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Applying Tomorrow’s Technology to Today’s Ministry Volume 19

April 2007

No 4

iLumina Gold Premium is Bible software for both the Mac and PC platforms
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April 2007

Christian Computing® Magazine

Steve Hewitt -

How to Deal with Customer Service When They Refuse To Do Their Job

Hi Steve,

hat can you do when you have purchased an item or a service from a company and things go wrong? Of course, you can contact their customer support, use your warranty, etc., but what can you do if customer service is not responsive? I received the following e-mail from a reader and it prompted me to write this article and to share some thoughts on how we can fight back whenever we do not get a fair and prompt response from “customer service”. Here is the e-mail;
their first baby a few weeks ago. I realize this is not your line of work, but any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you. Carmen B. Trenton I am assuming that all of us have been in this student’s shoes at one time or another, when the company we are dealing with doesn’t stand behind their products or their service agreement and they begin to give you the runaround. It may appear that there is nothing you can do. You might think that sending a stinging letter of complaint to the company’s president will help. It often doesn’t. Or you might threaten to report them to the Better Business Bureau, but let me inform you, they won’t be scared. However, there is something you can do. I have outlined some steps that you can use if you have tried the normal channels and 3

I have been reading your CCMag and Christian A/V magazine online for some time now. My request may be off target. Let me know if it is. I teach Logos Bible Software in a class on interpreting Scripture at a seminary in central Illinois. We require students to bring their laptops with Logos to every class session. One of my students purchased a new HP notebook last August just for the class. He has had several problems. HP directed him to ship his laptop for service in February, promising 5 business days to fix it. Not only have they not fixed it yet, after over a month, he has been getting the runaround from HP. I offered to intervene by calling HP service myself (I also have one of their laptops). I requested that they send a refurbished machine for his temporary use since they are taking well more than the promised amount of time. I have talked to several people, have been shuffled back and forth, and ultimately they say they will call back and then don’t. My question: Do you have any advice for me as to what to do next. I thought about making a You Tube video with a hostage HP Notebook. :) :) (Don’t have time). HP has promised and failed several times to call back my student who is mightily frustrated, trying to juggle classes, ministry, and Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007

yet find yourself being “shuffled back and forth” with no results. I am going to say this again because I want it to be very clear. and that includes those working in customer support. I recently talked with someone who had served in upper management and he was in a position to oversee customer support for a technology company. Always be kind. and may even be a brother or sister in Christ. but she said he would definitely get back to me within the 24 hours. information they will need to help solve your problem. before I give you my tips on getting a response when you are getting the runaround. I followed up with the person that sent me the email above a week later. but instead are steps I used in a recent situation that involved an insurance company that refused to do what we had paid them to do. The good news is that after five weeks. Try to move your communication up the proper channels in order to get someone to listen and solve your problems. version number. He had empathy for those on the receiving end of customer support and shared. to find out if they ever resolved the student’s problems. Of course. our problem with our insurance company continued for four months. Hardly a day went by they were not attacked personally. abusive calls. if you are getting the runaround. some might say it is poor stewardship to allow a company to take advantage of you or to not provide the product or service you have purchased. In retrospect. date of purchase. We are to love our neighbors. have to deal with rude and angry customers. However. be sure you have all of your facts straight. let me start by reminding you that you should do everything with grace and love. if they are not helping you solve your problem. etc. and even cursed. and not getting a solution to the problem. They take a lot of abuse. After going through normal channels and trying to be patient. The person answering the phone is probably not responsible for the fact that someone in repairs has not figured out how to solve your problem. being taken advantage of is not what Christ meant when He said we are called to suffer (grin). They are not the enemy. here is what Carmen wrote to me. “I doubt that any of our people went home at the end of a day without having had a dozen angry. When I responded with the tactics below. called names. 4 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . However. being rude or inconsiderate will not help you solve the problem. Remember. Steps to Getting Results Step one. “One of the most disturbing things was that when I’d asked to speak to the case manager I was told he was unavailable but would definitely get back to me within 24 hours. You do not want to be rude or angry. I asked for a number to call him in case he did not call. speak softly and do your best to be patient and work through proper channels. There are times when you have to take a stand. however. The following suggestions are more than just some thoughts I put together. you are dealing with people who have a very difficult job. the manager did not call me. we had our problem resolved in just 48 hours! Now. Be sure you can provide the customer support person with the model. operating system.” There is NEVER any cause to use such abuse and I want to make it clear that this type of behavior is not included in any of my suggestions. the computer was returned and HP offered to make things right by giving the student an extension on his warranty. No one did.. The representative said her screen record showed HP had failed to respond to an earlier call. feel free to ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. Calling with an angry attitude. and deserve our respect. In fact. They were unwilling to do that. It was hard on them. I believe some companies have employees working in this area of service that are honestly seeking to help their customers solve whatever problem you have encountered.

However. ask who will be calling you back. have you noticed that almost every time you call a company. or government agency. I told you what companies no longer fear (angry letters and reports to the BBB). they want a record of who said what. and you have a right to the same record.There seems to be little accountability and no will honor their own – the consumer revolution” where they list reports from consumers on how well HP did with customer complaints. This is totally legal. You take your notes.pdf). I did a search for “HP customer support complaints” and found a site called “my3cents. the first thing you hear in the introduction is that “this phone call may be recorded”? They state that it is for training purposes. but it is in case your problem ends up in court. Find out who you should complain to and make a list. They do not want people to document poor service and post it on the Internet. In addition to these sites. not five weeks. record your conversations.” I am glad that Carmen’s student’s problem was resolved. and their title (if it is a government agency. and you move to step three. Take good notes of all of your calls to customer service. I also found “Complaints Board – Made by the people for the people” which had a very well written report from people who had terrible results with HP customer service. and you take your recordings. Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 5 . If they say they will call you back. such as your state attorney general. this kind of lack of service and lack of accountability is all too common across the industry. For information on how to record a phone call. but rather a runaround.christianav. Create a paper trail and recordings that will document that you are not getting service. Research the Internet. Step three is preparation for going on the offensive. Feel free to tell them you are recording the phone call if you want. and when. promises of returned calls were never returned. The only problem here with this step is that you need to prepare for it from the very beginning. it is because you are a little guy going up against a large company. and you have been given the runaround. who you talked to. it is time to go on the offense. as in the case above. Let me tell you what they do fear. Whenever you start calling a company concerning a problem. Unfortunately. but it is not required. consumer affairs. writing down the date and time of the you need a recording of the original promise that your computer will be returned in five days. the Internet can level the playing field. When you continually call customer service and do not get results. that many people now turn to the Internet to check out a company or a product before they buy. However. let alone have respect for the customer. What do you do with this information? When you have had enough and want some action. they normally have an employee ID number you will want to record as well). In fact. what if months have gone by and you are still getting the runaround? It is time to move to step two. and they are very aware of the fact. This step should only be implemented if you feel you have exhausted step one and deadlines have passed. etc. utility. after you are months down the road. check out this article in Christian A/V Magazine (www. create a list of people or agencies that you could contact about the lack of support you are receiving. In this case. Why should you record every call you make to a company’s customer service? Because. Studies have shown.

returned calls that were never made. and that you are preparing to take your case to the public. do some advance research on the Internet and find out how that company is treating their customers. customer support personnel know about this and if they believe you have documented their non-responses and are prepared to make them available to the world via the Internet. and some use offensive language. He will tell you that if you purchased your notebook from a Christian company like his. http://media. I know that I will hear from Donald Stratton from PowerNotebooks. you will quickly be moved up the chain of command until you reach someone that will be able to fix your problem. contact the press. Give them a short list of everyone you plan to contact to report this ongoing runaround you have been receiving.) C. For those of you that have not heard the famous recording of a customer that tried to cancel his AOL account. but keep your voice calm and explain your plans to each person you get passed to. I believe from my personal experience that you will get some satisfaction. I then tell them that if my needs are not going to be met. whoever you are talking to may not be responsible for your past problems and runaround. post your story. Stay on hold for as long as it takes. Arrange your recordings into one interesting audio file and turn it into a MP3. And. If the company is not going to help resolve your problems. and that I am just trying to let them know that I plan to react to their poor customer support. in the future. but feel that if you really have a case of poor customer support and they still are not willing to help. I believe you will find that you will be moved to the front of the line and your problem should soon be fixed. . the site has various advertisements for other videos that some might find offensive. along with my notes of the times. One final I plan to do the following. it is time to make a call back to customer support. If you want to listen to the audio. (Warning. Refuse to agree to someone calling you back. the AOL rep lost their job and the president of the company ended up issuing a personal apology to the customer. etc. When I find myself making this type of call. In addition. A. D. Write your letters.) What do you do if you still do not get your issue resolved? You do just what you said you would do. simply click on it when the page is viewed and do not spend time reading the rest of the material. and that they need to know what steps I am prepared to take if my needs are not met. you need to do the rest of us a service and get this information up on the web to warn others.Step four. Together We Serve Him. I was not suggesting that you make idle threats. the site allows for listener comments. Explain to the person you are calling that you have moved from being passive and waiting for them to step up to the plate and do the right thing. Steve Hewitt Editor-in-Chief 6 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine .com/AOL-Cancellation. if you present such a plan to a company’s customer support department. They are aware of the customer who recorded customer support from AOL when they tried to cancel their account. Do this in a calm and non-threatening way.putfile. Include the complaint type consumer websites as well as a short list of official agencies you plan to contact. I let them know that I do not plan on hanging up until I can talk with someone that can solve my problem. you would not find yourself in this kind of a problem. From my experience. I have even encouraged them to take notes (grin). B. Believe me. whenever you are preparing to purchase a product or a service. I even joke with them about how all that training on dealing with tough customers is going to come in handy. I let them know that I have been recording all of the phone calls and the names of all of those I have been talking too. Remember. Hold your ground. dates and people I have talked with. we all need to know about it. Every company in the world is aware of the damage of audio recordings if they have indeed dropped the ball and have been giving you the runaround. here is a link to the audio. Once that recording hit the Internet.. then let them know that you know how to find someone that can. I let them know that the combined recordings of broken promises. I let them know that I know how to set up a web page (if you don’t. and the general runaround will make a great streaming audio file from my website.

