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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?






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Good evening, and welcome to #ukedchat this evening. Please remember to use #ukedchat and avoid the @ukedchat account It was close, but the topic for the chat is " Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens? #ukedchat .@ICTMagic will be collecting the archive, so please remember to include the #ukedchat hash tag in your tweets. #ukedchat what are society's educational aspirations for its citizens? #ukedchat: a curious idea that there might be an identifiable single form of society? Would like to explore whether curriculum is relevant, differentiated, personalised, progressive & effective? #ukedchat .@mrpeel So, is the government best placed to dictate a curriculum then? #ukedchat @SurrealAnarchy To have productive citizens who can contribute to society? #ukedchat @MrBoneY5 Google Docs. More control over sharing and ease of posting and viewing. #ukedchat #ukedchat surely any curriculum imposed from the centre is doomed to be generalised rather than targetted? Both ends of society are marginal @mrpeel So why do politicians continue to interfere then? #ukedchat Society and curriculum should aim for equality inter generational solidarity and environmentally aware decent citizens #ukedchat @travelgeordie Ideally, yes. How is this acheived? #ukedchat #ukedchat good grades and employability? @ukedchat because that is their job and they want to make an impact. #ukedchat meanwhile pvt and grammar often leave the system and 1/2 @nohandsup Speaking more in general terms, rather than political terms #ukedchat #ukedchat is society a realisation of citizens & their aspirations or an imposition of aspirations onto its citizens? @rpwillan Grades in what? #ukedchat
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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?






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#UKedchat curriculum defined by gov of the day. Tends to be focused on cultural elite and therefore useless in real world. @ukedchat #ukedchat the ess academic in society are not served becaue of the lack of true vocational and aspirational relevant courses @travelgeordie I agree. But how do we account for the large % of citizens who don't share those aims? #ukedchat #ukedchat encouraging students disruptive and audacious thinking. Cross curricular and lateral thinking @bartoneducation Indeed. The curriculum is designed by people who were successful in academic education. It worked for them! #ukedchat @ukedchat @mrpeel Does 'society' have any real influence over the curric? #ukedchat MT-Break down of blooms- for students/staff by @ASTsupportAAli g-bloom.html #ukedchat #nqtchat #blooms #learning #teaching #aft where are you aiming? #ukedchat #gifted @ukedchat academic subjects #ukedchat but need to produce better employability skills. Not saying it does now, but should. Keep it simple #ukedchat this is fun! Your first issue is to establish what is a curriculum and why one is needed #ukedchat @bartoneducation to be fair cultural elite do live in the 'real world' @rpwillan Ok, but where does vocational learning sit within academic grades? We cannot have a society full of academics #ukedchat #ukedchat who has a right to direct the learning if a child? @ethinking Welcome back #ukedchat @ethinking #ukedchat surely it is to define society? #ukedchat should families decide the curriculum and teachers enable the learning agreed with the families @ethinking The society the child will grow up into? #ukedchat It's a good question you set. @MissHudsonBrig Good way to find good peeps to follow is take a look at #ukedchat which happens 8-9pm on Thu
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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?

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but you can catch up any time. #ukedchat it's a very flawed view to suggest educators are @ethinking better placed than politicians to determine the curriculum @ethinking #ukedchat imagine the differentiation for a @mrpeel school with 1500 families all with different aspirations Hi Iram from Canada here, I hope it's okay to chime in. @teachermrskhan This is why curriculum needs to focus on broad skills of 21c. #ukedchat @HFletcherWood #ukedchat schools need to be the @travelgeordie moral guardians I guess. Students are our future builders. #ukedchat. I don't see how it can until careers learning is @CareersDefender statutory #ukedchat @mrpeel does that need to be at a local or @ethinking national level? #ukedchat what can't we use the curriculum to engage @pepeshepherdo pupils and allow them to want to be in school? Build practical life skills, inspire. @teachermrskhan You are welcome to #ukedchat. Please @ukedchat define 'broad skills of 21c'. Who sets those skills? #ukedchat @MrVogtSS @HFletcherWood @travelgeordie @SurrealAnarchy what if local society's aims is to get out of education as quick as possible? Deep philosophocal thinking over on #ukedchat this @ukedchat evening... @ethinking which the families or society? #ukedchat local @mrpeel has some relevance beyond centralised national, surely I loved this blog post. A must read for HTs. Have you written your pay policy yet? @theprimaryhead ... @CyborgStu #ukedchat @ethinking if you look at previous jobs of politicians, I @bartoneducation think they are suspect as well. #ukedchat #ukedchat @mrpeel so we disenfranchise families @ethinking because it is inconvenient to the institution called school? @ukedchat of course not. Sorry was trying to say more @rpwillan focus needs to be on developing well rounded individuals #ukedchat It's more than just teaching careers it's encouraging @travelgeordie discerning students who know what information is valuable to them #ukedchat #ukedchat I believe that the curriculum should provide @Educ_job_please tools to help young people into work.
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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?
















