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No Cor .... 0< man_mad" 1.>.-. ha'" any,
________ _____________ Go .. mm __ .n_t ____________ ___
July 3, 2013 - REVISED NOTICE (RN)
,c\X'arren JD FiseherTM \,a ACOS, :\"elson. BC Canada and the Fischer ..
KevlI1 Catalano, Hong Kong via email: hksqulll,lprn:'fl ph, .p.c"ID
CC: \X'arren's SuppOflefS
Sxw lX\I' he\\'s-G reetings:
Re: e Wa rren Joseph Darnell Fischer
\I in any style o f cause
Further to henn's email .... thiS R."-.:
revokes the July I, 2013 Good Faith :\"otice \\ith the follo\\'mg;
1.0 Laws - 'Aci of\X'ar by ludnappmg SSG Ambassador, \X'arren' an inTernational diplomat: the So\-ereign
CSk,,:x\\,j-mesh-SqualDlsh ™ COurT on f-.:anata (SSC"-") has legtslau\"e members, heredn:try leaden \\'ho \\'ork ,,;ith Siyam.
-CKiapilanoq_C.\PIL\:\"OTM, Togelher they adopi exisong b\l's from .. )unsdiction, SSG legislati\'e membcn
define and Inteiprel these 'whlle' la",'s 10 order to benefit sovereign members bclong1ng 10 SO\'erelgn go,'ernmenls/ nanons with the
truth, In other \I'oreis. \I'e hold them - de facto corporate corrupt go\-emment public agenlS accoumable for therr actions. Readers
are relDlnded Ihal the \\'nlers collecti\'e - 0 years of legal research can be tracked In \\'nting by documenl$ and books read.
1.1 means not corporate_ no taxes and no mterest rates In a finance that prOteCls peoples freedoms to
nght to free speech. freedom of the press, freedom of properly. freedom to Iran!, CtC, The SSG Constituuon adopts the
(l:nited :\'atlons Declaranon of Human RIghts), December 1948 aka Imernanonal Bill of lluman Rights' , Cnited
Declarauon of RIghts for Indgenous Peoples, raufied In 200-. along wah the T\I'o Row \X':lmpum Belt and the Grcat Peace Laws
from the IroqUOIS l'o:anon etc.
2.0 SSG Recognit ion: \X'e arc an indcpendcm so"erelgn go,'ernmem operanng on SO\'erelgn eSk,,,x\\-\J-mesh-Squ:llDlsh™
Land pursuant to our land clrum and self gO\'ernment that lJ.'as 10 \\'nttcn submtSSlons to the and IC] on _-\UguSI 2.
2010 10 accordance with Imernauonallaw as follows; The Canadian Pnme .\iullSter, Stephen lIarper and fonne r British Columbia
of Finance, Carole Taylor's lcncrs of _-\uguSI 12, 2008 and June 3, 2008 were m agreement to served :\ffi da"it :::2 filed at
[he Supreme Coun of I3rmsh Coltunbia on :\pril 21. 2008 under \ 'ancou\'er Court ReSlstry #S036483 that the SO\'erelgn
CSkwx\\-\J-mesh-Squamish™ Governmem (SSG) is an independem Government by a formal adopuon of ICJ's case July 22. 2010
So\'ereign Go\'ernmcnt (e SSG' " )
C(.'fItr;\l lhnk - So\-CTC'/-''fl CSku.,.",':'-mc,h-SquamlSh'" Hank on SBOt-.."TM
Coumt) Code SQL' , Economic :-';ummc Code 333, Smerelgn S\I,ft (:o.k- S.''<:GSQK.\1'
Commercul. S"'Wre1j1;ll Crl'<.in Group (SS(:(;lM PublIC L\\ "" 'Ii ,\ '; kr\.ln <l _,,"'III (I''''
L'nderunter, e Sk",,.\I';'- Court on c l'ub\Jc I 'jI'"m \ i\conrt (/ -'In )il,pun
1'0 34--. Be IY::!Y -ILl I eficcnn' \ugU<I. ::!OIO 10
Capllal elt\' C" KIJplllnl""l-C \1'1 L\'\Or". Coumry: mNh_S(juaml.h
, Kanata l'c;lcc on Earth, Turtk
\ loblll': 00,1'\ -60-1600.-1---I Skype: lamfdJ I'ubhc Email -",.) 'I i HI ,,' ('''111 ""'''' ;:(/\ '<.IlI.nUl,hl '" .. rh'
I'n\-atl' ('mal] a\':libblc upon fnr confidl'nua] tl':ln'rnl __ lm),_
C 1938 _ ::!013
\X uh r<'su'\,:J, pur<nant Common law junsJicnon for an clJuuabk rl'l11l,J\ b\' cqoppcl Jcfin(-U anJ mrnprucd
Sc,\'\.'rl'lglI I; - n , Longhou>c tr.J.J,uonal ]a"," that "1I1ce IImc Imm('IllonaL
Jural: Quod MeulII eSl sine me ;luferri non potest - What is mine cannOt be taken away without my consent,
1 .. 1 . .... . "p ... " ••• _ . 01" ..... ' h eo,., .. , •• II, fo, . . .. .... '" ", •• " . ... ,>",. " .a . ... 11 , • • I . ,,," ,, . " ', ••••• 11 bt _ . - I.,,, , lIa ... _ 1..IG" T" •• I » • ..,.It
decIsIOn on a Wldateral declaration of mdependence for ).,:oso\'o. This deCIsIon finds that 1-::050\'O'S adopted declar:ltion on
February 1- ,2008, did not ,'iolate mrernattonalla",' pursuant to as 2010/ 2 and Press Release of #2010/25. \X'e
adopt and declare to consent that this case precedent IS our lawful standmg puuuant to our 22, 2010, Claim or Righi
:-o.:orice (CR.,,) by Anucus Bnef in Section 9.0 and Article 56, lCJ Deputy Regrsu:Ir, Phillippe Couvreur acknowledgement of our
ci:ums is filed In Docket ;::\2011 / 016 on January 1- . 2011. On :\ugust 19, 2009. Her the Queen in Right of Canada
conflrIlled her recogOltion for members mdependent. SO\'CfClgn Govcmmetll position u:ith her Buckmgham Palace seal. \,e",'
this pdf \'ersion at \\"\\"\\'
2.1 \",\'e ha\'e more '",· ri tten' recognlUon letters from the .\bbolsford :\IWllClpality, fonner '\ Iayor George \"C Peary. BC Land
Title Office, Regimar. Blaschuk, Department of Justice Canada, Counsel I. :\lathieu, Secretary State of \X':\SHI;>':GTO:-o.:,
Sam Reed, Jack Stagg, Deputy :\Iimsler, Office of Indian Residennal Schools Resolution of Canada, Secretary State of the US.-\,
Clinton. plus many more documents tbat are bemg scanned In for our ne"" u:ebsite. If you do not belie\'e us then take a
look at a GO"cmment diplomat attache. a red binder that was pro\1ded to \X'arren with copies of them, W'arren's documtnts arc
recogl1lzed Ihrough SSCK howeyer, me :-o.:e1son, Be. Canadian go\'eroment refuses. to recognize his s.'iG ,-\mbassador status as lI:as
demonstrated by refusmg to address him tbat title m order to call him 1ms 15 a title that describes the human hemg as
being less than fodde r. T a,"I: sla"es arc gorim to Canada's Pnme Stephen J !arrer l\tho uses the Canadian coun system with
local policc guns to force tax compliance.