With TrainerStudio. Churches can now use the power of TrainerStudio to expand their reach in their congregation. Training reports can be created at the click of a mouse and easily exported to Excel. TrainerStudio can be used to easily create online training courses for volunteers. visit http:// www.Press Releases TrainerStudioä Makes it Possible for Every Church to Use the Power of Online Learning Fridaynoon. CTKU. and world. LLC has announced the release of its new comprehensive online teaching and training software tool. Jon Skiffington. The best way to experience the power of TrainerStudio is to visit the website http://www.trainerstudio. Christ the King Community Church in Mount Vernon.00 per month to have their own personal learning portal on the Internet to publish and track training.00 and just $39.ctk. low cost. publish it to a demo and download the free Demo version. TrainerStudio is a powerful.trainerstudio. – The latest. and discover the fun and ease of using TrainerStudio for creating online courses and or a full blown online school. state-of-the-art version of “Community Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 7 . You also receive your own personal web address and learning portal to host your training courses. The simple publishing system gets your training online quickly and easily to your own personalized learning portal. or contact our Church Training Specialist. This is 1000’s of dollars less expensive then other online learning systems. Kan. missions. You can visit CTKU at http://www. Users can create a course. publishing. and tracking of online training. Create More Personal Connections LEAWOOD. For more information about TrainerStudio. Fridaynoon President. churches can create unlimited courses with unlimited students for the one time licensing fee of just $249. Washington has used TrainerStudio to create an online school. small groups. TrainerStudio. online training solution. jon@trainerstudio. “We developed this product with the desire to make the creation of online learning simple and affordable for everyone!” says Paul Evanson. community. Now with TrainerStudio. simple to use. TrainerStudio’s Learning Management System allows for the convenient tracking of training by student or The present high cost of online training systems has put it out of the reach of most churches. TrainerStudio’s full featured authoring tool allows for the quick and easy creation of training courses. you receive a full featured elearning system for the authoring. discipleship Latest Neighborhood Outreach Software Allows Churches to Attract More Visitors. at 1-888-216-8171 x705 or email.

president of The Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth.” The church has been a Mapping Center user since 1999. Honorary board members include Dr. making outreach far more effective. 8 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . yet user-friendly service is designed around the latest mapping technology. in a powerful way. The result is a considerable financial savings.mappingcenter. outreach effectiveness can be monitored and enhanced. It attracts visitors and ensures personal connections. Larry Lewis. “All this fits in extremely well with existing church software systems. “Community Connector” connects members to leaders. enhances follow-ups and tracks small group growth. and Dr. Campus Crusade for Christ. and we continuously have new people who choose to become attendees and then members. maps contacts and groups. Stephen Douglass. The Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth (www. Toby Frost. SBC. is now available for pastors and ministry leaders. Frankly. They can determine which current members live closest to a visitor. announced today. assigns prospective members to leaders. especially in their neighborhoods. George Barna. Barna Research Group. ‘Care areas’ can be created.” he In turn.” a desktop technology that enables churches to attract more visitors and create more personal connections. North American Mission Board. Mission America Coalition.Connector. “Community Connector’ brings church members much closer to one another. tracks housing relocations. And it works! “We do monthly mailings to our neighbors and periodic mass mailings to the 3. is a not-for-profit ministry created in 1997 to facilitate the mobilization of the Body of Christ in America. The desktop application with current year and five-year projected demographics tied to an all-new premium mapping system can replace residential mailing lists that churches currently must purchase for each mailing. we know of nothing like it on the market. Luke Smith. Va. Needs by neighborhood can be assessed from demographic information. The new edition also features customizable personal contact forms for door-to-door visits. “This 10th-anniversary edition gives church leaders a new vision of their community. “We have a steady flow of visitors as a result. manages groups. said Smith. 888-627-7997). The multifaceted.” said Smith.” Smith said. The program can print mailing labels for every home in a neighborhood. Address correction and CASS certification for bulk mailings are other components.000 closest households to our church.” said Pastor Keith Boyette of the Wilderness Community Church in Spotsylvania. Unlimited mailing lists are available.

where you can download articles including their notorious “10 things you should know” articles. tures which include everything from software screen shots to some computers that have been the absolute worst victims of dust bunnies I think I have ever seen. As I mentioned last month. I www. When I look at the latest emerging sites. This site can be used to 9 .filehippo. Response is a great way to build a relationship with the webmaster and the other readers depending on which type of response you are using. voice. but I wanted to include it to make sure that everyone is familiar with it. emails.TechRepublic. Response is also a tool that can be used by the webmaster to get feedback on the site and to keep people coming back through a relationship. you can.scottdhoward@gmail. I think most of you will agree that relationships are important in many aspects of our lives as we strive to glorify our Lord by serving Him! Here are this month’s sites! www. forums. blogs. whitepapers. is their layout. In 1996 they started what you would call an internet library. I would have to say that the download section is my favorite part of This is a fairly popular site for the information technology industry. One thing that I really like about filehippo. the Internet has exploded with a vast amount of information and This is a very handy site to have at your fingertips for downloading some of the hottest new applications available. the one feature I notice most of them having is a place for Blog Sites and More t is great to be back again this month to share a few more of my favorite blogs and sites. The site includes articles. it is simple and easy to work This site has brought about a great concept to the digital offers that you may not see on other sites is that they archive the old versions of the software so that if you need to go back to an older version because something didn’t work properly or you just did not like it. forums. or contact forms. instant messaging. One feature that filehippo. Response can come in many forms including comments.Scott Howard’s hotPics Scott Howard . The majority of the applications are freeware but there could be some shareware or commercial demos so they have included a filter in case you prefer not to mess with them. and picChristian Computing® Magazine April 2007 provides a lot of valuable information to all levels in the IT field

So if you have a good idea. verse of the day. Antoine has some great perspectives on the merging of these two subjects in his regular postings. http://pastorhacks. I believe that Antoine has some valuable wisdom when it comes to keeping on track and balancing technology with our Christian lives.find lots of information including the changes and trends of the internet and various webpages. I truly think that PastorHacks can be used by many other people besides just pastors and I thank God for people like Bob who can help people do their best. PastorHacks are written by Bob Hyatt who is a pastor himself in Portland Oregon. The site has no doubt been built on a professional level and they are members of the American Library Association. One feature that I would point you to immediately would be The Way-back Machine which is the first box on the screen under the Web tab. It is pretty much self explanatory so I will let you try it out This is a Christian blog that focuses on mobile This is a blog designed to help pastors be more productive so that you can spend more time working on what you need to be working on.mobileministrymagazine. 10 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . www. MMM also includes mobile RSS. I am sure he would love to hear about it. I really like the variety of posts that he tends to have while still staying within his particular niche. MMM was started in 2004 as a magazine and has evolved now to include a blog with a team of nine supporting this ministry. One thing that I would point out is that he encourages people to send him ideas of ways that pastors can get “more done better”. and the headlines of the latest from OneNewsNow. It should also be noted that Internet Archive works hand in hand with the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.

in technology. Through Christ’s death and resurrection. However. that we can have victory over sin and that His way of salvation is true. At first it doesn’t appear that anything has happened. I understood from Gods’ Word that I was a sinner and that no matter how hard I tried to be “good” I would never be able to cover my failures and sins. Retry or Ignore. If you are in a game that can’t be won.finding god in today’s technology Steve Hewitt . and my willingness to accept his gift of salvation. if you want to always win a game. there is an “Easter Egg” that you can use to get a win. Hit the Abort key. in FreeCell. I knew God’s laws and commandments. D 11 . Shift and F10 keys all at once. is a secret “back door” access or feature that a programmer has added to a computer program. and the fact that we have a savior that beat death and resurrected from the grave. There was simply no way I could ever win God’s approval or meet his expectations and be able to stand in His glory with my sin.steve@ccmag. For example. but when you double-click on any card in the game. I came to realize that the game of life was Salvation Is An Easter Egg Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith. the game will finish and declare you the winner. I don’t know who started the tradition of calling computer shortcuts Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 and programmer backdoors “Easter eggs” but it serves as a great reminder that it is because of Easter. Thankfully God provided an “Easter egg” that could give me the victory in the midst of my hopeless condition. An Easter egg. This is an example of a computer program “Easter egg”. by using the “Easter egg” you can gain victory! Salvation reminds me of a computer Easter egg. God’s grace has provided salvation for me and all who will come to Him. and I tried to do my best to keep them. and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: o you know what an “Easter egg” is? I am not talking about those boiled eggs or candy eggs that we give out to children on Easter. This will cause a window to pop up in FreeCell that says “User-Friendly User Interface” with the option to Abort. regardless of how hopeless the game might be going. No matter how hopeless the Freecell game might appear. hold the Ctrl.

