Background and Goal
The goal of this document is to give you an overview on the accelerated implementation approach for SAP POS and on the implementation accelerator package “ASAP for SAP POS”. The “ASAP” (Accelerated SAP) Methodology is the SAP roadmap for the implementation of SAP solutions. The ASAP Business Add-ons provide proven implementation content for implementation of various industry solutions. “ASAP for SAP POS” is an ASAP Business Add-On containing pre-packaged implementation expertise for SAP POS. It is based on the generic ASAP implementation roadmap (ASAP Core) and has been enriched by SAP POS specific tasks. POS-specific accelerator assets have been assigned along the ASAP roadmap structure. In this document, you will also find some basic assumptions for the accelerated implementation approach for SAP POS, and a master list of the POS specific accelerator assets.

we provide a Business Add-On package „ASAP for SAP POS“ with a solution specific ASAP roadmap and implementation content for accelerated SAP POS implementations.“ASAP for SAP POS” as ASAP Add-On Based on the more general methodology of ASAP. Here is an overview on the “ASAP for SAP POS” Add-On content: ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP AG. All rights reserved 2 .

2. In the “POS Blueprint Master List – integrated version”. “ASAP for SAP POS” Accelerated Approach and Basic Assumptions ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP AG. All rights reserved 3 .The “ASAP for SAP POS” roadmap contains two different implementation options for SAP POS: 1. It needs to be considered that not 100% of the SAP POS functionality is currently supported within SAP Standard integration content. Implementation with integration into SAP backend (recommended implementation option). there are two versions available reflecting the two implementation options. Implementation without integration into SAP backend. “POS Blueprint Master List” and “POS Project schedule”. this is indicated per process. some POS specific remarks are assigned to tasks which are depending on the chosen option. In the roadmap. For the accelerators “POS Scope statement”.

All rights reserved 4 .The “ASAP for SAP POS” is based on an accelerated implementation approach. at the beginning of the project. the Baseline configuration is used as a prototype for demonstrating SAP POS functionalities to the customer close to reality and to validate the customer fit (Prototype oriented Business Blueprint). The predefined Business Blueprint documents. The “ASAP for SAP POS” Add-On contains a consistent POS implementation sample as accelerators in order to facilitate SAP POS implementations. is that the customer will be implementing the baseline configuration and that only minor adjustments in both the configuration and the documentation would be required to meet the basic requirements. ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP AG. a baseline configuration is applied to the system (which may be on a Consultant’s laptop). A SAP Note referring to the recommended “Best Practice” baseline configuration will be available soon (link will be added here). Key element for this is the “Best Practice and Prototype”-oriented Business Blueprint approach. are the basis for customer fitting of the POS Blueprint ( Best Practice Oriented Business Blueprint). which are based on customer Best Practices. at the onset. In “Accelerated SAP POS Implementations”. The assumption. In the Business Blueprint phase.

This document version describes a SAP POS implementation without integration into SAP backend. This document version describes a SAP POS implementation without integration into SAP it is recommended to leverage the POS specific accelerator assets provided with “ASAP for SAP POS”. This document version describes a SAP POS implementation with integration into SAP Title ASAP FOR SAP POS .com/~sapidb/0 11000358700000143132010E/ https://service. “ASAP for SAP POS”: Asset Master List for POS Specific Accelerators The following POS specific Accelerator assets are linked in the “ASAP for SAP POS” Here Link https://service. However.Accelerated approach POS Sample Scope Statement with SAP Backend Description This document is an overview on the “ASAP for SAP POS” Add-On and on the accelerated implementation approach for SAP POS based on 11000358700000362552010E/ POS Sample Scope Statement without SAP Backend POS Project Roles & Responsibilities with SAP backend POS Project Roles & Responsibilities with SAP backend POS Sample Onboarding presentation POS Sample Solution Architecture POS sample project schedule with SAP Backend https://service. The sample project schedule is based on the scope defined in the scope statement and on the roles defined in the roles & responsibilities document This document version describes a SAP POS implementation with integration into SAP 11000358700000362552010E/ https://service. This document describes typical roles and responsibilities in a POS implementation ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP AG.For an accelerated POS implementation. This presentation helps to get the consulting team onboarded for a SAP POS implementation project. This document is a draft to define the customer specific architecture of the SAP Retail store operations solution. major parts of the information might nevertheless also be useful for other SAP POS releases. This document version describes a SAP POS implementation with integration into SAP backend. which is the basis for the sample SAP POS project schedule and the SAP POS Business Blueprint.2 will be the basis for the 11000358700000362562010E 11000358700000324822010E Pdf-File: 11000358700000381132010D/ Mpp-File: https://service. All rights reserved 5 .sap. See 11000358700000143132010E/ SAP POS Releases: The “ASAP for SAP POS” Roadmap is based on the assumption that SAP POS release 2. This document describes a sample scope of a SAP POS 11000358700000362522010E https://service. See above.