2.2 \X'e ha\'e an 1I1\'estor \l·ho \l'em to the C::\" in Switzerland and saw m wnung that ratification of SSG took place by 144
General .-\ssemhly members. this mc1udes the CS.\ and Canada. ()ur m"estor then I',eot to the Iote-maoonal Court of Justice (leJ)
to look at our file, and sa",' that our file ""as actiye 1I1th SSG documents, \X'e suggest that you watch tbe follo"'1ng link;
h!1p' W\13\ i nUDlhcCQm wJlcb:,, -:Sbp('UOl( ll">:-C\ .
2.J W'e trust that ",·ho read W'arren's S)'nopSlS sen'ed lI·jlh the 1, 2013 GFN, now know tbat Warren has
committed 20 years of research into the corrupnon of thiS tax SJ"stem. Both h.1p and \X'arren have read the book. Diplomacy by
Deception by Dr. John Coleman. \X'e also haye a strong written support from soyere1gn nations and traditional hereditary
leaders from so\'erelgn go\'emmenls. hO""e\'er it appears that With all the accusanons tbal lI'e rccel\'ed from Ivan .. the Fischer family
IS not mtt rested m soyeretgn mfonnation.
J.O Nelson St ar a. nd Province newspa. pe r: Is oll'ned and controlled br Ihe Rupert media empIre.
works for the Couns and Go\'ernmems to say whate\'er ther like. Judgt Lisa can say anything she ""ants in order to make
public statements and she does so 10 slander, libel and defame peoples by naming them as "tax protestors/ eyaders" III order to
II1still fea r into people. This IS nothing new but something that must be researched by tbe readers. \X'e ba\'e a researcher in \Xblte
Rock named Da,id Hawklns who has a webslle named .-\ble Danger and he IS supPOrTed by 2.500 researchers ""ho pronde us ""lth
enormous intel on ho\\' mamstream media turns and rv."lsts the trulh 10 tell the lies m order to protect go\'emmem corruption.
4.0 C-\::\".-\D:\ HEALTH: There arc numerous YOUl1Ibc \ideos of many naturopathic and tradItional healing doctors
who ha"e been violently assaulted by Canadian police and RC0IP l!l contract with Canada Health, to shut them down lI·ith the Tax
E,'asion diversion. C\N".-\D.-\ Health mam lIH'estor IS a husb:md and IviCe learn, controlled by i'o lclinda and Bill Gates, watch the
Gates Foundation - link; htt p: II'''' u.l <>umb(;.cnm \\ : ('IX icg'J 'o,. 1M ) \ Botb work llritb tbe \X 'orld Health Orgal1lzation
(\XHO) to depopulate the human race by forcll1g them 10 take \'aCClI1es and unmul1lzallons that turns natural people into nund
controlled zombies ""Ith pharmaceutical drugs. ,-\nother II1terestlng link; ht'J): W\\W rqJlJ"w'hqhh.can,u1,.
the pome fIlllUS!s:r oj hon Hs:phro b,LQ't:r slOp.h!,'4hh c!UjoIJJ ,joI-. -.,1ylt·po mtyr .. ! h,;wOj' 4nJ.nillyrop,uluc.doclt,r, and
IJIIP: "'"\\'11 .Cnt;) hall) ,enOl 3rtu;:k-. ,!Itlde (,! SSG memhcrs arc 1I1nted by a member from a GreenmediclOe group 111
Quebec and Omano to promote and market natural healing a1temati \'e me.dicll1es, \X'arren IS "err excited about this group and
wants to be kept II1formed about this Committees progress,
:\cupuncturist link: hur: ","","»",cULe;! n<;: w-' C"LoaJ;! , wQ<!lJI , 'f!"i 1::; Ix: m:bmnnd' Jcl1punqyn-'1
a.,'.:u<cd_html. you Will have to google TY nerv.·orks for archi\'ed \-ideos. parents read a nCU'spaper :noc1e about ho"" Canada
Health has gone after acupum.:turists ",·ho o\'erbillcd the BC medical system and that CR.-\ bas largeted all acupuncturists to audit
compliance. \X 'e also knOll' for a fact. that my parents do not he to us .. -\Iso. lI'atch Rick Simpson - RWl for the Cure link:
bur w\nqvurube,n.m Jz-kQyl',,"iSw story and note how the Canadian Court system shut hIm down, Dr. Feb
Ravekov1ch and his natural healing for asthma patients was shut down, my Dutch {nend, Brian who ran his o",'n healing clinic and
'OTlCf 1"0 PR1'ClP \I l'<o ' OTIO TO 'T, '0 fI( r 'l ° \Gf' r I" 'OTler. 1"01'101 1'( II" L.
