Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Aircraft Division Bangalore Complex

Vimanapura Post, Bangalore – 560 017 (INDIA) TENDER DOCUMENT Name of the Work : Service contract for Customs Clearance and Transportation for Air & Ocean Imports of Aircraft Division, HAL for a period of 02 years. : Rs. 28Lakhs Per Annum.
: HAL/A/CC/SC-30/05-2012 : TWO BID SYSTEM

Estimated Value
Tender Document No. Tender Type

Tender Document Fee EMD

: Rs. 2100/: Rs. 28,000/-

Due Date for Submission of Tender :18/06/2012, 14.30Hrs. (18th June, 2012, 14.30Hrs.) Date & Time of Opening Technical : 19/06/2012, 10.00Hrs. (19th June, 2012, Bid 10.00Hrs) Contract Period : 2Years



Price Schedule Sheet (Annexure .A) 10. Vimanapura Post. Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) 8. No. Aircraft Division. 10. 3 . Bangalore – 560 017 (INDIA) INVITATION FOR TENDERS (IFT) Bidders are requested to submit their proposals (Techno-Commercial (Un-Priced) Bid and Price Bid) on-line at HAL’s e-procurement portal (http://eproc. Scope of Service (SOS) 6. super scribing the Tender Ref. Refer attached e-tender terms for submission of Bids.30Hr. The Tender Document Consists of the Following: 1.com) or linked to e-procurement through www. would like to enter into a contract from the successful bidders to carry out the above stated work / service. 10. Tender Evaluation Criteria (TEC) 5. & Due Date. Bangalore of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Aircraft Division on or before the Due Date and Time in sealed cover.B) The following may kindly be noted: 1. 14.00Hrs (19th June. 2012. Instructions to Tenderer (ITT) 4. Annexures (1 to 8) 9.com. : HAL/A/CC/SC-30/05-2012 : 18/06/2012. E-Tendering Instructions 3.30Hrs (18th June.hal-india. 2012. Tender General Terms & Conditions (TGTC) 7.hal-india. 14.Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Aircraft Division (BC) Post Bag No: 1788. Technical Bid (Annexure . HAL for a period of 02 years. in all your Correspondence. Due Date & Time for submission of Tender Tender Opening date & Time Important: Please indicate the above Tender No. Only Tender Document Fee & Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) in original (Bank Draft / Pay Order) along with covering letter shall be submitted to HAL. All tenderer must follow the e-tendering instructions as per the attachment.00Hrs. Dear Sir(s) / Madam. IFT No : HAL/A/CC/IFT-30/05-2012 Date :14/05/2012 Name of the Work : Service contract for Customs Clearance and Transportation for Air & Ocean Imports of Aircraft Division.) : 19/06/2012.) Tender Document No. Tenders not submitted through e-procurement portal will not be considered and will be rejected (No hard copies of Techno-Commercial (Un-Priced) Bid and Price Bid should be submitted). Invitation for Tender (IFT) 2.

00Hrs. The decision of the Accepting Officer is final and binding on the Tenderer. Ph.00 (Rs. 10. Contact Person: Dy. Dy.00Hrs (19th June. Old Airport Road. Manager (Contract Cell). 4 .22321585. Bangalore – 560017. e-mail: contractcell_ac@hal-india. Karnataka. Bangalore. 080. Manager (Contract Cell)..com 3.00 (Rs. failing which the offers shall not be considered. Those Tenderers registered under Micro / Small / Medium Enterprise under the MSMED Act 2006 are exempted only from submission of EMD. HAL. India. 73. Date and Time of Opening of Techno-Commercial (Un-Priced) Bid: 19/06/2012. Fax: 080-22315188. 10. For and on the Behalf of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Dy. 8. Room No. Techno-Commercial (Un-Priced) Bid and Price Bid are to be filled separately as per the attached format & uploaded. Karnataka. 28. 5. General Manager (M-2) Aircraft Division. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. 7. India. In case of the successful Tenderer. 2100. Aircraft Division. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. DD amount & Bank details shall be provided while uploading the Technical Bid Data and the original DD's shall be submitted on or before the due date and time for submission of the Bids to the following address. Ground Floor. 2012. 4. Twenty Eight Thousand only) by way of Demand Draft in favor of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and payable at Bangalore. However. This is a Two Bid Tender. 080-22321585 / 22322247.000.) (Note: If the particular day happens to be a declared holiday in Aircraft Division. The Earnest Money Deposit is liable to be forfeited in case the Accepting Officer feels that the Tenderer is not bonafide or the Tenderer modifies or revokes the tender after its’ submission.) Price Bid Opening: Date & Time shall be intimated later to only those tenderers who are qualified in the Technical Bid. they are required to submit the Tender Document Fee as stated above. The scanned image of the DD's towards Tender Document Fee & EMD are to be uploaded online along with other Tender Documents and details such as DD No. the next working day shall be considered. Bangalore – 560017. Tenderer shall submit Tender Document Fee (non-refundable) of Rs. Vimanapura Post. the Earnest Money Deposit will be returned on submission of the required Bank Guarantee / DD towards Security Deposit. provided they submit relevant documentary evidence to prove the same.2. No. No. Ph. Bangalore. The Earnest Money Deposit of unsuccessful Tenderer will be refunded on finalization of the Contract. 6. Two Thousand One Hundred only) and Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) amount of Rs. 9. Aircraft Division. Main Factory Administrative Building.

