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LECTURE delivered by Gennady Nikolayevich Bichev, PHD in Philosophy
Its well known that man is a social being. The society develops a code of Laws applicable to man: criminal law, administrative law, rules of behavior etc. I.E if a man violates laws of the society, than under the mentioned laws the man will have to be punished, as long as ignorance of law does not relieve from responsibility. Same kind of relationship exists among Mankind and the Nature. The fact of the matter is that the society lives inside Nature, and social ignorance of natural laws is a societys problem. And the societys violation of the natures laws is a real source of crisis. We may put it this way: court and crisis are synonyms in the system of natural laws. The fundamental base of the societys education is its system of world-view. Right from here we have to consider spiritual component of society, hence to the spiritual part of man and further on to the mans manner of thinking and then to mans behavior, just because behavior is a sequence of thinking. The thinking is based on the spiritual component of the human development. Therefore, the fundamental base of the social development is a system of world-view. Erroneous system of world-view is a primary reason of all our problems. And absence of the system of world-view in our thinking is an analogue of lack of operational system in a computer. The fundamental crisis of our civilization is closely related with distorted comprehension of how world is construed. Until recently we had religious interpretation of the world order. Regretfully religion at a certain period of the world history ceased to perform its task; religious beliefs stopped to develop and lagged behind achievements of science. But the thinking of contemporary man is being formed nowadays mostly through knowledge provided by science. However comprehension of the world order is omitted from the process. We are subject to attempts of returning back the world-view based only upon belief, but this just does not work anymore. Religion in general is a system of the social view of the worlds origins, structure and natural laws of the surrounding world, providing answers to questions: who we are, where are we from, what are we here for, where are we going? etc. I.e. religion is a basic social program that provides system of values and system of interrelations. But such system is irrational. Contemporary society has grown up. We have improved ourselves in terms of intellect and we now need not irrational, but rational system of the world-view. In other words we need now the scientific picture of the world, i.e. system of world-view that responds not only to emotional sensory needs of a man, but to our intellectual ones as well. We may illustrate it this way: imagine a small child. We send him to kindergarten at the age of 2 -3 years mostly for upbringing purpose. Its a bit early to start the childs education. By while the child is growing, he faces a lot of questions that need to be answered. Now the kid goes to school. School is an

2 educational system. So we transfer the child from upbringing to educating stage of his development. Same thing is happening in relation to our contemporary civilization. We already possess enormous intellectual potential, and our society desperately needs intellectual, rational system of the world-view, providing answers to the same set of questions: who we are, where are we from, what are we here for, where are we going? etc. We may say: we need rational religion (or system of beliefs). The first task of the society now is formulation of the operational program, that is to say: to give a man a system of world-view that would identify system of values and system of interdependences. Lack of such program is tantamount to violation of the natural laws. And this is a fundamental base and source of contemporary crises and first of all spiritual crisis of the human being. What is a rational system of world-view? In essence it is the same system of social view to the origins, construction and natural laws of the surrounding world, but now it should be based upon combination and synthesis of the scientific knowledge. The scientific picture of the world is a rational system of the world-view. So we may repeat that religion or what we understand under the term religion is irrational system of the world-view. The civilization needed it while our intellect was in the process of development, but today we need satisfaction of our intellectual needs, not only emotional and perceptional. Bur intellectual system of world-view still does not exist in our society. Hence the crisis. We have violated the principal law of nature - this is why the civilization lost its way. We are deploying only sub-programs. We have not established system of interdependencies; have not worked out system of values. When we first approached solution of this task, we have found out very interesting universal law. It is called the Law of Universum. The geometrical interpretation of this law was found on the brick-stones of the Egyptian civilization. So, its a circle containing three other circles inside. Each of inner circles in turn contains three circles inside, and so on. There are also three zones: lower, intermediate and upper one. Along those cycles circles the whole world is developing: the society, mankind, history of civilization, universe. As a matter of principle the law is