Tonight's #UKedchat topic: Does the curriculum represent @ukedchat societys educational aspirations for its citizens? from 89pm. Society needs mechanics, plumbers, carpenters etc. Does @ukedchat education prepare for such a broad set of skills? #ukedchat Videos recorded on the iPad are huge 1 to 2gb at least, @MrBoneY5 makes them a hassle to upload. Any suggestions? #ukedchat @bartoneducationIB is driven by pedegogy not politics @dick_taylor Copy tech investors & set up a new independent new UK curric in Deleware! #ukedchat #ukedchat is looking extremely interesting tonight. @tstarkey1212 Recommended. #ukedchat @bartoneducation the notion of a curriculum is @ethinking for one interest group to impose their version of right upon another group TY! Broad skills include collaboration, critical thinking, @teachermrskhan communication, and creativity. More malleable for the future. #ukedchat @MrVogtSS don't see why not. #ukedchat it is in @bartoneducation everyone's interest for there to be engagement with curriculum. @ethinking not in the least. maybe reassess schools in @mrpeel the german model for example and allow choice and relevance ot needs #ukedchat @ukedchat #ukedchat Education is about making people @oldandrewuk smarter. You are thinking of training, not education. Not especially - I think there is still a residue snobbery @Jivespin about such respectable trades from some areas of education #ukedchat @ukedchat #ukedchat I also included vocational courses @rpwillan in my definition of good grades. I am head of applied learning after all #ukedchat But do we really understand the differentials @Educ_job_please that exist across society in terms of aspirations for pupils and parents? @rpwillan All about creating opportunities for all pupils @ukedchat then? #ukedchat Realistic ones? @surrealanarchy #ukedchat @MrVogtSS @travelgeordie @HFletcherWood Good question. If it's worth having a curric, must be worth having 1 promoting education
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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?


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@travelgeordie agreed that's why I use term career @CareersDefender learning... Being able to manage ones career path #ukedchat @ukedchat @nohandsup #ukedchat surely general @davidwebster questions *are* political questions? private schools differentiated via privilege, etc. @ukedchat @Educ_job_please Indeed. At every level #ukedchat @teachermrskhan #ukedchat are you suggesting things @mrpeel like collaboration or critical thinking are 21 century inventions? The name is new,1/2 @ukedchat curriculum should include #careers @Stephen_Logan #enterprise& #employability learning to develop vital skills & raise aspirations. #ukedchat @ethinking @bartoneducation What would you propose @englishalewis instead? #ukedchat @Educ_job_please Should work be the only goal. Should @ICTmagic we aim to help young people cope in the wider world? #ukedchat #ukedchat @mrpeel I have an issue with the language @ethinking "schools allow" where's the locus of control? Weren't curricula born in this country withe Governess @KempsterD system for the rich?Looked after the children and started 'teaching' things #ukedchat #ukedchat the current state of careers learning is very @CareersDefender patchy, we need min levels as statutory, the personalisation follows on from there @oldandrewuk So becoming skilled at a certain @ukedchat discipline? #ukedchat @dick_taylor #ukedchat great idea. A curriculum has @bartoneducation validity if people use it and adapt it! #ukedchat @SurrealAnarchy @bartoneducation translate @ethinking that @rpwillan @ukedchat #ukedchat exactly! @oldandrewuk Without becoming too philosophical, what @englishalewis would you define as 'being smart'? #ukedchat Perhaps we overstate the impact the curric has on what @James_ShMore children are taught in school? Assessment/exams just as much of a driver #ukedchat Has 'personalisation' now gone from the curriculum @ukedchat debate? #ukedchat Has it been squeezed out recently? Perhaps there should be more local community action and @travelgeordie students being aware of their role in the communities in
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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?




