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An Analysis Of the Speech Act In Obamas Speech In UI

Background of the study Language is a social aspect and it has important role in human life. People communicate with language because language is one of the instruments in the communication by people around the world. Language and society are two things that cannot be separated. It is impossible to understand a society without understanding its language. Human beings as part of a certain society use language of the society. The functions of language may be different from one community to another community. It is because language varies according to its users, to where it is used, and to whom, as well as to who is using it. We use language for many purposes. We tell others what we know or think we know, we express our feelings, ask questions, make requests, protest, criticize, insult, apologize, promise, thank, say hello and goodbye. Language seems to have as many different functions as there are occasions for using language, but for all the apparent diversity the basic uses of language are rather limited. Language divided into two form. The first form is spoken form and the second form is written form. People usually use spoken form when they are doing conversation and people usually use written form when they write a letter or making report. The study of language is called linguistics. It tries to explain what really happen in the use of language in a communication. Then, language is used in many variations of communication form. One part of the study of linguistics is sociolinguistic. Sociolinguistic is the study about language in relation social factors. Parts of sociolinguistic are politeness strategy, speech act, language variation, and discourse. Based on the explanation above, the researcher find out the speech act is very interesting to be explored. In this research, the researcher decides to analyze the speech act in Obamas speech in UI. The reason of choosing Obamas speech in UI is that speech the first time Obama as the US president come to Indonesia. And it contains many utterances that can analyze by using speech act. Lucotionary, illucotionary, and perlucotionary are the types of speech act. And there is classification of speech act. Those are commisive, representative, directive, expressive, and declaration.

Statement of the problem From the background of the study and the fact of the Obamas speech, the researcher identifies the problem as follows: 1. What is the type of speech act that used in Obamas speech in UI? 2. What is the classification of speech act that used in Obamas speech in UI?

Objective of the study The objective of the study is to describe speech act in Obamas speech in UI based on types and the classification of speech act.

Significance Of The Study The writer expects this research will be useful and give some advantages for several components as follow: a. The reader The students improve their knowledge especially in speech act and it can use in daily conversation. b. The teacher This study can be use as reference to teach speech act in the class c. For other researchers It can inspire other researchers who have interest in study in the same topic.

Limitation Of The Problem

Because of the limited time and knowledge and in order to have a distinct focus, the researcher needs to limit the problem on the speech act in Obamas speech in UI. Obamas

speech in UI is rich of speech act. There are three types of speech act such as locutionary, illocutionary, perlucotionary. And also five kinds of speech act classifications such as commisive, expressive, directive, declarative, and representative.

Theoretical Framework

Sociolinguistic Sociolinguistic is the study about language that use in society. It shows the people speak differently in different social contexts. It discusses the social function of language and the ways it is used to convey social meaning. There are some branches of socioingustic, those are speech community, speech situation, speech event, speech act, speech style, and pragmatic.

Speech act Speech act is a sentence or utterance which has both propositional meaning and illocucionary force. A speech act which is performed indirectly is sometimes knows an indirect speech act, such as the speech act of requesting, which is something felt more polite.

Locutionary Locutionary is the basic of utterance, or producing a meaningful linguistic expression.

Illocutionary Illocutionary is the performed via the communicative force of an utterance.

Perlucotionary Perlocutionary is the result of the utterance.

Representative Representative is speech act that deals with the words real and intended meaning, causing some kind of action. Representative divided into three parts, those are claim, reports, and assertion.

Directive Directive is speech act that are to cause hearer to take a particular action. Directive divided into three parts, those are request, suggestion, and command. Directive is concerned with getting people to do something. Expressive Expressive is a speech act that expresses the speakers attitude and emotion towards the proposition. Expressive divided into four parts, those are apologize, complaint, thanks, and congratulation. Commisive Commisive is speech act that a commit a speaker to some future action. The other meaning of commisive is to state intention, make a promise, taken an oath and are important as the language of communication among people. Promise, offers, theats, oaths are parts of commisive. Declarative Declarative is something that is announced, avowed or proclaimed. Declaration divided into two parts, those are declaration and decrees.