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16PF Competency Report Suite

The 16PF Competency Report Suite is an assessment tool that speaks specifically to the qualities and attributes needed for success in a particular role. This tool helps managers select the people they need to achieve their organizational objectives, every time. IPAT's model incorporates 20 competencies that are based on global research and our many years of experience. You can choose those that most closely describe any role. Or, we can help determine the strengths your organization requires, construct a supporting competency framework, link it to the 16PF scales, and then design one or more custom reports that provide the exact information you need. Choose the competencies that are critical for success.

Intellectual Drive and Resilience Interpersonal Analytical problem solving Innovation Drive for excellent Cooperative teamwork Strategic vision results Influencing Customer focus Commercial awareness Clear oral communication Continuous learning Clear written Management of others Coping with pressure communication Initiative Integrity and respect for Technological orientation Flexibility others Decision-making Planning and


Customize the 16PF Competency Report Suite in 4 ways:

Match and Go An IPAT consultant works with you to choose competencies from our model that reflect your organization's leadership profile, or existing competency framework. We then create a report that measures individuals against these competencies. Customized You provide details of the competencies you want to measure, we map your competencies to our model and create a report written in the vocabulary of your organization's competencies. Job-specific We work with you to identify the qualities that best define what success looks like in a particular role or level within your organization. Our consultants map this "success profile" against the 16PF Questionnaire and identify specific competencies, using either our model or your organization's existing framework. A custom report is then designed to speak directly to only the identified competencies. Totally Tailored Whether using our competency model or, more likely, your own existing framework, we consult with you on the optimal report content for your purpose and audience. We draw upon our vast menu of existing material and can also incorporate original content that goes beyond the competency-based report structure and terminology to deliver a truly custom report

16PF Competency Report Suite

High-performing companies make consistently better people decisions. Coincidence? Definitely not. Interviews can help managers gain information about experience and knowledge. Other techniques, such as simulations, can shed light on skills. But accurate data about personality - what's under the surface - is what really predicts performance and staying power. That's why psychometric instruments are an integral part of consistently great people decisions. The 16PF Competency Report Suite is an assessment tool that speaks specifically to the qualities and attributes needed for success in a role. It helps ensure that managers get the people they need to achieve their objectives, when they need them, every time. It can be used for all levels of selection, but is particularly well-suited to high-volume selection applications as well as mid- to upper-level screening and selection for a particular position. Assessment results also provide valuable insights for post-hire development.