CIQJ I· ::Gll """" pm ...... , oil ripo. .......... punua>Il II> Sl'l'Ej orio<lict>OIO ODd s... ..... p C>Sk"<>...... I"""""' .. ....... .,""< -= pn<O" II> !lot ."., .01 0(
'I .. ... ... _apIocd ....... .. ,. __ .. 'do .. ___ I"i' .. _ ... ' ....... , ...ran:ecl-=dIO. ___ """,._....-
.. T SE(Tlun' nSCKD.E\·ISEFA..\f·Jl1.;:QIJ ltE .... /Df '" 1ft) .... .. n.. _ pl.w .. ..botcl ., dwo .. ODd [.am ..... · .. _ _ of""',..... ......... ", I.,,,,. EanlI. TI_
J unl: Quod 'Itum fS I mt .urtrri non POltSI · \\ hll is mint nanOl br I.lin a .. ay ,,-il houl (OQ.\.tn l,
I "I . .. lop' ,...., .," .. l' ....... 4 .. ,111 f., .. ot,,, «.,,' .. , .... ,. ,0.",h .. 4 I .. "., ... , ••. _, , •• u'" Q", - Coo. , Ho .... , T"b. l r'<>f"
natural medicines was shut down years ago and now practices his natural climc 10 I long Kong and the list IS endless across Canada .
• -\150, watch Chns Truth dig; hit!:,. V0yw,rruthd,1' \"Om l'ho' hC.! t't s and look at the \ideo that shows )'ou how plan
to control mUOlClpaliues, the ndeo title IS Zones' 10 order to create drugged zombies that are eas\' to control and
maOlpuiale by corrupt go\'emmem offiCials and police.
5.0 Vi sitatioll right s: Of course, we are not permmed to visit \X'arren, e\'en if we were on the List. The Canadian Coun
system does nOt want people to be protened with sO\'ere'gn nghts from So\'ereign government members. The Mandard protocol
for all nsitatlon reqUirements IS a contracrual condition bet\l:een thc Canadian Courts and Correctional faciliues that only family
members and C\::\"ADL\:-'; bar members may nSit - that IS theIr control mandate.
5.1 HowC\'er, \,\'arren can try to put our names on the list because as a so\'erelgn man, thIS 15 his unalienable nght to do so. \,\ 'e
suggest that \'( 'arren initiates the names on a list that is pro\'ided to .-\COS. That 3 after servIce of this R..-":, \X'arren's silence
"'ill acqtueSCence'confirm that he made an attempt to commurucate "ith members but could not due to the h:imloops
correctional contracrual tenns and conditions ,,·lth the Be. Canadian gO\'ernment.
6.0 Fa mily: \'('e emailed Pam on June 29, 2013 poor to the Juh' 1,2013 GF::\". Furthennore, on June 26"',
adnunistrator, Jennifer explamed that she " 'anted nothing 10 do " .jth SSG describing that her task to 'Sa\'e' the staff, school and
clinic was her Immediate focus. This coupled "'lth il'an's IOSlructions us 10 'stay away from my fathe r and my fanuly', IS a cue for
SSG members to back off. If \'('arren has appolOted Pam and his son as his po,,'er of to speak on his behalf men we must
respect trus deCISIon and se\'er our relationsrup \\1th \'(·arren.
6.1 This means that ,,'e can nOt contlOue with his release because of the 'no consent' from family membC'rs. If la",,-ers arc
appomted for the release of W'arren, ,,'e can not and ",·ill nOI ,,'ork "'lIh ,-\dmiralty/ :-' laritime jurisdiction administrators because of
the conllict of jurisdictional !ottrest. This is a lawful Issue and one that can not be ignored because a ,iolation of this means fraud.
6.2 If F!scher Family members are the 'proxy for Power of .-\ttOrney o\'er Warren's \'olCe' then SSG members must lemunate
"'arren's membershIp whIch WIll result m \'ery serious consequences;
6.3 It nullifies ali me work that "'e have done with him smcc 201 1 when he joined
-.0 Admiralty / Maritime jurisdi cti o n = tax / slave/ war jurisdi cti on: ,f the fanuly hires a la":'er to represent \X'arren
for a Bail by Bond mat 'releases \X'arren OUt o f lall', men lus lau'yer ,,-ill lien the house, the school and other tangtble assetS and
collateral 10 order to protect his legal fees and CR..-\ tax that are stipulated in terms and conditions In a Connngenc}'
.-\greement. \'('arren ,,·ill not be able to speak m this junsdiction as now he IS defined as a Corporate Dead soul. Thus, this la":'er
will 'denounce' all the contracts that \X'arren has as an SSG ,\mbassador pursuant to blackmail and extortion practices performed
by freemason Judge usa and her 'tax crown' prosecutors.
-.1 Furthermorc, all \X'arren's secured by re8'stered liens Contracl$ will be automancallr cancelled, nullified and \'oid br
\'('arren's acceptance of a la,,:'er to speak on his behalf in Tax jurisdiction - commerce performed pirates on a ship;
-.2 thIS "'ill aUo,,· de facto corporate governmcnts. ::\"elson, BC, Canadian pubbc agentS 10 bankrupt the school, clinic and the
hous," m order to foredose, sell off aU \X'arren's fUrrllrure, assetS and coUateral [0 pay for the 'taxes' and go after his family name to
postcr an eltample to the S"elson community m order to sholl' casc fear IOtO those "'ho do nOt par taxes.