The BSR and BPR Documents together build the Business Blueprint. This is an Excel spreadsheet identifying the primary scenarios and processes that may fall under that functional 11000358700000324902010E Xls-File: ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP It contains also an overview on which SAP POS 11000358700000285332010E https://service. All rights reserved 6 . This document version describes a SAP POS implementation without integration into SAP backend. also the individual BSR and BPR files are linked POS Prerequisites for 11000358700000325212010E https://service. This accelerator also serves as an overview on all Business Scenario Documents (BSR) and Business Process Requirement Documents (BPR) which together build the Business provide three files: one mpp-File (Microsoft Project). Here we provide three files: one mpp-File (Microsoft Project).com/~sapidb/0 11000358700000350892010E In the processes are assumed in and which out of scope for the accelerated implementation approach with respect to integration into the SAP Backend. one pdf-File (Adobe Acrobat) and one xls-File (Microsoft Excel) POS sample project schedule without SAP Backend See above. This document version describes a SAP POS implementation without integration into SAP please refer to the POS Blueprint Workbook Master List (see above). Sample blueprint documents on scenario and process level are reflecting what our customers typically require of a POS system: • Business Scenario Requirements (BSR) Documents: one for each functional area required at the POS • Business Process Requirements (BPR) Documents: each BPR is associated with one BSR. See 11000358700000142542010E Zip-File with all BSR and BPR documents: Document explains which prerequisites need to be 11000358700000324832010E Xls-File: 11000358700000324872010E Pdf-File: https://service. This document version describes a SAP POS implementation with integration into SAP backend. For an overview on all BSR and BPR one pdf-File (Adobe Acrobat) and one xls-File (Microsoft Excel) POS Sample Blueprint Calendar POS: Accelerated Blueprint Approach and Guidelines POS Blueprint Workbook Master List with SAP Backend This is a sample for a detailed blueprint calendar which can be distributed to the workshop participants beforehand This document outlines the approach and guidelines for performing the Business Blueprint for Accelerated SAP POS 11000358700000324842010E Mpp-File: 11000358700000347852010E 11000358700000348312010E POS Blueprint Workbook Master List without SAP Backend SAP POS Sample Business Blueprint https://service.