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which they live #ukedchat @ukedchat Shopcraft 2 Soulcraft (Crawford) argues high @dick_taylor edu jobs are most at risk to lowcost outsourcing but not trade skills #ukedchat Until people know exactly what career they want to train @teachermrskhan in, need to learn broad 21st cent. skills. #ukedchat #ukedchat Democracies need citizens who will hold the @UnbiasedHistory powerful to account: curric must teach critical thought & use of evidence #ukedchat curriculum is driven by the people who fund the @ethinking education system: HMG determines what needs to be learned to sustain UK PLC @ethinking #ukedchat @bartoneducation @ethinking or is it a way to ensure that @rpwillan all groups get the best deal they can? #ukedchat @teachermrskhan Very true. Aspirations at the end of 15 @ukedchat will be different to when someone is 25. Life experience. #ukedchat @MrVogtSS @travelgeordie we speak the same @CareersDefender language. #ukedchat ;) #ukedchat in private schools - parents pay, they decide @ethinking which model they buy into @ethinking #ukedchat and exam boards are run by @mrpeel publishers who produce the material to feed the curriculum. @ethinking @englishalewis @bartoneducation a @davidwebster curriculum is a social engineering tool. Bridges to possible futures. But which ones? #ukedchat @ictmagic #ukedchat. Things like social awareness, @Educ_job_please respect, etc. also very important Using this next week @ASTsupportAAli: All you need is post it notes 2 do this activity- extremely useful@HeidiCWatkins #ukedchat Are you joining in the conversation and debate over at @PickwickLearn #ukedchat? @ethinking or in the IB model where curriculum is broadly @mrpeel defined but the freedom is with the teachers #ukedchat #ukedchat education is not just about making people @truan_steve smarter its about the developing life long interests, skills & offering new opps @bartoneducation @SurrealAnarchy @ethinking #ukedchat I suggest we ask
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UKedchat Archive 4th July 2013 Hosted by @UKedchat

Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?






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SMEs. That is the engine of this country. Not journos, lawyers and big business. Think personalisation in education has been squeezed @Jivespin due to funding and falling amount of resources available. #ukedchat #ukedchat Visit to an IQM school; 43 home languages, no @ChrisChivers2 option but to personalise. They achieve 100% SATs level 4+ as a result. @ethinking Education of the masses for economic rather @KempsterD than individual benefit? #ukedchat Computer Science for example #ukedchat @davidwebster @englishalewis @ethinking @bartoneducation the question is : who has the right to decide.... RT @careersdefender: #ukedchat the current state of @Educ_job_please careers learning is very patchy, we need min levels as statutory, the personalisation... @mrpeel @ethinking AQA is a charitable organisation @Coding2Learn and not run by publishers. they're not all evil. #ukedchat @ethinking #ukedchat to develop passion and interest in @mrpeel areas defined by the children in front of them. #ukedchat giving children experience of loads of different @rashush2 areas so they can find their niche maybe beyond family experience Perhaps personalisation comes with increased choice and @travelgeordie many schools are beginning to give this eg within disciplines #ukedchat @mrpeel @Coding2Learn @ethinking fair enough! #ukedchat #ukedchat @Educ_job_please @ICTmagic in your @ethinking humble opinion - that's your version of right @ukedchat How will flexible big data & adaptive content @dick_taylor (personalisation) fit/work with standardised curric? High quality teachers #ukedchat @ethinking: #ukedchat in private schools - parents pay, @KempsterD they decide which model they buy intoUsually a 'poor' model. Drivers are different I think we send kids to school so that they can play their @CareersDefender part in society, being employable/entrepreneur is a large part of that #ukedchat Has the focus of government and curriculum development @ukedchat now been over-taken by international comparisons? #ukedchat
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?

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@mrpeel no 21st cent skills aren't new, but are are good all around skills needed to focus education #ukedchat @KempsterD can you expand on what you mean by "Computer Science for example" #ukedchat #ukedchat if we don't educate whole child, which bit do we miss out ? @ethinking assuming that they actually know and can accurately forecast #ukedchat #notsomethingcivilserviceisknowfor @ethinking @englishalewis @bartoneducation - in an ideal world, politicians would provide ethical leadership for us all. However.. #ukedchat #ukedchat @ethinking @davidwebster @englishalewis @bartoneducation no-one has the 'right' some have the responsibility #ukedchat @KempsterD yes - nowt wrong with it: but it is what it is... @ethinking And does HMG get their money from? #ukedchat @teachermrskhan #ukedchat, i agree but merely think the idea of 21C is irrelevant. skills such as you cite are and always will be needed @imagineinquiry @ethinking Starbucks and google I think #ukedchat ;0) @CareersDefender - I think we send kids to school for largely child care solutions #ukedchat @MrVogtSS skills can come later, when students are career bound #ukedchat @ethinking A rounded education is better than a narrowed one, at least until when the students can make an informed choice. #ukedchat #ukedchat @mrpeel I have yet to hear a persuasive case that teachers are the best interest group to design a curriculum. - parents are In later years of education isn't it assessment that dictates education? You'd struggle to argue exams meet the needs of society. #ukedchat @davidwebster @ethinking @englishalewis #ukedchat politicians are by definition without ethics (with no exceptions) RT @danielharvey9: #ukedchat only for some who political advantage rather than real governance and
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?




