). hymnals. customize and print their own worship aides. or competing in two-player mode easier than ever. recordings. Amazon. OCP publishes missals.digitalpraise. New Online Tool Revolutionizes Church Programs And Bulletins Designing and printing programs for Sunday church services. blue for Modern Worship.” explains Pete Velander. album. concert dates and more. religious art and newspaper of the Archdiocese of Portland. programs or bulletins. identifying a dance’s difficulty level. users have the option of going onto the Internet to learn more about the song. Finally. funerals and other occasions will be much easier thanks to PrintandPraise. go to to meet this growing need. “More and more churches are using programs for Sunday services. More than two thirds of Catholic churches in the U. music. the Dance Praise upgrade offers conveniences that make attaching the dance pad. Pricing and Availability Dance Praise Expansion Pack. Volume 1: Modern Worship is priced at $24. title or difficulty level. books and periodicals. including the Catholic Sentinel. The pack is now available for purchase from leading Christian retailers. It’s possible to even purchase the song’s CD directly from the EMI Publishing Web For more information or to order. Players can sort songs by playlist as well as artist.. Other colors will be used to identify future expansion packs. Developed by OCP (Oregon Catholic Press). artist. a new webbased tool launched here on June 28. A faith-based non-profit headquartered in Northeast Portland.S.

com. A one-year subscription includes access to Song Print. “With our easy-to-read programs in hand. the content is always up-todate. music. we’re constantly adding new content and new features. prayer and and the other online services available from OCP. WORDsearch Bible and WORDsearch Media Now Link To Help Pastors With Sermon Preparation WORDsearch announced on August 8th the addition of an enhancement that allows WORDsearch Bible 7 software users. Plus.” Velander said. song scores and sacred Song Print provides more than 2. and LESSONmaker 8 users to view video clips from the WORDsearch Media online video library at wordsearchmedia.” PrintandPraise. “Since you don’t have to install it on your is the first and only such tool that is web-based. or other updated content. To add this program enhancement a user clicks on the “SmartUpdate” button on the opening screen of the program while connected to the Internet.” said Paul Raspa. They’ll participate more fully in the singing. Worship Program allows users to create and print their own church programs. call 1-800-5488749. “That gives it several distinct advantages. Available as a stand-alone subscription service.printandpraise.” While software is available for creating church programs. But the programs PrintandPraise. When they open the Library in WORDsearch or Bible Explorer they’ll find Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 7 .700 hymns and songs for downloading in a PDF or GIF format. They serve a higher purpose. or visit www. web systems manager at OCP. For more information on PrintandPraise. high-resolution document with scripture readings. with no additional effort from the endusers. You won’t have to install new software every year to get new produces an creates “don’t just look good. both visitors and regulars will follow the services more attentively. PrintandPraise. Bible Explorer 4 software houses two distinct online services. Song Print and Worship Program.PrintandPraise.

a tool that pops up Bible text when you point to a verse reference. LESSONmaker 8. Bible Explorer 4. Inc. to browse our huge library of video resources from the same program used to create the teaching. WORDsearch was acquired out of iExalt and renamed for its flagship product. a tool for small group Bible study leaders.” About WORDsearch Software Products Products of the company include WORDsearch 7. and CROSS™ are trademarks of WORDsearch Corp. About the Company WORDsearch has been producing software and electronic books for the Christian market since 1987. the publishing ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention. they can purchase and download a high-resolution clip that can be used with today’s popular projection programs. It was the first electronic publisher to introduce the process of unlocking electronic books from CD-ROM in 1995. Beginning in 1989. a powerful professional tool for pastors. and was a charter member of the STEP consortium.wordsearchmedia. Randy Beck. for handheld computers. In June 2003. “This capability provides a powerful tool for those wanting to illustrate their sermon or Bible lesson using video. WORDsearch™. and WORDsearch 2 Go. Related websites: additional tab under the heading “Media”. When they locate a clip they would like to use in a sermon or lesson.WORDsearchBible. Vice-President of WORDsearch Media. and in April 2004.InstaVerse. says. In July 2002. President of WORD-search. it operated as NavPress Software until becoming iExalt Electronic Publishing. the company merged with Epiphany. in July of 1999. or LESSONmaker preparing a sermon or Bible lesson. such as WORDsearch. Bible Explorer. LESSONmaker™. a part of iExalt. makers of Bible Explorer. says. signed a long term agreement to be the exclusive supplier of Bible software to www. Bible Explorer®. Other trademarks are property of their respective companies. This new feature allows viewing of low resolution clips by Scripture or Topic from within the program anytime the user is using a high speed Internet www. 8 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine .” Bob Dasal. WORDsearch. the easiest Bible Software available. “This connectivity allows a pastor or teacher using any of our software products.

everything from its appearance. site provides various ways to find what you are looking for If you have a site that you would like for the world to including: keyword. Without these sites. ening system. travel.hundred point ratcategories. the twenty categories that describe your page best. they take all ever. finance and business. church resources. you get a list of ten sites per page offer other than just the search engine. and even its features outside of “searching”. kids. http:// a “newest awarded sites” box in the bottom right hand corwww. art. prayer. Mega sites. When you come to the main page you will find a search The graphics for this page where not bad and I thought bar. ministries. that does not mean that it is any less powerful of a their sites and review them to make sure that the content search engine. education. and search the entire database of Christian sites. In addition. shopping. it is graded on five key points. prayer. pastoral resources. personal However the colors where all very soft and made the page pastoral his month I decided to reveal the behind-the-scene sites that make this article a very worthy endeavor. name. dia. Yet. publishing. media. literature.worthylinks.that the “ease of use” the page offers was very nice. in order for the site to family. congraphics. and youth. history. recreation. they are the most overlooked sites on the internet. a site email address. which allows you to see the top eight have used it to find a lot of content for past articles. software.know about. design (20). spiritual warfare. health. bible studies. This feature allows you to put your site phrase. ally one of two side pages to the worthy ministries. does not mean that it is not a good site. churches. Once a site is prophecy. courses. The awarded sites. literature. society. the other computers. it lets you search by catscription. This feature makes life easier when you are trying word search engine. which takes a site thirty-two categories with over one hundred and fifty sub and subjects it to their five-star or one. There are nate a site for their awards program. It also lets the user pick from three of to find all of the Christian web sites on a particular subject. world issues. this site aptwenty of those. the rated sites stood out to their reviewers. the internet would be a danger ous and unforgiving place with twists and turns that could lead any person down a misguided path. However. overall impression (10). There are also many different sub categories under all The next site is www. they can also nomiall of the great categories and sub categories. recreation and sports. in my opinion. theology. This page is actufrom best to worst according to there rating system. Under the search Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 9 T . When pears to be constructed very well with many features to you click on a category. There is some of the categories you can search. it just means that missions. the URL address. apologetics. and homepages are just retain its nomination it has to score a 50 or higher. The first thing I noticed about this page was is appropriate for the site. internet resources. Tim Hewitt arcabarck@yahoo. However. selected for a review. politent (25).com/ is an old favorite with me and I ner of the main page. music. tertainment. The key.christsites. and keywords that describe the page for the keyegory. shopping. In this article. about two or three each category. counseling. howChristsites. directories. to ease of access. and twenty different categories including: arts and me. events. bible. a site deTo break it down even more. The first site I want to rating system is unique. you can add it under the main page tabs at the word search engine allows you to type in a word or top of the screen. seem very monotone. categories or sub-categories. education. articles and topics. news. technology (20). Just because a site does not have a rating. we will examine what makes a good Christian search engine. originality (25). That is right! I am talking about the ever popular search engine. and tics. ministry refeatures make up for lack of color.

the “hear O’Israel project”. The community tab allows you to partake in Christian chat rooms and Christian forums. the first impression is what your eye picks up the first time you see that page. Remember that all the links on these pages. and even an email devotional option. I think that worthy links said it best with “Proceed with caution and an open Bible!” 10 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . I really liked the layout of the page and I thought that the color scheme was very vibrant. email. while being Christian in the webmasters view. I always like it when sites pick a color scheme at the top of the page. and their ministries page. community. Under the news tab. you will find a link to add your page and two search engines. prayer teams. Six other tabs at the top of the page allow you access to news. They also give you the option to add a news box to your site and receive news via email. may not always mean that they are black and white. shopping. The email tab allows you to get a free email account and refers you to the email devotionals and the news briefs. it is very easy to pick bland lifeless colors and mix them with the wrong complement of a vibrant color. The faith tab has more to do with the worthy ministries section of the page with devotions. This is the tab where you would contact them and it has a tab for donations. I know that it might not matter that much but my thought is. The only difference that I can see between these two engines is the categories and the fact that one allows you to add the search engine to your page. as well as join the “worthy prayer team” and their “community”. The ministries page leads you back to the worthy ministries page and refers you to another ministry. faith. you will find many different news categories from Christian and spiritual warfare news to weather and “weird and wacky” news.

