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Building bonds has been Pidilites guiding theme for nearly half a century now. Bonds with its consumers, dealers, shareholders, suppliers and its employees. Since its inception in 1959, Pidilite has been a pioneer and market leader in craftsmen products, DIY (Do-it-Yourself) products and industrial specialty chemicals. The Dr. Fixit product range comprising of Waterproofing Products, Speciality Coats, Repair Products, Tile Fixing Products, Sealants & Concrete Admixtures provides complete solutions that ensure structural durability for years. In this Product Guide, the various application areas, features & benefits and coverage of the Dr. Fixit products have been explained. For further details of any particular product, it is advisable to refer the Product Data Sheet.


Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW
Liquid Integral Waterproofing compound
Pack size: 200 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20 & 100 litre Application Areas Normal concrete and plaster Features & Benefits Waterproofs by cutting capillary pores Makes mortar / concrete cohesive & homogeneous Less rebound loss during plastering Confirms to IS: 2645: 2003 Coverage: Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW 200 ml/ 50 Kg bag of cement

Dr. Fixit Super Latex

SBR latex for waterproofing & repairs
Pack size: 500 g, 1, 5 & 20 Kg Application Areas Bathrooms & toilets (under a Brick bat coba) Waterproofing of Chajjas / canopies / balconies under tiling / brick bat coba / plaster / mortar for area not more than 1000 sq.ft As crack repair mortar for gaps developed between RCC member and masonry cracks up to 5 mm width. Features & Benefits Economical general waterproof coating Forms a 200 micron thick layer on 2 coats of application High bonding strength Coverage: 70-80 sq.ft/kg for 2 coats (Dr. Fixit Super Latex: Water: Cement) = 1:4:7 as a waterproof coating

Dr. Fixit Powder Waterproof

Integral Powder Waterproofing Compound Pack size: 500 g Application Areas Normal concrete and plaster Features & Benefits Chloride-free As an effective pore filler, helps to fill capillaries and pores to prevent water seepage Makes the mix cohesive and denser Reduces shrinkage cracks in mortar and concrete Economical in application Does not affect the setting time and strength Can be used with all cements Coverage: Dr. Fixit Powder Waterproof 500 gm/ 50 kg bag of cement

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

SBR Latex for waterproofing & repairs
Pack size: 500 g, 1, 5, 10, 20 & 225 kg Application Areas Waterproofing of terrace, toilets, chajja, masonry walls, sloping RCC roofs, etc. For area not more than 1000 sq.ft Repairs to RCC members Waterproofing mortars/concretes In repair mortars/concretes As an additive in plasters at 5-6% by weight of cement content Features & Benefits White liquid, easily brush applied Useful as waterproofing coat Forms 300-400 microns thick layer in 2 coats of application Useful as a bonding agent between old and new concrete surfaces Excellent as a cement modifier Repair mortar modified with Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP suitable for repairing of RCC slabs and other RCC members Coverage: 20-22 sq. ft/kg for 2 coats (URP + cement in the proportion 1:1.5)

Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K

Brush-applied waterproof coating for concrete and masonry surfaces
Pack size: 3 & 15 kg
Application Areas Bathrooms & wet areas Small terraces upto 1000 sq.ft Small water tanks interior (upto 30,000 litres capacity) Small basements (from inside) Features & Benefits Brush applied for concrete & masonry surfaces Form a 1 mm thick layer in 2 coats of application Flexible, bridges cracks upto 0.5 mm wide Elongation upto 40% Certified by CFTRI, for potable water contact Coverage: 6-7 sq.ft / Kg in 2 Coats

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete MPB

Acrylic bonding agent
Pack size: 1, 10 & 225 kg Application Areas Structural repair of RCC members, masonry walls Useful as an additive for making repair mortar/concrete Under the Brick bat coba For waterproofing of chajjas, balconies, toilets etc. For area not more than 1000 sq.ft As a bonding agent for old & new concrete/mortar Interior side of masonry basement walls Features & Benefits Polymer for making a waterproof coating or repair mortar on site Use in polymer modified mortar Good bonding agent Excellent adhesion on cementitious substrate Coverage: 75-85 sq.ft/kg on concrete/plaster surfaces as a neat coat. 30 sq.ft / coat on a brick masonry surface (mixed with cement)

