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The Road Not Taken 1. Summary 2. What is the main theme of the poem? How is it developed?

How effectively is the language used for this development. Anthology The necklace Short Story Guy De Maupassant -master of short story Vocabulary 1. Avaricious Greedy Questions 1. Write a summary of the short story The Necklace 2. Guy De Maupassant was a master of the short story. Do you agree with this? If so, say why from you reading of the story. 3. Having read the story The Necklace by Maupassant, write an essay about a time you yourself had to make a difficult decision about something. Have a good introduction, content and conclusion. Refugee Blues Refugee = a person looking for refuge (shelter) The Blues = when people are worried, troubled or sad Question 1. How does the poem bring out strong feelings of being lonely or badly treated? In your answer, you should write about: -the problems the couple face at the star of the poem -the way people react to the couple -the settings (including the use of nature) -the use of language You should refer closely to the text to support your answer. You may include brief quotations. Write about your ideal school

Language Type of Essays 1. Description 2. Discursive (Argumentative) 3. Narrative Anthology A passage to Africa 1. In this passage how does George Alagiah present his views about his experience as a television reporter in Somalia? You may include brief quotation for your answer. Sample Answer: George Alagiah presents is views about his experience of the war in Somalia, by giving a vivid picture of each person he met in a helmet (village) outside Gufgaduud. He tells us of Amina Abdirahman and her 2 daughters Habiba and Ayeen. While Amina was out searching for root vegetables, one of the daughter Habiba had died of hunger. Then there was the old woman, who had been wounded in the leg during the war. Her relations were too weak to carry her. Then there was the old man who was lying with the hoe by his side as if he was going to get up and work. The old man smiled at George. It was a smile of apology George later found out when he sent his translator back to ask the old man why he smiled at George. This really had an effect on George. He said he should have asked the old man his name. His regretted it but he resolved to write about him. I think his presents his views and images very well of a war from Somalia and this effect on the people. He is a TV reporter. In that media he uses images pictures. But here he is writing about it. To convey the horror of war he uses very descriptive and vivid language for example He uses words like shocking. What shocked the reporters at the beginning because mundane of ordinary after a week. The reporters become callous to the suffering of the people. They want images that move the people at home watching TV. He speaks of quiet suffering and lonely death as a contrast to the images of thousands suffering. He uses four adjectives to describe people dying of hunger hungry, lean, scared and betrayed.