8.0 " 'e did not put \X'arren 1Oto jail! It was the Canadian GO\'emment court and Judgc Lisa who retaliated to his 'non
compliance,' resistance' to [heIr lunsdicnonal kangaroo court proceedings. What placed \X'arren in jail are twO active cards
connected to a Social Tnsurnnce ::\"umber to name hun, as a Debtor. This IS somethmg that "" as mennoned m passmg in the wInter
of this but SSG members had no Idea Ihat the accounts "'cre connllued wuh monthly payments. Tim mforma[lon came up
1'.1:0 days before the court date on June 25,h, 2013. This mfonnanon IS CruCIal because it places \X'arren m thei r junsdiction. If
\'('arren lOSlnlctS admmlsuators 10 proceed ",·ith the regIStered mailmg of These two t\otices that were prepared for him pnor
to the court date, then we can proceed "'ith documents to help \X'arren from that fraudulent 'hook' imo theLT junsdiction.
,on" "10 PHI'C"l I' \1 I, 'OTl("t. H) 'OTl( f to \C':'T 'OTI( I TO PRI'Clp\ I,.
... '" pro 1UftC. pe<p<"fUaI. 011 ".., .. punuam I<) j"'; odi<ll,," and s..."'''p csn-. ..... "' .. _Squlm, ... ,,, .............. I ... · •• "". " ... "...,.."....w one! 1"'''' I<) .... om,oI <:L European
"It ton Tra6omarll<) .... cop)'riJltt ,_ ODd ........ Ift .. \ A)l. 01".. .. "",OI«Ifd ,,,tit ... _-., 1 ... 01....,., th.o, ,. IIncoly _",DOd and ........ ...., «><Ob,," ' ... ___ ....
DClClJ\1E.'T sEct. .. nv FISCHEREV1SU .... \1·11.'l:::GU RE , • ...,. _pia .. ""*'1m IOcNftpODd ._ltdnof1be ""'* .... _101.0>', Un!I', T ..... l ..
Jurat; Quod \ It um tSl Jinr mt lufrrri Don polf\ I·" hat is mint unnOI M t.l.rn .. i,lI oul fon'tot.
, .. I ... •• ,...., .,,, ....... '''' r ........... 11. f., ...... . " .. ,0, ".u ... " .... , • • " .... , ., .. " .. , •• '''.'' .... 11 "" G .. _ t: ... , .... .. T"." P ..... ,.
8.1 Pam and h en and manl' other witnesses sa" .. ho",' Just'lce was perfonned by Judge Lisa ".'hen she issued orders 10 \'\'arren
10 hire a lawyer .. \fter \,\'anen hired the lawyer, \X'uren was berated by the Cro""n while his la" .. yer for the record remamed silem.
Then magically, Judge Lisa removed all her proffilses to release him pnor to the Semence Heanng, So,Judge Lisa ked. TIus
experience cost Pam and "en S500.00. The lawyer said nothmg to protect \,\'aw:n! I ""anted to enter the court but was IOld by the
:-heriff that I could nOt because I "" as not a bar member with the Be Lau' society. On June 26, 2013, Warren fired the lawyer and
IOld his parents that he made a nustake.
9.0 Plan B: Has made It uneqUIvocally dear that i(\'\'arren must u'nte his instructions 10 retam :-SG
members for hIS release. Tll!s can be done by mailing a letter but for expediency handmg a letter OH'r to hiS mother, Pam on her
next nSlt In order 10 ha\-e .-\COS scan It 305 a pdf by email to our attennon. Furthennore, \X'arren may call our mobile;
or our pm'ate hne that was communicated to a 'mutual fnend' collect 24;-. 1bi5 will provide ;';;';CK adnunistr:ltor,;
""jth clear verbal instructions that \X'arren has been pro\'ided u,jlh this ReVised :-':once and understands all the terms and conditions
to order for us 10 proceed u1th the Release;
9,1 SSCJ...: members must conmct the Pronnce and CR..-\ and request for e\idence pursuam to Freedom of Infonnauon Act
for the tax filings o f; 200-, 2008 and 2009. If \X'anen has filed the ta.\: returns with SO or S 1.00 IOcome, as the Pro\;nce suggeStS,
then he follo\\'ed some one else's technique. Since SSG has absolutel:' no understanding of this, it becomes a techrucal and legal
Issue that must be addressed 10 the .-\ffida\'1t that has to be prepared for the Sentence Heanng this July;
9.2 Connngency Plan B ""111 continUC' u'uh the documents that mUSt be filed to the Internanonal level 10 o rder to proceed
With the Release;
9.3 SSCJ...: administrators must proceed u,jth sen1ng the :-':otiCes to the .2 ctedit cards by registered mail;
9,4 \,\'arren contmues to control his sovereign contracrs and retam his posmon u,lth SSG as an IOternanonal diplomat;
9.5 SSG must conalct a pnnte Im'estor 10 order to payoff the debts 10 his cards 10 order to obtam hiS so\'ereign position.
9.6 \X'arren must understand that SSC" adnunistrators have to present appropnate documents like .-\ffida\;ts and Court
Orders for his Release to overturn present con\1ctions and sentencmg. The Affida\;t u·ill help \X'arren ""ith pomt by pomt
diSCUSSIOns to strengthen his sovereign position m from of the ,udges ,,·ho are reqUIred by law to listen to !ius self litiganon process
and accept the Habeas Corpus .-\ct m order to accept the fact that they have no ]urisdjcnon O\'er him because he IS a SSG member.
