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2010 / 2009 : 02 : : : 01: : / : SECTION ONE READING AND INTERPRETING To the editor, Ive read your opinion article

your opinion article about diversity which was entitled mixed neighbourhood.I think itsa great idea to live in harmony and peace with other communities. Imagine the wonderful diversity of living in a neighbourhood with all sorts of different people. I think it could be very enriching to live amongst people of different ethnic origins and social backgrounds. It would be like having the entire world at your doorstep. How can you understand others if you dont know them? Living in a multiethnic neighbourhood is a perfect opportunity to get to know other peoples and cultures. Sincerely yours, Amy Williams. Read the text carefully and do the activities : ( 7pts) 1-what type of document is the above pa ssage? 2-How many interrogative sentences are there in the above text? 3 - Answer the following questions: a- Did the writer like the article? b- What was the articles title? c- Is it important to live with different people? Justify. 4 -What type of text is the above passage? Choose the best answer. The text is: a - narrative. b - argumentative. c- expository. TEXT EXPLORATION : (8pts) 1- Find a word or phrase in the text whose definition follows. The beliefs, customs practices and social behaviour of a particular nation or people = 2- Supply punctuation, apostrophe and capital letters where necessary. He said there are many places in Britain where racism doesnt exist. 3 -Divide the following words into roots and affixes. Enriching neighbourhood diversity multiethnic 1/2

4 - Give the correct form of the verbs between brackets. - When I (be) a child I (not realize) I (be) different from my mates. - He never (be) to theU.S.A.before. - He (travel) to china next week. 5 - Classify the following words according to the number of their syllables. Article cultural neighbour community SECTION TWO: WRITTEN EXPRESSION. (5pts) Write a short paragraph about the following topic: Many people say that Travelling abroad can enrich our life. Do you agree with them? Why?

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