a universal one as everything is developing according to the described cycles. But here we also detect problems of our civilization. Thus, where have we violated the natural laws? It appeared that we have ripped religion apart from science and destroyed philosophy completely. Weve made philosophy part of the historical science. Currently philosophy is what Socrates once said, what Hegel declared etc. We have invented history of philosophy. As I have said we have torn religion from science. Bur religion is an integral worldview, while science is exploration of different parts of such vision of the world. Philosophy is a permanent process where the religion is being studied like cartographer studies the landscape. Imagine that we have a white spot on the map. What cartographer would do? He would sends a field mission to the place and receive drafts of the area, which are to be integrated into the general map. So step by step the whole map is being composed. As a result the would-be travelers may look at the map and draft their route, knowing what they see, where they would like to come and how to do this. Same here: cartographer is a philosopher; map is a religion while field missions are the sciences. What we see is the same principle of the universal law. Under the same laws everything is developing in every civilization, including formation of the social world-view. Religion is an integral world-view, while the science is analysis of separate parts of the world order. Thus having separated religion from science we have separated synthesis from analysis. So what have we done? Lets analyze status of human being: he (she) believes in one thing, knows otherwise, but he does not believe in what he knows. In other words this status may be equaled to status of person with mental disorder. Here comes that our civilization may be sent to the psychiatric asylum just because we know one thing and believe in other, but it turns out

3 that we do not know what we believe in. Here come once again the illness of society, in other words social crisis. The crisis problem borne the crisis of spirituality. Why? Just because the society is incapable to give a person a system of world-view that would currently respond not only to psychological needs of a person, but to his intellectual requirements. As I have already said today we desperately need rational, scientific picture of the world. Fact of the matter is that firstly, the scientific hypothesis necessarily would be built up upon system of the law of casual effect relations. This is logic. The logic in turn is a law of casual effect relations. Language of science is a language of logic. But the most important distinctive feature of the scientific teaching is a selection of the initial point, from where the logical sequential chain would start. The science is pragmatic; it may adopt only scientific postulates. If we start from un-scientific postulates it wont be science at all. In each and every system of world-view, be it rational or irrational system, the first chapter is a cosmogony, i.e. global cosmic processes that lead to appearance of man on Earth. Christian religion, for example, postulates At first there was Logos, and Logos was God, and God created Earth, then other parts of world on it, eventually passing from general to particular. It may be named the first chapter of cosmogony. In the new scientific system of the world-view we advanced the following hypothesis, which we based upon three fundamental laws of science: the first one is a law of the energy conservation. There is no doubt that energy does not disappear, but is being transformed from one kind into another one. The second is a law of qualitative-quantitative transformations of the matter. In physical conditions given to us there could not be infinitely many of infinitely few of matter of certain quality. Otherwise the quantity defines quality. For example: there could not be less than one molecule of water. If we would try to diminish quantity of water to less than one molecule, the matter would lose status of water, it will be water no more, and the matter would be quantitatively transformed. It was water, but it became gas. If we would destroy molecules of gas into atoms, the atoms would automatically destroy themselves transforming into electro-magnetic field displaying one more stage of transformation of matter. And as a third postulate we would take the Alexander FRIEDMANs theory that has been confirmed with help of the Hubble telescope the theory of ever expanding Universe. The Universe is ever expanding such conclusion was made upon analysis of the so called red shift. Let me remind you some basics of physical science saying that if we have an object alienating from us we shall see in its specter more of the red light while if an object is approaching we shall see more of the violet light due to increase of the frequency of the light waves. Our compatriot Alexander FRIEDMAN upon his mathematical calculations advanced his hypothesis suggesting the Universe is expanding. Mr. Hubble inventor of his cosmic telescope studied surrounding stars and visually defined that all of them are alienating from us. More of that, he established certain regularity, showing that the farther from us is certain cosmic object (star), the faster it is alienating from us. So it is scientifically admitted fact that the Universe is expanding. So having known degree of acceleration and using mathematical methods of