We aspire to be a transformational presence in the community. reaching all age groups and including everything from Marriage and Healthcare to Praise DANCE and W. complete with a 144. Benson. “When we moved to this area.Friendship-west Baptist Church’s Kingdom Kopy Leverages Advance Printing Technologies To Spread The Word he motto of the Friendship-West Baptist Church is “Equipping Changed People to Change the world”. These ministries. Friendship-West offers 50 ministries. (Women of the West). are serviced and led by a full-time pastoral and support staff of more than 40. On January 1. We had to drive to the nearest facility about 15-20 minutes away. 2006. who founded the church in 1976 with just nine worshippers. “Our church is called to be a caring community of Christians committed to developing a personal relationship with our Lord that becomes a ministry of evangelization. However. Kingdom Kopy came from this inspiration.000 square foot sanctuary that seats 4. on West Wheatland Road. To that end. and also to complete an Orientation Session. Castle. we discovered that there was no copy service close by. III. we saw on opportunity to create something special. 11 T . more productively. ministry members and Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 Friendship-West’s extended community is a critical aspect of its operations. Reverend Robert L.200. Frederick D. Friendship-West’s goal is that every member of its congregation becomes involved in ministry.O. Dr. more spacious facilities. Over the years. In all. and more cost effectively than ever before to benefit the church and the community it serves. In fact. Benson has set up an in-house print shop – Kingdom Kopy – that leverages the latest in digital printing technologies to help him do the job faster.” says Senior Pastor. Colin E.W. Regular communication with worshippers. becoming a member of the church requires a commitment to “get connected” to Friendship-West’s church family. Friendship-West has grown and moved to new. edification and emancipation. the Friendship-West family formed a caravan and traveled from its small A-frame location on Polk Street to the site of its former campus on West Kiest Boulevard. It wasn’t an efficient way to manage our business. In 1991. Haynes. is charged with overseeing production of thousands of pages of printed material each month. This concept of a community church was the culmination of a dream by Friendship-West’s organizing pastor. III.000 members of its fast-growing congregation. New members are required to participate in three Connections – Membership. The church is home to more than 10.” he says. Ministry and Maturity. Director of Technology. members celebrated their first service in a new Worship and Conference Center. along with church administration.

They can simply upload their job and fill out special instructions from their desktop.5"x5. Many of these are smaller churches founded by pastors previously affiliated with Friendship12 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . Smaller jobs can be produced on Kingdom Kopy’s color laser copier. The work is done fast and we save a lot of money with these technologies. Another benefit is the networkability of Kingdom Kopy’s equipment. Because it sees itself as part of an extended community. This cost effective technology has proven ideal for printing the church’s thousands of offering envelopes. Since then. for both current and projected needs. such as Friendship-West) • An M632 high performance MFP that includes color scanning capabilities • An RP3700 printer-duplicator.) • An M912 color 11"x17" Multi-Function Printer (MFP).With plans for the new Worship and Conference Center underway. “We had an older model RISO GR series printer-duplicator. productivity and flexibility. The savings has resulted in another side benefit. Benson chose several of RISO’s digital printing solutions to form the backbone of the new Kingdom Kopy. Kingdom Kopy has a color laser copier for jobs requiring glossy stock. His experience with the HC5000 and RP3700 is a good example of the volume Kingdom Kopy turns out. a system for printing posters.5" to 12"x36". such as Friendship-West’s publication Praise and Power Pages magazine.” he says.” Use of the HC5000 also has enabled Kingdom Kopy to print convert black & white jobs to full color at no cost increase. the church had the envelopes printed outside at a cost of approximately $45 per box. that are distributed to members monthly. which features print speeds of 180 pages per minute in sharp black & white. The money saved can be re-allocated to produce special pieces. so we understood the benefits. (“We traded in our GR printer-duplicator for the RZ990.” he notes. booklet maker and other accessories to make its capabilities as complete as possible. making it useful for a wide variety of applications including posters. These include: • An HC5000 ComColor™ printer.000 per week. “We’ve had the HC5000 for just under four months. we’ve logged 140. member bulletins and offering envelopes – literally thousands of pages a month. these are sent out to a commercial printer.80 per box. which prints 105 pages per minute in full color with running costs of just $. Printed on glossy stock.000 on the RP3700. and another 70. Kingdom Kopy’s new equipment includes five RISO systems. In addition. According to Benson.” says Benson. Kingdom Kopy’s monthly volume is extraordinary. output quality. “We just never had the space to do what we wanted. Friendship-West also takes in print jobs for several “sister” churches in the area. “We produce everything from full color brochures to 120-page new member books.” says Benson. a device that handles media sizes from 5. Offering envelopes alone total 5. banners and signage (an important consideration for an event-oriented church. This feature makes it easy for the church’s ministries to get their printing needs tended to quickly.03 per page • An ultra-high speed RZ990 printer-duplicator. and check on the status of their order. Benson set out to upgrade his equipment and outfit Kingdom Kopy with technology that could transform the church’s printing capabilities. prior to acquiring this machine. The new building would allow us to realize our vision. Speed. He estimates that the cost of printing them in-house on this device now runs just $7.000 clicks on it. and cost efficiency were some of the criteria used to evaluate the choices.

Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 13 .

The program is going over very well.. and the power of prayer. we can turn around the whole job in 15-20 minutes. Benson describes a much broader vision for Kingdom Kopy as a true resource for the community at or email Colin Benson at kingdom@friendshipwest. “The program director used to print about 500 copies a month on her home color printer. including printing. “We can print everything from surveys to workshop materials.” Benson comments. but also on shipping charges. located across the street. The church has also “adopted” Carter High School. envelopes. Last year. who runs Kingdom Kopy’s day-to-day operations. and prints some of their flyers and brochures. and an African-American Church Museum.” says Benson. a supermarket. small businesses.friendshipwest. “Part of our master plan includes creation of the home of an ‘African Village’ with a restaurant. visit http://us. We help them save not only on printing. shops.” Kingdom Kopy currently resides in a space located under the choir loft that also includes two former classrooms that were converted to accommodate the printing facility. Inc. traditional medicine. “It’s part of our mission to be a changing force in the community. visit the website at www. Kingdom Kopy takes in printing for organizations like Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.” says Duran “We want to enable them to share in the abundance of our operation and pass along the benefits and cost savings our technology affords.riso.” says Benson. collating.West. Kingdom Kopy has also turned into a resource used by groups who rent its Conference Center for events. That’s just one example of what having the right technology can do. Until then. “It took a really long time and the cost of color cartridges made it very expensive. Friendship-West offered respite for many people from New Orleans who were driven out of their homes by Hurricane Katrina. which is a partner of Friendship-West’s mentoring program for youth. We envision that Kingdom Kopy will also be part of that ‘retail’ center in a facility designed to service our entire community. “Instead of these groups having to send jobs outside. they can have them all done on site very cost-effectively. We even deliver the printed jobs to Now. One of the jobs printed each month on the HC5000 is the Katrina’s Survivors newsletter. However. and folding. The church still offers a long-term recovery program for those who stayed in the Dallas area. because everything is done on premise. really anything they need. speaker notes and evaluation forms. health clinic that uses holistic prevention. with the HC5000. presentations. We handle letterhead.” For more information about Friendship-West Baptist Church and Kingdom Kopy. 14 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine .” he says. For information about RISO’s suite of digital printing solutions.

