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Ptolemy XII. Cleopatra forged an alliance with him and persuaded him to oust Ptolemy XIII from power.Cleopatra Introduction The story of Cleopatra VII Philopator is still a myth to a lot of historians. 44 BC. Caesar then restored Cleopatra as the rightful heir to the throne (Tyldesley 97). the Roman general. Relationship with Julius Caesar Soon after Caesar's arrival in Egypt. Ptolemy XIII connived with his advisors to remove Cleopatra from power. Caesar had been welcomed to Alexandria by Ptolemy XIII after he had orchestrated the murder of Pompey. the Egyptian pharaoh at that time. Ascension to the throne 2 Born in 69 BC. The relationship between Cleopatra and Julius Caesar flourished and together they bore a son whom they named Caesarion. Cleopatra named Caesarion as her successor. She later returned to Egypt with the help of Julius Caesar. As a result of the threats imposed on her. she decided to seek asylum in Syria. . Most of her traces have been lost or destroyed (Ebers 5). This paper gives an account of Cleopatra’s life from her ascension to the throne to how she met her solemn death. Cleopatra rose to the throne after the death of her father. a rival of Pompey. She is mostly remembered as a temptress who lured powerful rulers into accepting her wishes and her reign was marked by chaos and drama. reinforcements from Rome arrived that saw the defeat of Ptolemy XIII. She was only 18 years old then and she first ruled Egypt together with her brother Ptolemy XIII (Roller 4). As soon the siblings ascended to the throne. After the assassination of Caesar on the 15th of March. After months of battle between Ptolemy XIII's troops and those of Caesar.

. Antony later left his wife for Cleopatra and declared Caesarion as the son of Caesar and the rightful heir (Tyldesley 172). Mark Antony and Octavian then agreed to share power as Roman rulers. The Battle of Actium in 31 BC saw the defeat of Egyptian’s forces by Octavian. Antony pierced himself with his sword and died (Tyldesley 186). Antony later called upon Cleopatra to discuss more about the aftermath of Caesar’s murder. The rumors turned out to be false and Cleopatra later buried her lover’s body. She then locked herself in her room together with two of her female servants and on around 30 BC. His actions did not resonate well with the Romans and in late 32 BC. she met her death by allowing an asp to bite her (Tyldesley 193). He had indeed defeated Cleopatra. Afterwards. After receiving rumors that Cleopatra had committed suicide. Defeat and death 3 The bond between Antony and Cleopatra continued to strengthen and resulted in the return of most of Egypt’s empires that had been conquered by the Romans. Cleopatra agreed to help Caesar’s allies and summoned troops to Rome. Octavian declared war on Mark Antony. Antony was seduced by Cleopatra’s charm and they started a romantic relationship which resulted in the birth of twins (Roller 5). As these battles became intense. the last pharaoh of Egypt. Octavian established his Roman authority over Egypt. both groups sought help from Egypt.Cleopatra Relationship with Mark Antony After the murder of Julius Caesar. conflicts ensued in Rome between his allies and assassins. This saw the defeat of Caesar’s assassins. Among Caesar’s allies was Mark Antony and Octavian. When they met in Tarsus.

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