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leadership @ukedchat Yes in broad terms - but this has little impact @HFletcherWood on things not tested in PISA/TIMSS like Humanities. #ukedchat #ukedchat @SurrealAnarchy @davidwebster @ethinking @englishalewis @bartoneducation those elected are responsible ? Or those with QTS? @ethinking #ukedchat interesting and isnt it odd how little @mrpeel input they have? What about the students - should they have a say in post 16? @jackieschneider some sectors of soc yes, but we make @CareersDefender ed mandatory as a soc for a reason #ukedchat @danielharvey9 @ethinking #ukedchat I would love more @mrpeel say in my boys' curricula - might bankrupt the school tho #ukedchat @ICTmagic that's your view - not everyone @ethinking agrees & neither are right or wrong @ethinking @mrpeel my son's 5. I haven't a clue as a @Coding2Learn parent what he should be learning. When he gets to 11 I'll have an opinion. #ukedchat I think gove should spend less time comparing @travelgeordie internationally and engage with what is great that is already going on here #ukedchat #UKedchat anyone looking for ed select committee report on governance --> @frackham_edu s-a-z/commons-select/education-committee/news/role-ofschool-governing-bodies--substantive/ @Coding2Learn @ethinking #ukedchat mine ar e16 &17 @mrpeel and I agree with you.#ukedchat #ukedchat Curricula look similar in the core and with @ChrisChivers2 broader subjects, range also similar. Pedagogy is real issue; the how, not the what. #ukedchat @mrpeel @danielharvey9 so we accept poor @ethinking service because its difficult & expensive? @HFletcherWood #ukedchat and Pisa/tims is @bartoneducation acknowledged as driving curricula around the world (see USA/Aust and UK) @ethinking @davidwebster @bartoneducation That's a @englishalewis whole other educational chat that would take an evening to debate! #ukedchat #ukedchat @davidwebster @ethinking @englishalewis @SurrealAnarchy @bartoneducation with a certain amount of scepticism &
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?










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awareness of probable black swans @HFletcherWood @ukedchat international comparisons @danielharvey9 don't really achieve anything. See Dylan William #ssatnc12 #ukedchat @ethinking Indeed, and that is how it should be. A range @ICTmagic of answers for different problems/opportunities. #ukedchat There are some very big businesses out there in the @KempsterD background driving curricula and educational change through donations etc #ukedchat #ukedchat @Coding2Learn @mrpeel I do have a clear @ethinking view & the system treats us the same @BinaryDigit1 Indeed. Shouldn't people who "failed" in @ukedchat education have a say in how education should work? #ukedchat #ukedchat @SAiston parents are experts and guardians @ethinking of their own kids @ethinking I agree that parents have should make a huge @ICTmagic contribution to the shape of a curriculum, but some will need guidance. #ukedchat @bartoneducation @HFletcherWood #ukedchat isn't that @CareersDefender like insisting all pupils take bushcraft cos they do it in Aus? What happened to 1/2 @ethinking @SAiston #ukedchat to a degree in my school @mrpeel there is serious cultural leaning towards 1 type of career and many are pushed @ICTmagic @ethinking Guidance from the Daily Mail? Or @ukedchat beyond? #ukedchat @englishalewis Being clever. Hard to give a definition that @oldandrewuk isn't a synonym. #ukedchat #ukedchat Education should allow a child access to their @ChrisChivers2 world and the skills to understand it, including ability to solve problems. #ukedchat Govt portrays education as solely serving @UnbiasedHistory economic growth: tolerance empathy & mental health are equal if not more important goals #ukedchat @ICTmagic at the moment the system treats @ethinking all as idiots @ukedchat @PrincesBold Who, for example? #ukedchat @ethinking @SAiston #ukedchat down the science maths @mrpeel routes becaue parents demand it. Can be overbearing. Needs moderation somewhere @teachermrskhan @ethinking I was trained & continue 2 lrn ed. research.
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?






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Parents raise kids 2 respect certain beliefs Cooperative approach needed. #ukedchat @bartoneducation @HFletcherWood #ukedchat being in @CareersDefender tune with the UKs needs 2/2 too much emphasis on Russell Group not enough on personal gls #ukedchat @bartoneducation @Coding2Learn @mrpeel @ethinking depends if you see gcse as important - my benchmark is a level @CareersDefender @ukedchat #ukedchat How can you @oldandrewuk be more educated if you haven't become smarter? #ukedchat though I could suggest you read: @SurrealAnarchy mdp_mobile for further insight ;-) @ethinking What would be the knock on effect of a very @KempsterD narrow curriculum to societybe? What would we lose as a nation? @ICTmagic #ukedchat @BinaryDigit1 Please use #ukedchat rather than @ @ukedchat account, thank you @CareersDefender - the reason being that parents can @jackieschneider afford to work! #ukedchat @HFletcherWood exactly. You don't see Finnish @danielharvey9 educators in and out of UK and European schools #ukedchat @ethinking @ukedchat @ICTmagic Let's all stand back @imagineinquiry and let parents decide, I can't see a thing that could go wrong. #ukedchat "@truan_steve: #ukedchat if we don't educate whole @CidandMo child, which bit do we miss out ?" The bits we can't test? @ethinking @bartoneducation @Coding2Learn mine too @mrpeel #ukedchat my issue is with parents deciding a level and uni choices and imposing them #ukedchat Curric/education is a political tool which is why @bartoneducation it swings so far. I'd prefer independent organization of business and educators. @ukedchat #ukedchat None of the jobs you listed are @oldandrewuk really academic disciplines. #ukedchat @Educ_job_please @ICTmagic and the right a @ethinking teacher has to impose that on children - riding roughshod over family views? Yesterday's blog: "One year on...." a year since my 1st @srcav post! #UMFac #Maths #Mathchat #Education #UKEdchat #Edchat
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?