a number was assigned to each person. This is not the first time Dell has had to issue a recall of batteries used in their notebooks. it appears that this woman might be very sick since she completed a number of searches centered on illnesses. From the revealed search information much about her private life was exposed. this will be the Christmas present to consider. It was 20 megabytes and I thought it could hold so much data I would never need anything larger. she shared that she was in great health.000 megabytes) have continued to grow and hard drives recently jumped from 500 gigabytes to 750 gigabytes in size. A reporter took the information released by AOL on subject numbered 4417749 and deduced the identity of the person based upon what they had been searching. privacy experts have claimed that retaining such information is dangerous. For more information visit http:// www.xml Should Search Engines Retain Your Search Queries? A “team” at AOL released search queries from individuals that spanned several months. Red would mean the road is very congested. yellow some 09aol.Google To Begin Offering Maps of 30 Cities With Live Traffic Updates To Cell Phones Google is now able to offer maps from 30 different cities with live traffic updates directly to some cell phones. but for the ultimate power geek. For example.reuters. They contacted the person. retaining this information can be very dangerous to our privacy. our needs for storage space continues to go up as programs use more space. Now Hitachi has announced that by the end of the year they will introduce a new hard drive that will be 1 Terabyte in size. visit http:// www. so it will be available for desktop computers. However. “Google Maps for Mobile” will send your cell phone a map of the city with three different colors to highlight the roads showing traffic. The purpose of the released information was intended to help academic researchers better understand how people were using the Internet by giving examples of what people search for on the Internet. The real danger is in what others might deduce from our searches. after listening to the reporter read the list of search queries.usatoday.nytimes. and this recent incident has helped to prove their point. were all laid out based upon what she had been searching.aspx?type=internetNews&storyID=2006-0725T100736Z_01_N25413151_RTRUKOC_0_US-TELECOMS-GOOGLE-TRAFFIC. For more information. Identities of account users were protected and instead of revealing their name or e-mail address.000 batteries because of similar concerns. However. It will be 3. and green would mean smooth sailing (or driving in this case.htm Dell recalling 4 million batteries In the largest recall of its kind. If you purchased a notebook computer between April 1. Previously in 2001 Dell recalled 284.html?ei=5088&en=996f61c946da4d34&ex=1312776000&adxnnl=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=&adxnnlx=1155745341VkmCbuKc0H8qFVZNKTTp6A Remember Megabytes? Get Ready For New Hard Drives To Reach Terabytes I remember my first hard drive. Dell is recalling over 4 million batteries made by Sony due to safety concerns. a 62 year-old widow in Lilburn GA. Her her fears. and we now store much larger files (video and audio tracks). Gigabyte hard drives (a gigabyte is 1. but did searches for friends who had ailments. you need to check to see if your computer is at risk. Few will need such space. Google and other search sites have sought to retain our search information because it could help in the development of a search engine that can anticipate what we are searching visit http:// today. For more information.) Your phone must have mobile phone web browsing. However. her dreams. however. agreed that they were hers. of this year. Some notebook computers have burst into flames resulting from a malfunction in the battery. who. It should be noted that the chance of a malfunction Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 15 . but this is by far the largest. 2004 and July 18.5 inches and be able to fit in the same space as traditional drives.

E-mail is equated with being old. You can check with Dell on their Website for more information to find out if your computer battery is at risk and. as we in(877) 622-5231 gen lus t i eal formed you a month ago. Dell has decided to play it safe and issue the massive recall.biblemaps.4670. 9 $5 Now . Google will online now provide a warning before you www. p is able to do this because. before you are redirected to the • Timelines of kings. For more information. • Over 3. Google 0m and aps. if so.html Listen to Steve Hewitt each Wednesday on Prime Time America.SnailEmail. judges.000 searchable items visit http:// • Powerful yet easy to use blog. helping them identify Websites that might inflict problems for those that visit http://www.washingtonpost. listen to past shows by visiting http://www. As hard as it is to believe. but it is not their choice for communication.causing smoke or fire is very rare. what you need to do about it. Customer service phone lines into Dell are swamped as people are attempting to get personal answers about their units.Christian Computing Magazine Onl y 5 9 . e-mail has now become the old “snail mail” because it is too slow for today’s younger generation. For more information.95 $89 y l r ula Reg Google Provides Warning Before You Visit A Malicious Site If you are searching for a Order Website using Google. adware or spyware. Or.foxnews. or something that is required for school or work. You can continue on to the site • Genealogies from Adam to Christ if you wish or go back to another • Animations & time-lapse maps search option. etc. However. visit securityfix/2006/08/ For more information. E-mail still serves a purpose for young people when they are trying to contact an older person or when they wish to send an attachment.” Bible Geography Software .html?tw=wn_technology_9 “Any student of the Bible who does not have a copy of this excellent Macintosh/Windows program is missing out.asp?SectionID=AD53896CDCF642AFA602040A5B93538C 16 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine .html Pow File erPoin s In clud t ed Over 150 maps PLUS PLUS over 300 photos! E-mail Is Old School For Young People Young people are now using text messaging and instant messaging more than visit a site that they believe has ® of a ll 15 or call toll free malware.00.wired. prophets. they have ogi me lin es es the ability to now search for strings of code. If your search comes up with sites that are considered dangerous.715960. you are sent to a page that warns • Built-in Bible measurement calculator you that the site you are wishing to • City & feature “pop-up” information visit could be harmful to your com• Information on over 500 Bible cities puter.

) The American Newspaper Publishers Association has expressed their concern over a decline in readership all across the country. News directors are concluding that they must learn to communicate in entirely new ways since their audience may watch only twice each week. I couldn’t resist that observation. Tom Rosenstiel. Much of TV news has been based on the lead story being a continuum of the big event from the day before. it borders on an anti-American agenda. there is the whole area of trust and reliability on the part of traditional media. The result is a declining interest from the American people. The most recent statistics show that the average person watches network TV news only 2. director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism recently stated. Gone are the days when people rushed home to turn on the network news to learn of the day’s events from Walter Cronkite. “We have to forge an entirely new relationship who are no longer friends but acquaintances. biased reporting of the traditional media. This means that the news departments have declining revenues and a corresponding decline in corporate clout.5 inch reduction in width of the newsprint saving million of dollars. This same phenomenon is also affecting newspapers and other forms of traditional media like radio and news Non-traditional media gaining ground n a recent meeting of TV news directors the main item on the agenda was declining viewership. We are get17 I . a far cry from just several years ago. Among those things being cut is a 2. If I published a blog that contained some of the stories recently seen in the New York Times. Is there a serious thinking American who does not view the press in general. However.5 times per week. The New York Times recently announced major economic cutbacks in the face of declining revenues. most viewers did not see the news yesterday and are disconnected from the beginning of the story. I would be arrested and indicted for high treason. The good news is that’s 2.Internet Ministry Walt Wilson . and the New York Times in particular. as slanted to the point of building a selfserving political agenda? More to the point. First.waltccm@aol. (Sorry. which was aired yesterday.” It would appear there are three things going on here. “Journalists must learn to communicate in entirely different ways if readers and viewers are with us only on Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 occasion” He stated further.5 inches less space for revealing government secrets connected to the war on terror. known only by readers and viewers that the media is so far to the left in their portrayal of news that the front page has turned into the editorial page? One of the reasons Americans are no longer aligned for the good of the country is the terribly slanted. Is it a secret.

Thirdly. while the events of modern life do not. Life is now asynchronous and one catches an activity like newsgathering when and where possible. You’d better be in front of your TV set or radio when the news is broadcast or you’ll miss the day’s events. Alternate sources of news.ting opinions cleverly disguised as fact. the decline in audience for network TV and to some extent radio is that the broadcasts occur at a fixed time. Adults have little time for linear reading and the coming generation considers it out of the question. The report also states that “journalism of verification” where reporters check their sources and fact. Having time to read a newspaper. the Project for Excellence in Journalism released a report stating that President Bush received statistically three times more negative coverage than John Kerry. I can remember as a young boy my mother reading the newspaper for a full hour-and-a-half each evening after dinner every single day. By their own admission. frequent flyers. Secondly. it’s the Internet. It might seem that people most interested in the news are travelers. So where do we get our news and information if not from traditional forms of 18 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . It is no longer shocking that reporters are coming forward to admit they actually made up facts to complete a story or to make it more newsworthy. Citizens in the United States can no longer trust traditional media. driving their children to events and just trying to keep up with life. especially for automobile commuters is a stretch. Without a steady stream of truth we cannot draw common conclusions. has collapsed and given way to the “journalism of assertion” influenced by political opinion and agenda. American life is no longer synchronous as is traditional broadcast media. My wife has had no such luxury. Most American’s live on the edge of a daily calendar crisis and have competing interests and requirements in their schedules. The disconnect is time as well as questionable content.

I check the news when I can and that might be in the office.aljazeera. Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 19 . in an airport or late at night in a hotel room. I suspect there is not a single reader of this publication that does not have several sources of news bookmarked on their computer. and the rise of the Internet. (http:// english. Slanted. We have the non-traditional Internet. What they need to do is simply dump the bias and get back to reporting facts. Robert Lichter of the Center for Media and Public affairs offers the following: “Journalists are not telling people what is going on. Once you start down that road you have created the journalism of assertion. Americans in increasing numbers will ignore them. among them Fox News (http:// www. Without that.foxnews. I have a number on my machine. who is lying and what the truth is. I’m interested in what others are saying and not just US-based journalists. the asynchronous lifestyle of Americans. Additionally.” What traditional media journalists tend to ignore are the three warning signs eroding their credibility and consequently their influence in American society. biased reporting. Journalists and news directors can gather all day to discuss how they have to change the way they relate to their audience. that the editorial positions of the New York Times and Al Jazeera can often be the and Al HomePage). They are refereeing among the various contenders for influence by telling us who (in their opinion) is telling the truth. It would be amusing if it weren’t so We get news on the Web.