Dr. Fixit Tonic

Cement Additive
Pack size: 200 ml, 1, 5 & 20 litre Application Areas Dr. Fixit Tonic shall be added to all types of concrete and mortar to achieve waterproof and durable concrete/mortar, e.g. RCC column, beam, slab, water retaining structures, external plastering, screeds, water tanks, sumps and drains, etc. Features & Benefits Delays corrosion of steel Increases workability of plaster & concrete Increases strength and durability Waterproofs mortar/ concrete Complies to IS: 9103: 2003 and IS: 2645: 2003 Dosage: 200 ml / 50 kg bag of cement


Dr. Fixit Dampguard

Damp proof coating for internal walls, ceiling and RCC water tanks
Pack size: 500 g & 1 kg Application Areas Internal damp walls of toilets, bathrooms & kitchens Blistering & peeling of paints on walls Features & Benefits Hygienic water based epoxy coating for damp internal masonry walls Cracks / crevices can be filled by mixing DR. FIXIT DAMPGUARD with White cement CFTRI certified for potable water contact Water dilutable, high covering capacity Washable with mild detergent Coverage: Finish coat - 35-40 sq.ft/kg in 2 coats

Dr. Fixit Krystalline

Cementitious crystalline concrete waterproofing
Pack size: 1, 5 & 25 Kg Application Areas Old concrete basements & concrete lift pit walls Concrete water tank walls (overhead & underground) Damp toilet slab (underside of toilet and roofs) Swimming pools, dams, canals, harbours Basements, foundations, tunnels, jetties Features & Benefits Waterproofs by developing crystals in the concrete capillaries Ideal as a curative treatment for dampness in concrete walls Applied from both external and internal sides (positive & negative sides) Coverage: 6-8 sq.ft/ kg in 2 coats

Dr. Fixit Proofcote Black

Polymer modified bituminous waterproof coating
Pack size: 1, 4 & 20 Kg Application Areas Sunken areas of Toilets Sewage pipes, outside of foundation & basements Economical DPC coating On AC-GI sheet joints with Glass Fibre Reinforcement Features & Benefits Flexible, cold applied, ready to use from pack Prevents fungal & bacterial growth No water curing required Coverage: 15-20 sq.ft / kg for 2 coats, 300 microns D.F.T. in 2 coats

Dr. Fixit Torchshield Primer

Oxidised bitumen based solvented primer for application of Torchshield membrane
Pack size: 20 litre Application Areas Concrete and cement surfaces to be overlaid by Torchshield membrane Features & Benefits Better penetration Good adhesion of the Torchshield membrane Quick drying Easy application by brush Coverage: 3-5 m2/ltr

Dr. Fixit Repellin WR

Silicone based, clear, water repellent for brick and stone facades
Pack size: 1, 10 & 225 litre Application Areas Stone / brick facades On plasters & exterior masonry walls Features & Benefits Prevents efflorescence and growth of fungus Clear coating, non staining Ready to use, brush or spray applied Breathable, single coat application Coverage: Approx. 3-5 m2 /litre (on plastered surfaces)

Dr. Fixit Torchshield

APP/ SBS modified heavy duty waterproof membrane
Pack size: Range of 2, 3 & 4 mm membranes in Polyester or fibre glass base in 1 m X 10 m rolls Application Areas Flat and sloped roofs of large terraces Basements, foundation and retaining walls Roof gardens, bridges & tunnels Industrial roofs Features & Benefits Heavy duty, torch-on waterproof membrane Long life, durable (membrane) Available in 2, 3 & 4 mm thickness Can take thermal & structural stresses effectively Coverage: Approx. 8.91 sq. m / Roll of 1 m X 10 m (after overlaps)

Dr. Fixit Dampfree Dr. Fixit Aluminium Coat

Siliconate injection grout for Rising Dampness
Pack size: 2 & 10 litre Application Areas Brick Masonry walls with rising dampness problems Features & Benefits Effective injection solution for persistent rising damp in brick walls Water insensitive Water dilutable, hence economical. Coverage: Depends on requirement of site