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@ethinking Perhaps so, but that shouldn't stop parents, @ICTmagic teachers & the children trying to collaborate to find the best way forward #ukedchat @PrincesBold Did you fail, or did the education system @ukedchat fail you? #ukedchat Coincidentally spent the day planning a 3 year curriculum @travelgeordie model which responds to some issues mentions on #ukedchat tonight @ICTmagic @ethinking #ukedchat the key word, @mrpeel "collaborate" @CliveBuckley Probably and the McD Tech Level too @KempsterD #ukedchat The curriculum direction should be a cross-party, cross@nohandsup stakeholder decision based on rigorous evidence from a range of sources #ukedchat #ukedchat @KempsterD @ICTmagic what would we gain @ethinking from a liberal one? It's an equally flawed approach @CareersDefender @ukedchat #ukedchat Are you @oldandrewuk claiming that our intellects are fixed? #ukedchat @ChrisChivers2 'their' world? Surely 'our' @SurrealAnarchy world? To me a crucial difference... #ukedchat @mrpeel @bartoneducation @Coding2Learn @ethinking as opposed to teachers? @nohandsup Similar to the Cambridge Review then @ukedchat (which was rejected!)? #ukedchat first #ukedchat of the year while sitting in the garden. Very @mrpeel pleasant but batteries low. @nohandsup Yes - but it still reflects ideology very @HFletcherWood heavily. #ukedchat @PrincesBold Sorry, don't mean to pry. Point is that @ukedchat mainly people where edu worked for them dictate what everyone else should do #ukedchat #ukedchat @MrVogtSS @mrpeel one mans best practice @ethinking is another mans heresy @oldandrewuk @ukedchat I'm saying our intellect has its @CareersDefender capacity,ed allows us to use our intellect better than we otherwise would #ukedchat @ukedchat Yes, remove the political short-termism..... is @nohandsup this a word! #ukedchat #ukedchat @nohandsup can I register a certain amount of @SurrealAnarchy scepticism towards the term 'rigorous evidence' please? @jackieschneider What on earth is the subject for tonight? #ukedchat
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?






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struggling to follow @mrpeel Your batteries? Or batteries on computer @ukedchat device? #ukedchat Or both!!! @mrpeel I think these skills aren't being focussed on @teachermrskhan enough, that's the prob. Spec. content gets in the way & become irrelevant. #ukedchat @nohandsup It is now...!!! #ukedchat Politicians cannot @ukedchat think beyond 5 years, as they may not be in power by then! @jackieschneider "Does the curriculum represent @ukedchat society's educational aspirations for its citizens" #ukedchat @careersdefender because I share many of your opinions @Educ_job_please & values #ukedchat see Work Ready Young People stream @bartoneducation we had business involved in the @Coding2Learn diploma debacle and look how that turned out. #ukedchat @dick_taylor Yes, read it. Prob is selective use of @nohandsup evidence to prop up political arguments #ukedchat @ukedchat @nohandsup #ukedchat another reason I @mrpeel prefer an independent model like the IBO which is not perfect but which is not after votes Have a look at our Year 6 show trailer; made using #iMovie. Really easy and effective - idea from @ICT_MrP @tholder81 #ukedchat @ukedchat @nohandsup #ukedchat soon education will @travelgeordie be privatised and then we're all in trouble @PrincesBold Which is valued i'm sure. PS Please use @ukedchat #ukedchat and not the @ account thank you @oldandrewuk @MrVogtSS @ukedchat #ukedchat So? @ethinking What might we might lose?Worked in schools @KempsterD where kids didn't have books at home.Schl was there only p/ground @ICTmagic #ukedchat In my view, teachers don't know best. Researchers, @nohandsup teachers, employers, uni's and sch leaders know best #ukedchat RT @ethinking: #ukedchat @SAiston parents are experts @Educ_job_please and guardians of their own kids @dick_taylor Please use #ukedchat and not the @ @ukedchat account in your tweets. Thank you
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?




