After ten consecutive editions of Al Ard - Review of documentary films about Palestine, where have been gathered significant evidence of interest from the public and critics, Associazione Amicizia Sardegna Palestina (Sardinia Palestine Friendship Association) presents the 2013 Al Ard International Documentary Film Festival about Palestine and Arab World . This unique festival in Sardinia will show the most important and recent documentary productions at international level on the traditions, lifestyles, history, politics, religion and society in Palestine and the Arab world. Supervised by Monica Maurer with the artistic direction of Giuseppe Pusceddu it will be realized by Association Amicizia Sardegna Palestina, no-profit cultural association, active for several years in spreading Arabic culture by documentary films about Palestine and Middle East. Al Ard Doc Film Festival is designed as an international competition on the theme of the Palestine and Arab world, divided into two sections: "competing films" and "out of competition". The "competing" section is designed for documentary films about cultural, social or political issues related to Palestinian and Arab world, which will be admitted to the final selection after an international call and a preliminary selection by the Selection board and Artistic Direction. Finally the eligible films will be voted by the Expert Jury and the Public Jury, which will assign them prizes during the closing ceremony. The “out of competition” section consist of the fiction movies and shorts movies about Palestine and Arab world selected by Selection board and Artistic direction. The movies of this section will not be awarded. The Festival will start on the 21st of November and will end on the 23r of November 2013 with the closing up Ceremony of the Awards Night. Every night, the most excelling films

will be presented and commented by eminent personalities representing the world of culture, science and entertainment invited by Al Ard Doc Film Festival. The films sent to Festival will become a permanent part of the multimedia archive of Associazione Amicizia Sardegna Palestina, which is already a local point of reference for local students and scholars. The entrance to all the projections will be free.

• Best Film In Competition • Al Ard Award (Best film about Palestine) • Award for the debut film (Emerging director) • Audience Award

Only films and videos produced between 2009 and 2013 dealing with one of the aforementioned themes may be accepted for Al Ard Doc Film Festival in Cagliari. All languages are accepted but not-Italian productions must either be subtitled or dubbed in Italian, in English or French. Competition entries must be submitted by September 30th, 2013 and must include: an e-mail copy ( of the fully filled-in entry form. In accordance with applicants, for not Italian language nor subtitled nor dubbed in Italian language productions, the Selection Board may translate (free of charge) the dialogue list, after their commitment to provide a new subtitled copy by October, 20th, 2013. The failure to comply with the terms will involve the exclusion of the production from the competition. By September 30t FESTIVAL address:

participants are also required to send their request to the AL ARD DOC FILM our


Al Ard Doc Film Festival - c/o C.D.R. Dott. Fawzi Ismail via Zagabria n°60 09100 - Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

Registration for the Al Ard Doc Film Festival is free.

1) The applicants must send the application form (entry form) filled in each its parts (synopsis, biofilmography, data technicians), and accompanied by: • A copy of the film (STANDARD PAL) Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, DVD o DVCAM; • A printed copy of the entry form, filled in the details with an ORIGINAL SIGNATURE of the person who owns the rights, indicating that the contest applicant has read and fully accepted the competition rules. • A photo of the director and the film in electronic format (b/v, 10x15 highest quality jpg) The works should not contain any sort of advertising. By entering the Festival each individual filmmaker or producer is responsible for the content of his work and warrants that the grant of this licence will not infringe the copyright (sound or picture) or any other rights whatsoever of any third party. By applying the Festival the participants explicitly allows the use sound and picture materials. Al Ard Doc Film Festival may also show short clips or images from the submitted entries on television news, television broadcasts and in all kind of promotion and communications related to the Festival. Copyright's owners also authorize further showings of their works without any charge for non-profit purposes inside of reviews organized by Associazione Amicizia Sardegna Palestina Onlus. A fully completed copy of the entry form, in addition to the one sent with the film, must be sent by e-mail to The undersigned states that all information submitted in the entry form is true and agrees that any and all such information may be used in the Festival's promotion and communication materials (catalogue, Internet site, press releases, etc.). Entrants will also be required to send two photos from the film submitted. Both the admitted and the non-admitted titles will not be returned to the film senders, as they will remain for good in the archive of the Festival for documentary purposes. They will not be used for