com/~sapidb/0 11000358700000345462010E ay/CK/Use+Case+Documentation http://help. Link to the SAP POS Technical Product Reference in the SAP Library containing the TLOG Data Capture 11000358700000244842009E/ SAP POS Operations Guide The operations guide is part of the SAP POS standard documentation. This document contains a number of questions related to customer’s POS requirements closely aligned with the capabilities of SAP POS and the base 11000358700000215612009E https://wiki. This is an overview of the SAP POS sample test cases and how they relate to the sample blueprint documents 11000358700000150532010E Zip-File: https://service. This document describes the interface a C/C++ programmer has to develop for the integration of an EFT device to process card 2/helpdata/en/09/1816f4d09e4988 9207f1cb5f813e4a/ ay/CK/Exchange+Infrastructure++SAP+POS+Integration https://wiki. This is a Wiki page with very detailed information per integration use case.Integration with SAP Backend POS Blueprint Workbooks with sample questions (zipFile) POS Configuration Change Control Audit Log POS Installation Guide checked when integrating SAP POS into SAP This shall help during the Blueprint workshops to validate the customer fit.2 POS Test Strategy POS Sample Test Plan POS sample test cases POS Testcase Assets with Blueprint Operations Best Practices for SAP POS as basis for the creation of a customer specific operations concept. in this questionnaire for SAP POS you can describe your situation. The installation guide is part of the SAP POS standard documentation.htm net? _SHORTKEY=011000358700007 20437&_SCENARIO=011000358 70000000202& https://service. The EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) User Exit provides options to develop/implement specific EFT device outside the CORE net? _SHORTKEY=011000358700007 20437&_SCENARIO=011000358 70000000202& 11000358700000362082010E ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP 11000358700000362042010E https://service. The document defines the strategy for establishing an adequate testing regime for the POS application to satisfy business and system 2/helpdata/en/6a/f87e9e697e497a acddc1d30a953654/content. POS Operations Best Practices "Run SAP for Retail" POS Sizing Guide / Questionnaire POS Integration Overview POS Integration Use Case documentation POS: Technical Reference Download File Formats POS: Technical Reference TLOG Data POS: EFT User Exit Technical Reference POS 11000358700000348382010E/ https://service. As basis for the hardware sizing. This is used to document and track the identification and incorporation of configuration changes after the configuration has been locked 11000358700000362022010E .htm 11000358700000547572009E https://service. Link to the SAP POS Technical Product Reference in the SAP Library containing the download file All rights reserved 7 . The POS integration overview is a Wiki page with an integration overview on SAP POS and links to more detailed information on This sample POS test plan focuses on functional / regression tests for SAP 11000358700000348602010E https://service. SAP POS sample test cases with focus on functional and regression test

sap.j spa?forumID=294 POS Consultant Curriculum & Qualification guide POS Product Availability Matrix POS Sample Go Live Checklist “ASAP for SAP POS” Roadmap with Accelerators “Run SAP for Retail” Roadmap with POS accelerators https://service.get in discussion with the community and with subject matter experts This document provides guidance on how to build SAP POS knowledge. This link directly leads to the POS BPX Wiki 11000358700000362542010E/ On Service Marketplace https://service. This roadmap is a POS-specific Add-On based on ASAP Core. to best 11000358700000317132010E/ http://wiki.tine@sap.sdn. The Business Process Expert Community (BPX) for Retail is THE KNOWLEDGE REPOSITORY for Retail and bundles information from the SAP Help Portal.sdn. Regarding SAP POS. release-dependent information from SAP Service Marketplace. POS: PCI Best Practices Implementation Guide POS BPX Wiki Page (Knowledge Repository) https://service. etc.) This document provides sample checks in a checklist. blogs and how-to dler? _APP=00200682500000002212& _EVENT=DISPLAY https://service. This document describes best practices for implementation and configuration of SAP POS for PCIDSS Contact: For feedback and questions related to the “ASAP for SAP POS” roadmap. This roadmap is a Retail specific flavor of the “Run SAP” roadmap. Amongst This is a link to the Product Availability Matrix for technical release information on SAP POS (supported operating 11000358700000142532010E the unattended upgrade is described there. articles. which can be used at a “Go Live” for SAP POS.mapping POS Upgrade guide provided as accelerators The SAP POS Upgrade Guide is part of the standard net? _SHORTKEY=011000358700007 20437&_SCENARIO=011000358 70000000202& y/Retail/SAP+Point+of+Sale Trading Industries Forum for POS questions http://forums. please contact questions or suggestions regarding processes or the solution and share best practices with each other . ©SAP AG 2009 Copyright © 2009 SAP AG. it POS specific Best Practices for Solution Operation. All rights reserved 8 .com/~sapidb/0 11000358700000685872009T/Ind ex. In the Trading Industries Forum customers and partners can . It contains all the POS specific accelerators listed above including POS specific remarks for ASAP Core tasks and POS specific tasks with task descriptions.

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