Superior quality bituminous aluminium paint for UV & heat resistance

Pack size: 20 litre

Application Areas Concrete and cement surfaces to be overlaid by Torchshield membrane where no foot traffic Features & Benefits Excellent heat reflection Protect membranes from UV rays Good coverage Easy application by brush Coverage: 3-5 m2/ltr


Dr. Fixit Crack-X Paste
Acrylic, flexible paste form crack filler
Pack size: 200 & 500 g, 1 & 5 kg Application Areas For internal and external cracks of only masonry and plaster Features & Benefits Ready to use paste Bridges moving cracks up to 5 mm Excellent UV Resistance Can also be tinted with water based stainer Flexible, non-staining Coverage: 80 to 100 ft / kg for 5 mm x 5 mm groove

Dr. Fixit Dripseal

2 component high grade low viscous, PU injection foam resin for sealing water bearing cracks, cavities and leakages
Pack size: 1 litre (A + B) Application Areas Water bearing cracks in toilets, building, basements, watertanks, walls, ceilings etc Features & Benefits On contact with water, expands as a foam, sealing the passage of water in cracks Seals running water in any substrate, such as brick/stone masonry, concrete etc. Excellent open time during application; for more than 2 - 3 hours at 300C Suitable for surfaces in contact with drinking water Penetrates into fine water bearing cracks For tackling high hydrostatic pressure, secondary injection with Dr. Fixit PU 1403 is necessary Coverage: Depends on the porosity of the substrate/structure

Dr. Fixit Crack-X Powder

Non-shrink Powder Crack Filler
Pack size: 500 g, 1 & 5 kg Application Areas External and internal masonry & plaster walls Features & Benefits Single component, easy to use by adding water Non shrinkage Over coatable after curing Excellent adhesion Accommodates movements in cracks Coverage: 60-65 ft / kg for 5 mm x 5 mm groove Mixing Ratio: 2.5 : 1 (Paste: Water) by volume

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete AM

Expansive plasticising admixture & grouting aid for cementitious grouts
Pack size: 225 g Application Areas For injection grouting in RCC slabs, Sunken slabs, RCC walls of water tanks, swimming pools and basements for waterproofing purpose Duct grouting Rock and soil anchoring Pre-placed aggregates and tunnel lining Crack filling in structural cracks For structural strengthening in repairs Features & Benefits Produces shrinkage compensating cement slurry Reduces water-cement ratio of cementitious grouts Impermeable to water Durable Excellent flow ablity Chloride and iron free, hence no chance of corrosion Does not affect the setting time of cement Coverage: 225 g per 50 kg cement. Pidicrete AM will give 26-34 litre yield when used with water: cement ratio of 0.30 0.45

Dr. Fixit Crack X Shrinkfree

Ready to use non-shrink crack filler on plastered walls
Pack size: 1 litre Application Areas Internal and external plastered brick masonry wall cracks upto 10 mm widths Features & Benefits Do not shrink after curing One time application Non sag No sanding Non-staining Excellent adhesion with cementitious surface UV resistance Coverage: 100-115 ft / ltr (for a length of 1 m, depth and width of 5 mm)

Dr. Fixit Rust Remover

Cleaning re-bars & steel surfaces
Pack size: 200, 500 ml & 1 litre Application Areas On re-bars during repairs to reinforced concrete structures Maintenance of mild steel structures like interior/exterior surface of tanks & vessels, water pipelines shuttering plates and other corroded steel surfaces. Trucks, cars & other vehicles Automotive, marine, farm equipment & parts Fences, railings & walls Tools, locks & rust frozen parts Features & Benefits Simple application by brush Effective rust removal, even from areas difficult to reach Contains no chloride - no chance of enhancing corrosion Removes rust & corrosion from ferrous & non-ferrous metals Safe to handle, use & store Coverage: Aprox. 15 - 18 sq.m / litre Coverage may vary with the substrate condition and the extent of corrosion.