I often forget I have a book till I see it flash L ogos Bible Software is a feature-rich. Logos is at the same time a simple to use tool for digital Bible study beginners and a complex. prayer request lists and books on prayer. 20 August 2006 check “passage guide” for a huge collection of resources that relate to that passage. yet easy to use tool for reading and studying the Bible and Bible-related resources. When I was first given a copy of LDLS it was Thomas Nelson’s eBible. a lectionary reading for the week and devotionals. I have used Logos regularly for well over a year. I immediately fell in love with it. a Quick Launch section providing access to recent tools documents and workspaces. Christian Computing® Magazine .kevin@kevinpurcell. then you can quickly get started doing advanced study using only the Home Page. Type your passage in. The My Library section which gives you a “Book of the Day” with a link to that book or the My Library dialogue box. which lists every book you have installed both locked and unlocked. feature-rich powerhouse able to handle almost any Bible study need thinkable. customizable home page. The Home Page concept is what makes Logos so simple for new users. Logos provides news and blogs from Logos at the bottom. Now in version 3. The Logos Home Page When you first open the program. My first experience was with the older version and it was not a good one. In our recent poll of readers. Logos lists the five most used commentaries first and then lists the rest. You can add a Bible Reading. including Logos Research Systems (the engine’s creator) and Thomas Nelson’s eBible.Logos Bible Software 3 – It’s Worth Every Penny Kevin A. Logos runs on an engine called Libronix Digital Library System that is used by many companies. If you have an Internet connection. Logos was the number one tool owned and used. the new LDLS is much better. This section also shows an image of random books with a new title flashing every few seconds. Purcell . to name just a couple. you get a useful. If you’ve never really used Bible Software before.

immediately to the right is a box with four links. The Rest of the Passage Guide Report Once you are finished with your original language study. This can be helpful in trying to understand what words or phrases modify what other words or phrases in a text as you study. you will want to go back to the Passage Guide report you Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 21 . just click the abbreviated title. you can diagram the passage yourself using the Sentence Diagramming tool. and it took forever to do an Exegetical report on a chapter from the book of Numbers. then do language study. The little plus sign can be clicked to see the definition in that dictionary without having to open the dictionary. Logos opens a tool called Graph Bible Search Results.OpenText. It is called the Exegetical Guide and we will discuss it later. My computer is a workhorse with a lot of power. This might be the reason many advanced users of the package turn off the Home Page altogether. lists the most important words with a link to hear a pronunciation. But there is a lag as it searches. It shows the Greek or Hebrew text. The Exegetical Guide When you do click on the Exegeitcal Guide link you find a plethora of useful information. The Lemma Density Graph (see the previous picture and look for the colored graph next to each word) shows how often that word is used in the different parts of the Bible. it makes it seem like that should be one’s first step in studying the Bible. if you don’t have this book in your package. The third is the most helpful. You also get dictionary links. If you want to open it. The biggest problem with the Exegetical Guide is its speed. You will also find a link to “Visualizations” which in my version contained only the OpenText. The second link opens a window with your passage in every Bible you have installed and unlocked. If you have already done a diagram for a passage it will be listed in the Passage Guide when you look up that passage. The first step should be to read the passage in multiple translations and make observations. The biggest problem with the Home Page is that it points users down the wrong path exegetically. Logos has some innovative tools not seen in other software. if you have the add-in (not all versions have this). Reading commentaries should be the last thing a student does before writing a sermon or Bible study. Click the graph and. You can begin working on the early verses while it’s still finding information on the latter site). The work flow of the Logos Home Page setup is backwards. By the way. no matter how tempting. You can see your text in as many different versions as you want or have Syntactically Analyzed Greek NT. This can be helpful to find sermon and Bible study development material. With the Passage Guide as the first link and commentaries listed first in the results window. I use this in English as part of my regular Bible Study. OpenText is a project which is “a Webbased initiative to develop annotated Greek texts and tools for their analysis” (from the www. But language students usually use this in Greek or Hebrew. The first opens the passage in a parallel versions window. I choose to use it. but one of the first things I do is click the links in the upper right corner before clicking the links to the plethora of commentaries. It will show usage by book. The final link searches every book you own for the passage.As you can see in this picture. It visually shows the relationships of all the clauses and words in the Greek text.

You will see the commentaries. The Home Page may be one of the most unique things in Logos.” Since Logos and eBible are so customizable. Rich DeRuiter is a Logos user and he says he doesn’t bother with the Home Page. the Parallel Passages report which gives references that either cite your passage or are cited in your passage. If a particular word. cross references like Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and then another innovative. Other Useful Tools The Home Page is not all about the Passage Guide and the Exegetical Guide. I clicked it. Or you can create a Workspace with your most-used books and save it. He says.generated and reread your text. 22 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . Any previously created diagram will be listed in the Passage Guide with a link to open it. Some of the other great tools in the report are the Literary Typing report which shows the genre of the text you are studying. As I said before. these will warn you if a passage has wide variations in translation. which gives links of significant words in your text. phrase or passage is very similar in most translations. then there is not likely to be any textual variations. but many advanced users don’t even use it. Logos says it “makes understanding complex lineage and interpersonal relationships in the Bible easy …” (from www. In my Numbers passage I noticed the term “honor” and since I am going to talk a little about the Honor of both Moses and Joshua. Then tell Logos to open it to that Workspace. One way to help organize the huge collections that the more advanced package comes with is to use the Favorites.Logos. if the graphs are all over the place. With one click you have a huge list of resources to help you do a study of a particular theological term or a character study. However. You can do a word or topic study as well. and the Important Words report. This add-on shows the relationships of people in the passage you are studying. Glance through the list to find a topic that is particularly useful. I like to diagram my passages in English. “The best thing about Libronix is the extensive and (for the most part) helpful library of resources. Both of these tools show the differences between translations. visual tool called Biblical People. At the bottom of your Passage Guide report is usually a long list of topics which can be overwhelming. Using English you can. Another visual innovation in Logos is the Passage Guide report is the Verb River and Bible Cluster by Word Choice graphs. it will be a good idea to pay close attention to that verse or phrase in the original languages to guard against making theological conclusions based on just one translation. if you want to turn off the Home Page and start up Logos using the last set of books and tools you had open. It gave me about a dozen resources where this topic is discussed.

then don’t even think about it. The easiest way to add notes is to right click a highlighted word. You can go to the Logos Web site and click on support and you will find articles. verse or passage and then click add a note.379. Logos is a very complete collection of books offered in a feature rich. You will find more information at https://www.1.95. it is simple and does the job. how-to video tutorials and a link to their great newsgroups. Better still I wish that Logos would offer ability to sync with a mobile version. Many users take all the notes in their Bible study tool.Like bookmarks in a Web browser.logos. Conclusions If you are still using version 2. but simple to use interface. give Logos a look. sign up for his “Camp Logos” a two day seminar on how to use Logos.logos. an arrow or many other visual cues. If you have Outlook Express or Thunderbird. For the full comparison and listing of all the packages Logos offers go to their Web site at: http:// you will get a set of Morris Proctor’s Video Tutorials on disc. make suggestions and even read your notes. which will set you back $1. You can see what’s new at http://www.95. then use a Word Processor. You can set up multiple notes files and tell the program which files to show. It allows you to attach notes to a word. At this time. The notes feature in Logos is at the same time too complicated and too simple. Logos has a bad reputation with its notes feature. Despite the slow search speed and the less than complete notes function. It is too simple because there is very little in the way of formatting. I happen to agree. One of the greatest strengths of Logos is the support you get. If you find them useful. download the free version and see how it looks. Each time you open Logos you can go to that work through the Favorites menu. I wish there was a way to export a book to a mobile device so you could read it on the road. If you want to do complex formatting. They range from the eBible Discover Edition at $49. a box around the word.asp? dept. You can add on books a few at a time or do the more cost effective thing – buy a package. On the bottom of your home page you will find some Blogs about how to use the software. then you can add their newsgroup server and ask questions. Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 23 .mpseminars. Upgrade to 3. Now I link to that favorite. One employee of Logos said this is by design. it will be worth every penny. Check them out at http:// www.cfm. In other software programs you can open a notes window and just by clicking on a verse or chapter or even a word you can add a note simply by typing in a notes window.0 for free. It is harder to get to it than it needs to be. It highlights the passage using an underline. Reading a book on screen can be challenging. I know of no computer Bible software package that syncs to PDAs or Smart Phones.nelsonministryservices. If you want advanced features in your notes. The final problem I have heard some people have with Logos notes is that the feature is unstable.95 up to the Platinum Edition costing $399. a The biggest and most expensive package is the Scholar’s Library: God I have not experienced this but one of the users in the Logos newsgroups has. Thomas Nelson offers a PDA version of eBible. If you buy a package from Logos. Logos does help by letting you resize and change fonts to make it easier. there are enough new tools in the base package to make it a worthwhile download for current for more information. Since I always use the same five books to do parallel passage study. However. Whether you download the free version and only add a couple of books or you buy a package. You can set up all kinds of favorites. then Logos will disappoint. If you are looking for a program or are unhappy with yours. This is not a strike against Logos as much as it is against the entire industry. Fonts will change on them and notes move from one passage to another. a passage or by topic. Thomas Nelson’s versions are not as expensive but also not as complete.logos. Pick a book and start reading it.95. Check out http://www. I set it up as a favorite. The packages available from Logos start with the Christian Home Library for $149. However. While some of the features I’ve covered will not be available in all packages. Favorites take you to resources. Logos offers a variety of packages. but not all Bible Software users do.