Recently. and experiential ways. F iLumina Gold Premium is Bible software for both the Mac and PC platforms. seminary students and Sunday School teachers. Soon he realized that in order to tap into the true potential of recent technological advances. After a decade of hard work and long hours. . Many user groups include homeschool families. he had to make a choice between the safety of his job in Manhattan and God’s call on his life to make the Bible truly an interactive experience. iLumina appeals to today’s tech-savvy generation. “One of my first investors wasn’t neces12 April 2007 sarily a Christian or a church-goer. Video. Nelson’s vision has come to life through iLumina. new. until recent times. Nelson Saba. too often lament that fact. Tyndale House Publishers has rolled-out their newest and most-up-to-date version of iLumina called iLumina Gold Premium. documentary videos. 360-degree virtual tours of 25 major sites in Israel. he started tearing up when he saw compelling. The idea started almost a decade ago when Nelson Saba was a Vice President of Technology in Citibank’s headquarters in New York. visual magic of Disney and Universal Pictures for future iLumina editions. He has witnessed how iLumina’s visual experience of the Bible has even touched the hearts and lives of non-Christians. “yet. He started in his basement on nights and weekends virtually recreating the Tabernacle based on the best biblical research.” So many people today learn and experience life through video screens. Thousands of photos. that interaction has been limited to the written words and the reader. iLumina was designed by its creator. yet at a value price. Most iLumina users will find that there are additional features in this version since many key features from the Parent & Teacher edition of Ilumina are now contained in the new iLumina Gold Premium package. to 500+ cable channels. animated scenes from the Bible. For the first time ever. reading the Bible has been an interactive process. especially because of the multi-media. and photos populate every page of the Bible on iLumina’s various screens. . But. Nelson saw that the recent advances in computer-generated animation technology gave him an opportunity to recreate virtually the places where Jesus. and animations of the key scenes from the life of Jesus make iLumina the most interactive. there’s a better way to react to these cultural changes: we can harness this technology to communicate God’s Word in powerful. . Pastors also Christian Computing® Magazine .iLumina Gold Premium is Bible software for both the Mac and PC platforms or centuries. and Solomon walked. to bring the Bible into the multimedia-savvy 21st century and allow people to experience the Bible visually like they had never done before.” says Nelson. We. Nelson Saba is now based out of Orlando and is continuing to harness the talent of people who have helped create the digital. Even the early Bible software programs were essentially the pro cess of putting a lot of books on a set of discs for your computer with a powerful search engine. readers of God’s Word could experience the Bible the way it happened through a virtual experience. multimedia Bible available today. graphic-oriented approach. who is used to seeing photos and video clips on their cell phones and watching everything from YouTube. Yet. virtual tours. as Christians.

Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 13 .

is committed to meeting that challenge. iLumina offers the New Living Translation and the King James version. Small groups can delve into more than 1000 small group discussion guides which cover every chapter in the Bible. Animations can be seen on an individual level. much like Mapquest® programming. There are numerous Bible study features offered in iLumina. The URL is www. Nelson Saba. multi-media component you need to evaluate iLumina Gold Premium. There will only be one selection highlighted.find the software provides visual tools to enhance their sermons. The user can select the movie. and small groups. When the user selects each of the menu items. however. to cell phones – Christians are able to reach many people. which serve as excellent teaching tools for homeschoolers. These versions can. colorful and energetic.ilumina. Plus. iLumina contains the Life Application Study BibleTM. All the visuals will be actual films of the software in action. These photos can be exported and inserted into . iLumina contains realistic. it is a very unique and lively bit of programming. For people looking for interactive Bible software that brings an interactive. and they are richly done. iLumina Gold Premium is available through local Christian book stores. For users who want multiple versions of the Bible. One menu will be a drop down that will be a duplicate of the drop down menu you would find in the iLumina software package. This interactive feature really brings the Bible to life. These are animations suitable for all ages. Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 . in each drop down menu. iLumina allows the user to zoom in from an aerial view to a close-up view. because the tutorial is self-guided while still being visually engaging because of the movie feature. The second menu on the iLumina interactive tutorial will be a static menu that will appear on the right side of the screen. But. There is also a read through the Bible in one year 14 program through iLumina’s One Year Bible® reading plan. The movie can be started and stopped at any time. a selection list of mini-movie clips will appear on the screen. The most engaging feature is the ability to toggle from ancient times to present day. They are short animations. not too juvenile. These new technologies makes God’s written word as abundant as ever – a wonderful testimony to the commitment of Christians trying to reach out to others with the living words of God. iLumina’s virtual tours of 25 major holy sites are helpful for teaching all levels of learners – from Sunday School to seminary. and charts. or movies. look around in 360 degrees and virtually “walk around” the site as if they are in the Holy Land. satellite photo maps. or can be printed and used as visual enhancements to Bible lessons. church congregations. one can watch a video where the chaplain of the tomb shares facts and details about the holy site. but of those 15 features. be seen side by side on screen to help with comparative study. The user can navigate through these maps quickly and easily. so they are most helpful in augmenting Biblical passages and Bible studies. There are about 15 key features for Ilumina. They are full color. This iLumina on-line tutorial will be a self-guided tour that will have two unique menus. you can walk up to the table of shewbread and see how this sacred cabinet opened up and how the loaves of bread were stored inside. quizzes. Another key feature is iLumina’s collection of over 1000 photos of the Holy Land which is both extensive and valuable. iLumina’s animation is of special interest to homeschool situations because the animations are Biblically accurate. as if the software were loaded on one’s computer. there are numerous lessons. iLumina only provides two. through his partnership with Tyndale House on iLumina. iLumina also provides a Bible encyclopedia for study. iLumina’s interactive Bible Atlas contains over 200 interactive. The highlighted item will be selectable and you will be able to get a visual feel for what iLumina has to offer in each particular section of the software program. From the internet. items. Tyndale House Publishers has an iLumina web site for iLumina and. animated films on the life of Christ. several are quite unique in comparison to other Bible software packages. at the Garden tomb. he/she wants to view and then will be shown a short movie clip that will teach the viewer about the key features offered in iLumina. and more. There are also many documentary videos that feature people talking about the details relative to the specific geographical sites. There are numerous items on these tours that you can interact with on screen. For instance. iLumina’s virtual reality features have been programmed with much care in order for it to remain biblically accurate. For instance. This format allows for maximum flexibility. One can be on a virtual tour in first century Jerusalem and immediately be transported (on screen) to that same spot in 20th century Jerusalem with one click of the mouse. they report. that by late spring 2007 the website will have an interactive demo on line so that potential users can evaluate the software at their convenience. we have just scratched the surface of what recent and future technologies can do to make the Bible a visual experience that is exciting and compelling for those people in our culture who constantly entertain themselves and learn through video. A user can take a virtual tour of these key holy sites. however. iLumina’s search feature will allow you to find photos on a variety of sites. or projected for large groups.