calculation we came to a conclusion that about 14 billion years ago all stars were in one single point that eventually led the world of scientists to theory of so called Big Bang. We should keep in mind that the whole Universe originated from a single point. Such is a scientific theory. On the other hand it would be superfluous to state that as long as everything is alienating from us, it means that we find ourselves in the Center of Universe. This is why the cosmologists came to a theory of not expanding, but rather inflating Universe. I.e. if we take an air balloon, inflate it to certain dimension, put points on its surface and then would go on inflating it further we shall notice that the farther points stand from each other, the faster they move off one from another. This is why new theory has been named theory of inflating Universe. Then we have composed logical chain. What I am telling you now is a narration of the 1st chapter of the RATIONAL SYSTEM OF THE WORLD-VIEW. Let me repeat once again: the Universe is inflating. Logic goes further; what does the Universe consist of? It consists of

4 matter, fields and radiation. There is nothing more. By the way: we have three components once again. Radiation is a process. Note that between two events we always have a process, in other words rapidly changing event. What are parts of the Universe? Comets, planets, stars all of them are material objects. They are interconnected by gravitational, electromagnetic and other little known fields. Add radiation to this. What happens? Take for example our Sun where billions of cubic meters of gas per second are being transformed into electromagnetic radiation, transforming matter into field. Where is then the law of conservation of energy? If something is being added somewhere, it means there is a place where something is being diminished. What makes the Universe to expand or to inflate? It is increase of impact of power fields i.e. gravitational fields. The chaos does not come, stars are alienating one from another, while the Universal harmony stay unchanged. Consequently radius of impact of the gravitational fields is also expanding. In common sense it means that the fields are increasing their volume. But if fields are growing it would only mean that the matter is diminishing because the process of radiation is a process of transformation of matter. And further on we start to co-ordinate location of the human being in this solar and galactic system. But what is the human role in all such processes? It should be mentioned here that we are all participants, are parts of this global process and we are its consequence, we are players of the certain step of the universal development the process of the expansion of the Universe. As a matter of fact, we staying on the Planet Earth are consuming the biologically transformed matter. In the human body it is transformed into heat and electromagnetic energy. Then after a series of transformations into gravitational, psychic, intellectual, intuitive, and possibly into a number of other, still unknown kinds of energy. In our hypothesis we suggest: what if not only matter is transformed into fields, but the fields themselves by means of fragmentation of the inner structure are transformed one into another? Thus we have hypothesized that matter is transformed into the electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic one transforms into a gravitation field by means of fragmentation. The gravitation field in turn after some kind of process transforms into a psychic, psychic into intellectual and intellectual into intuitive and so on and so forth. How can we describe a picture of this process? I.e. how we draw a picture of fragmentation of the matter in the process of its expansion? Let me detalize one important notion just because contemporary science is not quite clear in explaining it. This is a notion, or may be concept of fields. When a person hears word field someone sees an image of rye field, the other imagines electromagnetic field. I there any tie between them? Lets draw a picture: imagine someone putting hear a heap of stones (let it be one hundred pieces). We would call it a field of stones. We apply vibration in order to fragment the stones. The field of stones dissipated into a field of sand. What happened? There were 100 stones that turned into millions of sand particles. Density increased due to closer placement of particles to each other. The field enlarged, its structure became finer, number of elements increased manifold. Working further we turned the sand particles into dust. The density increased, the field enlarged, number of elements increased. And now lets fragment the dust particles into separate molecules. The dust turned into gas. Now we have a field of gas. The quantity of elements multiplied, structure got finer, the area (and volume) enlarged and amount of possible movements of particles has also increased. Going further we may disrupt atoms of gas. It was a field of gas that was torn into electron, protons, quarks, leptons and so on and so forth. What we have now? We have electromagnetic field where internal processes became even more dynamic. So far it is known by contemporary science. Now our hypothesis comes. Let us suppose that in the process of fragmentation of this electromagnetic field emerges gravitational field, based upon gravitons, even finer matter, even more dynamic processes, even greater volume occupied by this field in the space.