9. - \X'arren must also remove himself from the company that controls the Trust account. One can not ha\·e anythll1g 10 their
jurisdiction. It IS Imperati\·e that all this mfonnation IS disclosed to \'\·arren.
to.O Is thiS SSG guaranteemg release pnor 10 the Sentence This is contingent on a good ,,;11 of an
1O\'estor who IS prepared to for his cards 10 a private settmg u'ith a promise and trust that W'arren will par back the IOn'stment
pro\;ded by that 100·eStOr. Pam explained thaI no one 10 the famil)' has money to payoff this $40" debt for \'('arren.
J 1.0 In "evlO'5 l:m paragraph of his June 30'" email, wherem he that ",·hile he agrees With the Splnt of\X·arren's
conncnons, he feels that the Implementation of these beliefs cannot coeX15t along side "'1th de facto corporate go\-ernments that
have thc ""eapons to kill people. Ths IS correct but we renund re.aders that, so\·ereignty deals u1th the truth pursuant to Common
la",· iunsdiC[!on, narurallaws of the lands. \,\'arren has U'ntlen pcrmisslon by thc traditional hereditary people !O live on
these so\·creign lands. \X'arrcn displays this traditional land claim map on the gate and door of his propert)" to show people that
Warren STands on so\-eretgn lands. \X'anen mailed SSG members m 2011 wl\h a complete mtroduction package. SSG does not
solicit for members. People come fO SSG because they are Sick of a ryranrucal system and u'ant nothing to do "'lIh it!
12.0 SSG members have 9 offiCial ambassadors and diplomats workIng wllh .\pp01l1tments across the world. Their names "re
protected pursuant fO adopted Privacy and Copynght Trademark mternational treaty laws. They tra\-eI with :-;SG AppolOtments
and have not been jailed bccause they have no debts m de facto corporatc government
" OTIC. 10 PHI ' C' II' \[ . " "0 l l e t TO \(; 1 'T. '0 I I( I 10 \Co I " r I S "OTI( " 't 0 PHI"ClI' \ I ..
CiI9li·20ll ... 11< prolUllC. _I. 011 nah" ,own'"", ......... ", ,,,SL'\PEj.,,,d,(1)oo",,,, Sa> .... i/I ClSl.,."""1mnll-Squam,,,,'" lonp... .. I .......... b ..... 'mm-.tl....t p"o.- "' ..... rn.· ..
.... LoB T",<Icmu\ "' .... 'omn....t conLaM , • ..".1I)·1.0(0-. .. .. ith on ...... ...,. .... ...... _" ..... ....tllo. _ODd .... """" _ ..... _
DOCIJ'IE.''T SECl-.ITY fISCHEkE\·ISf.F "'\I·JL"U01l RE W 1DF '."") 10)·1.0( c.K n ,,, _pl ... i ...... j ... '" <I>M@< .... EMdofn....".bod! .. cIeoo(LIoo,.,.... ... uood"'L .. ",.urm • rr_ t.6
J ur.t: Quod \! fu m f-!l l sinf mt . uffrri non \\ hal is minf unnOI bt 1. l. rn .... .. it hou l fQu·tn l .
, .. , .... ..... , ....... '}" ......... e .......... ,.11. fo .......... , .. " , •• to ...... "., •• " .... " •• d' ..... , •• ,., ... , ,.,11 bon. - t:, .. y II .... , L.I"" T"Io., ,."" .
13.0 The most Important and primary rcason why \X'arren IS mcarcerated IS because of his SSC" contracts Issued agalnSI the
SEL"OS. Be. C\;..;:\DL-\::-- de facTO corporale go\·emmenls.;\s a SSCG DireCTOr, \"'arren 15 u'orking u'ith :-;SG members 10
spearhead a neu' econonuc by peaceful reform u'ith full mternauonal transparency and disclosure. 11m IS why the Crown
\\'ams to Imroduce new e\1dence. They ",'ant to entrap and blackmail \"'arren by forcmg lum to 'denounce' the contracts. The
carrot used to s","eeten the deal IS done a prOffilse to 'release' him from lall. Howe\-er, once he pubucally 'denounces' these
\'aluable comracts and h,s :-;SG membershIp, they can and WIll do anytlung that they want wnh him. The system lies.
ne\'er keep Ihelr promises. IUSI listen to pohucians. Should \X'arren fall for trus trap. nOt only will he 'loose' hIS (omracts but 10 this
process he ",·ill offiCially termlOate his diplomatlc statuS wah SSG,
13. t De fa"o corporate governments are IOsolvent and broke, they ha\'e nothing and no"" Ihelr agenda IS 10 bankrupt world
currencies m o rder to create the (haos for a One \X'orld Order with an electromc currenc)" 10 ensla\"e more people as a pnmar}"
mandate 10 comrol wilh fear. \"'arren's fearless \"ISlon of peace on Earth for mankind IS supported by SSG members and together,
we musl fight for his unmediate release. People should \'olunteer their namC5 on the \'isit List for \X'arren and make appOIntments
to support him. u'nte hIm lellers to encourage him. \\'me u\\:ers \\1mOUI Borders and request for case duectors to help \X·anen.
conta" Judges \\"ho ha\'e walked off the bench becau$t" they Ihemseh-es could nOt stomach the corrupuon. Facebook \"faITen's
story, make \X'anen's case \1ral \1a unemel because 'they' hare publicity and the trulh IS our strength.
:\'0\'" THEREFORE with \ 'aluable and m consideration of the Court Seal
affIXed to tlus J CL20l3-R.""':. receIpt and suffiCIency of which IS hereby accepted and ackno\\'ledged by all panleS, \X·e. the
undersigned. make Ihe foUo\\1ng dedarauons, aneSlauons consClemiously kno","iOg Ihem to be true. and knowmg mal 11 IS of the
same force and effect b)' \1rrue of [he Great La","s of Peace
For all those who bitch and complam b)' bemg angry at thIS system but pay the ta."es anY\\'ay so that ther can li\'e m a house. dnve a
(ar and eat theIr buttered bread. Paymg taxes and usmg mterest curren(les \1.1th bank and credit cards. fund weapons of mass
destNcuon 10 kill little children on me Gaza smp plus many other man-made "'·ars. Ignorance IS a chOICe. make Ihe nght chOice.