With a laptop. but it isn’t. you can have maximized applications on two of them and use the third for interruptions. we are big believers in multiple monitors. No more clicking aimlessly on the taskbar trying to find the one window you want. Just leave it up on one of the screens while you use a different app on the A Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 15 . It both simplifies workflow and expands the workspace. All the laptops we sell have either VGA or DVI ports on the back. No station has fewer than 2 screens. Read More: To learn more about the benefits of using multiple monitors as well as some tips on how to get started check out http://www. you can even have seperate backgrounds on the screens. Just connect the monitor to the VGA/DVI port and enable and size the second screen using Display Properties in the Control Panel. The article linked at the bottom describes everything. and most have 3. This might seem like overkill. having an extra screen is easy. With 3 Multiple Monitors: Enjoy a Productivity Boost t PowerNotebooks.Donald@PowerNotebooks.inside the box Donald Stratton .pcmech. If you so desire.

yet the FCC has made their Fujitsu Computer Systems To Offer Flash Drives in Notebook Computers To Replace Hard Drives You might have thought of flash drives as something your camera or MP3 player might use. you might be in trouble if you visit a site that is using animated cursors. visit http://www. Even the hour glass that flips over and over is an animated cursor. The Commerce Department plans to give most anyone who applies for one a $40 coupon to buy a no-frills converter box — limited to two per household. For more information. the result of the technology is still grey.latimes.forbes.6044345. Yet Technology May Not Be The Reason After a two year study. However. all broadcast TV stations will shift from sending their signals in analog. Microsoft later announced that they would patch the problem on April 10. Because flash drives are solid state and have no moving parts. Digital converter boxes will be available on the market for around $50. However. but because of the swift increase in those seeking to use the security hole. they are ideal for notebook and portable computers since they can survive impacts far more severe than hard drives. the FCC has decided to retain its ban on the use of cell phone use while flying on a plane. Microsoft has been slow to move on it and recently. when the price comes down.msnbc. If they have an older set. Security companies also noted a sharp rise in those seeking to exploit the The new drives will cost $500 and $1. Around 80% of Americans receive their television from cable or satellite and won’t be affected by the change. This problem was first discovered and reported last December. The department has budgeted nearly $1.story?coll=la-headlines-technology Microsoft Issues Patch To Fix Animated Cursor Vulnerability Have you ever gone to a website and seen your cursor change from an arrow to some cute animation? Sometimes you get a string of dots that move and bounce around the screen. including one spam message and one company claimed they had noted over 100 websites exploiting the code.300. For more information. So. for example. It was feared that such use could cause some disruption to cell phone users on the ground. The downside is their cost. But an estimated 70 million TVs are hooked up to antennas presently.NOW you can listen to the CCMag NewsBriefs directly from the CCMag Website (www.html FCC Says NO To Cell Phones On Planes. they have a lot of additional visit http://www. what is important to note is that they are now reaching sizes that can replace hard drives. Another popular one I remember from years back was a clock that would break apart and bounce around as you moved the cursor. They can boot faster.5 billion. For more information. They based it on the feedback they have received from thousands of people who basically said that having to listen to one sided conversations droning on for hours in a closed and confining environment would be too much for people to handle. If you do not do automatic updates. a couple of sites in China posted code on how hackers could use the security hole. enough for about 34 million converters. you will not have to purchase a new TV. If you have an old set. do not know about the new digital sets or the switch to a digital signal. It turns out that this coding allowed for the bad guys to use the animated cursor to send malware into your computer. I expect they will one day re16 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . visit 20% of TV’s May Go Dark in 2009 In less than two years. Fujitsu has developed two that can do the work of some hard drives. their TV’s will just go black! Another survey showed that 61% of those who rely on broadcast TV. However. they moved up the patch and updated earlier this month. to a new federally mandated digital signal. They are introducing notebook computers with Samsung drives in the 16 GB and 32 GB flash drives instead of hard drives. and are still using an antenna. surveys show that 1 in 5 of the residents in Los Angels. still use rabbit ears or a roof top antenna to receive the major networks’ broadcast. However. New technology was being developed to allow cell phone calls to be channeled from planes to the ground while flying. However. For those that might find it hard to purchase such a box.ccmag. use less power and generate less heat.msn. However.

At this point. And Time Warner (AOL) is working to release a new search engine that will use technology specifically designed to help users find online videos. My first computer stored data and programs on a cassette tape recorder. the good news is. For more information.washingtonpost. both those produced by the major networks. And. finding what you are looking for based upon a minimal of information. For more information. the battery was a spare that had come into contact with a metal object in the same bag. TV Guild to the rescue. For more information. many countries in Europe started cases against Apple because they think it is unfair that songs purchased on iTunes can only be played on an Apple iPod. In February. Apple has claimed they have little choice since their deal with music providers required them to include DRM.cfm?alias=google-tests-directory as&chanId=sa003&modsrc=reuters Digital Rights Management Protection On Songs May Soon Die Away Digital Rights Management (DRM) was designed to ensure that a song purchased over the net would not end up being redistributed to others for free. visit http://www. the airlines want it to take place where they can access Steve Jobs (Apple) declared that he was Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 17 . Second. it will become more frustrating for individuals to find out what is available. each in a wrapped plastic container that will prevent it from coming into contact with other metal As this trend grows. While I was reading about their service. and quickly received the names. locations and phone numbers of the eight closest grocery stores. no one wants to prohibit the transportation or use of notebook computers on airline flights. which requires you to know the name and address of the company you are trying to find. Phone calls to 411 generate over $9 billion. I tried it. They do not play to provide information on the growing trend of user videos such as those available on sites like YouTube. Then I moved to those REAL 5. it is free. Last Sunday a fire started after a battery overheated aboard an American Airlines flight leaving Argentina. visit http://www. and a variety of devices. and Europe has not been excited about the way it works. By calling 1800-Goog411 (1-800-466-4411) you can do local searches for that for now. like Zip drives. then the 3.infoworld. passengers should never pack batteries in their checked luggage. For more information. Samsung has announced that this quarter they will be releasing a 64 GB hard drive. The big question is if TV Guide online will find itself in competition with the other search engines. However. they are now going to launch a site that will check around 60 different sites and provide you a listing of what is available with links to the site. In some cases they allow clips from popular shows to be viewed. Google certainly has shown that they believe online videos are the future with their purchase of YouTube. And. then hard drives. First. all of which were soon outdated after you purchased them. visit http://www. Sigh. In fact. I notice my wife watching a segment from American Idol on her computer. Now it appears that this is becoming a real concern for the airlines. For more information.msn.html Airlines Issue Warning About Batteries and Potential In-Air Fires We have all heard about the massive battery recalls due to the concern for notebook batteries overheating and causing fires. third. visit http://www. Google’s 411 directory search works similar to an Internet search. DRM has been a pain for users. hard cards.5 floppies. but steps are being taken to help curb the threat of an onboard fire. The fire was put out and the plane returned safely.sciam.25 inch floppy drives. and those produced by end users. If there is going to be a problem. made available from Yahoo TV’s site. airline personnel are being trained in how to fight these small fires and to gain control quickly.html Who Is Going To Be the “TV Guide” For Online Video Broadcasts? How About TV Guide? The major networks are putting more and more broadcast TV on the Internet. Google is moving into your business. Google has been working on a voice activation system to allow people to call into their service using any phone (land line or cell phone) to search for services in their area. I liked this approach for searching much better than calling traditional 411. but in other cases they are putting entire shows up on the Net. meaning I am getting old. visit http://www. with users paying around $1 for a call to directory assistance. passengers are being encouraged to pack their spare batteries carefully. A fire in the luggage compartment would be difficult to fight in flight. However.informationweek. On February 10 of this year a fire broke out in the overhead bin of a JetBlue flight out of New York. that were intended to allow you to transfer large files (like 520 MB). one more advancement that leaves one more data storage device behind. Just as their publication has helped people find out what is available on their TV hard drives in desktop computers as well due to the speed and power Google Search Moves to 411 Look out phone companies.jhtml?articleID=198001830 In a related story.

against DRM and encouraged music recording companies to move away from the restriction. one of the top music recording companies. asic&articleId=9015898&intsrc=hm_list 18 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . For more information.computerworld. which has always been sold without any DRM protection. agreed. comes from songs copied off of a article. visit http:// www. EMI Group. Microsoft has announced this week that they are also working out deals with EMI Group and other recording companies to ditch DRM and make their purchased songs free of protection software. Those against the burdensome DRM point out that 80% of all songs loaded onto a MPG player. They have not given Apple permission to sell their songs on iTunes without DRM.

• Sweet Searching Bible Explorer Ltd. whenever your cursor is over a Scripture reference (whether in the text of a book or an index). the entire verse or passage will pop up for you to see. then Bible Explorer will come naturally to you. or double-click a word in the Bible text to bring up the Strong’s window. brings you the most complete search functions of any Bible software.bdasal@wordsearchbible.” and see every Strong’s number next to each word.. • Mouse-Over Magic You’re going to love this. Simply mouse over a Strong’s number and the definition automatically pops up. is equipped with “Talking Strong’s. It contains: • 16 Bible Translations • 11 Commentaries • 4 Devotionals • 4 Bible Dictionaries • 3 Greek & Hebrew Helps • 5 History/ Culture Works • 26 Bible History/OT Literature • 5 Study Notes Collections • 3 Topical/ Cross-Reference Works • 9 Maps/Photo Collections Where can you find the Bible Explorer . the importance of graduation in a student’s life. With Bible Explorer Ltd. • Super Strong’s Bible Explorer Ltd. Everything they need is there. it’s a Complete Biblical Library! H igh school and college graduation is a major milestone! Churches want to honor their graduates and giving a Bible seems fitting. including 16 Bible translations.95 in quantities of five (5) or more.Limited Edition retails for $69.Limited Edition package? WORDsearch is calling this their Dads and Grads Special Offer. Your graduates are walking into a complicated world and they need a solid understanding of God’s Word to live a full and meaningful life.95 but Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 .com.Limited Edition features include: • Infinite Bookshelf Your entire electronic library can be viewed and searched any time with this hierarchical filing system. with 2 menu buttons for searching: What does the Bible Explorer Limited Edition package include? The package is a careful selection of the most essential Bible study tools anyone can use. commentaries. You can help by providing them these study tools. This package would also be a wonderful Father’s Day gift so WORDsearch is calling it a package for GRADS & DADS Bible Explorer . this Dads & Grads gift idea is TREMENDOUS! 19 Bible Explorer . This outstanding Bible study library will help and encourage them for a lifetime.Limited Edition is affordable! A single copy Bible Explorer.Limited Edition is user friendly! Gone are the days of frustrating learning curves and thick User’s Manuals.Christianbook. If you’re comfortable using a web browser.95 for a single copy and $ Pastor – Looking for a wonderful way to honor your graduates? Bible Explorer Limited Edition Software Is Your Answer! More than a Bible. Your files are stored the same way your computer stores files on your desktop. WORDsearch’s Bible Explorer Limited Edition is a complete Bible study library that will provide study tools and resources to help your graduates to continue to grow in their understanding of God’s Word. As a former pastor who commemorated. for more than 20 years. It has an easy-to-use interface and a powerful search engine that makes exploring the Bible a true adventure. Just tell your KJV or NASB text to “Show Strong’s. This year give your graduates an entire BIBLE LIBRARY for less than the price of a Bible. and honored dads on Father’s Day. Bible Explorer .wordsearch word Bob Dasal .” This means you can actually hear any Greek or Hebrew word. It’s important to remember this is a limited time offer and is only available in fine Christian Bookstores that include: • Parable Christian Stores • Lifeway Christian Stores • Berean Christian Stores • Mardel Christian Stores You can also find it at www. dictionaries and other reference books. through this limited time SPECIAL OFFER the cost is only $15.

