last update : 4/7/2013


Whilst doing the Amarr cosmos arc, i noticed the lack of guides online. Now there are guides out there, for each individual agent but i couldnt find a guide, that from the first mission held your hand and told you exactly where to go and what to do, hence forth the creation of this guide. I am not a writer, and i am not a guide author, infact this is my first time doing such a thing, so please forgive any grammatic & or spelling errors. Im only writing this as i saw a lack of somethign simular on the web. If you enjoy this guide, and found it useless, feel free to send me a thank you sum of isk ;) Without further adue :
Most of the beginning missions are just small couriers, i strongly recommend starting off in a frigate, idealy, a tristan with t2 drones will take you all the way up to the level 3's. Cruisers such as the Arbitrator or the vexor also make great ships. i strongly recommend NOT getting anythign bigger, while youll complete the arc, your just wasting alot of your time. I completed most missions including level the level 3 section using an ishtur with the following fit : highs = 3x small nuetron blasters II Mids = 1x 1mn afterburner II / 2x cap recharger II lows = 2x drone dmg mods / 1x small armor rep / 1x adaptive nano membrane II Rigs = 1x ccc / 1x aux nano pump Drones = Hobgoblins II I pretty much wiped every level 1 mission in a matter of seconds. Before starting the Arc, your going to need to aquire a Amarr Graduation Certificate (signed)

Level 1, Quality level 0, Required standing n/a Corporation: Royal Khanid Navy Location: Polfaly System - Imperial Data Center (Beacon) Suite - The Graduation Certificate 1) Courier 1 unit of Amarr Graduation Certificate 0.1m3 +2.65% Corporation and +0.82% Faction standing increase.

Amarr Graduation Certificate (signed) + ISK

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