in for further details): i) ii) iii) iv) M/s TCS. Class III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with organization name is a mandatory requirement for suppliers to participate in e-Procurement activities.com 3.com) 1.halindia. Alternatively. Bidders should have Class III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and registration with HAL’s eprocurement Portal for submission of Bids.com) Suppliers/ vendors have to obtain Class III DSC from any of the above CA's and then register in the HAL eProcurement portal for participation in e-tender. vendors may contact our e-procurement service provider at the following address: M/s Antares Systems Ltd.com / purchase_ac@hal-india. you may also contact: Chief Manager (PM) / Dy. Manohar Mob: + 91 9342106845.hal-india. Class III DSC may be obtained from any of the Certifying Authority(CA's) mentioned below (Visit.+ 91 80 40482000 ext 113 Mr.com). 1788.halindia. #24 Sudha Complex 3rd stage 4th block Basaveshwaranagar Bangalore 560079. (www.e-Mudhra. India e-mail ID’s dsc@antaressystems. Bidders are also requested to go through instructions/ user manual hosted in HAL e-procurement portal for submission of bids.tcs. Hema .P -Mob: + 91 9448224342 Mr.gov. In case any assistance is required. Bangalore – 560 017 (India) E-Tender Instructions for submission of Bids at HAL’s e-procurement portal (http://eproc. The Tender (bids) should be submitted through e-Procurement Portal of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (http://eproc. Vinay B.ncodesolutions. Vendors need to get registered with HAL e-Procurement portal to submit their bids online.com or link to e-Procurement portal through www.tcs-ca.com) M/s Safescript(Sify) (www.hal-india.safescrypt. Manager (Contract Cell) Tel: +91-80-22322300 / 22321585 / 22322247 e-mail: cm_pm_ac@hal-india.HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED AIRCRAFT DIVISION (BC) Post Bag No.com).co.com dscdigitakey@gmail. 5 .in) M/s e-Mudra. (www.http://cca.com Ph: + 91 80 40482000 Contact Persons: Mrs. Vimanapura Post. 2. (www.com) M/s (n) Code solutions.. The tender documents can be downloaded free of cost from the e-Procurement Portal as well as from HAL website (www.

Tender Document Fee & EMD is mandatory) 7. 6 . fax and e-mail will not be considered.halindia. including connectivity issues. The bids should be submitted in TWO BID System [Techno-Commercial (Un-priced) bid and Price Bid] as per the instructions given at Instructions to Tenderers (ITT). Bidders shall be required to arrange all resources including Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Internet connections at their own cost for participating in online tenders at http://eproc. Submission of Tender Document Fee & EMD (Earnest Money Deposit): Strictly as per the instructions given at Instructions to Tenderers (ITT). (Refer Tender Terms & Conditions for details regarding submission of Tender Document Fee & EMD including value etc.com) will only be considered for the cut-off date and time for receipt of tenders. Bangalore.4. courier. For and on the Behalf of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Dy. Late/delayed offers will not be considered. HAL will not be responsible for the cost incurred in preparation & submission of bids including the cost towards obtaining digital certificate. The tender (bids) should be submitted online at website http://eproc. General Manager (M-2) Aircraft Division. 6.) 5. you are requested to Zip /split the file size and submit as applicable. Offers sent through post. 9.hal-india. (Note: Each document size (attachment size of document) for uploading in e-procurement portal is restricted to 5MB. 8. The Commercial offer (Price bid) should not be submitted in hard copy.com. The server date and time as appearing on the HAL eProcurement portal (http://eproc. Offer submitted through eprocurement portal will only be considered. HAL shall not be responsible for any delays whatsoever in receiving as well submitting offer (online).hal-india.com only on or before the due date and time specified in the tender. If the size of the document is more than 5 MB.