5 Going further we assume that fragmentation of the gravitational field would lead to emergence of psychic field based already upon Psy-forms. The volume grows, density grows, dynamic grows, number of elements grows. Now, if we break the Psy-form we get intellectual field, based upon still finer elements, more dynamic, filling even more voluminous space, etc. Fragmenting the intellectual field we come to intuitive field. What if we fragment intuitive field? In our view the matter will go on fragmenting in the process of expansion of the Universe until the finest inner field would remain let us call it the zero-field. It would be the most dynamic field with enormous quantity of elements with infinite velocities and unlimited number of inner structures. This zero-field most provably is what we call time. It is the same zero point serving starting point of any measurement. So energy of the inner field that fragmented into the zero-field we call time. And the volume occupied by this field we name Universe. From here we came to a conclusion that the Universe will go on inflating. The dark matter being currently discussed by scientists is a sort of a pie composed by enormous amount of different fields. So the Universe will go on expanding (inflating) until complete disappearance of any matter followed by electromagnetic, gravitation, psychic, intellectual fields until only zero-field remains. In other words only space and time will remain. This is what we now may name Our God. By the way, if we analyze these phenomena in irrational coordinate system we shall detect the same pattern in Christianity. At first there was a Logos (a Word) and Word was God. God created Earth. In other words religious teachings actually described process of formation of matter in the course of compression of the Universe. I.e. in the centre of time emerged intellectual field, in the centre of intellectual field intuitive field, in the centre of intuitive field the psychic one, in the psychic gravitational, in the latter electromagnetic and in the centre of electromagnetic the matter emerged. And the Universe will go on compressing (or collapsing) until it would press itself into matter collapsing into single point that will finally explode followed by the process of expansion. Now what can we say? If we keep in mind contemporary scientific knowledge insisting that the Universe is eternal, we may say that infinity and eternity are just a consequence of cycles. If we imagine circle along which we move, the movement may never stop, bringing us with each consecutive cycle to a place where we have already been. From that postulate we may assume that if the Universe is immortal, then we are also immortal and exist eternally. We are part and participants of this cyclic process taking a certain step in the general evolutionary process. This hypothesis repeated itself at different stages of its scientific development. Unfortunately within one hours time I cannot analyze and systematize everything. I shall bring to your attention only some conclusions in favor of this theory. Take attention: at first hypothesis is advanced. If hypothesis would be confirmed by practice it turns into scientific theory. Of course, if hypothesis was scientific initially. Theory is the same hypothesis verified in all spheres of our science chemistry, physics, and psychology. And theory confirmed by practice becomes scientific theory. I would like to stress here that currently theory initially advanced by us has become a scientific one. I would present to you a scientific theses named Theory of trinity of the worlds composition, which was published as far back as in 2001. Then we only started our study of this theory. Now we are ready to right a new book on it. I would say that the human conscious, and human intellect are the reflectors of perception, through which we comprehend the outer world. But here we have strict limitations. Take sight for example: we detect objects with linear dimensions from 5 to 20 microns. We hear sounds with intensity from 5 to 20 decibel. But here and there we have enormous space. So we are limited by physiological capabilities of a person because only very narrow specter of information can be comprehended through reflector of perception. Our mind is such reflector of perception. All people have their limits of perception. Some have narrower, some wider limits. Intellect is also reflector of perception of other type; we may define it as an energy reflector. While forming

6 our perception of the world order we tend to make inner looking similar to the external. But this would happen only if inner and external would become equal in dimensions, putting it in purely physical terms. Hence comprehension of truth is eternal. So our book advances notion of the truth. Concept of truth in nowadays philosophy is compliance of knowledge with being. But knowledge is limited and individualized. Well, but being is also limited. Some people can even not distinct colors. So they have their own reality. But truth is not complete compliance of knowledge with being. It is complete undistorted information about event. But it would become possible only when the Universe and our intellect becomes equal, which in turn will happen when we shall become far from being contemporary humans i.e. when the Universe will approach completion of its development. This is why for us the process of comprehension of truth is endless. Here we can talk only about relativity and measures of distortion of our consciousness. And we do not understand something just due to physical limits of our intellect. Like we cannot see and comprehend ultraviolet as well as infrared rays similarly our intellect is limited in comprehension of the outer world. But it is only natural, no need to bother. The more we develop intellectually, the wider will be horizons of our comprehension of the outer world. Not only humans possess psychic energy. As you see on the diagram, we occupy certain niche in the process of expansion of the Universe. Here you see the Mendeleevs chart of periodical system displaying substances with one electron in the nucleus to 119. Further we see the Darwins theory from molecule to human being that develops it from primitive to highly organized. At this stage and even earlier at the animal level the psychic energy emerges. At the following stage the intellectual energy develops. We see development of intellectual energy by man, but it does not mean the end of its development. On the contrary- from here on it is developing into greater volume, that is to say that intellectual energy of Outer Space is much more voluminous, powerful many times greater than