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    EXPERIENCE Masan  Group  Corporation,  Vietnam    


A  professional  who  holds  an  MBA   with  extensive  experience  in   -­‐ Corporate  Finance     -­‐ Financial  Advisory   -­‐ Accounting  &  Audit   -­‐ M&A     in  Singapore  and  Vietnam  

§ Business  and  financial  analysis     § Financial  modeling   § Familiar  with  financial  reporting   standards   § Forecasting   § Budget  and  process  controls     § Investment  research,  deal   execution,  negotiations,  and  due   diligence   § Possess  business  acumen,   critical  thinking  and  good   judgment   § Client  management  skills   § Excellent  project  management   skills  and  work  delivery  in  time   sensitive  environments   § Hands-­‐on  leadership  style   § Excellent  written  and  spoken   English,  native  Vietnamese   speaker,  basic  in  French   § MBA  at  Nanyang  Technological   University,  Singapore   § Scholarships  awarded  for  4  years   at  Ho  Chi  Minh  City  University  of   Economics   § Singapore  Permanent  Resident   status    

2010  -­‐  2012   Vice  President -­‐    A  key  member  of  the  Transaction  and  Business  Execution  team     -­‐    Worked  with  C-­‐level  management  and  reported  directly  to  the   Masan  Group  CEO  in  a  wide  range  of  strategic  initiatives     -­‐    Managed  a  restructuring  to  increase  Masan  Group’s  holdings  in   subsidiary  and  associate  companies   -­‐    Led  a  20-­‐staff  team  to  develop  a  cash  flow  and  operational  process   control,  during  a  post-­‐merger  integration.  Hired  a  finance  manager   -­‐    Managed  a  feasibility  study  to  expand  a  cost  center  into  a  profit   center  at  the  food  subsidiary   -­‐    Worked  closely  with  external  financial  advisors,  CFOs  and  finance   teams  to  review  financial,  accounting  and  tax  due  diligence  on  the   Nui  Phao  Mining  acquisition     -­‐    Performed  industry  and  company  research  and  analysis,  forecasted   and  validated  assumptions,  and  built  financial  models  for  potential   investments  and  partnership  transactions   -­‐    Prepared  legal  and  commercial  term  sheets  and  management   presentations,  negotiated  deal  structures   -­‐    Ran  the  build-­‐out  of  data  rooms  for  more  than  12  companies   within  the  group,  and  reviewed  due  diligence  reports  to  improve   corporate  governance   -­‐    Managed  the  preparation  of  Masan  Group’s  corporate   communication  materials  such  as  annual  reports  2009,  2010  and   2011.  The  projects  involved  contracting  with  third  party  providers,   mobilizing  teams  and  enforcing  timeline  commitment      

KPMG  Corporate  Finance  Pte  Ltd,  Singapore    

2008  -­‐  2009   Senior  Associate   -­‐    Delivered  over  a  dozen  qualitative  and  quantitative  industry   analyses  and  valuation  reports  as  part  of  completed  and  potential   local  and  cross-­‐border  M&A  transactions   § Performed  analysis  on  competitive  landscape  and  historical   performance   § Forecasted  and  prepared  pro-­‐forma  financial  statements   § Developed  complex  financial  models     § Applied  different  valuation  methods  such  as  DCF,  comparable   company  and  precedent  comparable  transaction  analyses  from   research  of  more  than  100  companies  and  transactions   § Conducted  sensitivity  and  scenario  analyses  on  results   -­‐    Advised  external  clients  and  internal  audit  teams  on  financial   reporting  purposes  that  require  compliance  with  Singapore  and   international  financial  reporting  standards  

 Canada   -­‐    Global  Management  course  at  ESSEC  Business  School.  France   -­‐    Finance  specialization     Bachelor  of  Economics     1999  -­‐  2003   Ho  Chi  Minh  City  University  of   Audit  Associate   -­‐    Assisted  in  over  15  audits  and  internal  control  and  financial   statement  reviews  for  over  10  clients   -­‐    Led  an  audit  engagement  of  a  gas  trading  company   -­‐    Coached  junior  audit  staff  on  the  job  and  developed  client   management  skills     -­‐    Industry  coverage:  insurance.  Paris.  Nanyang  Technological  University.   Singapore   -­‐    Exchange  studies  at  Schulich  School  of  Business.  oil  &  gas.   Euromonitor.  physical  fitness.  Mergermarket)       .  MS   Interests  –  Photography.  travel   References  –  Available  upon  request   Word.  Thomson.  manufacturing   -­‐    Selected  as  a  key  insurance  audit  team  member  as  one  of  the  top  2   of  KPMG’s  entrance  test   EDUCATION Master  of  Business  Administration     2006  -­‐  2007   Nanyang  Business  School.  Vietnam     -­‐    Accounting  specialization ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Scholarships  –  Received  academic  scholarships  for  four  years  at  Ho   Chi  Minh  City  University  of  Economics  (only  top  20%  was  awarded)   Computer  Skills  –  Proficient  in  desktop  programs  (MS  Excel.  MS  PowerPoint)  and  market  research  programs  (Bloomberg.  languages.  York  University.   Toronto.  Vietnam     2003  -­‐  2006   www.  Capital  IQ.   KPMG

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