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We find ourselves on journeys...

...butwedonotallexperiencethe sameones.Iftwopeoplefollowthe sameroute,oneofthemwillbehaving abetterexperiencethantheother. Itdoesnotmatterifyouarewalkingto thenewsagentorsailingacrossan ocean,yourunderstandingofyour surroundingshelpsdefinean experience. Technologicaldevelopmentsoverthe pasthundredyearsmeanthatalotof ourjourneysarenotverychallenging anymoreandsadlythismeansthat althougheasiertheycanbealotless interesting.Themoreweunderstand aboutourtravels,themorerewarding theycanbe.

A school is born and a rare art is born again.

Early Days In 2008 after more than ten years of pioneering experience in navigation and travel, Tristan Gooley set up a small school called, The Natural Navigator. His goal was simple: to give people the opportunity to learn natural navigation. It was this rare art, more than anything else he had come across, that had transformed his understanding and enjoyment of travel and adventure. It changed forever his experiences on land, sea and even in the air. What is Natural Navigation? At its heart navigation is about understanding where we are and where we are going. Natural navigation is the art of being able to do this using natural clues: the sun, stars, moon, weather, land, sea, plants and animals. One of the most fascinating things about it is that it covers wonderfully diverse areas. It is an ancient and traditional skill and the

subject includes lots of history, myth and folklore, think of Orion the hunter chasing Taurus the bull, but it is about the real world and includes plenty of natural science also. These days it is a very rare art.

Do we need Natural Navigation? It is possible to get through our daily lives without any knowledge of natural navigation, unless you happen to be very unlucky and find yourself in a survival situation. It is also true that we can live comfortably without any knowledge of art, music or history. There are lots of examples of things that we can live without, but there comes a point where if you strip everything down to its necessities it becomes, well, a bit dull. A trip to Paris would be possible without admiring the cultural history, but it would undoubtedly be a poorer experience. Natural navigation teaches us immerse ourselves in our travels and to understand the natural world around us. This definitely leads to a richer experience and a more interesting journey. It improves our understanding, raises our awareness and it can also be useful too.

How Does It Work?

Mysterious Signs Nature can sometimes seem to work in mysterious and random ways, but very little is completely random. The earth orbits the sun, the moon orbits the earth and all three move in a predictable way within the galaxies of stars. This leads to patterns that we can observe and learn from. We can deduce a lot from where we see the sun, moon or stars, but the patterns become even more interesting when we look a little closer. Nearly all weather phenomena are caused by the sun, so as we learn to understand the sun we also start to understand how the wind and weather behave. The plants and animals are very sensitive to all the weather patterns and behave in a way that we can also start to understand in relation to each other. Once we begin to look for these signs we start out on a fascinating exploration, one that our ancestors were very familiar with. We learn how the world around us interacts, we become reconnected with it and we learn how it is possible to find our way without any of the modern tools like compasses, GPS or even maps.

About the School

Theschoolwassetupexclusivelytoresearch andteachtherareartofnaturalnavigation.It isbasednearChichesterinWestSussex,but runscoursesallovertheUKandbyrequest abroad.Itistheonlyoneofitskindinthe world. Ourstudentsrangefromexplorersto holidaymakersandfromcountrywalkersto navalofficers.Theonlytwothingsweaskfor arecuriosityandanopenmind.

About Tristan Gooley

TristansetuptheNaturalNavigatorschool aftertenyearsstudyingandpracticingthe art.Hislongheldpassioninnatural navigationstemsfromhishandson experience.Hehasledexpeditionsinfive continents,climbedmountainsinEurope, AfricaandAsia,sailedsmallboatsacross oceansandpilotedsmallaircrafttoAfrica andtheArctic. HehasbeenawardedtheRoyalInstituteof NavigationsCertificateofAchievementby HRHTheDukeofEdinburghforbecoming thefirstEuropeantohavebothflownsolo andsailedsinglehandedacrosstheAtlantic andiscurrentlytheonlylivingpersonto haveachievedtheDouble. PriortosettinguptheschoolTristangained extensiveexperienceinthetravelindustry andiscurrentlythenonexecutiveVice ChairmanofTrailfinders. Tristanistheonlypersonintheworld workingfulltimeinnaturalnavigation,both instructingandresearching.Thecourseshe teachesaretheresultofyearsofstudyand pioneeringjourneys.Hefindsteachingas challengingandrewardingasanyjourneyhe hasbeenon.

Our Courses
Wecantailorcoursestomostrequirements, whetheritisforanindividual,familyor company,butwedohavesomestandard courses. ABeginnersGuidetoNaturalNavigation Thisonedaycourseprovidesageneral introductiontonaturalnavigation.Itisideal forthosewhoenjoytheoutdoors,including: walkers,sailors,pilots,explorers,travellers, expeditionmembersandadventurers. Attheendofthecourseparticipantswill haveagoodunderstandingoftheprinciples behindnaturalnavigationandshouldbeable toorientatethemselvesatabasiclevelon land,seaorintheair,bydayornight.The coursetakesplaceinaclassroomasthis allowsustocovertheworldbydayand night.Nopreviousexperienceisnecessary. OutdoorCourses Theschoolrunsanumberofoutdoor courses,althoughitisrecommendedthatthe BeginnersGuidecourseiscompletedbefore undertakingapracticalone.Pleasecontact ustodiscusstheoptions. ThePath9inder Thisisaonedayexecutivedevelopment course.Thecoursecanbetailoredtobeas challenginganddemandingorrelaxingand funasrequired.Itincludesthebasic elementsofnaturalnavigation.Thiscourse takesplacebothinaclassroomand outdoors.Nopreviousexperienceis necessary.

Gift Vouchers
A lot of people talk about thoughtful and unique presents...
... How many actually manage to give one? A gift voucher from the Natural Navigator school is guaranteed to be unique. It offers a day course and experience that is not currently available from anyone else in the world. It is thoughtful because it is an unusual present. It is not for everyone, but those that enjoy the outdoors are unlikely to forget it.

Let the journey begin, Get in touch today.

E: T: W: A: 07775 521693 Tristan Gooley The Natural Navigator PO Box 644 Chichester PO19 9HW