human psychic and intellectual energy. More of that, we may say that all celestial bodies possess psychic and intellectual energies, be it Earth, Sun or distant stars. Lets keep in mind that there are other energies of which we still have not a faintest idea. Just like cockroaches that do not imagine what is intellect we do not imagine kinds of energies possessed by distant Space objects. We should keep in mind that each consecutive field is relatively larger and more voluminous. Gravitation field is larger than electromagnetic, psychic one is larger than gravitation, and intellectual greater that psychic. Just try to imagine giant dimensions of the finer energies that we only approach to comprehending by our mind. We have made only initial steps in studies of energies. Speaking from scientific point of view I have to say: Yes, there exists some Universal intellect, while psychologically it is hard to believe this. Basing on our theory we may suggest that both options may be true. First one is that man originated from ape. If we take deeper layers of history, we may start from thermonuclear synthesis that was undergone inside new-born star by every particle of our body. So as I said evolution would look like that: first atoms, than 119 elements, then molecules of plants developing to the level of animal molecules, followed by human development, from where we may extend the process into the planetary and celestial systems. By the way, ancient religious thinkers told that stars are just former humans and human beings are future stars. From here we may answer the eternal problem of being: what is primary being or consciousness? My answer is both. They are two parts of single energy process. Being influences consciousness, but consciousness forms being. In other words external energies formed and developed human consciousness, while the bodily development was going along biological selection. Atheism rejecting irrational system of world-view still remains belief, but based upon belief into power of knowledge. Any atheist would say: I dont know how the world is composed, but I believe that the science will eventually answer this question. In other words he is a believer. It still is not a rational world-view; it is just belief into existence of rational world-view. But then

7 emerges rational system of world-view, necessity of which we are currently discussing. As I said absence of such theory is breeding crisis of all our civilization. We have separated belief and knowledge but they both are integral parts of the unitary energy process. What is our knowledge? It is the highest step of our belief. Just see me keeping this ball-pen. If I let it go, would you believe that it will fall down? So, you believe or you know? But why do you believe? Because you know. In other words belief and knowledge are just two integral components of one thing. That is why we stress: knowledge is the highest degree of belief. But can we exclude probability of some unidentified space object approaching our world to a degree where the freed ball pen would not fall down but fly up due to oppositely directed electromagnetic and gravitation field? I would suggest that when we separated belief and knowledge we initiated chaos in our mind. Instead we should understand that belief verified many times becomes knowledge. Today if we want to satisfy our intellectual needs we should not just believe, but know. And only contemporary science may give us knowledge that we shall believe to highest degree. And only world-view system based upon science can provide us with foundation, upon which we shall build up our comprehension of the world order. And this world-view will form our behavior. Fundamental reason of the modern crisis of our civilization is lack of unitary worldview system. Just like computer deprived of the basic data management system, be it Linux, Windows or any other, cannot function, similarly without unitary world-view system we are deprived of capability to communicate, because we do not possess a system of values. Someone is producing; the other is selling and everyone is using his own management system not allowing us to communicate and to develop common aims. We may also name our system of world-view a religion, or roadmap. All politicians speak about lack of common ideology that should be urgently created. But they do not even imagine that such ideology is only some route on this roadmap. No common ideology is possible without unitary system of world-view defining the highest landmarks and goals to be achieved and describing means of their achievement. While doing politics is just practicing ideology. Here we also may see a trinity. Policy without ideology is just wandering without targets and direction. And ideology without system of world-view is a route without roadmap. So all is closely intertwined and separation of the components would only lead us to the brink of abyss. I would state that in the course of history Russia twice elevated to the summits of world leadership when it strictly abided with the natural laws. Firstly when we took the orthodox religion as a source of our world-view that was laid down into the foundation of the Russian Empire. Secondly it happened when we took atheism as a base of our world-view system, upon which we built the Soviet Union. By the way, I believe that Russia is the only country that is capable to lead civilization out of modern crisis. This is due to historical processes undergone by our country. I find it appropriate to bring some physical energetic examples. Lets talk about creation of the electromagnetic energy. In order to initiate current in the conductor we should create a difference of potentials. The larger is the difference the higher is tension, the more powerful current we may create. Similarly we may discuss psychic-intellectual field, which is developing under the same laws: the larger difference of potentials, the higher is tension, the faster is the process of development. An electromagnetic field differs between plus and minus, and psychic-intellectual field differentiates between good and evil. The larger gap between the two, the faster is progress. As was noticed more than once, during wars the scientific and technical progress accelerates tremendously. Obviously, the material base is in ruins, production lines idle, but all of a sudden we start inventing more powerful weapons, means of transportation, advanced technologies. Why? Just because like increase of magnetic potential brings growth of electric potential followed by growth of electric tension and power, increase of psychic tension brings rapid growth of intellectual component in society.