commercial purposes and could be seen within the archive for free or for cultural and non-profit manifestations. Signing in the competition entry form implies full acceptance of all the terms and conditions. Personal information will be dealt according to the terms of Law no. 675 of 31/12/1996 and following changes and additions. 2) The films eligible to compete in the “competing section” will only be: Documentaries 3) The Artistic Director and the Selection board, made up by world’s culture celebrities, will select the documentary films about Palestine and the Middle East designing the final film list for the selection. 4) The Artistic Director and the Selection board will select the fiction movies and short films related to the subject, which will be screened out of competition during the Festival. 5) The films have to satisfy the following requirements: a) Treat the topics covered by the contract related to Palestinian and Arab world b) Be produced before no more than 48 months (between 2009 and 2013) c) Be in PAL format, DVD, Betacam SP, DVCAM d) Accompanied by a dialogue list in one of the following languages Italian, Arabic, French and English A notice of shipment by the sender must be sent by email to

The Management of ARD AL DOC FILM FESTIVAL will inform the authors and related productions of the results of selection by October 15th, 2013 and will publish the list of selected works in a section of the official website of the Association at

Documentation of the works selected, because of the proper promotion, you must send the following advertisement: • Extract from the film on DVD • 3 posters, 3 flyers and 5 press-books • photographs of the film and the director (b/n, min size. 10x15, the final format of saving: jpg max quality). The trailer of the film is also required, otherwise the Department will direct the assembly of extracts. (A co-production is considered as a contribution to the body of the response). In case of the co-production it is assumed that the consent of the other co-producers have been granted. The management of Al Ard Doc Film Festival reserves the right to refuse the screening of films that fail to comply the Regulations and the minimum performance conditions required. The management will decide for each work, the day and time for the screening. Producers and/or directors awarded will use in their advertising, the logo of Al Ard Doc Film Festival and the name of the prize. The persons entitled to the prizes must sign within 30 days of notification of the outcome of the contest, the Regulations of the Award set up by Al Ard Doc Film Festival. The refusal to sign the specification referred to above will be considered as disclaim of the prize. The Festival will accept claims on copies of the films only within one month from the date of return. By participating in the selection of Al Ard Doc Film Festival you authorize the Management to initiate, through the showing of audiovisual works received, specific educational programs, of information and education within its own institutional network of reference. By entering the contest each individual author or producer is responsible for the content of his work, regarding all copyrights, and clearly allows the use of musical and visual material. The application form (entry form) is an integral part of the General Regulations Participation in the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of these Regulations.

1. Prizes will be assigned in the competition section by the Jury of the Festival, established for each of the sections and made of international professionals in the world of film, entertainment and culture with the task of announcing the winners in the categories of Best Documentary Award, Al Ard, Best emerging director (best first or second). The Expert jury will consist of: Monica Maurer, Giuseppe Pusceddu, Antonello Zanda, Felice Tiragallo, Ibrahim Nasrallah. 2. The decisions of the Jury are final and conclusive. All prizes are delivered directly to the directors of the winning entries at the Awards Ceremony. 3. The public vote during the screening assigning the Audience Award.

Official Prizes assigned during the official Awards Ceremony will be: • • • • Best Film In Competition € 1000.00 Al Ard Award (Best work about Palestine) € 800.00 Award for a debut film (Emerging director) € 600.00 Audience Award € 600.00

ARD AL DOC FILM FESTIVAL will take place from the 21st to the 23r of November 2013 at the Cineteatro Nanni Loy, in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.

a) Deadline for submission of copies and dossiers for the selection: September 30th, 2013 b) Documents to provide: 1. Copy of the film (PAL) Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, DVCAM or DVD 2. Inscription ( application ) Form 3. Synopsis 4. Biography and filmography of the director 5. High-resolution photos (300dpi JPG ou en EPS) 6. Dialogue list in one of the languages among English, Italian and French

The subscriber is responsible for the accuracy of the data that, if selected, will be used for promotion and communication of the Festival (catalogue, website, press releases, etc.). From the subscribers will also be required, for their film, a photo of the author and one for work.

1. Applications for accreditation for directors and actors must be submitted before September 30t 2013 at: 2. Only for directors with a documentary film in competition will be covered travel expenses, meals and accommodation expenses according to availability of the festival organization. If there is not the possibility of satisfying of all the demands, there will be a draw for filmmakers. The cost of a Visa (VISA) will be charged to the guest. Signing the entry form implies full acceptance of the competition Regulations. This Regulation is part of the application form and is signed and attached to it.

website: E.mail:

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