Dr. Fixit Instant Leak Plug

Fast setting powder for drip leakages
Pack size: 1 Kg Application Areas Basements Pits Cellars Concrete pipe Water retaining structures RCC water tanks Any cementitious substrate Features & Benefits Ready to use, sets immediately on contact with water Can stop the leaking/dripping water, until the final repairs are carried out Hardens instantly under continuous wet conditions Instant water stop Coverage: Handful of powder is required for stopping the leakage at each points. However it depends on the situation at site


Dr. Fixit Raincoat
High performance acrylic elastomeric, exterior waterproof coating
Pack size: 1, 4, & 20 litre Application Areas For external rain lashed walls as a heavy duty waterproof coating Features & Benefits Heavy duty, waterproof coat for external walls No water dilution at site 2 time thicker than normal exterior paint. Higher binding property & more durability Bridges cracks up to 0.5 mm width UV and stain resistant Anti-algae & anti-fungal Low dirt pickup Can be tinted as normal paint on machine Coverage: 35 sq.ft/ltr for 2 coats on normal cement / sand surface
(Coverage may vary, depending upon porosity & texture of substrate)

Dr. Fixit Newcoat

Heavy duty, reinforced acrylic coating
Pack size: 4 & 20 litre Application Areas Over existing leaking terrace without dismantling old waterproofing system like brick bat coba, concrete screeds etc. Flat and sloped roofs with large spans Features & Benefits Allows foot traffic Bridges cracks up to 2 mm wide Re-waterproof existing waterproofing systems like brick bat coba etc without breaking Ready to use, easy application Available in 3 colors, for controlled application & aesthetics Excellent UV resistance No protection required Coverage: 1.5 lit / m2 in 3 coats at 1 mm thickness

Dr. Fixit Roofkote

A general purpose waterproofing bitumen emulsion
Pack size: 18 kg tin Application Areas Waterproofing for roof, wall, gutter, concrete, metal, tile, wood, plastic etc. As a mastic roof leveling course & waterproof coating For small spacing in new roofs Features & Benefits Roofkote is a viscous dark brown smooth cream water borne bitumen emulsion & is of suitable consistency for application in relative thick films by brush or mop and bond firmly to either dry or damp surfaces. Roofkote is used for waterproofing when damp and leakage are main problems. It is applied by brush with reinforcement polyester to provide a weather proof membrane without jointing or overlapping, because the polyester could achieve complete continuity and integrating all over the roof. Coverage: 0.5 Kg/m2/coat

Dr. Fixit Heatshield

Heat resisting /

reducing exterior coating

Pack size: 1, 4 & 20 litre

Application Areas Roofs & walls of residential and commercial buildings (new & old) Suitable for any surface e.g. concrete, metal, timber, asbestos etc., Cold storage units from outside Fuel and water tanks Features & Benefits Excellent heat & UV resistant properties Energy saving, cuts electricity bills on air -conditioners Single component, easy to apply, Non-toxic/ resistance to algae and fungus Waterproofing properties Coverage: 30 sq.ft/ltr per coat
(Coverage may vary, depending upon porosity & texture of substrate)

Dr. Fixit Roofseal Dr. Fixit Primeseal

Efflorescence resistant penetrating primer for Rain coat, Newcoat & Heatshield
Pack size: 1, 10 & 20 litre Application Areas Used as a sealer & binding coat prior to Raincoat, Newcoat & Heatshield application Features & Benefits Good binding of chalky and porous substrates Used as a primer on internal & external surfaces Based on chemically inert polymer hence suitable for higher alkaline substrates Provides deep penetration that imparts excellent substrate adhesion Provides excellent efflorescence resistance by blocking capillaries & pores Coverage: 8-10 m2/ltr/coat
(Coverage may vary, depending upon porosity & texture of substrate)