8 As you see, we detected 100% analogy. Like electric field cannot exist without magnetic one, the psychic field cannot exist without intellectual one. All are intertwined, have a reciprocal system of co-operation. Further developing this concept we have found a lot more similarities. We should pioneer the process of development of the new rational system of world-view. Ideology and politics based upon it will allow us to save civilization. In todays chaos we live without scheme, without world-view. Lets imagine the subway. If you go down to subway and someone would suddenly remove schemes of commuter lines the overall chaos would start as nobody would know where to go. Attempts to find out ones way empirically would generally fail due to irregular and unpredictable character of the passengers movement. Until schemes of subway routes are back, until we have the new rational world-view system in place we will not harmonize the civilization. In order to fight corruption or psychological misbalance of society, depression, drug addiction, and crime - all being displays of the common crisis, without basic program our attempts will be doomed to failure. A man without basic program is a creature that has lost its way and desperately wanders in twilight not knowing what he is, why he is here, what is his role in this environment status that most probably would end with suicide. The societys goal is to bring individual person from global understanding to individual one. This is why we urgently need a scientific hypothesis, which is getting proven by our efforts. One of such proofs: we have just made a conclusion that our us and your you are simply ordinary black hole in the space. But what do we know today about black holes? One of the first black holes was detected in the Crab Nebula. It is a tremendous cosmic black hole. Mathematic calculations of that hole made by German mathematician Karl Schwarzschild in accordance with the Einsteins theory about existence of such black holes brought scientist to the following conclusions: the black hole is a cluster of matter having such enormous density and gravitation that even light ray cannot leave it. A zone of impact of that power not allowing even light to emit is called horizon of events. Mathematical calculations prove that passing over such horizon the space and time would change places. And inside black hole there is energy, which is a mirror reflection of the outer energy. Such picture was hard to imagine in terms of traditional physics. And now let me bring back a picture that came to us from the area of psychology. I shall illustrate how space and time change places. Let us imagine our us to be a black hole. Here you see the zone where such change is happening. And this zone you name memory. Being here I may shift in space anything, but I cannot shift myself a single moment back into time. But in my memory everything happens vice versa: I freely wander in time, but cannot change anything in space. Here is how time and space changed their places. It is to say that inside my black hole there is energy being the mirror reflection of the outer energy, and that energy is our consciousness. But what is consciousness? It is more or less distorted awareness of the objective reality. The smaller is consciousness the greater is distortion. The larger is consciousness the less is distortion, there is more of compliance. Once again, what is black hole, what lays in its foundation? This is a torrent in the center of all energy fields. In the center of the black hole it is energy vacuum i.e. it is a zero-field. Can you imagine whirlwind in atmosphere at the physical level? It is dynamically rotating massive matter having inside evacuated space. Similarly should look our us. The body is created around you, it is dynamically rotating and inside there is energy vacuum, your you it is time, zero-field, evacuated space. Here is your you. And the energies rotate around you ever growing in the process of evolution similar to the process of expansion of the Universe, as I have already shown. Now let us look into society. We may differentiate people into three levels of development. First level are material people. Their goal is to live their lives from birth to death with maximum satisfaction of all their needs, the rest is rubbish. The whole world exists for their consumption. Such is their world-view. There are billions of those types. Second level occupy intellectual people. Their destiny is apprehension of unknown, curiosity these are principal kinds of energy that let them to live and push them to develop. They wouldnt give a damn to a material world. You know a number of prominent scientists that

9 delved into science, they may look untidy, they do not need a lot of material things, and they mostly seek satisfaction of their intellectual needs. And the highest level is a spiritual stage of development. It is sort of completing internal development of a person until certain stage, after which starts external development harmonizing surrounding world. Such types in turn differentiate into three levels of development material, intellectual and spiritual. Take for example businessmen they are also different in numbers. The less developed number millions, the highest developed number units. We may say that they are spiritual-material people who harmonize environment exclusively for their material satisfaction. You meet such people every day. They are majority of society components. They create structure of society only for their personal selves. Second kind are people acting out of curiosity. Take Mavrodi a person to whom material is sort of uninteresting. He interests only to know whether his capabilities allow him to destroy a system. In other words he is satisfying his intellectual needs. He feels euphoric with the process per ce. He does not even need money; he just wants to display his intellectual might. But higher up we see highly motivated spiritual people people who harmonize environment in order to arrange inter-human harmony. They are very sensitive having very high level of intellectual- perceptional energy. And such energy is in the process of growth, is developing constantly supplying man with greater and greater needs and capabilities. To make my point more clear: 2000 years ago the most amusing show for contemporary people was gladiators fights. Or they would be amused seeing a man torn apart by lions. The spectators did not associate themselves with a victim on the arena. They just received visionary excitement. So much so. But would you try to demonstrate similar show now? Half of the spectators would have fainted away. Why? Because we are energetically more developed and we tie our energy with the person on the arena. Seeing person attacked by lion you would feel yourselves attacked. Same happens on the further stages of development. The more developed becomes man the more sensitive he becomes to the environment. Our