modify the Tender Documents by issuing addenda / corrigenda.I: Techno-Commercial (Un-priced) Bid shall contain the following: 10. In the latter case. 7. if deem appropriate. Bangalore the Cover containing the followings so as to reach us on or before the Tender Due Date & Time. ii. court receivership or similar proceedings. understood and accepted by the Tenderer. 4. together with all its attachments thereto. HAL. regardless of the conduct or outcome of the Tendering process. Tenderer is to ensure compliance of all provisions of the Tender Document and submit their tender accordingly. The Tenderer shall be responsible for the safety of the persons deputed by them. the Company (HAL) may. 9. 3. Tenderer should not be under liquidation. Part . at its discretion. 17. Original DD towards Tender Document Fee & EMD / certified copy of GOI’s authority for exemption in lieu of EMD (applicable for vendors exempted from submission of EMD on account of their registration under MSMED Act 2006). whether on its own requirement or in response to a clarification requested by prospective Tenderers. Aircraft Division and all the rules and regulations of the State and Central Government. 6. DOCUMENTS COMPRISING THE TENDER: The Tender prepared by the Tenderer shall comprise the following: 1. quoted for other items. Vimanapura Post. a copy of the Power of Attorney duly attested by a Gazetted Officer must accompany the tender. HAL may. The Tenderer is expected to examine all Instructions. Tenders not submitted in the prescribed format are liable to be rejected. Terms and Specifications of the Tender Documents. will be taken as ZERO and the amount of such items (for the quantities mentioned in the BOQ) shall be deemed to have been covered by the rate. The Tenderer shall courier / drop in the Tender Box meant for Aircraft Division available at the Admin Gate of Aircraft Division. 18. 8. The Tenderer shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the Tender. the tender must be signed separately and legibly by each Partner member of the firm or their absence a person holding the Power of Attorney on behalf of the firm concerned. Tenderer should not be 'blacklisted' by any Central Government PSU / Government Department. Annexures. Failure to furnish all information required by the Tender Documents or submission of a Tender not substantially responsive to the Tender Documents in every respect will be at Tenderer's risk and may result in the rejection of the Tender. A prospective Tenderer requiring any clarification(s) of the Tender Documents may notify HAL in writing or by fax or e-mail at HAL's mailing address (stated in the Invitation for Tender) not later than Seven (07) days prior to the Tender Due Date. 13. At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Tenders. for any reason. Job executed by a Tenderer for its own concern cannot be considered as experience for “Tender Evaluation Criteria (TEC)". respond to the request for clarification. The Company may. 14. 11. a. 5. shall be considered to be read. extend the due date of submission of Tenders in order to allow the Tenderers a reasonable time to furnish their most competitive Tender taking into account the addenda / corrigenda issued. 16. and HAL. Bangalore – 560 017 (INDIA) INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERER (ITT) 1.Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Aircraft Division (BC) Post Bag No: 1788. Any addendum / corrigendum thus issued shall be part of the Tender Documents. will in no case be responsible or liable for this cost. Original Letter of Authority. The ITT. The same shall be deemed to form an integral part of the Contract to be entered for this Job/Service. 15. 2. HAL reserves the right to reject any or all the Tenders received at its discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever. 12. They shall also be responsible to abide by all the Company safety rules and guidelines issued by the Safety Department. 7 . In the event of a tender being submitted by a Partnership Firm. The tendered rate of item(s) against which no rate or amount is entered by the tenderer. i. The invitation of Tender is open to all interested agencies who meets the Tender Evaluation Criteria. The company should be a registered company and a copy of the VAT / CST / Service Tax registration certificate (as the case may be) need to be attached.

