Dear Sir/Madam, I am doing a research work on Recruitment and selection. kindly spare few minutes of your valuable time to fill up this questionnaire. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Designation------------------------------------------Department--------------------------------------Section I

Q1. Age 20-25 25-30 Above 30 Q2. Gender: Male Female Q3. No. of years of experience: Less than 3 years 3 to 5 years More than 5 years Q4. Is this your first organization? Yes ΝΟ Section II Q1. Since how many years have you been working with this organization? a. 0-5 Years b. 5-10 Years c. 10 to 15 Years d. More than 15 Years Q2. In which mode you have come to know about L&T vacancy? a. consultancy b. Email c. Newspapers d. Others Q3. Does the organization clearly define the position objectives, requirements and candidate specifications in the recruitment process? a. Yes b. No

Yes b. Video conference c. Which type of technological support does L&T use for the purpose of recruiting? a. Is the organization doing timeliness recruitment and Selection process? a. No Q10. Yes b. Do you think organization is using satisfactory methods for interview? a. Did you undergo any written test during recruitment? a. Yes b.Q4. Does the Job Responsibilities and Job Description are clearly defined to the candidates appearing for selection process? a. All of the above Q6. Does the organization do proper Job Analysis before Selection Process begins? a. Is the Resume screening and Shortlisting method used by the organization is satisfactory? a. Good salary c. No Q9. Internet d. Yes b. Yes b. Quality of work life d. No Q14. Yes b. Yes b. What attracted you to join L&T? a. No Q15. No . Does the selection methods used by the Organization are reliable? a. Telephone b. Yes b. No Q11. No Q13. All of the above Q5. Yes b. No Q7. No Q12. Yes b. No Q8. Brand name b. Do you think organization prefers referred candidates? a. Are you satisfied with the present method being followed by L&T for recruitment? a. Have you visited the L&T website before attending the interview? a.

Rarely agree d. Team Work Ability f. Disagree Q22. Strongly agree b. Disagree . High b. Agree c. No Q17. Optimum c. How do you rate the Selection Policy of the organization? a. Strongly agree b. Knowledge b. Other Q18. Excellent b. No Q20. Do you think organization looks for experienced employees in selection Process? a. Good c. The time taken by L&T for your entire recruitment and selection process. a. a. a. poor Q21. Rarely agree d. Good c. Optimistic Nature d. L&T do employee verification before and after selection. a. Agree c.Q16. Rate the effectiveness of the interviewing process and other selection instruments. Discipline e. Excellent b. Yes b. Low Q23. Which is the most important quality the organization looks for in a candidate? a. Yes b. After completion of all tests and interview L&T gave you appropriate designation. Past Experience c. poor Q19. Average d. a. Average d. L&T communicated well with you throughout the process.

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