Application Areas Liquid applied, Elastomeric waterproofing Exposed and concealed roof for waterproofing application for New Roofs on slabs membrane Pack size: 18 kg pail Damp proofing Wet area waterproofing Features & Benefits Excellent elastomeric properties , can easily accommodate all normal building movements to retain a water seal Can be applied to complex shapes to form a jointless and highly durable waterproofing membrane Easy to apply by brush Excellent adhesion to the building surfaces including felt, brick, metal etc. Excellent water vapor transmission Good chemical resistant (alcohol, salt solution, mild acid & alkali) Coverage: 1 ltr / m2


Dr. Fixit PU Sealant Dr. Fixit Gapfill
A single component elastomeric acrylic sealant
Pack size: 200 g laminated plastic tube & 450 g cartridge Application Areas Building joints of wooden, metal and aluminum window frames to concrete and brick work Joints between windowsills, sanitary ware stairs, ceiling, walls and skirting boards. Filling external as well as internal wall cracks prior to acrylic emulsion painting Features & Benefits Ready to use & easy to apply High solid, low shrinkage Non sagging suitable for vertical & horizontal application Highly elastic and good recovery Suitable for different joints like concrete, wood and aluminum Excellent paintability Good appearance with smooth finish Suitable for indoor & outdoor applications Coverage: Depending on the size of gaps

One Part Polyurethane Sealant

Pack size: (600 ml sausage x 20) / shipper)

Application Areas Sealing of expansion and construction joints as well as joints between different construction materials in high rise buildings, basements, floorings etc. Sealing joints in between precast concrete panels Sealing joints in between tiles, bricks & marble etc. Sealing joints of metal container finishing Repairing of non-moving concrete cracks and control widths Features & Benefits Single pack reduces the application failure from heterogeneity by imperfect mixing Saves the trouble of measuring, mixing and de-bubling Forms a permanent tough elastic rubber seal Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates Accomodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movements Can be over coated Resistance to bio-degradation Coverage: Square section joints : (without wastage)
Joint width (mm) X Joint depth (mm) X Joint length (M) 1000 = Total numbers of litres required

Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant- Metal and Glazing

Neutral cure Silicone Sealant
Pack size: : 240 ml plastic cartridge with separate nozzle Application Areas Ideal to seal gap between Window Perimeter, wall joint sealing, Glass to Aluminum / woods, Glass to Steel, PVC to Wood/ Glass/ Concrete. Industrial machine gaskets, furnace vents, exhaust vents, air conditioners, refrigerated cold rooms, ovens, AC Ducts, Machinery / electric equipments, Features & Benefits Ready to use, single component. Non - corrosive Weather proofing No primer is required Forms tough, durable and elastic seal Low shrinkage, good UV resistance & insulation properties Coverage: Depends on the size of the joints

Dr. Fixit Pidiseal PS

41 G (Gun Grade), 42 P (Pouring Grade)
Pack size: 1, 4 & 6.5 kg Application Areas Sealing of moving and construction joints as well as joints between different construction materials in high rise buildings, concrete highways, bridges, water retaining structures, basement, subways, culverts, airfields, etc. Internal and external wall cladding Vertical joints in retaining walls Vehicular and pedestrian traffic pavements of concrete Features & Benefits Ambient temperature curing Forms a permanent tough elastic rubber seal Excellent adhesion to a wide range of building material Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movements Very low shrinkage Resistant to sunlight (UV rays) Resistant to bio-degradation Resistant to occasional spillage of dilute acids, alkalis, petrol, aviation fuels, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oils etc. Non toxic Coverage: 6.5 ft/kg for a 25 mm X 12 mm joint

Dr. Fixit Silicone Sealant - General Purpose

Acetoxy Cure Silicone Sealant
Pack size: : 240 ml plastic cartridge with separate nozzle Application Areas Sealing and repairing Glass and ceramics Aluminum & fibre glass, Non-oil wood Non-porous to Non-Porous (Metal to Metal) Features & Benefits Excellent adhesion to glass, ceramic & sanitary wares Cost effective Offers long term durability in general sealing, waterproofing applications Coverage: Depends on the size of the joints


