Issue #3

Family News

June 2013

Titus Joshua
“Defender of Jehovah’s Salvation”
TJ celebrated his seventh birthday just a few days after we arrived on the island. Not only did he receive the few gifts we’d purchased before leaving the states, but there was also another gift waiting for us here in Santiago…the gift of a new friend! What little boy doesn’t want to make new friends? There is no shortage of sweet little girls within the ministry but there are only a few boys, and one of them lives right up the street—HOORAY!! Thank You Lord! TJ had very few reservations about becoming a missionary family. He was sad about leaving Uncle Mike and Aunt Jennifer and his cousin Landon Abrams. But at the same time, he and Mitch had started adding to their daily prayers “Lord help us to impact nations for Your glory.” What does that look like to a six (almost seven) year old, practically speaking? We’re starting to find out… You see TJ’s new friend (whose name is also Landon) doesn’t care too much for loud noises and crowds. He has never participated in VBS or Children’s Church (it was just too overwhelming) and so, as you can imagine, he was missing out on a lot of fun! But then TJ came to town and he didn’t

DOB 06/22/06
know any of this about Landon. Sunday rolls around and it’s time for Children’s Church; TJ hops up to go and what do you know? Landon hops up too! That afternoon VBS began, when Landon found out TJ was going, he wanted to go too! Miracle of miracles and how surprising!! The most hilarious part is that it’s all in Spanish, but that really hasn’t seemed to matter to TJ. Landon, on the other hand, can understand just fine.  We’re instructed in the 11th chapter of Deuteronomy to highly regard God’s instruction through His Word: “Teach them to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up…so that as long as the sky remains above the earth, you and your children may flourish in the land the Lord swore to give your ancestors.” –Duet 11:19,21 Landon’s parents have shared with us that they have praised God for this new friendship between TJ and Landon. We have praised God too and are praying daily that He will continue to help us “flourish in this land”. And Lord, may we never assume we know what that looks like! Amen!!

It Really is Worth 1000 Words
TJ above with his friends in Haiti, he asks about Madoun (center) almost daily. And now here in the Dominican, he’s made a new friend, Landon Braisted.



Entertaining the Interns
Have you ever considered all that goes into making a week-long mission trip successful? I certainly had not. Who does what no one else really wants to do? Who strips the beds to get them ready for a good ole Dominican style wash down? Who helps Goody snap photo after photo after photo? That’s right!! Our interns do! Hunter and Holly are the oldest missionary kids here on the field and because they are both teenagers, they found these fantastic interns within a few hours. I was suddenly hearing stories about Andrew, Joe, Paige, Katie, Beth, Alissa, Katelyn, and Andrew Johnson. “They are so funny”…”I’m serving with Paige tomorrow”…”Did you realize Joe is one of ten too, Mommy?” I knew I had to meet these kids. Who gives up their summer, pays to come here and serve, when they could be doing a million other things?! I was not disappointed--what a fantastic group of young men and women! Has life been easy for them? Are their families completely supportive? Do they get discouraged from time to time? You already know the answers to these questions. But these kids know they serve a big God and they have set aside time to serve Him this summer. God promises in His Word, “great will be their reward” (Matt.5:12). OUR FIRST PARTY…DEFINITELY NOT OUR LAST! After our bellies were full of baked spaghetti and garlic bread we posed for a few pictures Back row left to right: Mitch, Joe, Katie, Beth, Alissa, Holly, Katelyn, Hunter, and Andrew Johnson Down front: Andrew Lindquist , Paige and myself Please pray for these precious souls if they cross your mind. Who knows if one of them (or all, God is that big!!) will be the next Jim Elliot or Amy Carmichael?!

On the Horizon…
We are settled for the most part. Mitch will bring a few more bags back with him the next time he’s in the states but I wouldn’t say we’re in “need” of anything and that feels great! So as we try to plan our days the “To Do” list looks something like this: We have already measured and redesigned the bathroom space for the G.O. Kids school. That project is currently underway, praise God!! Mitch is looking at a ventilation system design for one of the dorms. He will price everything out and then that project will be decided on. I’m trying to get all of our paper drawings into AutoCAD (thank you Danny and PMI!!) so that repairs and expansions will be a bit easier to envision. Mitch is looking at re-designing a space at another location. A sanctuary is over-crowded and needs to be expanded…HALLELUJAH!! Not to mention the medical clinic that is currently under construction as well as the Leadership Development Complex that is being prayed over and designed on paper. This is all possible because of your partnerships with us and we are beyond grateful! Would you like to see it for yourself? Let’s get a trip scheduled for 2014!! (Mitch working at the medical clinic with a team from Houston)



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