however.” select “New > DWORD Value” from the popup menu. if you want a program instantly available. and it’s always appreciated. software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Advanced. and then click “OK” twice. However. and press Enter. Third. type EncryptionContextMenu for the new value. launch RegEdit and navigate to “hkey_local_machine\software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace\ DelegateFolders. rightclick on “Advanced.” and enable ClearType on the welcome screen. for all practical purposes this section is really rather useless.” Second.” If you now delete this. (Doc) Watson . and at the very top of the “My Computer” window no less. While you can open and modify encrypted files normally. type a 1 in the “Value data” box to enable this new feature.” Second. there’s a much quicker way using a Registry edit. rightclick on any folder or file. If the file is already encrypted. you have to right-click on a file. After all. I’ve heard from some of you out there. click the “Encrypt contents to secure data” option.Part 5 sure hope you’re enjoying this series because I’m having a ball. double-click on the new item. I Creating Encryption Commands on the Shortcut Menu Windows XP has file encryption technology built in. Let’s add to our arsenal of tricks by learning how to remove the shared documents folders from “My Computer. select “Properties. exclude programs from the “Start Menu. J.D. and notice the new “Encrypt” option.Dr. (You are remembering to backup. the XP “Start Menu” contains a list of the most frequently used programs located on the left side. First.” click the “Advanced” button. No reboot is necessary. Who would really use this feature? More irritating still is that you cannot change this anywhere within the Windows shell. the “Decrypt” option will be displayed. Now open Explorer. I love this kind of geeky stuff. First. Enter the Registry.” create encryption commands on the shortcut menu. but. all of the “Shared Documents” folders will go poof with no need of a reboot. Normally. other users tech talk Tweaking the Windows XP Registry . and press Enter. you’ll see a sub-key named “{59031a473f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee}. it is better to either put it in “Quick Launch” or pin it to the list of proChristian Computing® Magazine . right?) Removing the Shared Documents folders from “My Computer” One of the annoying traits of Windows XP (IMHO) is its placing links to all the Shared Documents folders on your system. launch RegEdit and navigate deep to“hkey_local_machine\ 24 August 2006 Excluding Programs from the “Start Menu” As you no doubt already know.docwatson@nctelecom.

net/1205/1205musicandmultimedia. click the “Appearance” tab and then the “Effects” button.” Second. which contains a list of the default XP entries that are never added to the list. double-click “AddRemoveApps.” setting the number of entries allowed to populate this section including a setting of zero to eliminate any programs from being displayed. type a semicolon. and several others. click OK Christian Computing® Magazine The Pastor’s Study An Organizational Software Tool for Busy Pastors Features include maintaining and reporting on: Sermons. Finances . Perhaps you are thinking that you can just right-click on any entry in the frequently used list and select “Remove From This List” and the program will be removed. Personal Journal. If you still find this feature useful. Pray List. ClearType makes a huge difference in readability on LCD displays. Read Our Review in the December 2005 Issue of CCMag! http://ccmag. and Personal Goals.exe” (the typical uninstall program). but that is not permanent.Expenses. launch RegEdit and navigate to “hkey_local_machine\software\ Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Explorer\FileAssociation. the program will return if it is accessed again. to add a program to the list. Library. First. and Honorariums.pdf August 2006 25 . followed by the name of the program’s executable file name. you’re in for a double treat with this tip. Scheduling. such as the following . Bible reading schedule. Counseling Sessions. Illustrations. such as “Setup. Now click the “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts” option.exe.notepad. select “ClearType” in the list box. however. Enabling ClearType on the Welcome Screen If you are a laptop user and haven’t yet discovered XP’s ClearType feature.gospelcom.grams above the frequently used programs section. Contacts. Third.” This displays the “Edit String” dialog. you could also edit the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties. Yes. “Unwise. in the right pane. Here is the Registry tweak to do so.exe. Visitation Diary. Go to “Display Properties” (right-click on the Desktop and select “Properties”). Alternately. you might at least want to permanently exclude one or more specific programs from appearing here.

If you’d like to help with costs (not required). Third.Default\Control Panel\Desktop. Doc’s Giant Utility Collection on CD is postage paid at $14 (2-5 copies $13 each. is that it’s enabled only on a per-user basis. Send orders to: MicroManuals. Ah. but you can fix that. and the latest. The Wonder of Word. A single copy of each is $5. and 6 or more copies $12 each).” ClearType will be enabled on the Welcome screen and on each new user by default. repeat step 2 for “FontSmoothingType. Docs Booklets and CD There are now four booklets in my series: Windows Hot Tips. CO. PowerPoint for the PowerUser. add 50 cents for any number of booklets you order. Reboot and see the difference even on the Welcome screen. so you can’t see the effect on the Welcome screen. Thanks again. it only appears after you logon. The only shortcoming of this great feature.50 for 2-9 copies of the same title and $4. and note the clear difference. PO Box 235. Meeker. 81641.” With both of these set to “2. for the “Value data” and click OK. launch RegEdit and navigate to “HKEY_USERS\.twice. 26 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine .00 for 10 or more copies). and God bless. in the right pane. double-click on “FontSmoothing” and type a 2.” Second. however. if needed. Windows Hot Tips 2 (WHT3 is coming the first of the year).00 ($4. First.

which we under stood in the “Intuitive” . Server-based defined What server-based means is that the software which will accomplish the task you want to do is not something that you buy and load on your computer.thelionsvoice. This is a great definition. that when the term “intuitive” is used with a new kind of communication software that it would be equally easy to use. Server-based applications are a whole new way of doing things and one that is NOT in any sense “intuitive” especially for those of us who did not grow up with the computer. Many researchers in HCI (human computer interaction) view such claims as unfounded (e. Server-based software is housed on a central server (which is just a big hard drive) attached to the manufacturer’s Web site. For example. my question and concern is “intuitive for whom?” Before we can event talk about the people aspect of intuitive. that when we see a new phone. the great online gives a great starting definition of the term “intuitive” in its use in computer interfaces: Intuitive and Natural. a poorly designed GUI may be very unusable). Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 . but that is seldom the case. Two products that I use in this way are Constant Contact. because it gets immediately to the core of the issue: context. as you’ve done with MS Word. You go online. it would be helpful to define “server-based” because that is a term and a system of doing things that not everyone in the church is familiar with and server-based is the context of much “intuitive” software sold today. We’ve used the same way of dialing a phone for so and Ezekiel. a touch-tone phone has an “intuitive” interface. and espe27 Wikipedia. and you use it while you are online. or other products.constantcontact.wikipedia. we don’t have to figure out how to dial it. often simply because they have a graphical user interface. which I use to create my Web site. (www. One would assume therefore. since these are very context-dependent terms.Ministry communication Yvon Prehn . The following article explains why this is and what to do about it. which you can get free by going on to my Website www. My way of looking at context is when the term intuitive is used.when used with software is a term to be used and understood with caution C Definitions first omputer communication has given us new definitions for (which I use to create and send out my e-mail newsletter: the Church Communicators Newsletter. and some object to the use of the words intuitive and natural as vague and/or misleading.g. Software products are often touted by marketers as being “intuitive” and “natural” to use. Publisher. www. such as intuitive.yvonprehn@aol. then log into the software.