Dr. Fixit Pidicrete CF 21
High range water reducing Application Areas High performance concrete for columns, beams & dams admixture for concrete
Pack size: 30 & 225 litre General purpose ready mix concrete, prestressed & precast concrete Complex & heavily reinforced concrete railway sleepers High strength & low permeable concrete Mass concrete Features & Benefits Reduces water up to 25% without effecting the work ability Increases work ability at a given water to cement ratio, easy compaction, eliminates honey-combing Provides highly cohesive concrete mix & reduces the chance of bleeding & segregation Makes concrete less permeable and hence more durable No chloride- suitable for RCC Compatible with all types of Portland cement/including slag/SRC Helps in reducing cement content for a required strength High early and ultimate compressive strength concrete Dosage: 250 ml to 750 ml per 50 kg bag cement (depending upon site requirement)

Dr. Fixit Fevimate XL
High performance tile fixing adhesive for interior wall/floor & external flooring & tileon-tile applications
Pack size: 5, 25 & 50 Kg Application Areas For fixing all types of tiles on internal wall/floor, external floor & tile-on-tile applications as well as swimming pool tiling applications Features & Benefits Ready to use, needs only mixing with water Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage Suitable for indoor and tile on tile applications Sufficiently flexible to accommodate physical & thermal movements Needs no curing, needs no hacking or mechanical key on the surfaces Floors can be used after 24 hrs Soaking of tiles & backing of surface not required Coverage: 60-70 sq. ft /25 kg bag at 3 mm thickness. 30-35 sq. ft/ 25 kg bag at 6 mm thickness

Dr. Fixit Fevimate WMA

White tile adhesive for marble and glass tiles
Pack size: 25 Kg Application Areas All applications of marble, glass tiles, glass mosaics on internal/external wall or floor, swimming pools, bathrooms, commercial spaces, residential spaces and exterior spaces. Features & Benefits White base ensures that the original colour of the marble and glass tiles stands out Ready to use, needs only mixing with water Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage Excellent waterproofing characteristics Sufficiently flexible to accommodate thermal & physical movements Suitable for indoor & outdoor applications Needs no curing & soaking of tile Needs no hacking or mechanical key on the surface Coverage: Marble 30-35 sq. ft/25 kg bag at 6 mm thickness Glass tile 60-70 sq. ft / 25 kg bag at 3 mm thickness Glass Mosaics 100-110 sq. ft/25 kg bag at 2 mm thickness

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete CF 51

Water reducing & accelerating admixture for concrete
Pack size: 30 & 225 litre Application Areas Low temperature concrete Concrete block and mortar Precast and reinforced concrete Concrete pipes, brick laying mortar mixes Tremie concrete for moderate pours Features & Benefits Reduces setting time depending on the dose and ambient temperature Reduces water upto 15% Improves workability at a given w/c ratio Provides highly cohesive concrete mix without any bleeding and segregation Helps to achieve high early strength, hence reduces time required for deshuttering Helps in reducing cement content for a required strength Reduces construction cost no delay due to cold weather, use of OPC instead of rapid hardening cement Dosage: 250 ml to 750 ml per 50 kg bag cement

Dr. Fixit Deshuttering Oil

Water dilutable shutter release agent
Pack size: 1 litre Application Areas On all type of mould or formwork like wood & steel etc. Features & Benefits Water-dilutable, eco friendly, very easy to apply Economical in use Suitable for all types of concrete moulds and form works Extends life of the plywood and steel surfaces of shuttering material Significantly improves surface finish of concrete after shutter removal Coverage: After dilution with clean water in 1:5 ratio (6 litres mixed solution) On pre-oiled wooden shuttering - 90 to 120 m2 On untreated wooden shuttering - 75 to 85 m2 On steel shuttering - 100 to 150 m2

Dr. Fixit Fevimate TG

Waterproof joint fillers for tiles
Pack size: 500 g Application Areas All indoor & outdoor tiling joints. Features & Benefits Ready to use, needs only mixing with water at site Excellent adhesion with all types of tiles, forms impermeable joints Non shrinking UV stable hence suitable for outdoor application Coverage: 24' X 24' tile, 15 mm thickness for 2 mm joint width needs 0.22 kg/sq. mt. 4' X 4' tile, 5.5 mm thickness for 2 mm joint width needs 0.40 kg/sq. Mt.