Similarly. the three points of which are motivation. We don’t want there to be any opportunity for a kid in a lab to gain access to the data on the administrative network. it makes sense for those with top secret files to use such devices as fingerprint scanners. we usually find poor password policies in place. Using biometrics instead of passwords eliminates these concerns! Christian Computing® Magazine Why Use Biometrics in a Ministry Setting? Most ministries have sensitive data on their computer systems like congregant and/or donor information. and more. It® notes stuck to their monitors! A colleague recently shared what his organization refers to as the Fraud Triangle. for years I used an HP iPAQ PDA that had this technology built in. It interfaced nicely with Windows Active Directory. rationalization. biometrics allows going beyond simple passwords to something much more secure. Though we can’t protect systems from the first two. we can protect them from opportunity. and opportunity. and voice print analyzers to protect them. about $120/ computer (networks sometimes require an additional software package). among others. and has a use in ministries! What is Biometrics? Biometrics refers to the use of tools that measure and analyze human characteristics for authentication purposes.DigitalPersona. allowing testimony that more uniquely identifies someone. In law enforcement we’ve seen them move from simple blood type and fingerprints to DNA. payroll records.U” workstation scanner and software from www. We tested and were very pleased with the “U. Consider the following two scenarios: • Many on church and ministry staff have notebook computers and PDAs with sensitive data on them. I knew my data was secure. Of course. Biometrics is a great way to do so. retina scanners. Biometrics in the Church! T hose of us who love watching 24 and other hightech shows can’t help noticing the use of biometrics to enhance their computer system security. so we’ve always recommended that computers used by kids not have a physical connection to the administrative network. These devices are easily stolen. And the cost is very reasonable. We see things like folks sharing their passwords with workmates and even putting them on Post20 April 2007 . The challenge is that having their systems completely separate make them more difficult (and costly) to support.nick@mbsinc. and does so with a smaller margin of error.are. It’s accuracy is rarely challenged successfully. • Many churches and ministries have a K12 school as part of their program. DNA is a much more accurate measurement.nick at church Nick Nicholaou . Working with many churches and ministries. and even come integrated in keyboards and notebook computers! In fact. Many states now have privacy laws and regulations requiring that these files be adequately protected. that technology is very These are the units sold by Dell. giving the thief access to that data. and was very simple to set up.

For them this isn’t a problem. Surprisingly. many churches and ministries that get CPA financial audits are finding that the security of their systems are being scrutinized much more closely since Enron. like financial institutions. and users never forget their passwords. Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 21 .Is It Worth It? Justifying the cost of technology in ministry is always a little tricky. is it worth nearly $4000 to secure their systems with biometrics? The cost to use biometrics needs to be measured against the cost associated with a security breach. Regarding biometrics. if your data were compromised. Biometrics is right for many church and ministry systems. it does happen! We once gained a client after their previous network engineering firm took a copy of their database and began renting it out as a mail list! So. That makes network administration easier while also making the network more secure. And while that doesn’t seem likely. They are having to demonstrate good security policies and practices. are so heavily regulated that they have large technology budgets. If an organization has 30 computers. how much might that hurt your ministry’s reputation? And how might that impact donations and offerings? Another Benefit: Simple Administration Biometrics are easy to set up. Some industries. the relatively low cost needs to be addressed almost like an insurance policy.

which does disable the splash screen but gives you only a black screen on startup. First. (Doc) Watson . Simple!” Thanks. If your PC is on. .ini. double-click on Christian Computing® Magazine . no one mentioned adding the “/SOS” switch in this method to accomplish the same thing. who I hear from on occasions like this and who is always entertaining.” Now. navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFT WARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\BitBucket. and Roger Scarlett. such as if startup fails (while loading drivers) you can see which driver is failing to load. Coolest of all. Second. not the list of drivers as does “/SOS. David Chambers. in which you can add the “/SOS” to the end of the long line: “multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) .net tech talk Hot Tips #31 T his month we revisit how to disable the Windows XP splash screen. who will receive a free copy of Windows Hot Tips 3. my faithful readers. Honorable mention and my thanks go to: Mike Blodgett. while all of you mentioned “Boot. 22 April 2007 Special mention also goes to Tim at Lors Computing. then leave it off.ini” directly. Disabling the Windows XP Splash Screen Revisited (Reader Challenge) Last month we discovered how to disable the Windows XP splash screen. His comment was: “KEEP YOUR FINGER AWAY FROM THE POWER BUTTON and you will not see the splash screen. If your PC is off. from whence you can resurrect it. Now click the “Edit” button to edit the startup options file manually.Dr. J. We’ll also discover a Registry tweak that will always delete a file instead of sending it to the Recycle Bin. you can edit the Registry so that pressing delete always deletes.D.” click “Properties. right-click “My Computer. The key idea I was looking for was to edit “boot.” the “Advanced” tab. was to find an alternate way of accomplishing the exact same thing. What you might not know is that you can set this so the Shift key is no longer needed. The challenge to you. You might even know that by holding down the Shift key you bypass the Bin and delete the file permanently. it automatically goes to the Recycle bin. in case you might want to see what’s going on behind it. First.” At any rate. open RegEdit. you all mentioned adding the “/NOGUIBOOT” switch. Third. in the right pane. . One way is to enter msconfig in the “Run” dialog box to display the “System Configuration Utility” and then select the “/SOS” switch on the “Boot. This opens “Boot. If you find yourself constantly using the Shift key.ini” in Notepad. More importantly. Instead.” no one included the procedure above. and then the “Settings” button in the “Startup and Recovery” area. we’ll see how to create perimeter toolbars that popup when you need them.ini” tab. then leave it on. Tim! Point taken! Setting the Recycle Bin to Always Delete You probably already know that when you delete a file. the first responder was John Simpson. Mark Thomasy. a Reader Challenge from last month.docwatson@nctelecom.

Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 23 .

Shazam! Now. Order yours today (it will be greatly appreciated). huh?). and 6 or more copies $12 each). left. . change the “Value data” to 1. PO Box 235.e. Bulk prices are: $6.” Creating Perimeter Toolbars Here is a slick trick. but printing costs demanded it). top. right? But you don’t. Figure 1. BTW. that enables you to create toolbars on the perimeter of the screen (i.50 (sorry for the rise in price. Meeker. There is an alternative. When you want it. left. Thanks again for your faithful support.” the toolbar disappears. 81641. copies $13 each.. Like its predecessors. If you’d like to help with costs (not required). In past tips we’ve covered how to create new toolbars on the Taskbar (right-click on an empty area and select “Toolbars>New Toolbar”). CO. each of which contains related tips. and this goes one better. 1 – Creating tion on CD is a toolbar on the still postage perimeter of the paid at $14 (2-5 screen. just move the mouse to the extreme edge where the toolbar is lurking and presto. however.50 for 10 or more copies. and click “OK.“NukeOnDelete” (great name.” All you have to do is left drag the “My Computer” icon on your Desktop as far to the right. This trick has been around a long time with the Task Bar. it makes a great quick reference because it’s divided into sections. Enjoy! “Windows Hot Tips 3” and More Windows Hot Tips 3 covers all the tips and other stuff presented in my column from January 2004 to January 2007 (including graphics). this wouldn’t really be all that cool if you had to minimize everything to get to it. Windows Hot Tips 1 and 2. By right-clicking an empty area and selecting both “Always on Top” and “Auto Hide.00 for 2-9 copies of the same title and $5. A single copy of each is $6. There are two other booklets in this Hot Tips series. and right). cooler yet. add 50 cents for any number of booklets you order. for example. God bless. shows one of these using “My Computer. Send orders to: MicroManuals. Note the context menu in Figure 1. or top as it will go (about half of it will disappear) and then drop it there. Doc’s Giant Utility CollecFig. this trick also works with “My Documents” or any folder you create on the Desktop.