if the context of your life is the Web. “Easy-to-use after we show you how. if you spend most of your day online and have a high speed connection—maybe. If any of you are reading this who have anything to do with creating software. they have the best online tutorials I have ever experienced for teaching you how to use server-based applications.constantcontact. In addition to just being a great (and really low cost) product. Using only dial-up. if it is your primary way of interaction to your photo album. maybe (but even then it isn’t a certainty.cially for those in the church office who have gone kicking and screaming online.” More likely however. In my seminars I frequently tell people to go on to their Web site and sign up for the free trial just to experience their great tutorials and learn what server28 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . if you use it for everything from your calendar to your music. I’ve found “intuitive” often means the company has not gotten around to a decent user manual or tutorials and you are simply left to figure it out on your own. I love this company. Nor are these programs “intuitive” if you do not have a fast Internet connection. I have found that most “intuitive” interfaces are intuitive in the sense that they don’t take an explanation only to the people who either developed them or who are trying to sell them. which is what many church offices still have. procedures or any kind of training—I would recommend not using the term “intuitive” at all because it is probably not true. is not a way to even try these” “Great training provided” those things might apply—but intuitive? If your grandmother can’t sit down to the computer and with no training use it without a word of explanation from you—it isn’t intuitive—so please don’t advertise it in that way. I use it to create my online newsletter and I recommend them every chance I get. Also. if the subject matter is new to you) maybe the interface and the way to run the product is “intuitive. A Huge And Wonderful Exception: www. On the other hand.

based computing is all but it was not “intuitive” as in I couldn’t just turn on my computer and conduct an online meeting. I couldn’t even begin to figure out what to do first because nobody told me what to do other than how to sign up. you most likely can do it. Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 29 . but because I think this company could have a really good product that might be useful for churches. but are very informative. Three days later I got an e-mail telling me about some User Guides online. but in spite of what they tell you. Then there were two ebooks 80+ pages each that you could download to figure out how to use the “intuitive” software. I have been in this situation enough so that I know how to fight the “I am so stupid and old and I’ll never figure this out feeling” comes up in these situations. ask for learning materials that work for you: an online tutorial. it is not at all “intuitive” and easy for you to figure out. I finally had to tell the pushy salesman to leave me alone and let me figure it out and I am making progress. a user manual or nicely demand that someone explain it to you in a way that’s understandable to you. For some information on my seminars. There I found an online tutorial that didn’t work as they said it should (it was an hour-long presentation or nothing. but I’m still working out some major kinks before I pass on my recommendation. I am in the process of testing some online meeting software that I think may be really good. The demo I watched went very quickly—enough to show me I wanted to see more. My frustration with it is a very pushy young salesman and their literature that keeps telling me how “intuitive” it is. Most of all. My advice to you is when a product looks interesting. newsletter and articles for church communicators which are not at all intuitive. When I signed up for a free trial for a week. realize it just may be up to you to learn what the software is all about—and with lots of prayer—the Lord’s promises for wisdom do include computers and software. What to do about it if you run into the term in a product you are evaluating and it isn’t Constant Contact: Let me give you an example of how this can affect you in the church. I’m evaluating this not only for my ministry. you couldn’t look at parts of it).thelionsvoice. please go to my Web site www.

No matter what field you work in getting knowledge. The fact is that shared knowledge is also powerful. In this article I’ll spend time describing some of the pertinent sections of the MSISAC (Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center).rr. Most of us don’t need (or can’t afford) that level Christian Computing® Magazine . the developer of the Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA) program at Norwich University. sometimes it’s a sad truth. collectively.cscic. in one capacity or another. “Knowledge is power. as well as two other sites that I think are valuable. The other two sites are the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) at and the National Infrastructure Advisory Council which is sponsored by the executive branch of the federal government at http:/ 30 August 2006 Basic Training The challenge I had in writing this article was identifying the areas that are relevant to our readers. I think home. As I’ve said in the past.” At the time it only impressed me from the standpoint that if I could keep the knowledge a secret and use it for my own purposes I could be more powerful then “the others. Dr. I can still remember the advice I received as a young pup in the military just entering the security field. possibly more powerful then secret knowledge. for about 32 years. Google on his name and you will be overwhelmed. can be an expensive endeavor.blackisle@tampabay.state. a huge security threat to the national infrastructure. on the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (http:// As I was paging through this site.ny. /www.” whoever they might be. Christian schools and other ministries while others will see this as a gold mine for information on securing their infrastructure. but there is a lot of awareness information on these sites and a lot of information on securing home and small business .whitehouse. The Master of Science Program in Information Assurance will cost you multiple tens of thousands to complete successfully. specifically knowledge in the myriad fields related to information technology. Not everything on these sites is pertinent to the organizations targeted by this publication. Mich Kabay.Information security G. Although this is true. church and small business systems are Share the Wealth! I ’ve been knocking around in the security industry. Kabay is not only one of my mentors (he convinced me to enter the MSIA program for which I’m eternally grateful) he is also a prolific writer who turns out an incredible amount of information on the craft of information assurance. I was reading an article written by Dr. I was thinking how most of my readers would see this as irrelevant to what they do at churches. Will Milor .

I previewed the slides and re-ran the webcast for Remote Access and discovered a good general presentation on what to consider when setting up secure remote access. What impressed me was the simplicity of the table. the academic site works well for my students and will give me material for all the classes I teach on information security. you add the MSISAC site to your list of self-help resources. but it’s going to happen. medium. We’ve been happily driving ourselves down the road to the current petroleum situation for decades.” Once there. It’s all based on case studies and will put you in the right frame of mind to plan out your project. I don’t think that many people are thinking about the hit we’re going to take in cyberspace at the moment. It is definitely not a step by step recipe for installing a VPN. I’m totally overwhelmed with the flood. this is a great place to send them. These are all great self-help sources. providing you with the Systems Affected. Work Around etc. when you need information on a specific subject you go to a store and buy a book.whitehouse. If you don’t want all the technical jargon or you know of people that want to be “in the know” but don’t want to get a degree in computer science to understand it. you’ll find information on the current webcast offerings. I’m teaching a class this quarter on Firewalls and VPNs. They can track the vulnerabilities and then make your life miserable as they hound you for answers! How great is that? My mom reads this column and I have a feeling she may be bookmarking this site right about now (which is as it should be). If you’re like me. The first item I saw was a free webcast for Remote Access. As I was looking at the non-technical summaries I came across an issue in the high vulnerabilities on the Dell Openmanage CD (not that it would interest you unless you were using the product).of training to complete our jobs but would like specific training about different aspects of technology (secure remote access for example). but if you check out the “Archived National Webcast Initiative Presentations” on the right hand side there is a real gold mine. The technical alerts are even better. like me). organized into high. Overview. Government and Academic participants. Solution. for security related information. Securing Cyberspace I mentioned the Executive Branches’ site (http://www. I’m suggesting. you Google on the subject. but the information was enough to start off the project. I’ll make an analogy to cyberspace with our transportation system. and low and then providing the references for more research. One of the things about the US-CERT site that impressed me was the way they divide the site into Technical. In each case there are links for further research providing you with enough information to properly mitigate the pcipb/) for those of you who have an interest in a security for the national technology infrastructure (or are completely crazy. Non-Technical (home users). or seek out someone you know who works in the field. Vulnerabilities One area that has totally run away with itself is the information about system vulnerabilities. This country has enjoyed cheap fuel for as long as I can rememChristian Computing® Magazine August 2006 31 . Any time I can add value to my classes by using outside resources I jump at it and the quality of this information is high. Located on the home page you’ll find a link for the “National Webcast Initiative. As for me. I try to keep up with them and find that all the publications I use to keep an eye on what’s happening with the different system vulnerabilities is starting to look suspiciously like SPAM. The US-CERT site has a good technical and non-technical set of pages on system vulnerabilities.

a fuel that we don’t control. Think about what it will be like to be without a public network for just a few days. arm yourself with the knowledge. The “National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace” is a worthwhile effort and is linked to our national security. The information is out there. 32 August 2006 CLICK HERE to read the review of Digital Praise from Christian A/V Magazine Christian Computing® Magazine . In the early 80s the good guys got the idea and started setting up organizations to share protection strategies. Surprised? In a way we’re going down the same road with cyberspace. If you think you’re not a target you may have a surprise waiting for you. Now the fuel costs are rising and most of us are suffering for it. Have you noticed how dependent we are on information technology? If you look around I think you’ll also notice that it’s not just the IT that we depend on but the ability to connect that technology together with public networks. the strategy is laid out on this site. company. What can you do with a machine that isn’t networked to your colleagues. I was a part of one of those efforts called the Information Systems Security Association. Conclusion Over the years I’ve noticed that the folks attacking our computer systems have always maintained efforts to share information.ber and as a result we’ve nestled firmly in our automobiles ignoring the possibility that having our entire economy dependent on one form of fuel. friends. I’m amazed that we didn’t wake up when OPEC flexed its muscle 20 years ago. There are also links to the Department of Homeland Security which is also an excellent site for information on cyber security. might not be a good strategy. For those of you who are interested. Many attacks are based on the unsecured machines that are all over the Internet. or family? Nothing much. We haven’t seen a global worm in a while but there are countries and individuals out there trying to come up with a way to knock out as much of the infrastructure as they can. Since then there have been a lot of organizations setting up sites along with the sites from state and federal governments.

