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Understanding an application of phonon resonance in the making of gold

Many people have attempted to make gold from iron and other natural minerals that contained iron. Historically I have known of a few people who have claimed that they have made gold and platinum from various black sand minerals. From 1987 to 1992 I was successful in making gold and platinum metals from ultra pure reagent grade chemical containing pure iron oxides. During the 9os there were many people claiming that they were making gold and platinum from desert dirt in Arizona. It is my belief that they were because I knew that I was able. The amounts of gold made never exceeded 100 milligrams, but they had gold in their hand. I wrote about this in my first hard cover book, 20th Century Alchemy. All it took for me was the combination of carbon, nitrate and an mineral with iron. Mix every thing together and soon you iron mixed with a crude form of gun powder. People found this gun powder gun process and from the same source as me. It all started from an Eastern Europe who settled in Seattle Washington during the postwar period of the Second World War. Mix the proper chemicals together that contained iron ore and you had a few milligrams of gold. This is the same start to my saga in this history of mining starting in 1987. There have been many thoughts and theories over the past years but non held water until the development of phonon resonance. This page is prepared to the thousands of people who are attempting to gain gold from iron ores. To my knowledge there was only one person that I am aware of who made hundreds of milligrams of gold from an iron process using induction furnaces. This person was William Black who worked with Rocky Terry in Washington Utah. There were to many reports not to believe the stories but in the end he took over $8,000,000 from his investors and now lives in Mexico. His gold came from OPM (other peoples money). Nevertheless educated people saw him produce gold from simple iron coat hangers. The question remains today if he was able to make gold from iron, how could it happen? Today this is a relative simple answer. There are hundreds of people today making gold on there silver using phonon resonance. So why dont we take a few minutes and see how gold can be formed by using a catalyst of heat. We know that gold can be formed by using a catalyst of silver heated to 43C, lets take a look at other base metals and see what temperature would be required using temperature. For simplicity I have incorporated the temperature required for all stable isotopes of iron and nickel. Please review the following chart.
Thermal expansion Temperature required (271) C

e Ag109 Au197 Ag107 Al27 Fe58 Cu65 Fe57 Ni64 Fe56

D gm/cm3 10.5 19.32 10.5 2.6989 7.874 8.96 7.874 8.902 7.874

ref 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC

M 108.904757 196.966543 106.905092 26.981 57.933 64.927 56.935 63.927 55.934

% abbund. 48.16% 100.00% 51.84% 100.00% 0.28% 30.83% 2.10% 0.93% 91.72%

38,722,586 38,945,303 38,962,532 39,200,637 43,418,351.86 43,639,298.52 43,670,573.81 43,770,814.20 43,929,545.90

phonon spacng/cm3 2.58E-08 2.57E-08 2.57E-08 2.55E-08 2.3031735594E-08 2.2915125445E-08 2.2898714462E-08 2.2846273673E-08 2.2763722672E-08

exp.coef 1.96E-05 Gold 1.96E-05 2.50E-05 1.20E-05 1.66E-05 1.20E-05 1.34E-05 1.20E-05

43 282 9,591 7,298 10,131 9,267 10,685


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9/18/2012 9:48 AM

Cu63 Ni62 Fe54 Ni61 Ni60 Ni58

8.96 8.902 7.874 8.902 8.902 8.902

20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC 20oC

62.939 61.928 53.939 60.931 59.93 57.935

69.17% 3.63% 5.90% 1.14% 26.22% 68.08%

44,094,009.73 44,236,801.18 44,464,598.64 44,476,775.90 44,723,039.04 45,230,604.92

2.2678817510E-08 2.2605612823E-08 2.2489801565E-08 2.2483644100E-08 2.2359840060E-08 2.2108923854E-08

1.66E-05 1.34E-05 1.20E-05 1.34E-05 1.34E-05 1.34E-05

8,003 10,160 11,830 10,619 11,091 12,064


As one can see that the temperatures are extremely high but they are achievable in the gun powder burns I reported in previous text. Also, they would be achievable in induction furnaces with the assistance of chemical ignitions. Several thousand people have attempted the high temperature burns and the ones that were successful failed because they did not understand what was required for the reaction to work. If you build a small gun powder burn as seen in it will work if you follow the process. However, if you build the process an order of magnitude (ten times) bigger, it will fail. For years, I did not understand this but now it makes sense. In a small controlled reaction you are able to generate more heat than in a larger reaction. Phonon resonance was not invited until 2001, this process worked four years earlier by observation and no theory. Today we know why the reaction worked. Knowing this we can start applying more principles of how to produce other metals from phonon resonance. I hope this review helps. This was written to explain many questions that come forward by email and telephone. I will attempt to start answering platinum metal formation from iron. You are welcomed to get ahead of me for all data is available using the charts located oin the phonon resonance section of my website /general_table_of_phonon_resonanc.htm The mathematical formulas that I apply are available at /phonon.htm This article is for the hardcore people who want to learn the essence of alchemy. It works and there are reasons it works. There is a theory among us. Either you have it or not. If you have an interest, I would start with the simple steps of silver and yeast. Dr. Joe Champion

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9/18/2012 9:48 AM