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QUESTIONNAIRE for Customers (Process folks) (This was targeted to be a DP questionnaire, so modifications have to be made incase of a DM implementation) Scope

for Demand Planning Application: OBJECTIVES and ROLES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What objective is the forecast meant to serve? What applications are you currently using to support the forecasting process? What is your existing forecasting process? What organization (or organizations) will be responsible for the demand planning function? Who, if anyone, has the ultimate ownership of the function? What role will the field (e.g. Sales reps, regional marketing managers, account managers) have in the process? What headquarter personnel will be involved in the process? At what level must forecast be generated to support the downstream systems fed by the demand planning application (typically, SKU/DC for Distribution planning and SKU/Plant for Production planning, SKU/Store for Replenishment planning)?

LEVELS/DIMENSIONS 7. 8. What are your expectations from Product and Geography dimensions, in general terms? What is the required forecast review cycle?

TIME 9. What should the time dimension look like? Does it have weeks? How do you plan to define weeks in a year?

10. What are the typically seasons in a year? 11. How do you plan to account for the 53rd week occurring every 7th year? Will it be included in the last week? 12. How many years of data to be used for forecasting? (Minimum 2 years of data is required as a computation minimum-specially when there is pronounced seasonality) FORECAST 13. How many years in future do you forecast/plan? (Short term, Medium term, Long term) 14. How do you intend to forecast? (Based on Shipments or Orders) 15. What type of data will be fed into the application (shipments, orders, point-of-sale data, price etc)? 16. Is the data required to support this expected database structure readily available? 17. How many lowest level product elements and lowest level geography elements exist? What is the expected total number of lowest level records? 18. Do you plan to include Sales, Financial budgets/Targets in DP? How many times the budgets are reviewed in a year? Do you intend to store all revisions in the budget separately? 19. What is the period of history available for most of the products? 20. Which departments do you intend to include in DP? (Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Finance) 21. How do you arrive at the consensus forecast from forecasts generated by various departments?

22. Do you want to view inventory related information in DP? 23. If yes, what inventory related information? (Op. Stock, Stock receipts, Inventory turns etc.) PROMOTIONS/EVENTS 24. Do you want to include causal for various promotions? 25. If yes, based on which causal do you intend to plan the demand? (For DM-i2 team to think of adding this as a dimension as case may be) 26. Can you provide past data for promotions and other causal? 27. What are typically the different events that happen in a year? 28. Typically, at what levels are the promotions planned, at Company level, brand level? REPORTING 29. What is the current Reporting Infrastructure? 30. What criteria need to be established for exception reporting? 31. Who will be evaluating these reports? 32. What is the escalation channel for the exceptions? PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE 33. How do you manage the life cycle of a product? 34. How many new products do you intend to introduce over the next two years? (Plan for introduction of new products.) 35. How many products do you plan to phase out on an ongoing basis? 36. Do you substitute history of related products? Is this history adjusted in any way? KPI/ Forecast Accuracy 37. How should forecast accuracy be measured (MAPE, MAD etc.) and forecast performance evaluated? At what level (Product, Geography, Time) do you measure it? 38. Have you established targets for improved forecast accuracy? 39. How many archive rows do you intend to have in THE database? I.e. How many time periods of forecast do you intend to store? 40. Do you intend measure customer service levels? If yes, what is the current service level? What is the target set for achieving customer service level? DP USER COMMUNITY 41. What is a typical Day in a Life for a planner (DILOP)? 42. Do you have a Change Management process/Change Manager? How is change management handled here?