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SECTION ONE: A-READING AND INTERPRETING : ( 7pts) Dear kirsie, Im writing to you because I m happy to know that you want to be my keypall.thank you for the photo. Its really beautiful. Its my turn to inform you about myself, my country and my family. My name is Amel. In Arabic, it means hope. Im sixteen, and I go to a secondary school. The subjects I like best are physics and English. Im average height, and I have fair hair and blue eyes. I live in the Northeast of Algeria. Algeria is situated in North Africa. Its capital is Algiers. There are very beautiful beaches in Algiers because its a seaside town. Were a family of four. My father is an engineer and my mother is a housewife. I have a younger brother and an older sister. They are students, too. Im looking forward to hearing from you soon. Take care of yourself. Best regards, Amel. Ps .Youll find my photo in attachment. Read the letter carefully and do the activities: 1-What kind of document is the above passage? 2-Read the text and complete the following table: Name:. Age:.. Height-. Hair: Eyes:. Nationality:. School:.. Favourite subjects:.. Fathers occupation:. Mothers occupation:..

3- Who or what do the underlined words in the text refer to? 4-Here are some answers about some questions .read the text and write the questions. a - I live in the northeast of Algeria. b - I have one brother and one sister.


TEXT EXPLORATION (7pts) 1- Find in the text words or phrases that are closest in meaning to the following: Located = city = 2- Find words or phrases in the text that are opposite to the following: Dark # inland# 3 -Rewrite this sentence in the plural: Thank you for the photo; its really beautiful. 4 -Rewrite the following sentences using the words between brackets: My father is an engineer. My uncle is an engineer. (both) Tom loves football. John prefers tennis. (Whereas) 5 -Reorder the following words to get a coherent sentence: Spend your ? me do asks where generally he holidays 6 -Cross the odd one out: a- Complexion hobby hair b- Love like enjoy hate height



7- Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: a- She (love) (go) to the seaside? b-They (not meet) her yesterday.

SECTION TWO: WRITTEN EXPRESSION. (6pts) Write a letter of reply to Amel .use the following notes. Your Name; age; nationality; physical appearance; family; school.etc.

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