Position Vice President, Government Services, Middle East, India and Africa The Role Reporting to the EVP

Middle East, India & Africa Operations, the main responsibilities of the job holder involve the development and implementation of a Regional Strategic Plan for Government Services’ Middle East, India and Africa region encompassing operational, financial, resources, and business development areas in order to achieve company strategic goals and financial targets. The job holder in this position is further accountable for the development and implementation of regional growth strategies, reporting on market developments and competition activities. In addition, this position involves providing strategic direction and guidance to all Government Services activities and resources across the region whilst ensuring the homogenous integration and alignment of the various major functions under GS to Company strategy, vision, mission and values. This includes providing direction to CGMs on GS contracts and business development activities in their respective locations in alignment with the GS Strategic Plan and objectives. The job holder further directs and controls all aspects of the operations, which include Naval Operations, Operations Other Than War (OOTW), Base Operations Support (BOS), Exercise Support, Disaster Relief Support, Community Relationship Support and Procurement and constantly evaluates operational efficiencies and resolves key conflicting contractual, operational or tactical objectives or issues under his AOR to ensure the enhancement of optimal productivity and consistent long term growth in profitability. The geographical scope of the job covers the Gulf, South West Asia and Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, India, and Sri Lanka. His directional role is likewise aimed at providing support services in conflict areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and North Africa. The job holder is the Primary Point of Contact (PPOC) for all high ranking officials and GS customers in the US Navy, British Royal Navy, Canadian Navy, New Zealand Navy, French Navy and other Navies of the world and Defense Air Forces. Key Accountabilities Strategic Planning and Implementation The development and execution of a regional strategic plan for GS and providing strategic direction and guidance for all Government Services activities and resources in the AOR in order to achieve company strategic goals. This involves the development and execution of functional and growth plans which include the setting up of teaming agreements with external parties / joint ventures and expansion plans into new countries not under the existing job holder’s AOR. Responsible for communicating the Company and regional GS strategic plans to the GS management team to ensure execution and the suitable deployment of resources to serve Company and regional strategic goals. Building and Leading the Company GS Regional Team Managing the Middle East, India and Africa region, setting performance targets, and driving performance of various GS functions towards achieving strategic objectives. Providing leadership and direction to the GS Regional Management team and providing guidance to CGMs on GS contracts and business development activities in their respective locations in alignment with the Strategic Plan and objectives. The position further involves identifying key talent and grooming future potential successors in each area of the business who possess the necessary military/naval backgrounds. Operational Excellence Ensuring COMPANY’ approach to regionalization would result in achieving seamless transition of vessel, consistency in processes, performance and systems, stability of the organization and its network, transparency of process and associated costs, uniformity, efficiency and consistency of service delivery, development of theatre engagement strategy, oversight of operational planning, and integrated coordination of resources, personnel and maintenance logistics. These can be achieved by successfully setting up SOP’s, maintaining an Operations Centre for South

These business development endeavours are ultimately aimed at maximizing opportunities for increased revenue generation via increase in the number of port calls. such as the annual International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi and Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) in Qatar. Setting long term strategies for negotiations and agreements with service providers. agreements. and guiding the contracts team in preparing written technical proposals. and employing. • Sound business acumen and strong people management skills. Europe. Contracts Management Directing and monitoring contractual strategies. training and educating the right staff. retaining. To meet and discuss with the clients potential services that can be offered by the organization in various strategic locations. Business Development Expanding the scope of the business by sustaining existing relationships and maintaining contacts with key personnel in contracting. reviewing and approving prices stipulated in the Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP). Middle East. and Middle East. Directing and planning port operations during defense exhibitions to support marine naval operations. • Has keen eye of the market – its opportunities and threats – able to overcome adversities in the midst of the competition by employing strategic techniques unified with COMPANY position in the industry. . India and Africa considering the strength areas of each personnel and positioning the right people to lead teams. Conducting Economic Price Adjustments (EPA’s) within the contracts. Setting pricing strategies and schedules for the entire region for submission and renegotiating of rates taken by Country Managers to ensure compliance with Statements of Work (SOW) against which rests the competitiveness of prices and standards of delivery of service. • 7 years of experience in a senior management position. Asset Acquisition Identifying assets in every port within the region against Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINS) and proceeding to analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) in order to effectively position those assets and reduce reliability of dependency on sub-contractors by that ensuring growth of profitability and consequently positioning COMPANY-GS to be more competitive for the next bidding processes. India and Africa. Identifying growth opportunities for the GS scope of activities through contacts with the military/naval and air bases in the US. • To initiate constant dialogue with EVP. Qualifications and Experience • Recognized university qualification and 15 years + naval experience extending up to senior rank. VP Africa Operations and VP Middle East and India Operations pertaining to information/news within their respective AORs for a better understanding of developments within the context of their larger environments / markets / economies. It is very key for the VP to monitor that the operations are done not only effectively but also cost efficiently for COMPANY and the customer. UK. operational and senior command (Colonels and Generals). cultures and geographies • To develop and maintain customer relationships with key clients within the AOR • To provide coaching and guidance to Country teams • To collaborate closely with relevant functions. • To effectively communicate across countries.West Asia. • Minimum of 15 years of progressive experience in the Defense Logistics industry 10 of which in managing regional contacts with the Navies of the world and in dealing with Embassies and Defense Attaches in the specified AORs. transferring of best practices in theatre so as to ensure consistency in the delivery of service in the AOR’s for the various regional contracts. and obligations and consistently keeping the region briefed with regard to modification and amendments. Providing direction on services rendered to special operations command (SPECWAR) in North Africa and the marine expeditionary units embarked on Expeditionary Strike Groups (ESG) in the SWA/Africa region.

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