Main Factory Administrative Building.II: Commercial (Price) Bid: The Price schedule shall be uploaded strictly as per the format Price Schedule Sheet (Annexure . Karnataka. f. Prices shall be written both in words and figures. Documentary evidence to prove the tenderer as G-card & H-Card holders. In the event of any difference. except service tax in the Budget. No claim will be entertained due to increase of any such elements. e. is deemed to have been included in the offered prices.B. PAN Card / GIR No. Solvency Certificate. Instructions for filling the Price Bid: a. c.B) given along with Tender Document. b. Tender Due Date and Particulars of DD towards Tender Document Fee & EMD. It may please be noted that HAL will not be responsible for any transit / postal delay or delay due to any other reason in receipt of the envelope containing the above documents. except Service Tax. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. 73. Copy of last 3 financial years Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Statement duly certified by CA. i. 080-22321585 / 22322247. Copy of DGR Certificate in the name of tenderer to handle dangerous goods.. if offered. Old Airport Road. which are considered necessary for completion of the job. The rate quoted by the Tenderer should be inclusive of all applicable taxes. Aircraft Division.. expenses. duties. k. failing which it will be treated as the same is inclusive in the quoted rate. For and on the Behalf of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Dy.1 to 5 duly signed & stamped by the Tenderer c. Part . iii) Other information / documents as deemed appropriate by the Tenderer. Copies of Work Orders of similar works executed & completion certificates as per TEC during the past 05 years. or Public Body or Local Authority. India. Room No. Registration Certificate issued by Income Tax Authority. Tax & Royalty: All the rates quoted in the tender shall be deemed to be inclusive of all charges. ii) Scanned Image of the followings: a. b. shall not be considered for evaluation. The tenderers are required to take into account while quoting their rates. b. except Technical Bid as per Annexure – A / Price Bid as per Annexure . g. royalties payable by the tenderer to Govt. d. 8 .iii. DD's towards Tender Document Fee & EMD / Certificate of GOI’s authority for exemption in lieu of EMD. e. d. 2. f. Bangalore – 560017. h. No. Conditional discount. j. Service Tax Registration Certificate clearly indicating registration for the service called in the Tender. The applicable Service Tax must be clearly indicated in your tender. Manager (Contract Cell). The Cover containing the above shall be super scribed with the Tender Reference No. Bangalore. The following details are to be uploaded to the Web Site : i) Technical Bid is to be uploaded as per the format given at Annexure – A of the Tender Document. Copy of valid customs house agent license in the name of the tenderer. the price in words shall be valid and binding. Ph. The cost of any other item / services. all the factors including any fluctuations in the Market Rates etc. The postal address for the same is as follows: Dy. No claim will be entertained on this account after acceptance of the tender or during the currency of the Contract. Any other documents beyond the uploading limit. Ground Floor. Vimanapura Post. ISO Certification copy of the Tenderer. Annexure . No additional amount will be paid or claim entertainment on this account by HAL. General Manager (M-2) Aircraft Division.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Aircraft Division (BC) Post Bag No: 1788. Bangalore – 560 017 (INDIA) TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA [TEC] 1. One similar completed work costing not less than an amount equal to 80% of estimated value as per Tender Document. indicating details of project / work / service executed) to prove credentials in this regard must be UPLOADED along with the Techno-Commercial Bid. OR iii. Vimanapura Post.40Lakhs average Annual Financial Turn Over during the last 3 years. Two similar completed works each costing not less than an amount equal to 50% of estimated value as per Tender Document.20Lakhs shall be submitted along with Techno-Commercial Bid. OR ii. c) Copy of PAN / GIR No. TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA [TEC] [TECHNICAL]: a) Experience: The Bidder should have experience in the Nature of Work/Service called in the Tender Document and successfully provided such Work / Services to any Central or State Government / PSU / Reputed Large Pvt.8.) The experience should be either of the followings: i. TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA [TEC] [FINANCIAL]: a) The Tenderer/Bidder should have a minimum of Rs. the same shall be UPLOADED with TDS certificate. ending 31st March of the previous financial year and copy of the certified Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Account for the same shall be submitted along with TechnoCommercial Bid. Three similar completed works each costing not less than an amount equal to 40% of estimated value as per Tender Document. If the completion certificate is from Private organization. The documents (Work Order and respective completion certificate issued by client. (A job executed by a Bidder for its own plant / project cannot be considered as experience for the purpose of meeting requirement of TEC of the Tender. 2. Registration Certificate issued by Income Tax Authority. Organization Units during the last 5 years (prior to the date of IFT). b) Latest Bankers Solvency Certificate issued not earlier than 6 months from the date of this Tender Notice from Nationalized / Scheduled Bank for the value of Rs.11. 9 .

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