In dosmg, adnumstralOT5 reconunend thallus mother. Pam reads Ihls Rensed S or.ice (R..'") to \"'arren on her next ,,is!! ","lIh
him as SSG members can not assume nor presume that \X'arren IS 10 agreement with the terms aod (onditions of this R:\, or that he
understands the Important ranufications of thIS mformauon. SSG members ha\"e one contact \\'ho IS mterested In supporting
\ ..... arren's and \I."e truSI by the Creator's ",rill of lo\"e for \X'aITen that llus information will be commwucated to him 500n.
Sho uld the fa mily hire a lawyer on beh alf o f Warren, t hen SSG members wit! have no ah emali ve b ut terminale a ll the
coll ect ive time and ene rgy that has been implemen ted to suppo rt Warren's 20 years o f research and vision for sovereig n ty
and peace o n Earth due to a confli ct o f juri sdicli on.
\'\'arren's trurSI for sovereign knowledge and Wisdom is relentless, his legal research and due wligence IS Impeccable. HIS eyes are
""ide open to Sdson. BC, Canadian government corrupuon. \X'aITen'S deSIre to be sO\'erelgn IS enCOUTag1ng and empo"'·cnng.
Furthermore. hIS lo\-e for Earth and manklOd IS a \1SlOn that he holds 10 hIS heart ",·ith peace. If we had more \X'arren's on this
Earth, there would be no war, \X'e ha\-e [he rughest regard. endless respeci and love for \,, 'arren as he. journeys on Ihis Earth to
prolect Ihe sovereIgnty for \X e ask the Creator for its Dinne mlernntion by the la\\'s ofkanna to help W'anen m tillS
quest for an Immediate Release o f a wonderful. peaceful. so\'crelgn man to this unla\rful mcarceration performed Judge Lisa. If
you ha\"e any questions. kindly email us by rerum.
Sove reig n ©Slm-xwu7mesh-Squamis h
' . Court (SSCK) Admill.istralive Noti ce:
II liS fiducial"\ moral " .... Ul:fi truth 1." providl'<.l by thl: \uth"", for th(; Trademark Cblm aU!Oj.,'nph, for Ihl and
In am of G1U_t \'\ e <G1llhl< b"ful papl'f ... lIh due dlh!. ... ,,\ce.1> c,Kkncl-d by our Ik<h and blood aUIOj.,-nph
2 \'oIu.bk C< ... ,\ d ... of con<Mknl>On upon '010",1.. P"'""'" m.I" be f,....,.,J",J. ",1.",1. .. dlt pr""""" '0 ."f.ru 1", elMm >gam"'" un"'illmg prr>rTU>Of .\ ,1.'''1(<>('''')''''
I"nc-J ,.."h, "r ...... "bl,RU"'" th< of <"""''''"1( ,h,,,g. f,,' ,10 .... hen" ,,b,,......J '''''r<l,,·. !!Iack'II .... l),ct>o"a". Campbell
Thud e 19U. pl·?·
1 \ ·>l ",bI. Seal"" (.:. a" <Ink •• , . 0<'1""''''''( '>r o,lI<r ,-<,<un" Ih .. COho... " ..... ...Jrnc .. ,11< ..... <>f an,' PC'""'" .'. '''. <Iu .. Of '""' ...... '" I"'bI", <tock 01 fund ,,' '"
on,' fund .,f. b<oh ."'!"'''''. C'''''I'"''' """""n, or ·'n. ,,, a J.orw"" "'. finonct"I ", .. ,n,,''''. ib) 2n" J<bmltl ... dmJ. bon.i, ... ,., ,,''''''''', onln ,or ,>1M, Of'<Un"· f.x ""","",. ,., he
I" ....... ou "f ............ 'el' docum"nt "{,, .... ", W><b <or /I!_"j. 101><"" ... "'\JaIN. 'J • "amr "f 1O"""l': th.!, '<'<'Un" ''' .... ...... f" or on """=, "' •• 'f ,ha, .... ...I<n< ..
dtI..-.... ,.(. ,ha,",'1 pc" ........ ond :"} ... 1<.,. .... _«pt. .. ·""".""numcn, JU'"mcn' .. r ....... , P'lek ... ( ..........J <:nd<, C,,,,,,,·oII. C 2>"'. pI ::'
4 G ..... , l.n· ,,{rna ado",., th< CMud.I.,>Jco<:. A« .','" kill,,]'''''' (Or truth
'Ot TO I'HI'Ctl' \ t I" '01 lCt: TO \(,t, r. TO I 'OTI( I 1"0 1'HI'Cl I' \I .•
(19)1·101 J ...... 1"0 """'. p<rp<II.I>l, .. I "lJhu , ....... «1 P""''''''' to St:"E j"';odicti"" ond s.;,.. .... !P' eSk .. " .. "7m .. II.5quanI,,,",'" 1""....,., .. 1 ..... ,,_ ,.....-.01 ond 1"'00 to .... om, .. 01 Er.rmpcan
T_ IO .... C!lpl·np......,... ........... .., .. aro:I """_""j II\I.ol.- "1"""«'«1 , .. !It ......... I ... ... "" ... " ..... aod condr_i._
Fl5CHEIlE\"ISEI .... RE \\/DF ,. _ ",1"ol.,..... 110, _pl ..... _«:I to......,. aro:I EM!hfn ..... · .. bod! .. 6<Ool .... _ .... -.:I"' ....... EM!h., T ..... 41
Junt: QUOO \Itlllll est sin, mt l uftrri non pott!il _ \\ h3t is min' UDDot bf ,.1.;, •• "ilholll
, .. , .... \. -., 'f" ... , .. , .. l·., ..... ... ll. h, .. _ ...... "''' .\. "." ... "h,. 'a .... lr •• .. "h, •• '.'. u .h.ll bo .... - <;;... , oJ., •• , L.la" Y"b,'
()I'('r suppon"d by a Ihrc<xk'\ lIceMc Ihal nluable Jnd con,ider:ll1on
, receip! and o f whIch IS
ackno"lcJl-,'t:d .. d by all ranil"_ exereN to hI'( fTC" ",,,houl aforethoughl, ill "ill. wUlion or imolm.