society currently is undergoing a stage where majority of our politicians may without hesitation press some knob and somewhere else several millions of people would die. The politician would not feel any sorrow, more probably he may get amused. He may even inquire whether everything and everybody in the targeted area has been destroyed. It is the same comparison just at higher level: all highly spiritual people would feel pain and sorrow of the destroyed people, because their spiritual space embraces spiritual space of the victims. Just as punctured finger makes the whole body pain. Same here, but such sensitivity embraces very large space. Now if we get back to our black holes: black holes of people also grow by measure of the evolutionary process. We just roughly divided them into three categories, but they differ as atoms differ. What is difference among atoms? They differ in their energetic dimensions, which are just consequence of their energy age, evolutionary age. There are atoms with one electron, with two, three and so on till 119. In other words there are 119 steps of the evolutionary development. Probability of evolutionary development of human being is even greater. There exist people with minor energetic forms, with average and with enormous energy. Irrational religions had provided us with more proof. You probably heard about sophists lovers of wisdom. In the times immemorial they were teaching that if we have a certain field to be comprehended within its evolutionary process (the reincarnation also was considered), than clever person knows just so much and stupid just so little. And keep in mind that line of contiguity of known with unknown is the shortest with the stupid person. That is why a stupid would always be ready to say: I already know everything, so stop teaching me, and give me some money instead. But the more people know, the wider becomes line of contiguity with unknown, so the wiser becomes person, the less he believes in might of his knowledge. That is why most of the greatest scholars by the end of their live come to one and the same conclusion: I finally have understood that I know nothing about this world. That is why we may stress: the process of cognition of truth is endless; it is eternal in the process of Universal evolution. We are part of that process, a stage of its development. We may

10 also suggest that the process of human development passes through personal reincarnation. I.e. it is a process of material reformation on the basis of someones energy development. While at the emotional-perceptional level I still do not believe it, but mathematical calculations, physical conceptions and the whole since state something that I still cannot admit psychologically. Obviously our education still does not permit us to agree with such conclusions notwithstanding that such conclusions are strictly scientific ones. Yet again: the Universe is expanding, we are part of this process. We pass through the whole series of stages of its development. If we take analogy from atoms then we should pass at least 119 stages. So we may say that there should be people with one atom in their heads, some with many and only few with all 119 atoms. But what should we conclude? We should differentiate people not only by their physical age, but by their energy, evolutionary age. And here we differ from each other very significantly. And please, pay attention to the fact that ill developed persons number billions, averagely developed may count millions while of highly spiritual kind there are only individuals. Even less so with extremely highly spiritual (we call them visionaries, initiates). They come once in thousands of years, like Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and other prophets. Now, philosophy is a constant process of synthesizing of sciences into the integrated world comprehension, into rational system of world-view. Studying this rational system philosophy looks for those black holes, for atoms of which we do not know anything, but know that they would behave like atoms within Mendeleevs periodical system. While studying integrated world-view system philosophy draws scientific directions that will give the science information needed to fill that gap in the integrated system of the world vision. And if we would possess the unitary system of the world vision, we shall obtain a system of world understanding for every person, everyone would have his own system of values. Than we shall step on the foundation, from which nothing would throw us down, then we shall be able to find common ideology, and harmonize relations among people. Then we shall understand not only physical, but evolutionary age of a person. It is different with everyone. We are not being born equal. Some people are born with one atom in their heads, but others with the whole set of 119 atoms. Hence we must develop different approach to upbringing and education of people standing on different levels of evolution. The lower evolutionized need more of upbringing, while highly developed need more education and less upbringing, which may only harm the most sensitive of them. Those with one atom in their heads do not need any education at all, only upbringing. I would say again that policy and ideology are tied together. Currently we do not have real politicians in the whole world. We only have economical groupings pursuing their own aims. They do not possess aims defined by world-view, their targets are purely economical. They also fight for domination over us as for them we are just electorate helping them to reach their economical aims. Thats all. But we also are deprived of aims defined by unitary world-view. But why? Because philosophy stopped to develop, interrupted process of synthesis and analysis, from which it should have formed scientific world-view. Philosophy was named mother of sciences, what it really was in the past. It was creating all scientific schools in order to obtain information and synthesize it into integrated world vision. The fact that philosophy ceased to play its evolutionary role brought society to violation of natural laws that in turn brought crisis. Crisis of the world vision brought the moral crisis. The latter in turn brought crisis of behavior followed by social crisis, in turn followed by ecological, political, and economical and so on. We may define it as the chain reaction of crises. The system of world vision is a spiritual foundation of modern civilization. The spiritual development of a person starts upon this basement, further growing into process of thinking, followed by formation of behavior. Let me make a provocative statement: fighting corruption as part of fight against crisis is rubbish, it is just display of the behavioral crisis. It is useless to fight against consequence while the source has not been eradicated. To achieve success on that road we should start with restoration of the whole system of the social development.

