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Bush War FUBAR: For Modern/Sci-Fi 6mm & 15mm Skirmish Battles.

The Cardinal Rule: Where a rule does not make sense COVER in a particular situation, ignore or modify it. Cover grants bonus dice for saves against shooting. Half UNITS of a unit must be in cover for the whole to benefit from Each player has one or more units as defined by the it or behind/inside a tank. Cover does not impede foot relevant force supplement or scenario. Each unit is units. BONUS defined by it's Training Level & Expertise. COVER EXAMPLES All members of a unit must remain within cohesion or suffer an activation penalty of 1 per figure out. Undergrowth, Woods, Wooden Soft 1 UNIT TRAINING/EXPERTISE Buildings, Automobiles, Fences, TRG LVL SUPP COHES EXPER Hedgerows, Rifle Pits. Green 1 6mm d6 Stone or Brick Walls, Buildings or Moderate 2 Seasoned 2 2" d8 Rubble, Trenches, Light Tanks. Veteran 3 15mm Hard 3 d10 Bunkers, Heavy Tanks. Elite 4 3" d12 UNIT ACTIVATION ACTIONS PLAYING THE GAME Once activated units can perform up two of the The game is played in turns. In a turn all players following actions. Move numbers shown below are in attempt to activate and use each unit under their inches and listed as */*, the first number is for 6mm the command. Designed for 2'x2' tables. second 15mm. ACTION MOVE INITIATIVE NOTES At the beginning of each turn each player rolls 1d6 and May conduct shooting at any MOVE 2/4 ads any scenario modifiers. Re-roll any ties. point during the move. FIRE The player that scores the highest can attempt to WEAVE 2/4 activate a unit. An activated unit may perform 2 2 Actions. Increase Cover by 1. actions, a unit that fails an activation can only attempt Unit can react once to shooting ON GUARD 1. at enemy movement in their ACTIVATION LOS. Upon their initiative a player can attempt to activate AIMED 2 Actions. Troops take steady units in any order he chooses. He must roll a 4+ to FIRE aim, adds 1 bonus attack die. activate each unit. Any suppressed figures increase 2 Actions. Unit may move ASSAULT 3/6 your activation # by 1. charge into close combat. SUPRESSION SHOOTING, Part 1 A figure that is Suppresed is placed on it's side. It cannot return fire and it's unit takes a penalty to it's A unit can shoot at any target they can see. Units may next activation of 1 per Suppressed figure. split their fire. Suppressed models may not shoot. BODY ARMOR Roll 1 attack per figure in the unit adding any bonus dice Some modern & sci-fi troops wear armor which grants a for special weapons & optimal range, this is your unit's save bonus vs. shooting. Body armor does not impede firing dice. Any result of 4+ is a hit. movement since units train in it. TYPE BONUS NOTES Hit save dice vs. shooting are the lessor between the # Light 1 Flak Jacket, Police Armor. of models in the unit or the amount of hits taken. Add Medium 2 Carapace, SWAT Armor. any bonus dice for cover and armor. Match these Heavy 3 Battlesuits, Power Armor. against those inflicting the hits. Any dice that are equal FUBAR was written by Craig Cartmell & the FOW or exceed the hit dice negate a hit. Forum/Group. Ambush Alley was written by Shawn Unsaved hits against a unit can be taken as casualties, Carpenter. This mod was developed by Auston Butler suppression or combination of both to the limit the unit "wargamer1972." can support.

SHOOTING, Part 2 Units may fire into & out of cover but not through. All models inside cover benefit from cover while shooting at each other in cover. A defined area of cover will block LOS. If shooting at a target within Optimal Range for your weapon add 1 extra attack die. CLOSE COMBAT A unit must move into close combat with an enemy using an Assault activation. The attacking unit moves it's figures first into base contact with the enemy, then the opponent may move up any unengaged figures that are within 2"/4" of an attacking model. Both sides simultaneously roll 1 attack per figure adding any bonus dice, any result of 4+ is a hit. Units with suppressed models lose 1 attack die per suppressed model. The combat continues at the beginning of each subsequent turn until one unit is destroyed. Hit save dice are the lessor between the # of models int eh unit or the amount of hits taken. No bonus dice for cover. Match these dice against those inflicting hits. Any dice that are equal or exceed the hit dice negate the hit. WEAPONS & OPTIMAL RANGE Optimal Range adds +1FP to shooting, the range is 8" unless otherwise noted. FP SQUAD BASED WEAPONS Small Arms (Rifles, Pistols, Grenades) 1 1 Squad LMG 1 Squad RPG Sniper Rifle: 18" optimal range. 1 Flamethrower: 6" range. Ignores armor and 4 cover. CREW SERVED WEAPONS FP HMG 3 Mortar: Ignores cover, targeted unit must be 2 in LOS of a friendly unit. Light Cannon: Ignores cover, target unit 3 must in LOS of a friendly unit. VEHICLE MOUNTED WEAPONS FP Light 3 Medium 4 Heavy 5

ARMORED VEHICLES Can move up to 6/12 in the open or soft cover and fire one weapon. Medium & heavy tanks can move 6/12 and plow through moderate cover, but cannot fire afterwards. If stationary a vehicle can fire all of it's weapons. AR DICE VEHICLE ARMOR NOTES 2 Light APC, Lt Tanks 3 Medium Med Tanks 4 Heavy Heavy Tanks Small arms cannot harm medium or heavy vehicles. For each unsaved hit roll on the table below. RESULT 1 HIT 2 HITS 3 HITS 4 HITS Stunned 1/2FP 1/2FP/IM D 1-2 1/2FP 1/2FP/IM D 3-4 1/2FP/IM D 4 -5 D 6 Stunned: -2 to next activation. 1/2FP: Vehicles FP die pool is reduced by half. 1/2FP/IM: Above plus vehicle can no longer move. D: Destroyed. COMBAT MEDICS Medics may operate independent. A medic may on it's turn conduct a field check on a suppressed figure. 4+ and the check is good, stand the model back up. The medic must be in base contact to perform this check. SNIPERS Snipers may operate independent. If a sniper does not move it counts as being in 1 level of cover greater.