Yet the possibilities with TurningPoint encouraged him to re-think how he delivered sermons.000 18-34 year-olds in the greater Youngstown area. Yet in a year. LLC to Pastor Shank. could help him meet his goal of creating an interactive worship experience. “I wanted to turn the worship experience into an interactive worship experience. As an intermediate PowerPoint user. had experience with audience response systems and recommended Turning Technologies. Joshua uses questions to understand how his congregation is feeling. even with more inventive materials and a high-level of technology integration. To a congregation consisting primarily of college students and young professional this nontraditional approach held appeal. “The key is to craft good questions. so he incorporated a variety of multi-media into his sermons including audio and video. Common Ground Community Church. creates a unique question Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 33 . Ohio to nearly 80 attendees for their primary Sunday night service. However. interactive PowerPoint® software. Pastor Shank still felt that the services were too static. Joshua knew he would need to go beyond traditional services to attract the younger audience to Youngstown Metro Church. Joshua considers what his congregation is interpreting. After Joshua spoke with a Turning Technologies staff member he felt the wireless response pads and TurningPoint 2006.TurningPoint Case Study Youngstown Metro Church by Andrea Lawn ® he challenge of founding a new church can be overwhelming. Pastor Shank said. Pastor Shank’s experience includes a Masters degree in Biblical Studies and four years of student ministry with Summit Church in Durham. Joshua thought that the one-way services were “about as interactive as a movie” with little to no congregation participation. North Carolina. He wanted a new approach. T The Solution Pastor Steve Fortenberry from another local church. Pastor Shank was already familiar with presentation development.” In developing each week’s sermon. Pastor Joshua Shank and his wife Aimee have grown Youngstown Metro Church in Boardman. With 75 IR (infrared) ResponseCards® and a copy of TurningPoint 2006. Joshua began planning how to incorporate an audience response system into his services. There was always some loss of attention throughout the services.” Joshua said. Instead of a testing approach. Youngstown Metro Church and Pastor Shank’s mission is worship outreach to the 104.

February 2004)! CLICK HERE (for our PDF readers) or visit the Review of our LogosGiving Service (Cover Story in CCMag.ccmag.pdf 34 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine .

Joshua feels that TurningPoint 2006 interactive slides “pull you back into everything that’s going on.and anticipates both the expected and unexpected responses. Even getting response to event planning and Bible study meeting dates became simple with TurningPoint 2006. For example. focused on each individual. it changed how his congregation responded to his message. He stated. Using this audience response system to deliver key questions allows all of the church members to see that “they are not the only person going through something.” Participation was close to 100% and “even the chronic sleepers stayed with the interactive questions.” Working with TurningPoint 2006 changed Joshua’s approach to his sermons. He felt its use increased communication with the congregation.” Pastor Shank feels that the Turning Technologies’ system. “They all loved it. “I have to think interactively.” The Results Pastor Shank’s incorporation of Turning Technologies’ audience response system is breaking new ground in worship services. Turning Technologies’ audience response system proved to be a tool that could help Pastor Shank “turn the worship experience into an interactive worship experience. “helped to deal with some of the isolation people feel.” Not only did TurningPoint change how Joshua approached his sermons. the TurningPoint results create a sense of community through the congregation.” When he asked his members how they felt about their experience with the clickers. using a TurningPoint 2006 interactive slide. Throw in an interactive slide and everyone comes alive!” Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 35 . However. he may ask the congregation “How often do you feel guilty?” The questions and answers are subjective.

So. PowerNotebooks Is The Tip Of The Iceberg PowerNotebooks offers a couple lines of notebook computers. With more than 30.” E Putting Them To The Test Once the 3-year. we had to see it for ourselves. and others: “When someone like Dell goes to an ODM. HP. Wanting to serve the Christian ministry community. ASUS won more than 1700 quality and innovation awards in 2005. after loading Christian Computing® Magazine What’s The PowerNotebooks Difference? PowerNotebooks (PN) is owned by the Stratton family. monitors. Anyway?!! arlier this year our firm.000 PowerNotebooks in use.nick@mbsinc. HP. so they engineer the notebooks to win the contract. motherboards. and more. next day on-site warranty issue was resolved we brought three Crown notebooks into our offices and put them through our various Who Is PowerNotebooks. Inc. and has already won more than 800 in the first half of 2006! ASUS’ worldwide sales in 2005 were more than $11 billion! In fact. They also produce PDAs. LCD monitors. but we couldn’t because our notebook clients want 3-year. The ODM knows they could lose a multimillion dollar contract if they miss the price-point by just pennies. they give the ODM minimum specs and price-points. surprised many when we switched the notebook portion of our hard ware spec from Dell to PowerNotebooks. The question we keep getting is. These are units built the way the ODM wants them to be… these are their high quality/ high pride units. MBS. meaning they build many of the notebooks that are branded by the largest companies you can imagine (Dell. they claim that more than one third of all PCs sold last year were powered by their motherboards. Donald explains the difference between their notebooks and those the ODMs build for Dell. and much more. . graphic cards. he began offering those warranties on his Crown line in 2005. Both are ODMs (Original Design Manufacturer). As a member of the ASUS team told me. Donald is proud of their high ratings by their notebook users. Compal is the #2 manufacturer of notebooks in the world. next day on-site warranties. 36 August 2006 . and I believe it will help you feel very comfortable about exploring their notebook computers. After hearing for years how great their notebooks and support were . The units we sell aren’t designed that way. The Crown models are built by Compal and ASUS. anyway?” The answer may surprise you. Donald Stratton is a Christian who is passionate about delivering high quality products and support. They also produce PDAs. and our firm recommends their Crown line. ASUS is the #4 manufacturer of notebooks in the world. and the #10 brand worldwide.nick at church Nick Nicholaou . etc). two of the largest notebook manufacturers in the world. “Who is PowerNotebooks. cell phones. .. “You’ve probably used one of our notebooks and not known it!” proof their team delivers what it promises. flat panel televisions. He had asked our firm to endorse PN a few years ago.

and they’re proving it! These computers. We recommend you give them a call at 877-711-1777. scraping them clean and re-loading them many times. We wanted to know what these impressive notebook computers cost. Compal. Again. and able to resolve everything we threw at them. We were shocked when we received follow-up calls to make certain all was resolved! Then we cracked the notebooks open and intentionally caused hardware faults so we could see what their on-site support was like. which often sends them in the wrong direction).powernotebooks. The price of these units is about the same as that of similarly spec’d Dell units. They never once told us to re-install Windows® (this is what hardware companies say when they don’t know what to do and want to get rid of the call). we had to admit that we were impressed with their quality. Then we intentionally caused a number of faults so we could test their tech support. or visit their Web site at www. we were pleased and impressed. performance. Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 37 .them up with software. The technicians were professional. What About Pricing? Pricing is always the final test (many use price as one of their first tests. and ability to work well in a corporate office. So there you have it! PowerNotebooks wants to serve the Christian ministry community backed by PowerNotebooks. We were pleased with Donald’s commitment to serve the Christian ministry community well when he promised a discount to churches and ministries that mentioned they were buying as a result of our recommendation. and ASUS are well designed and wonderfully supported. but we think these are superior to their Dell counterparts. familiar with the products.