com/2006/09/more-gadget-work-released.” since I can now monitor my small group connections. “My Church Life.” because it provides overview information on the statistics of your small groups.blogspot. Our goal at ACS Technologies is to I . A list of blogs I’m tracking. connections or calendar information. You can see. at a glance. the number of small groups. I encourage you to visit the blog and share your thoughts and opinions with me. There are hundreds of gadgets available from Google and third party providers. rather than expect them to go to the churches web site everyday and login to check for We call this one “Small Groups Metrics.campbell@acstechnologies. Last Fall they released the first ACS Google Gadget (http:// acsdev. http://halcampbell. Gadgets & Widgets This month I’m including an article from my blog. You can check out the details at the ACS Development blog (http://acsdev. Mashup. my outreach connections and even events from my Google page. How could we incorporate this into our product? After imagining how much work it would be for our programmers. The Google Personalized Home page is an example of a Mashup. BTW. Everytime I go to Google I’ll also have information that’s important to me. I met with the programmers and they started working on the project. We have had such positive feedback since our first ACS Google Gadget release that we’ve just released our second gadget in February. SC and and new members added that week and the previous week. Then we could deliver content to places on the Web where people will more likely ACS Ideas to Impact Mashups. With this information pastors and church leaders can keep a pulse on the small group activity in their church. the industry and technology in general. it then occurred to me that we don’t need to duplicate what Google has done. leaders. All we need to do is allow ACS data/information to be available to be added to a Google Personalized Home page. Italy (where my daughter studied last semester). Google has given us a place where we can get all of our content on the Google search page by using Google Gadgets.hal. We called this one.Hal Campbell .blogspot. learned a new word recently. I started a blog to share my thoughts on the company. Things like the weather in Florence.html) that connects a member’s Google Personalized Home page to ACS. because I’m such an enthusiastic supporter of gadgets and widgets. the development staff refers to them as Halets. and delivers information to them through their Google page. The latest news stories. As I was working on my Google page it occurred to me that our clients needed this capability too. members. I don’t think that name will stick. What a great idea. Hal Campbell Software and Technology in the Church.

make accessing your information easier for the church administrator to the church member. which provides software solutions to more than 22. Hal Campbell is president and CEO of ACS Technologies in Florence. please visit http://halcampbell.000 churches and faithbased Similiar to how Outlook let’s you know you have new email.blogspot. These are the first of a series of small bite sized delivery methods to get content to where your members and staff spend their time. To view this blog or to see a list of other ACS blogs. the new ACS Widget will let you know when you have a new or outstanding assignment or connection from your church. 26 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . including our development blog (http:// acsdev. Integrating what they do as a part of their life outside the church and making it easier than ever to stay connected to their church. We are soon looking to release an ACS Widget that will deliver the same information to your dektop. We are also working to increasingly integrate our products so it is also easier for you to administer your data. South Carolina. better Utilizing the Web allows us to expand the boundaries of our church and makes it possible for increased involvement. With the demands on our time and resources it is important for us to take advantage of the technology available to help simplify our lives and our jobs.blogspot. and enhanced outreach.

She was over 400 pounds. as in a traditional letter to the editor. who tracks the political and social impact of the Internet as director of Annenberg’s Center for the Digital Future.Internet Ministry Walt Wilson . Private thoughts. 27 W . are trying to strike the right balance. On even the most innocuous sites — a parenting message board. All of a sudden there’s a place we can go to express them. e’ve coined a term in our ministry (www. Intimate because they tell us things they might never say in a face-to-face conversation.waltccm@aol. struggling to find ways to keep their readers involved in an increasingly digital and interactive world. The wonder of the Internet allows them to pour out their deepest fears and concerns to us because there is no one else they feel free to turn to. with no one to filter it. “We have a lot of opinions out there.” “It’s all things said reflexively. The pregnant woman’s case fueled debate at the Orange County Register. Some news organizations. for example — anonymity often leads to the type of response that would hardly be likely if names were attached. “The Internet really amplifies Two Sides to Online Anonymity Civil discourse is in free fall on the Internet.” There are examples everywhere of anonymous comments that cause harm. Anonymous because we don’t know these people. or went past the diner table. When a California woman recently gave birth to a healthy baby just two days after learning she was pregnant.” says Cole. leading to private conversation. now find their way into the public domain through the Internet. of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California. without thinking.” Add to that the freedom that anonymity provides. nor do they know us. All of this is yet another example of how the Internet — and the anonymity it affords — has given a public stage to people’s nastiest thoughts. ones that in earlier times likely never had a public outlet. Not a good thing.GlobalMedia Outreach. What she definitely didn’t need was a deluge of nasty Internet to describe what we observe in relationship to those who come to us seeking help – “anonymous intimacy”. Perhaps this is all well and good in a ministry context but not so good when personal information is posted to a newspaper website. “My guess is that if you went back to these people. the sudden change to her life was challenging enough. One of the reasons this woman did not know she was pregnant was her weight.” says Jeffrey Cole. Every three seconds someone logs on to one of our 41 sites seeking help. “They’d be embarrassed. based on a photo of her home. and it “can lead to a rowdy Wild West situaChristian Computing® Magazine April 2007 tion.” And if you asked them to add their name. Nevertheless people felt the need to publicly comment. he says. who’s Web site had only recently added a public comment section after news stories. a lot of them would have second thoughts. Postings on message boards made cracks about her weight and analyzed her housekeeping ability. 28 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine .Read CCMag’s Review of our LogosGiving Service! CLICK HERE (for our PDF readers) or visit www.

language is more specific about what the site expects from those who post. Now. Nothing has really changed over the centuries and technology cannot be blamed for this decline in social behavior. not have church people calling. in response to staff concerns about inappropriate and nasty posts. and how a comment can be deputy editor Jeff Light says the site has modified its message board. However. I cannot tell my parents. we can now let it fly as though we had license. “The comment area is not a journalistic space. Harm can be much greater when people are singled out by name on the Web. Using it as a launching pad for verbal attacks is an abuse that should have no place in public or private communication.” says Yahoo spokesman Brian Nelson. There are other cases far more serious in which anonymous intimacy plays a vital role. or just feeling embarrassment about the nature of the question. only six weeks old.www. and those who have never heard of Him will understand”. Light says. Ideally. Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 29 . People bombard us with questions all day long about Jesus because they can remain anonymous. “The point is for people to react freely. with the goal of finding a new system that doesn’t let a small group of vocal users dominate the discourse. Given anonymity. and how. Anonymous intimacy offers the freedom to get past the embarrassment. We see this happening daily. Can you please help me?” She then went on to tell us exactly what she had been involved in. and it costs them nothing. We cannot lose sight of the fact that Internet is spreading the Gospel – the Good News – to people who have never before heard. among other changes. The technology genie is out of the bottle and what is needed is a dose of self-control. and some who are cast out by family and friends. they would never have known. Consider the words of Isaiah: “Those who have never been told about Him will see. There are people living in cultures in which they can be killed for embracing Jesus Christ. “Our hope is to raise the value of the conversation.” he says. This is a good thing. However. seen or experienced the message of Jesus Christ.” Is that such a good idea? Yahoo News took down its message boards completely in December. I have no outlet. that should determine what is discussed. my Bible study leader.OCRegister. Consider this example from a young woman in college: “I have recently made a decision to accept Jesus Christ and my life has been changed. What technology has done is provide the platform for what people have always thought but just never said. who employs about 40 parttime “agents” on what he calls “search and destroy” missions against unwarranted Internet attacks. Were it not for this. it’s the users. Anonymous intimacy allows those who live in oppression to investigate the claims of Christ on the Internet and responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in private. I still live with guilt. “It takes one person 20 minutes to destroy your reputation.” says Michael Fertik. not the site’s operators. or the girls in my dorm what I have done in the past. Anonymous intimacy has its place in God’s plan. such attacks can hurt someone’s career or home life. There are millions who face arrest for such a decision. we can’t skip over that fact that anonymous intimacy provides the opportunity to gather information without revealing how dumb we are or embarrassing ourselves.