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when you have the technology but don't know how to use it. PD is a must! #ukedchat @jackieschneider It is deliberately a broad term, of which @ukedchat you can set your own definition #ukedchat @dick_taylor Sorry #ukedchat @Educ_job_please: RT @ethinking: #ukedchat @KempsterD @SAiston parents are experts and guardians of their own kidsNot all parents remember!!!! RT @educ_job_please "RT @ethinking: #ukedchat @HFletcherWood @SAiston parents are experts and guardians of their own kids" Sometimes. @nohandsup: @ukedchat Yes, remove the political @truan_steve short-termism..... is this a word! #ukedchatit ought to be it makes perfect sense #ukedchat I loath this academic sneering at trades ed @CareersDefender system. Who's going to type the prof's reports & fix his car if we all have 1/2 Does society care about education aspirations as much @travelgeordie as other countries? #ukedchat @travelgeordie #ukedchat possibly not uniformly, but then @mrpeel isnt that the same all over the world? Degrees in academic' subjects. Ed is about enabling a @CareersDefender child to develop in a way that suits them not our need for dest measures 2/2 #ukedchat @MrVogtSS @ukedchat #ukedchat No, I mean what does @oldandrewuk them having skills and knowledge have to do with it? what is the role of carers & other non parents with resp for @dick_taylor students in this area? #ukedchat @CareersDefender #ukedchat would you advocate @mrpeel vocational schools ? just asking out of interest @travelgeordie I think you make a good point. Western @ukedchat societies v eastern societies? Or are you talking cultural differences? #ukedchat @KempsterD May be nice to live in a country where book @ICTmagic were in every home. It's wider than edu, but edu has a huge role @ethinking #ukedchat @mrpeel #ukedchat perhaps a side effect of being @travelgeordie developed or of the welfare state? I think the CS curriculum is a fine example of what can be @Coding2Learn accomplished. CAS and BCS had a heavy input on what kids will learn. #ukedchat @PrincesBold #ukedchat Is it a privilege to have to send children to a
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?



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private school because all schools in catchment are in category? #ukedchat @Joga5 @Educ_job_please @ICTmagic how @ethinking many schools actually try? @travelgeordie #ukedchat the statistics would say no. We @bartoneducation see education as a 'right' rather than a responsibility. cf India, China, Ghana @travelgeordie #ukedchat possibly both form what I see @mrpeel every day #ukedchat @ICTmagic @KempsterD by the time they get @ethinking to school - it's too late MT @1972SHP: The hashtag for the History conference @russeltarr is #SHP25. Pass it on! #historyteacher #sschat #twitterstorians #ukedchat (Pls RT!) @mrpeel not until 16. Before that good quality careers @CareersDefender learning to ensure they make good independent choices #ukedchat If schools become lone islands running their own ships! @urban_teacher Then we will have a big problem! #ukedchat @ukedchat #ukedchat certainly from my experience in @travelgeordie china and Bangladesh I'd say education is highly valued. @CareersDefender True. As @SirKenRobinson said @KempsterD other day 'We can't all go to Oxford and Cambridge' they are just not big enough! #ukedchat @jackieschneider I'm out #ukedchat Finding #ukedchat a bit of a pointless one this evening... @Fabteachertips Shame! @urban_teacher Going away from uniformity? Surely that @ukedchat is a good thing? #ukedchat @CareersDefender thanks #ukedchat have german @mrpeel friends and the vocational looks gran unless you are a late developer and want out @ethinking @ICTmagic @KempsterD #ukedchat. My kids @bartoneducation 'do school' coz they have to. Outside they are encouraged to deep dive into own interests Sadly the status of teachers is being eroded by the @travelgeordie government and media in this country where on others we are highly respected #ukedchat #ukedchat parents as partners in curriculum @ethinking @ChrisChivers2 #ukedchat Imagining DT as the core of the curriculum.
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Problem solving at the centre? g/learning-and-teaching-policies/planning/imagine-dt-inthe-core-curriculum Check out my proposed KS3 SOW for the next academic @InspiredICTeach year #rethinkingict #ictcurric #compsci #ukedchat @ethinking True. But I was thinking influence of extended @ICTmagic family & generationally to help parents see the value. @KempsterD #ukedchat For centuries schools were about academic elitism and @Coding2Learn apprenticeships were about learning a trade. No opinion just a point to make #ukedchat Does a curriculum need to be progressive? #ukedchat Is @ukedchat the curriculum you teach progressive? @ethinking @KempsterD @SAiston #ukedchat this @Educ_job_please absent parent of ten years actually gives a damn about his three kid's education. @KempsterD @SirKenRobinson 100% agree though I'm @CareersDefender a working class girl from the east end who went to Cambridge ;) #ukedchat Off topic but #airserver one of biggest changes to my @davidhunter class in a while, hooked up toipad.Anyone else getting the most out of this? #ukedchat #ukedchat should pupils of such a young age be allowed @BinaryDigit1 a narrow focus of study? For eg New university tech colleges, electronics,science @ethinking But that's where you are wrong Pete. They @KempsterD loved school. Those Leyton kids started to want to come to school @ICTmagic #ukedchat Free schools where non qualified teachers can teach and @travelgeordie soldiers into schools. I wouldn't want an unqualified surgeon! #ukedchat @nohandsup at the moment we have a draft POS but it @Coding2Learn will eventually be statutory for all non-academies. #ukedchat #compsci UK - Safer Internet Centre @hashonomy_gus #ukedchat #edchat (via @nightzookeeper) @nohandsup @mrpeel #ukedchat that's why we need @CareersDefender quals that can cross the voc/academic divide at fe & uni level @oldandrewuk @MrVogtSS @ukedchat #ukedchat I cannot see anything
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?


