Alphabet Series of Lessons Letter “F” FAMILY SUNDAY

Props/Materials Puppets: mom, dad, girl, boy; art supplies, and supplies for pizza. Invite kids to bring in a family album or heirloom for show-n-tell.

Prayer God, we thank you for our family today, We ask you to keep us healthy and safe, Help us as we pray and read your Word together And place you first in our home each day. Amen.

Snack (Invite parents for this lesson) Family Muffin Pizza. Provide a variety of toppings in small bowls, and allow each child to pick as many toppings for each member in their family. Toast in oven or microwave. (sauage, pepproni, cheese, sauce, onion, olives, extra cheese, chicken) They will enjoy creating their own pizza.

Art (Family Ideas)

Create a Family Tree (add pictures of each member and provide a large brown tree pre cut out for kids), Scrapbook page (add activities of family such as vacation, birthday) Scrape book card (I love my family. Provide materials paper, cardstock, stickers, markers.

Music (Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It) Letter F, letter F, letter F (shrug, shrug 2x) Letter F, letter F, letter F (stomp stomp 2x) God gave us a family to love and serve the Lord, Letter F, letter F, letter F (shake hips 2x)

Additional Song: He Knows My Name (Shout Praises Kids DVD), Let the Children Come (Hillsong: Super Strong God DVD)

Bible Memory Verse Joshua said… “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." (NIV)

Skit Jenna: Mom! Mom: Yes, Jenna. What is all that yelling about? Jenna: Terry has my game boy. He won’t give it back to me. Mom: Terry, could you please give Jenna her Game Boy back?

Terry: She said I could play with it. Jenna: I did not! Terry: Yes, you did! Mom: Stop this arguing! Jenna: He still did not give it back to me. Mom: Oh, Jenna, can’t he play with it a little bit. It will not hurt you? Jenna: No. I want it back. Mom: Terry, give it back to her…..this minute. Terry: All right (Gives it back) You big baby….tattletale. Jenna: He called me a name. Mom: Terry, apologize right now. Terry: I'm sorry (sticks his tongue out at her) Jenna: Mom, he stuck his tongue out at me. Mom: Jenna! That is enough, If you two can’t get along then off you go to your room – both of you!

Message Does this scenario sound like something in your home? The most important people in our lives will be our family. God has given us a father or mother or both, and sisters and brothers, aunts, and uncles, and grandparents to be a support system in our lives. He wants us to love each other and to get along.

Joshua was a great leader who put God first in his life. His family was the children of Israel. He took his responsibility very serious and wanted the best for them. Joshua made decisions that may not have been popular or liked, but his purpose was to please God in his decisions not the people. Sometimes, it may have been painful for him to make certain decision that involved the people, but He did it for their good. Our parents will give us rules, and rules, and rules that we may feel are unfair at times. They may make decisions for us that we think are unfair and mean. However, God has placed them over us, and he expects our obedience. If we refuse to obey them, we are making their job more difficult for God to help them do it. God is interested in your family. He knows what needs you have and is here to help you through them. Sometimes, family face things that are sad such as a death of a member in the family, or maybe bad news that someone has cancer. God does not take away all our pain, but will help us to endure it. He is there and can feel our pain with us. He will help us though it because He is our Shepherd. Sometimes families face financial difficulty where they must change their lifestyle of living. Moms or dads may lose a job and that makes it really tough. God does not give us all we want, but will supply for our needs according to his riches in heaven. He is in control and will give wisdom to help us make good decisions in life. God loves your family and wants you to serve Him, go to church, and pray and read his Word together as a family. Serve him and put His first, and he will bless your home.

Discussion Questions 1. How is your family important to you?

2. What ways can you get along better with the members in your family? 3. How does God want family members to treat each other? 4. How will God help families to get along? 5. What should family do together to please God? Game Let’s review our memory verse. Say together a couple times. Next, have the kids stand and say the verse all together each time you name one of these below if it applies to them this past week. 1. Make you bed. 2. Brush your teeth. 3. Complete your homework. 4. Practice you lesson, instruments, ect. 5. Help do the dishes. 6. Clear the table. 7. Eat your vegetables. 8. Use kind words to you brother or sister. 9. Obey you mom or dad. 10. Did not grumble.

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