Christian Computing® Magazine Y It’s in the fine print If you read most clip art program’s fine print you agreed to when you purchased it (just because you didn’t take time to read it doesn’t make it less binding). or brand. but so far I have not found any companies willing to allow you to use images for logos (if you know of one. Part of being successful at both goals is the creation and use of logos. you can’t use it for a logo and if you have done that. etc. “most” be30 April 2007 . Even collections that are quite costly and can be used for commercial purposes most still cannot be used for logos. many people.” It is much more legally complex and involved than most church leaders realize. clip art isn’t a unique representation of anything. it is also quite manageable if you understand your issues and options. What has made this issue fuzzy and complex today is that because it is possible to digitally copy anything. even if you find an image that seems “perfect” for a logo (and many professional artists would argue that no clip art fits into that category). But many of the major companies that churches use for clipart are quite specific about not allowing this. you’ve broken copyright law. cause I am still in the process of researching many firms. Limiting clip art use for logos is also a financial protection for artists. but. email me at yvonprehn@aol. if I find some. interviewing. You paid for them didn’t you? Yes.yvonprehn@aol. This is incredibly important because “the logo. you want ministries targeted to specific groups to stand out. read I will update this on my website (www. it’s yours to do with what you want. I use the term. it’s an image lots of people can use in lots of ways.. To make certain your logo is legal. Why the problem The core issues here involve copyright protection for images and the necessity of churches to respect the laws and guidelines involved. There are a couple of reasons for this. it is the embodiment of an organization1Something this important requires the attention of more than a person or committee assigned to come up with “something that looks good. who consider logo creation a specialized creative activity with commensurate increased payment involved. is not just an Is your church logo legal?… and why it’s important to know ou want people to recognize your church and within the church.thelionsvoice. there are thousands of great images in clipart collections and on the web that might seem “perfect” to use as a logo. First of all. a logo is supposed to be a unique representation of who you are. most state that you cannot use any of the images for logos. When this comes to church logos. and by definition. however.Ministry communication Yvon Prehn . even some in churches somehow assume that if you can copy it.

Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 31 .

www. and if the artist is serious about logo creation. In addition. Additional projects can be created for very reasonable prices also. but observing them is also the law of the land. For a set . If you have the money. a design firm in Canada that creates fantastic custom logo designs for churches: www. These designs are pre-done. The financial challenge of logos If you attend a large church or any size church with a very large advertising budget (don’t fall off your chair laughing— a few churches do have that).com. I have prepared an additional publication: All about logos: rules. You want the logo in a form you can use in the church office? Do you want it in various graphic formats so you can use it in the web. I’ll present the solutions below with the most expensive down to the least expensive.lulu. Exclusive creation of a logo image and exclusive and varied use of that image are typically costly propositions. semi-custom logos. or on PowerPoint? All of these usually require an additional fee. One wonderful exception Even stating all the above. thing—it is custom and they will work with you on revisions. would begin a rather lengthy process to study.ministrybeehive. if you use any professional group to do it. That’s just the start of the process and the expense. being one of the best known that also offer what they call. understand and then to crystallize the heart of the church into a visual representation—a logo. 32 April 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . but if you don’t have the money. If done in the manner that a large business would use.outreachmarketing. useful and great looking. Do you want the logo artist to create stationery? Business cards? Envelopes? Again. unless the costs below were negotiated as part of the initial package. usually between $100-$ reasons may not seem important to many people wanting a cheap logo NOW. additional fees apply. In addition. this process can take many months and cost thousands of dollars. you will usually get a product that is professional. available at www. that will show you samples of the materials from the companies described below. but you can sometimes change the colors and fonts and of course you get your church name on them. resources and reviews. logo creation and legality is not a problem if you have the money to commission an original and exclusive image. you aren’t finished with the costs once the logo is created. Semi-custom solutions There are a number of companies. Some of these companies sell you a disk with the file and all rights included. there is one exception to very high costs for custom logos. There are solutions: Before I get into this section—don’t let the first part of it depress you if you are a small church or ministry without much money. there are a number of additional options. in print. They charge $123 for the logo—and this is no cookie-cutter. once the logo is created. To get these logo benefits a church typically would hire a graphic artist. They are a fantastic company with a real heart for ministry and their work is topnotch. To not obey them is no different than downloading songs or swapping songs or movies or any other digital content illegally.

you can still put the image into other publications.churchartworks.some have rather interesting limits Church Management Software such as www. Some are good. you Trial versions. Extensive reports. company to print them. Some folks try to cobble together logos using clipart and text and grouping them.00 each). what can you do? There are a number of companies that sell logo-producing software and you can use them guilt-free because all the clipart in them is totally OK to use. For more information about my ministry. receipts. all of them have a particular style that you may or may not like. contribution statements. concern and prayers. I’d certainly check out www. When you try to resize something like that it never looks quite for Windows that gives you all rights except check out my website at www. It is also saved as ONE graphic unit.lulu. resources and reviews. the time or the money to learn it. “All about logos: rules. with a company like Outreach Marketing. In keting gives you very good rights (all Glen Gardner. (www. seminars and many free resources for church communicators. Treasurer: Budget. One other problem is that again. (Endnotes) 1 From Wikipedia “logo” entry. For more information on this topic. but you can’t change or modify it. some not so of them). we have proalso want to be sure you have the softvided financial accounting software for congregations and ministries of all sizes.ministrybeehive. print checks. Just because I labeled this section “Bargain basement” doesn’t mean these have to be less-than-adequate logos. Easy to use and affordable ($95. purchase orders.lulu.vian. to see reviews. check out my new downloadable dollar deal booklet. they are fantastic. Bargain basement approach One final way to legally produce logos is of course to do your own. committee lists. NJ 08826-3253 Web site: www. You may have someone in your church with fantastic creative you’ll see quite a few examples. Since 1985. It’s only $39—in my publication All about logos: rules. One I like quite a bit is LogoSmartz. you can save your final logo in a variety of file formats which makes it possible to be edited in whatever program you might have. For example. Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 33 . ® because they have a t-shirt printing VIANSOFT Contributions and Treasurer company and if you use their created Contributions: expenses. But if you can’t use clipart. there are no controls in place to prevent a church down the street from having exactly the same logo as you do. this means that when you resize it.(www. everything resizes instead—less money than many of these and your design is unique to your church. participation logo for t-shirts you have to use their (attendance). Unless you really like one of the semi-custom designs.logosmartz. income. a good eye and imagination. some come out pretty good-looking). but they may not have Illustrator. Outreach Mar452 West Hill Road Email: vian@vian. resources and reviews” at www. We want the Lord to bless our churches and ministries and we need to all pray for wisdom that whatever images we use to express ourselves are ones created with integrity. but I hope in the brief issues and options that I’ve addressed that you do see this is an area worth your attention. But sit them down with LogoSmartz and you may be amazed at what they can produce! Finally I know in this small amount of space I couldn’t answer every question about logos. You may not want to use these logos for your main church logo (and then again you might. Visit our web site for complete information and free When you purchase these. screen shots and more information about logo creation software and logo creation companies.thelionsvoice. pledges. but for many of the ministry groups in your ware to manipulate the logo if you Vian Corporation Phone 908-537-4642 need to. but their file is an Adobe Illustrator file and if you don’t have Illustrator.

” The first guide is for preparing a book study. I still wish it was there as I am a strange bird who actuChristian Computing® Magazine . After you click on a link from the above list and it takes you to the section for that step. They have one of the most extensive Help Systems available. Each item in the above list is a hyperlink which will take you directly to that spot in the study guide. If you installed BibleWorks 7. the printed page cannot be updated like an electronic help system can. I can understand their reasoning for not including it in the latest release. so you can not only read how to do things. Having now owned BibleWorks for the past three versions. Along the left hand side are links to videos that show you how to do that step. If the screen doesn’t appear. and how to do textual criticism.kevin@kevinpurcell. I have always been impressed with their level of support. Here’s hoping they are a free update. Recently I wrote about Logos’ new study templates. You click on “BibleWorks Study Guides” to open them. then you might have a Biblical Interpretation class right in the program’s help system. Also. the templates are no longer available. among other things. BibleWorks Getting Started Guides Many other Bible programs have similar offerings included in the basic software package. but also see it. then go to “Help” and then “Study Guides. then a help screen entitled “Getting Started” will appear when the program starts. They show how to prepare a research paper. It lists the basic steps for this kind of study. at the top of the window is a browser 34 April 2007 like toolbar with buttons for navigating the study guides. They were beta releases and according to Daniel Foster of Logos. which include: • Reading the Text • Develop an Outline of the Text • Identify Textual Variants • Compare Parallel Versions • Identify Key Words • Perform Word Studies. how to do an English only study. the company has not yet made a decision as to when they will be available again or how much they will cost. BibleWorks is one that has a huge selection of resources that can help you learn how to do anything from a Book Study to a Topical Study. Each section is not only a tutorial on how to do that step but also how to do it in BibleWorks. and • Check the Grammar” There is also a bibliography if you want to do some further reading on the subject or want to know their source for this study method.Higher Power With Kevin Kevin A. Purcell Using Built-In Bible Study Help Systems I f you own one of the topflight Bible Study software programs. then you are ready to learn how to do that step. Until version 7 they included a thick manual. As of early April 2007. They have always included a very nice Video Help System too. Besides the cost of printing such a manual. Purcell . and did not change a thing.