",ch no eorp<>r.uc .. heute_ Kt· U(cbre Ih,lt "'c pt'!">'onal maltl'!">' comJ.mro III ch,,; :\Oflce anJ make Ihl.
d,duallon anJ am""t,uion c<>II>CI(.·nl1()u,;ly kn"",ng thaI I{ " by "urne 01 'I"hc Grr':lc l .:I.w< o( l'('2.c .. for I:anh-
\ppron'u anJ CIIll<"ntl-..i:U t<I form "'lIh no Cmp()r:tlc for
I krt.'JllaT), II clr, \pparem, \ PI L\:\OlM and
own .. r by the ,p,rt!, soul and bloodlm" of Ih" bmih- 'ame
S.wcreib'1l (jo.-crnmc01
I.c:glsbtor for fhe L'nJervonll'T. S!)\tTCiIo,'I1 on Kanala, Tunic [,bnd
Prc$iuem fo r the Centr:tl Hank. So\·tre1gl1 " on :;80,,-
Chatr and \]> for Ih(' Son- reIgn !'kwx"u- m(',h-S<juam"h DI Group
J for Ihe reeurd Ihat Ihe '" lrue DECL\RJ' tlul II .. my primal') obl,/-."'tlOn Uut}·!() L'n"'c!">'al for
th .. Earfh certify anu authcmieale thc mafler-,; ;el out a, Ihey pcmm ItJ Ihe of th'$ m.trume", \11- amh"nUC:l!Ion of ch"
:-':OUCt do .. " nOi ConS mute am' aUhl"'ion. nor Joe< II :lI ter ml- "" po.mon m man",', Tht (or ml' is :l.1t,,_t;1\1011.
\"enfiC:l.u<>n :l.nd Kk-ntifiC:l.uon lnu may Ix- rntcn'u :1.< e\'iJ("nn' mto unll'er-,;al eoun, w ;uppnn the pnm:ll')- of lrulh for L" nlH;!"l! P(':I.ce.
I plan' my hanu and H':ll S!l\'(;r .. ih'1l (:;k ... pn."Kl<'I.I b \aJuablc Cun>ldt,r:tU<)I1'"
affixed a< act and <en ,Ct' of a S<)\'erc'/-.'11 Coun \Jmini;;tr:lruf on Ihl' mOll t h and Yl'ar fifl't
abovt wnfTln al Cmpor:ttc Dictace by Tr:ldcmark

S<wereign Gr:tH'flhnn<l
aka S!)\"enl/-,'fI . m am ,",1" of C:l.US<."
SSG Ju,ucc Cum.:
for the
SOn'r .... gn mesh.S<juam"h T\I . Kanan '1aq::e >ettkmcnl> ,
1':&O I':;:;KCimg - CC :;S(l l fmmalional h nancl' Diplomat
B,,,,ook ,-;01"" .. bo- .... mJ mI; ... a>' .,"' .. ... , .. -""",h,p"'" 'ho.' ('"-,),, ,,..-nnl th,.u¢o hr, ·f .... "' ...... .1 b/<x>ol"" the 1 .. "",-
• \'''''''Ilk ."",.Jc-nn< .... d,... of .,"' .............. upon .. h .. h '''''''''''''' ""',. b. f, ... n.kJ,. .. -hod. ""u ..... th< t"<''''''''" ,,, ""f"<Ct h .. da>m apm>t ... "" .. ,."..,.,.. .. " \ thuIjo:,.f ,.ru.
.... "c-J .. ,th ...... _. tobI,lI>-""" ...... mro. at , .... tJrn< <>f ,buuunl" 'hlnllo "'hoch", ,ub-t>nlU! """'I"""".'" f, .. ,Iu, .. h,.h" ,>btU1«l d,.",b-· iliad', I .... , I>""""",,. 1 I<n .. CarnpbtU
n",d 1:.1""",- e 191\
Throu!(h on! .nd .. -ampum. ,h,· H • ...x""<aufI<c date ,ho <>ngm, of , .... (;"., La..- of p< .. '0 be 1.><·",,,n h.".nJ I"''' ,II) I I"",'c"<f, ,\...,:1<. \me""." ... , '.,' II><
'i> on .. nn." .. COUn'>," >be"" \11 It,, "nf,,,runlle 'hat ..... n' '\n1'l" ",bo.I"", do" "'" ..... Cf'I .. ampum btl,. ... tq.:.,,..,,,c ft.,,,, of ... ,he>< .. ·f>cn ",:oJ
Source hltp • .,..,.-""'0"'0''1,", r'"r,k,,, 100,,, ... · I',·.'brm
'11u> bart, .... " ,J,IT,"""" f,.,.., the ... ,,'. B."', .... ",_-J p, th< d oJrn,,';"" the ,....ro lI<-mJ.un II ... kpJ .. ,,, fr ....