11 The whole society is culpable. And the more we shall make silly moves without preliminary study of laws, the more we shall get intertwined like fish in the mesh: the more it thrashes about in the net the more tightly it is caught, the sooner it will perish. The society, the politicians we all are guilty. We all are interrelated. But nobody feels himself responsible. Remember the great performer Raikin to say: who made the jacket? I saw on buttons, he saw in sleeves, but nobody responds for poorly made jacket. What should we do now? We must spread this knowledge. It will form the way the society should think. But the societys thinking will formulate social institutions, which in turn will define the social behavior. This is where we should start. It means we start with dissemination of this information and work over its development, over further studies and systemization of knowledge. In other words we should start with restoration of philosophy, because the philosophy ceased its development in the whole world. I also have an economy block for discussion. We would tell you about economical state of Russia, which, by the way is also in very poor state. We possess the greatest amount of natural resources, but we miserably lack the generals of business, capable to lead business in the right direction, as well as we are miserably missing masses of people who are capable to zealously work like Chinese, for example. Judging from the provisions of the natural laws this direction of development leads us nowhere; we are doomed to failure. I should bib that it is useless to spit against wind. It is to say that nowadays natural laws are working against us. It is too late to save Russia itself while the whole civilization is perishing. Long, long ago someone said: you can not oppose the natural law with anything, but another natural law. And if we proceed from natural common sense telling: If you cannot fight panic, try to stand in the head of it, we may state that the war at its economical level has already been lost by Russia. We possess neither generals, meaning organizers of business, nor army, meaning mass of people ready to zealously work like Chinese do. They also obtained strong advantage having united with the Hong-Cong infrastructure. Hong-Cong brought-up super-generals of business, while in the continental China grew enormous mass of people motivated to work. Integration of the two factors brought economic explosion. It reminds me of destinations of Chinghiz-Khan who brought up generals and headed the most powerful military movement of his time. Same did Chinese only in economy. And we stand on their way as simply a source of the richest natural resources in the world. Natural law tells us that the further develops modern civilization the harsher becomes fight for natural resources. It just means that under the natural laws of development all contemporary economical structures are directed against us. Having enormous resources and no generals and no army to defend this treasure, we are doomed to defeat. On the other hand it is senseless to save Russia while civilization is perishing; therefore we have only one chance to save ourselves and Russia to stand in the head of civilizations development. Due to social and ideological tension created during Soviet era, within 70 years of the USSR existence we created the largest number of the most educated and intellectually developed people in the world. So army of intellectuals is our army. What actually happened today (but is a topic of yet another lecture) looks like fertilization of cell: the brains leaked to the West while technologies flew to the East. If we unite the two processes, we would fertilize the whole civilization. I may add that intellect also has three stages of its development: The lower level is physical, practical intellect. The medium is a quantitative intellect, and the highest is the spiritual intellect. The Soviet Union brought up quantitative intellect of our civilization while the Western society brought up the practical intellect. But now we are witnessing a process of fertilization. So the qualitative-quantitative reformation of society may start right now during life of our generation. We either bring the whole civilization to the spiritual level of development bringing harmony to civilization, or we lose quantity and transition to the new quality would become impossible. And remnants of intellect will tear civilization into separate pieces according to economic interests. And that will

12 become reason for the Third World War. At the physical and economical level it will be just redivision of property. And to find the cause for hostile actions will be not a problem. The second path is harmonization of the whole civilization to make it highly developed spiritually. The higher will be level of our energy forms, the more spiritual shall we become towards others.