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Kean University Office of Scholarship Services 1000 Morris Ave.

Union, NJ 07083 Michelle Illg 1127 Lake Ave Clark, NJ 07066 Dear Charlotte W. Newcombe, Please allow me to express my deepest thanks for the extremely kind and munificent gift of your Annual Scholarship for Mature Women. It is the most generous one I have ever received. Frankly, I was truthfully not even expecting to be honored with one this time aroundbut I came to realize that it would be a necessity if I hoped to have a chance of participating in the internship program I have for the past six or seven years been intending to join. Unfortunately, I did not make it into the program upon my first application to it, and I knew that it would not be feasible to continue purchasing additional college courses with that goal in mind (the program requires that one be a student at the time of application.) Therefore, I submitted my Kean scholarship forms at the last possible moment, hoping desperately for any assistance at all. I am incredibly grateful for your benevolence! I have aimed to take part in the Disney College Programan internship that provides firsthand work experience as well as educational and networking opportunities. I am a Communications/Media & Film major and a Recreation Administration minor. Being able to start on the introductory bottom rung of the Disney ladder would hopefully be the first step towards my ultimate dream of working for the Walt Disney or Pixar Studioshelping to develop, cast, create, and/or market films and related products. Since my junior year of high school (in 2004), I have kept one part-time job consistently whilst also working two others at different times. My primary one is with Mobile Techtronics, Inc., a two-way radio repair company. I am a bookkeeper and general office clerk. Ive also been a supermarket cashier and a public library pageorganizing, neatening, shelving, and maintaining several departments. I also enjoy volunteering for and donating to various organizations and clubs that help people, animals, and the environment. During high school I was a highly active Key Club member, and at both colleges I attended, I joined several student clubs that held fundraising events benefiting themselves and other groups. I enjoy attending or otherwise supporting worthwhile charitable events whenever possible. On an even more personal note, I have a wide array of interests and hobbies. My #1 love has always been animals, and one of my dogs completed her Conformation show Championship last spring. I am also quite passionate about traveling, animation, theater (in fact, entertainment and recreation in almost all forms), culture, psychology and parapsychology, reading and writing, dancing, swimming, mythology, appreciating nature and the outdoors in any way that leaves only footprints, constant research and learning in any category (whether arts or

sciences), and finding unique ways to make a difference while leaving my own personal stamp on the world. I want to once again let you know how grateful I am to have been awarded this excellent gift. Thank you very, very much for providing it. Your thoughtfulness means a great deal to students such as myself. Yours truly, Michelle K. Illg