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to link your premise & your conclusion. @ukedchat Don't know if we can make a normative @HFletcherWood statement like that, but I think mine is. #ukedchat The curric needs to be relevant and contemporary and @travelgeordie allow students to think and respond to the changing world in which we live #ukedchat @Coding2Learn @bartoneducation Good point. #ukedchat #ukedchat always amazes me that we're not teaching chn @davidhunter how to cook and fix things from an early age. Is this just throwaway culture? @TeacherToolkit @ukedchat - err, that's a yes. #ukedchat @MrVogtSS Why not researchers, employers, uni's etc? @nohandsup Can they not offer anything? #ukedchat @ukedchat @TeacherToolkit Great. How? #ukedchat @Educ_job_please I'm talking about the parents of kids @KempsterD who drink all day for example and the kids go hungry @ethinking @SAiston #ukedchat @davidhunter #ukedchat it seems that it is, just as it is @mrpeel becoming a google culture rahte rthan a knowledge one @Educ_job_please Personal experience of a school in @KempsterD London @ethinking @SAiston #ukedchat @jamesdhobson #ukedchat I also think the boat is in a @bartoneducation video game! Fun all the same! If one thing the academies movement is good for it allows @travelgeordie talented curriculum designers to create modern relevant learning #ukedchat @nohandsup TES in hostile hashtag takeover bid! #ukedchat @ukedchat @nohandsup Where? Can't see! #ukedchat My blog looked at the effects of UTC's, studio schools etc @CareersDefender and the effect of selective ed in this context #ukedchat @travelgeordie #ukedchat How does that work at GCSE @bartoneducation level though? Sorry, I really know primary better but surely 14+ it IS GCSE? @OoeyGooeyLady @ukedchat I often think that @ICTmagic 'progressive' is in the eye of the beholder. #ukedchat @travelgeordie At KS3 I'd agree to a certain extent. At @Coding2Learn KS4 and 5 were exam factories like everyone else. #ukedchat Enterprise skills are vital in the curriculum here's a few @Hullsented resources to get you started . #ukedchat
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?

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@HullsEnterprise Read Education futures by Kerr facer to help develop a modern progressive curriculum #ukedchat Really interesting #ukedchat tonight @OoeyGooeyLady Progressive? Happening or developing gradually or in stages; proceeding step by step #ukedchat (from a dictionary!) @travelgeordie erm you don't always have to be qualified in private schools or academies either. Bad ideas all round #ukedchat @travelgeordie Right to a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum should be for all schools, not just academies. Talent elsewhere. #ukedchat Anyone using twitter with children/schools have any problems with negative tweets from parents? #ukedchat Final question from me tonight. How can we measure whether a curriculum is effective? Really effective. #ukedchat #ukedchat @TeacherToolkit haha... How is a curriculum progressive?! What a question! Lol @ali_bowman23 I am now part of the class, not in front of it #ukedchat Doesn't progressive mean 'make progress'. Moving forwards, not looking back? Develop what worked and build on it? #ukedchat @bartoneducation your hands are al tied there but at year 7 8 and 9 there is plenty of freedom and can design own evaluation #ukedchat #ukedchat @Fabteachertips do you think standards would fall? Join us for #dlchat straight after #ukedchat at 9pm. Great discussion guaranteed. It would help enormously to have people in government who genuinely care for children's education rather that driving ideology #ukedchat @jackieschneider TES tweeting links to articles using #ukedchat there a phrase to describe this type of hashtag piggy-backing!!! @ukedchat People are inspired by it and develop a lifelong interest in learning #ukedchat @ukedchat #ukedchat Brilliant question! I'd go for the happiness measure from OECD administered at different
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?














