Introduction to Wireline Logging

Introduction Topics
• What is a LOG • Logging Evolution • Basic Logging Setup • Logging Applications

Produce & Monitor Workover . Squeeze Perfo Directional Complete & Test Wireline Cement Eval.Wireline Services SPUD Drill & Evaluate Evaluation Resistivity Magnetic Resonance Nuclear Sonic Dip/Imaging Sampling Seismic Drilling Free-Point Cutters/BO Cement Eval. Perforation Packer/Plugs/JB Production logging TDT/RST Production logging TDT/RST Corrosion Production logging TDT/RST Corrosion/Cement Perforation/plugs .

Porosity. Resistivity. . Dipping . Pressure.WIRELINE LOGGING Record of the properties of Rock and other Subsurface measurements (Density.…..etc) against depth.

Presented LOG .Depth Log Linear Display Logarithmic .

Presented LOG .Crossplot .

IMAGE .Presented LOG .

Logging Evolution .Panel Days Winch Units Panels .

Logging Evolution .Cyber Service Unit .CSU CSU .

MAXIS 1 5 0 0 1 6 0 0 Dual Bay MAXIS .Logging Evolution .

MCM MCM .Logging Evolution .Modular Configuration Maxis .

Unit Types SWPT OSU-F PLUS .Logging Evolution .

.InterAct.Maxis and Communication Technology A MAXIS service allowing real time transmission of logging data from the wellsite to be viewed at the customers’ office PC.

Wireline Aquisition Setup Cable Drum DEPTH .Cyber Service Unit Logging Cable .IDW Acquisition System Logging Tool CSU .

View of a Logging Unit Wireline Engineer Client (“Witness”) Acquisition Equipment Unit Engine Winchman Cable drum Wireline cable to downhole tools .

Wireline Logging Rig Up Tension .

Logging Cable .7 Conductor Logging Cable provides Mechanical Strength and Electrical Path .

Depth System .Integrated Depth Wheel .

MCM Modular Configuration Maxis .Aquisition System .

Overview Outside Logging Unit DEPTH .CMTD PROCESSOR & DISPLAY TGRP PRINTER WFMD INTERFACE Inside Logging Unit WFAD Tool Power WFDD Depth/Tension DISPLAY .Acquisition System .IDW TOOLS Logging Cable TENSION .

Backoff/Freepoint • Workover Services Services . Throughout Lifetime of a Well • • • • .Wireline Logging ..Applications Open hole Evaluation Cased Hole Evaluation Corrosion Monitoring Perforation • Auxiliary ..

MDT .CSAT. FMI.Open Hole Evaluation • Formation Evaluation • Reservoir • Geophysical • Geological . UBI .PEX. CMR.RFT.CST. DSI . OBDT. ASI .

DEFT. CPET. TGS.Cased Hole and Corrosion • Cement Evaluation • Reservoir Monitoring • Production Evaluation • Corrosion Monitoring . UCI .METT. Gauges . FLAGSHIP . CBL . RST. USIT.CET.TDT.PLT.

free stuck pipe .Perforation • • • • • • • • • Casing Guns.Tubing.Many configurations .Enerjet. CT .Extreme Overbalanced Perforating .Pivot .All commercial brands . Puncher Severing Chemical Cutter Plugs/Packers Backoff TCP EOP . Drill Pipe .Tubing Conveyed . Scallop. Tubing.Pipe. HSD ThruTubing Cutters.Drill Collars .

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