and Toshiba are probably your best bets for figure that out. there are a few things to consider. I was able to find a refurbished HP hx4700 for only $275. it’s also harder to come by parts just one OS revision out of date. Windows Mobile When coming up with the price ranges 38 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . which despite all the bad press it got. Fewer people needed one of the older models. For example. You might think you want to shop for Windows Mobile 4 devices. That would be too easy. not one of the new Windows Mowant to purchase them. I “The best deals are on devices that are used. you some tips on how to effectively use eBay. and they’re completely adequate for running all While there are good deals to be had on less popular brands like ASUS and the popular software titles for Pocket PC. Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition. For the best bargains. And no. Jim VanDuzer wrote about how quickly we discard technology that is in some ways superior to (or at least equal to) the technology that replaces it. and give you might expect to spend.went to eBay and searched completed aucing your first (or second or third) Pocket PC on eBay. he mentioned the Newton Procrastinators: Now is the Time to Buy a Pocket PC! L ast month. Microsoft makes it all but impossible to and accessories for these devices. I recently had the need to purchase another Pocket PC. Dell.” turned to eBay. Then I phones. I want to talk a bit tions to come up with a range of prices that about what’s available. I did some quick searches with Google eryone seems to be moving quickly to smartphones and away from sepaand came up with a list of devices that ran rate PDAs and phones.craigr@laridian. aka I got thinking about all this and 2003se). how much to spend. Now that ev. still had better text recognition than the latest PDAs. As you look at the table. The latest version of Windows CE is called Windows being able to find batteries and other accesMobile 5. What you want to look for is Winsories. I thought it best to stick with technology that is ViewSonic. there is no Windows Morealized that all you procrastinators may have the right idea. there is no such thing.handheld devices Craig Rairdin . These units sold for $650 only a year or two ago.bile 2006. HP. I’ve ingains on PDAs that can be argued to be superior to some of the latest cluded them in the table that follows. Look bile 5 versions. so the prices tend to be lower. but no. so naturally I for a device that comes with all its original accessories. dows Mobile Pocket PC 2003 (or its later revision. So I thought I’d do a little research and give you some hints for buy. you’re in position to snatch up some real barWindows Mobile 2003 and 2003se. what to look out for.

They often come with the original manufacturer’s warranty. (2) Units that were purchased by a consumer but were never used (or were just turned on a couple times but never seriously used). Some of the model lines are very confusing. Look at the pictures. you just allow more time for more people to come along and outbid you. In many cases you’re getting the device and perhaps the power adapter and cables. as NiCad. Find out if the previous owner has used a screen protector 100% of the time. The high price is for a new or refurbished unit. and how to bid. There are plenty of these out there. If you lose. “What you see is what you get” applies on eBay. decide how much you’re going to spend before you place your bid. under any circumstances. including shipping). these units are checked out and used for warranty replacement. (3) Refurbished units from the manufacturer. but at least you know you’re starting with a fresh device that doesn’t have a lot of scratches on the screen and the battery hasn’t been through a number of charge/recharge cycles. You should stick to items that are already in the country where you live. I’m not going to try to go into the details of purchasing on eBay but I’ll give you some of my best tips. When a Pocket PC is returned to the store. and most scams (unless you live in Nigeria). Auction Sniper allows you to enter your bid at its site and then Christian Computing® Magazine August 2006 39 . the low price you see in the table is for a used device. Waiting around until the last minute requires that you be at your computer when each auction closes. These don’t come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t forget to look for the shipping costs and where the device is coming from. It’s seldom the case that you can assume that some accessory is included if it’s not in the see in the tables I tried to avoid auctions where the device was being sold without all its original accessories. If the Pocket PC you want gets bid up to a price that is over your limit. be patient. I try to stick to items that are in the US. and don’t get so sold on winning one particular auction that you let your emotions drive you to bid higher than what you already planned on spending. Make sure you read the ad carefully and look at the pictures. but not the manuals. Fewer people want to purchase them. software CDs and other items that originally came with it. it is returned to the manufacturer and in some cases. I’ve done some checking and the service I like is called Auction Sniper (http://www. (I picked up a replacement battery for my mom’s Dell Axim last year for less than $5 on eBay. When you place a bid with six days left in the auction. There will be another auction for you to bid on.auctionsniper. Be careful! There were three versions of the X30. Finally. That’s why software exists to automate this process for you. In the table below I’ve tried to show prices for the best version of the models that came in several versions. The Pocket PC I purchased in June was just such a device: The owner had sent his in for warranty replacement and received the refurbished device but had never used it. Second. then wait until just before the auction closes and bid $250. Look for a device that comes with all its original accessories. Make sure you know what you are bidding on. I just want to focus on some fine points when you’re trying to make a purchase like this from eBay. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out how to set up an account. how to use PayPal. NiMH. These are bought by liquidators who purchase old inventory from electronics retailers. but sometimes it’s hard to tell. So you may see a Dell X30 selling for $60 and another Dell X30 selling for $230 and think the cheaper one looks like the better deal. The first suggestion is to read the listing carefully. you win. If you decide $250 is your limit. The best deals are on devices that are used. The most expensive one sold for $349 and had a 624MHz processor. New or refurbished units seem to come in three varieties: (1) Units that are new and have never been sold. you’ll probably get a very good deal on these incomplete packages. This protects the screen from the stylus so that when you get it. If you’re a new Pocket PC user. These are obviously a safe purchase. This is a real pain. Again there’s probably no warranty but at least you’re dealing with a device that is all but factory new. place your bid until the closing seconds of the auction. often with a manufacturer’s warranty in place. I’m a bit of an eBay junkie. and Li-Ion batteries have limited lives. it will look all but new. let it go. In general. This avoids international shipping costs. If you’re a Pocket PC power user and can get by without these items. Plan on buying a replacement battery. This is why it’s important to decide the maximum you’re willing to spend. so you still win (because you didn’t over-spend). then it was going to sell for more than you were willing to spend. do not. If you win. There were cheaper versions with slower processors and less internal memory. and this is perhaps the most important tip about buying on eBay. When you wait until the last minute you have a good idea what the item is going to sell for and you can bid without giving others a chance to outbid you. you should look for someone selling a complete package in its original box. so the prices tend to be lower. Third. Dell is notorious for releasing two or three different versions of the same import duties. This is why it’s a good idea to stick to the popular brands. however.

If you don’t. but similar bargains can be found there as well. Since it never sleeps. You can enter a relatively low bid on all of them. high price is low as a percentage of original list price). (2) Potential best value opportunities (large number of auctions. If you happen to win. then the highest price. Selling on eBay at its full list price! 40 August 2006 Christian Computing® Magazine . it’s more likely to not miss the end of the auction than you are. then now may be the time to take advantage of the bargains that can be had on these devices. while its physical size is closer to a mobile phone. As soon as you win an auction. I think the Pocket PC is a compelling form factor for Bible study applications and for PIM applications. It has memory and screen resolution that approaches the desktop. say. then you just keep adding more auctions to your Bid Group. it will stop placing any new bids. Auction Sniper places your bids for you as each auction closes. If you’re not using a Pocket PC yet. only one or two prices are listed. ten different auctions. Happy bidding! Manufacturer ASUS ASUS ASUS Dell Dell Dell Dell Dell Garmin HP HP HP HP HP HP HP HP HP HP Mitac Toshiba Toshiba Toshiba Viewsonic Model MyPal A620 MyPal A716 MyPal A730 Axim X3 Axim X5 X30 X50 X50v iQue M5 iPAQ 1935 iPAQ 1940 iPAQ 2215 iPAQ 4155 iPAQ 4350 iPAQ 5555 iPAQ hx4705 iPAQ rx3115 iPAQ rx3715 iPAQ rz1715 Mio 168 e405 e750 e805 V36 Original List Price $339 $450 $499 $329 $325 $349 $399 $499 $750 $249 $299 $399 $449 $499 $649 $649 $349 $499 $279 $499 $299 $499 $599 $329 eBay Low-Mid-High (1) $129 $200 $200 $80-$125-$187 $90-$90 $61-$166-$245 $228-$255 $173-$322-$499 (3) $92-$344-$450 $86 $93-$134-$197 $115-$145-$178 $118-$158-$205 $163-$164-$194 $163-$233-$255 (2) $233-$313-$430 (2) $99-$126-$173 $135-$189-$249 $56-$74-$173 $245-$257-$271 $62-$103-$134 $89-$158-$270 $143-$189-$250 (2) $60-$78-$123 Notes: (1) Lists the lowest price on a completed auction. This is a great way to get a good deal when there are many auctions for the type of item you’re bidding on. The market has reached the point where good deals are to be had on the previous generation of these devices. So out of the ten auctions you may lose them all. (3) Obvious confusion in the market about this product. For some of these Pocket PCs there are a dozen or more auctions active at any given time. One other feature of Auction Sniper that comes in handy is “Bid Groups. If only one or two completed auctions were found. you got a good deal. or if your spouse or kids aren’t using one. It presents a reasonable compromise between the desktop and will automatically place the bid a few seconds before the end of the auction. Time and space prevented me from including Palm OS devices in this discussion. but you won’t win more than one. then the median price.” Using a Bid Group allows you to enter bids on.