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ages. @ukedchat that the pupils become contributing members @CareersDefender of soc, be that a company director, train driver or shop assistant #ukedchat @mrpeel I don't think shoelaces or screwdrivers makes it @davidhunter into the new primary curriculum even once! #ukedchat @ukedchat @mrvogtss Schools should be coming @urban_teacher together! Sharing different Specialisms to make the education system stronger #ukedchat #ukedchat There needs to be an agreed, preferably @ChrisChivers2 national frame of reference against which to judge progress and outcomes. #ukedchat Seems to me that if politicians/Ofsted listened to @KenRobinson schools would be a lot better places @natachakennedy ducation_s_death_valley.html @ethinking @ICTmagic @KempsterD The earliest years @TaffTykeC are key. I also think that more 'real life' skills should be taught though. #ukedchat @davidhunter @mrpeel Wasted opportunity. Unless you @ukedchat are an academy, then you can put them in!!! #ukedchat @Coding2Learn @sparklyquark #ukedchat there is room @travelgeordie for didactic teaching very very sparingly for complex topics Missed #ukedchat tonight because I was playing out @passionateaboot #touchrugby @nohandsup I think as of now ICT is no longer a subject. @Coding2Learn CS is replacing it. PowerPoint is dead, long love Python. #ukedchat check DfE site. @natachakennedy @kenrobinson Couldn't agree more @Coding2Learn #ukedchat A list of free E-Safety resources for primary and @tomtolkien secondary schools #edchat #ukedchat #esafety #ukedchat @Fabteachertips @TeacherToolkit progressive is an ideological term @ethinking it is neither good or bad @ukedchat Just 5 minutes of #ukedchat remain. Final thoughts? I'm all for working with parents. A local prostitute with a @KempsterD child in my class volunteered to come in and help out. Erratic! #ukedchat
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?













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@Educ_job_please @ICTmagic Yes. Things like @TaffTykeC enterprise etc. Does this necessarily make chn responsible citizens? #ukedchat @travelgeordie @sparklyquark I managed an entire BSc @Coding2Learn with didactic teaching. But I agree it has a time and place. #ukedchat @Coding2Learn @natachakennedy I think you mean @ICTmagic @sirkenrobinson #MyHero #ukedchat Is it up to teachers to force the curriculum issues more @ukedchat so? Have you spoken to your MP about concerns? #ukedchat @ICTmagic @Coding2Learn @sirkenrobinson Ooops yes @natachakennedy that Ken Robinson. He does exceedingly good TED Education talks #ukedchat @TaffTykeC Experience is important too. An activity @ICTmagic doesn't need to 'make' them something. Life is a string of experiences. #ukedchat @TaffTykeC @Educ_job_please @ICTmagic Maybe @Toryedumacation reading vast list of facts might help? #ukedchat @ukedchat curriculum should be related to the real world @Hullsented and have #enterprise skills embedded in every subject. Flexible creative #ukedchat @TaffTykeC Absolutely. Put the major money in EY @KempsterD education. Stop the devaluing of those involved. @ethinking @ICTmagic #ukedchat #ukedchat Not sure that curriculum can be defined by @bartoneducation society. Such a personal thing. Key is to prepare everyone to learn for life #skills @sparklyquark @travelgeordie I don't think school would @Coding2Learn employ teacher without the required subject knowledge. It benefits nobody. #ukedchat @CareersDefender I agree. If chn are going the extra mile @TaffTykeC now, one would hope it continues into adulthood. Show them the options #ukedchat @Toryedumacation Yes. Please send me the list! @ICTmagic #UKedchat @TaffTykeC @Educ_job_please @ukedchat NUT launching a campaign this month called @CareersDefender curriculum concern. Look out for it #ukedchat @ICTmagic @TaffTykeC Waffly nonsense. Life is about @Toryedumacation ramming facts up your brain. #ukedchat #ukedchat There's something about teaching a kid to fish @bartoneducation here ... but I am not sure where I put it! Final Thought!
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Does the curriculum represent societys educational aspirations for its citizens?

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Phew. 9pm. Many thanks for your company this evening #ukedchat @ICTmagic @Toryedumacation @TaffTykeC @Educ_job_please work is not the only aim. Academia and knowledge have there own rewards too #ukedchat @ICTmagic Absolutely! Was just putting the question out there but share your view. #ukedchat @ukedchat To be honest, most MPs don't understand or give a sh*t #ukedchat @Toryedumacation @ICTmagic @TaffTykeC #ukedchat But facts are easy, dead simple, simple brain science teaches us that! Ben Barton Ben Barton @bartoneducation 5m It's 9pm & #ukedchat must come to a close. The archive will be at & next week's poll is at now

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