:-r<1bng"f .... 1-..... ,. !WI'>< "'''"'' the e,,,,,,,, 'Of faJ" ton"". .... 1"">Jucc-J on"""" '1.11> ><\ until s....;c; mcmbo" Iu" .... ,.-..Ju.< .... opdLngof th.;!WI'><"
... " ...... , co"', ...... t<l rrnJc, , .... <""H>ng ·.f ".u '>npnal ''''''''' a. P''''' ,n u. '" .. ,,, _ ... " ,,., ," th. f,.rnut- .'n'· "''''' "f .""Ik-J "'P'll,aphcd ",. ,be hc>. >-r1'-''''''' k:oJ.cr
b <Jo..m,.-J COnttt >nJ '" fuD and cIT .... , an<! r=Jc"'J "h full LoJn-"It!" 1 r.Jcm.>.-l ... "...,,1<. ,,, In'<m>.uonall 1'<"11' and L ""..,,,;01 con, .... , 1 ... ·>-
, \'aluablt cOf"o<kmw>n; .1> .. of "",.oJ.,..""" Ul"'" .·h,.h. r",m,,< ma,- b. f<>unJt.J. ,,·h,.h ... mk. 'ho p".m,,, II' .nf,,,,,. h" d.,rn :ag.<J""'" "n"',J1,"It f"""""'" \ ,h'ng of ,-:due
1'''''''' .. "h. ",. _' oblop",-," .,,,,,meJ, at the urne of "b1 .. Ihong. "hoch', •• "bo,.",,>1 comp<""'"'" f", Ihat .. hoch', "bcsmcd Illod', I .... ' rhthOnJry·. Hen .. - C.mpocn
1110.1., n",cll.J.lJ(>fI, C 1911.
II Valuable ......... ,,'" ondudc, -"J:on ,>nlo:,. e""heq.>c< .... o. o,he< <.tCUn,,- thai <"000'" C\.Jmcc, tho nd< '" af" 1"''''''' "J IU or "'1<r<:>t "'. publoc w",k no- Fo.mJ .. , '"
a,,, fund <,f. 11<"" Of ,,,,, .. n-.or n, I" aJcp< .. " '" a fin:onc.aI '''''''''''''''- (b.,",,,, J..bmru"" Jced. bonU. boll. _. order 01' <>!he< >«linn- f", """"'" ,,' f,x
.... <""'" ·,f m<>nn', Ie) adocum<n' "f nil< ,,, bnJ> '>f ....... m. ... "tw,cd. .Ii' "-r '"..-n""l\ ,Iu,..-cu..., o ... ,...",. ... tJdc UI ,,,:on "''''fI',' on adund 1"'''''''-11, ," that C\,J",nc.,
Jdn"n of I .hat,d f"'",>rul. and -• .'. tdn", ""'nt><, ....,,1u'F'''' ' ..... ""'rumrn' C\.Jrnc.ngp,,,,,,,,,, "f mo"", P"d« (nmmal (..,.x. ea" .. .u.. e 10',1. 1"12 1,..n><J bart,")",
"""' ........ ,-.I"" of th" ron, .... ,
" 'The 9S ern, 1)('1\" ".mp...J ,he S <t", .. "rlJ ""= ,ump.« (:.nwun Bani. :-;,.".,
"Pu<>u.n1 ", I .. " jun<J .. ",,,,, ,he of 1"''''''' el,." ... (;""""1><.,,, "-'."".nn.! no< I mcmbtr of ,he B", """,-.I. .. oon bu, '" f .... ' "mlI ..
,,, "" .\mKU' Cun .. 'fnrn.d of ,he '''''''' .. ht, aJ'l'l><> Ju",. ... ",runll ... -, th" "",J ... ,,,,,em of c""""fU<-nc .. ,h .. n.<unll,· J..,.,.", from ... ,. o<,,",n 0' thoor. In dl"." ... ,mol .. ,oj
,he I ... ·' of r/n ..... '" ,he .. -... ., , .... Tlu,d "f ",."..,.",', [.,.. "f ''''fU'''''' tha, f'" .wn- •• ""on , ............ , be:on"'f""l >nJ "n'''''''' ... ..",.,." I""". ""f".-n ..... N"'I':
...,In....Jwl, '" P""'I" ,,'Iu, thn· :ocNall. oJn,;n". ""'TIL '" a:n' nlhdnl." .I"'''''. ('n,""""·'" (. \I'IL.\"'(),' ,J"..,:",,, .. n' I""tt<:, .... be.! "', ..... , f,,, hunuouh '" «">r«""1'
th>, ndo h"man 'f"n' lui, ""'" .,th I """.,,01 t¢' ". W- .. -.II <1><""" " .... man fflo·. !t''''mN '" ,..., ('«"IT" ...... -"&>m 10jI;h' .. ,th «:>.;.on...J • .1,.-.-.",-.. t<l tnaltltItn """..,...>1
f"'""c m ,he "' ...... ,.f 1.0,,, for 11....unl.onJ >nJ \10 ..... I atth
'OTIC. rOPIt I' CII'11 J<; ,OT10 _ 1'0 \ (, 1'\1'. 'Oll( f 'IO \ C.'fl:.'OTlCl. TOPII;I'ClP\I ..
C1911-20ll ....... pro tunc. po!p<1UOl, all nlhu , ..... «1 put""'" to SlSPE i"",dict>OI\ and s...._ .. .. "7"''''''Sqw,,,,,J''''' 'OI\J!:hou .. I'''II!'''''' Umc ,..""...",.r and P"" to tt>o am, al 0( Ew<>poato
'OJ!"'" T_\IO""'C"P'I·npo ....... .. ,th"" ............. Itf>" ..... _".."...,....r ....... ...,j""., ... ...,j_u"" .. ""'....,. .....
[)()("I, -"IE'oi SEC1..'klH flSC1tE'-EVISEfA.'-t·JL1.:Gll RE ,. MO) of ...... \lo • ......,ro .... ...to,e<t to dIont< """ EMtIt. fn....,. • boIIo .. <leo oflloc ,...... ... .-10 L-oo" EMtIt. • T ..... e-6
J unl: Quod \ l fum rsl sinf ni t lurr rri non po1t)1 _ \\ hal is mint n nnOI lit Ul l. fIl a .. . .. ithoul