They are very complete and informative.htm).wikipedia. In fact the above focus mostly on how to use their software. WordSearch 7 is not as complete as Logos or BibleWorks in their help for general Bible Study technique and practice. you too can find online tutorials at their web site (http://www. this could be a good start in learning about the bible and then eventually how to do good interpretation.ccmag. Two other forms of help are available from BibleWorks. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary – They follow the best method. It was so helpful and the instructor was enjoyable to listen to. followed by consulting commentaries. and other parts.e-sword. One I recently discovered is Christian Courses available from RBC Ministries.logos. Two other helps for learning to do good Bible Study with WordSearch are the Video Tutorials and the link to a web page called “Methods of Bible Study” by and Advanced Bible. WordSearch Study Helps BibleWorks and Logos do not corner the market on study helps built into the program. One is the link to the Discussion Three of the links are of help to learn about bible study within the program. It gives news. Included are some videos and interaction to make it interesting. While I would much rather use a program like Thunderbird. Both allow you to search the bible and read commentaries and bible dictionaries right in your mobile browser.e-sword. I recently attended one of their training workshops at my alma mater. The direct link to this site is http://www. They too have some training resources for their software available in video form at http://www. But they are helpful and should be commended for going beyond the typical Windows Help File approach that most Bible Software companies include. One of the best is a tutorial entitled “How to Study a Bible Passage” in which it gives PC Study Bible specific information on doing good bible study. devotionals. You can sign up for them for free at http:// cc.html. WordSearch 7 (as well as Bible Explorer which is a rebrand version of the same software) has an opening screen that has hyperlinks to the various areas of the program. I went through a few of these to test them for church reads manuals from cover to cover. Other Helpful Tools The most popular. Here you can get help using the program but also with general bible study and even Christian Living issues and prayer support. New Testament.” The last one is not so much a method of study but a philosophy. go to http://en. He covered a lot in a little time. Old Testament. free Bible Study software has to be e-Sword (available for free download with dozens of free and low cost add-ons at be3/howtostudy. For a lay person or a minister who has not had the benefit of a seminary education. or by going to www. A. Of course there is a plethora of material online to help in learning to do good bible study. links to the library. When you click it you will have a “newsgroups” style discussion forum that connects you to other WordSearch and Bible Explorer users from within the program. Here you will find tips and advice for studying God’s word topically. then cross reference study. then I suggest asking your software for help! Know of other useful helps in this area or of a Bible software package that does a good job of teaching good Bible study methods? Send me an email at kevin@kevinpurcell. If you want to learn to do better bible study with your software. Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 35 .org/wiki/Usenet for a helpful Wikipedia and study in four basic areas – Christian Living.pdf) and Mobile Bible at support/tutorials/index.christiancourses. do language which is to Outlook Express or some other dedicated Usenet newsgroup client (for an explanation of Usenet. I frequent the help forums at the BibleWorks web site (http://www. as an aside Logos has a dedicated News Server that you can access at news. These are more like WordSearch’s tutorial videos in that they help more with how to use the software than how to do bible study in general. If you are a user of PC Study Bible. a few recommended sites are Zondervan’s Mobile Bible Search (see my recent article about this site www. For Mobile users. exegetically (chapter-bychapter) or “as the Word of God.

) Microsoft Mobile (or whatever they’re calling it by the time this comes out.jimv@laridian. etc)) then you may want to look at a Windows Mobile Smartphone.) Blackberry.) PDAs that do not have phones built in. if you are at all wanting to sync and stay up to date with the information on your desktop or online this is the place to start (and for many people as much as they need). or reading RSS feeds? Will you need to be entering large amounts of text or will you mostly be viewing? Do you want to do Bible study or simply look up verses or words and phrases in the Bible? Do you already carry a cell phone? Do you want to carry something in addition to your cell phone or do you only want one device? You may not realize how you will use it until you know how it can be used. There are four main categories of operating systems: 1.) everything else (this applies more to the cell phone/smartphone category). These are simple to use and simple to sync to your Outlook and open up some pretty cool third party software options (like <shameless-plug>PocketBible Smartphone edition.handango. but several questions. 2.) cell phones (or smartphones). There are three main categories of PDAs: 1. how much do you want to spend? I thought it would be a good idea to write about some of the issues that go into buying a PDA.) Palm OS.laridian. If you are simply looking to keep your calendar and contact information at hand you can easily go with one of the cell phone options. I’m going to attempt to create a “hierarchy of needs” description of the different devices. Most cell phones today have the ability to sync up with your computer (you may have to buy an additional cable and software) and will store your calendar and What Are You Looking For? reader of Christian Computing Magazine recently asked me a question that I thought deserved some more thought.) PDAs that do have phones built in. You may find a program that does exactly what you didn’t know you needed to do! The second question has basically three answers right now. Most cell phones also have the capability of a Bluetooth connection (for connecting to other Bluetooth devices such as a headset. available from www. Price: free to around $150. but you would typically be typing your reply using the number pad. How will you use it? This was fairly closely followed by a second question. How will you use it? Is it simply for tracking your calendar and contacts? Do you want to be able to read email? Do you want to be able to receive email? Do you need to also respond to email? Do you need to view MS Office documents? Do you plan on installing third party programs for things like language translation. You can attach a Bluetooth keyboard to most of these phones for more extensive email responses. In my mind.handheld devices Jim VanDuzer .com and start browsing some of the programs that are available there. The reader was interested in buying a PDA and wanted to know what she should buy. If you want your calendar and contact information and a little bit more (like maybe the Bible or basic information reading (email. You can get something in the $99 range or $300 range or even the $700 </shameless-plug>). notes. For fun go to www. news feeds. or mapping. a laptop or another PDA). In typical fashion I responded to her question with a question. 2. You can read through this until all of your “needs” are met by the descriptions I’m giving and then (hopefully) you will have 36 April 2007 a better idea of what type of device suits you. 3. and 4. Let me explain some of the reasons for these questions by looking at the types of devices that are available. and 3. The first question isn’t actually just one question. Price: usually around $99 with a two Christian Computing® Magazine A .

allow you to load music and listen to it using headsets. Price: as you might expect. but create information. pay attention to the screen size and memory capabilities. at least make sure that your carrier has coverage where you are traveling. There are games available for all of these devices. If you need more than simple syncing and information viewing then you will want to step up to a more full-blown PDA. Do you need to input text? A little or a lot? If you want to make quick replies to emails then a device with a number pad can work but a thumb pad would be better. By way of an example of a program difference look at PocketBible. opening up and syncing to more than one type of book (another Bible or a commentary or Bible dictionary). as long as you don’t mind holding a flat brick to the side of your head. • Do you travel overseas a lot? If you do and you want a phone enabled device make sure that you can unlock it from your local network and insert a SIM card from a provider in the country to which you are traveling. If you want to replace your cell phone or know that you need all the time access to email. If you prefer to watch your entertainment. You can also view and edit MS Office documents on this type of PDA. Or. These give you as much storage as some iPods. Microsoft and some others are starting to bring out solutions that rival the Blackberry’s functionality of push mail (see my February article). • Gaming. Be careful about the storage space available. • Expansion.year agreement. • GPS. There’s nothing worse than buying a device that does more than you need it do. Do you travel by car a lot or in places with which you aren’t familiar? Some devices have GPS receivers built in or you can add GPS functionality to any that have Bluetooth. The biggest question here is whether or not you want your PDA to come with phone capabilities. even some beginning at the first level. The Blackberry devices are largely limited in the amount of third party software that is available for you to install. You may find that you only need a Windows Smartphone device and you’ll save yourself some money. Some devices have keyboards attached that slide out from underneath and give you more keyboard space than a thumb pad but less than a detached keyboard. They have full QWERTY thumb pads. more than the others. Have fun and happy shopping! Christian Computing® Magazine April 2007 37 . On the Smartphone you can read passages. Maps take up a lot of room! Which PDA is best is different for each one of us and for some of us it’s different from day to day. These devices handle email and remote syncing very well and also work as phones. • How do you like your entertainment? Do you listen to music? Many devices. You may realize that there is a lot that you want to do and can do with a higher end device. But not all games are available for all platforms. On a PDA running PocketBible (for the Windows Mobile OS) or MyBible (for the Palm OS) you can do all that and more. starting around $150 and going up to $600 or $700. There are even some complex graphic driven games available for devices on the lowest of our hierarchy. Explore Handango and talk to other people who have devices to find out what they use them for. except maybe buying a device that doesn’t do everything you need it to do. If you already have a cell phone and don’t mind carrying an additional device then you do not need a phone enabled device (and you can connect to your phone for email retrieval and web browsing if your phone and PDA are both Bluetooth enabled). spend some time thinking about how you’ll use it. These devices have larger screens and more computing power. If there’s a game you can’t live without (I love playing Yahtzee on my devices) make sure it’s available for your device. like adding your own notes. Price: around $350 with a contract (keep in mind that you’ll need a monthly data plan as well). then you should be looking at a phone enabled PDA. jump to different verses and do regular searches across one Bible at a time. With or without the phone aspect of these PDAs you will be better able to not just view information. If you need to regularly enter more text then you’ll want to make sure that the device has Bluetooth (or a keyboard designed specifically for that device). Here are some other things to keep in mind: • Text entry. It may be a miniSD card slot (up to about 4GB on some devices) or an SD card slot (currently up to 8GB). If you are primarily focused on staying connected to your email then you may want to look at a Blackberry. Before you make a purchase. Most PDA devices allow for some sort of memory expansion.

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