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Applying Tomorrow’s Technology to Today’s Ministry
Volume 19 December 2007 No. 12

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A Good Volunteer is Hard to Find...
by J. Kevin Weinhoeft

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2008 Our 20th Year of Publishing CCMag
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December 2007

Christian Computing® Magazine

Steve Hewitt -

Our 20th Year of Publishing CCMag



irst let me wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. As we prepare to finish 2007, I am excited about 2008. We are beginning our 20th year of publishing CCMag, and this time next year, we will be announcing the location of our birthday party as we reach 20! And, as we prepare for 2008, we are launching several NEW services related to our mission statement of “Applying Tomorrow’s Technology to Today’s Ministry.”
this venture. This new ministry will be a true non-profit, and the purpose of this new ministry will be simply to spread the Gospel to the un-churched in a new and exciting way, with zero ability to earn any money (grin). So, it will either be operated by volunteers, or we incorporate as a non-profit and seek donations. I am sharing all of this because I know if you are still reading this editorial, you are probably a dedicated reader of CCMag. Join me in praying as I announce this new ministry next month, that God will call out those who are supposed to join me in this exciting new venture. It truly has the ability to shake the world and present the Gospel to multiple millions within months! Again, have a Merry Christmas. And may I encourage you to share the wish for a Merry Christmas with everyone you come in contact with this month!

First, next year we will begin placing comparison feature charts online. For many years, in October, we have published a Church Management Software (CMS) feature chart. However, as the number of features have grown, and the number of companies and products have grown, a print feature comparison chart is simply not able to fit on paper. Therefore, we are working on a comprehensive feature chart that we can put online with detailed descriptions of features, and room for all of the products and services available. We hope to launch our first chart in the first quarter of 2008, and are working with a programmer to create a “second version” that will enable visitors to list the features they deem important, and have the program develop customized charts that will only list the companies that meet the search criteria. Once we have finished with the CMS feature comparison chart, we plan to do the same for a variety of products such as Bible study software, worship presentation software, filtering software, etc. Second, we are having a video created that we feel many churches would like to use in worship or Bible study. We will be releasing this video to all of our present readership and encourage them to share it with other churches. It will be our first test of viral marketing. The video will be given away for free, and hopefully as it is shared across the Christian community, it will help spread the word about CCMag and our free subscriptions! Third, I have been given an exciting new vision for a new ministry. I promise it will not distract from what I do here at CCMag, but it is something separate from the basic mission of CCMag. This new ministry will have the ability to present the message of Christ to millions of the un-churched, and do it within a short time period. Of course it will use technology, but while the technology it will use is readily available, no one has thought to use it in the way I have lead to do. So what is it? I am not ready to say in this issue, but will explain it next month (January 2008 issue). When I explain this new ministry, I will be asking for help from those that are led to join me in Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007


and some are even able to play video clips. A security expert from IBM states that they discovered over 867. you are taken to a fake site in order for someone to steal your ID and credit card account information. In addition. and Brian Trombley. By simply showing your cell phone screen to a Airline Boarding Passes Move Ahead Again We have come along way from having to pick up your ticket in order to fly. Once you purchase a ticket. Passengers will still need a photo-ID to actually board. Many of the actual coupon offers are legit. On the high side. What if your cell phone battery goes dead? There will be kiosk available where you can enter your data and receive a print out.msn.000 phishing scams in the third quarter of this year.htm 4 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . they had two digital photo frames for sale and they were under lock-and-key. or for those that have one phone for a couple or a group. at Walmart.000. However. and some are concerned about a proposed merger between Google and DoubleClick. but when you click on the coupon. however prices vary depending on how pictures get into the frame. while some work via WiFi if you use that within your house. these will have a limit to how far away they can be from your visit http://www. Prices for a 7” frame have dropped to $49 and $59 if you shop around. but some are creating emails that LOOK like the real deal. instantly giving their visitors the ability to remove all of their search history information from their records. For more information. However. one picture frame at 22” is marketed at a price over $1.stm Digital Picture Frames for Christmas Digital picture frames might be a hot item this year for Christmas. For more information.. More and more people are into digital photography. I have also seen some that use a transmitter USB similar to what is used for a wireless mouse. visit http://news. For more information. and a digital picture frame is a great way to show off your photos away from your The purpose for electronic cell phone passes is that they are harder to forge and they save paper. visit http://www. They are launching a new service called AskEraser. visit said holiday phishing scams are shaping up to be an “extraordinary problem” this ASK has come up with a new way to attract customers to their search site by offering them the ability to control their search history. Continental is using their new Cell Phone ticket for those flying out of Houston. you will be able to access certain Will ASK Search Engine Beat Google Because of ID Security? There is little doubt that Google is the search engine of choice for most. Last year. However. This year they have over half-dozen models out and running.msnbc. If you receive an email with a coupon that looks like something you really want to use. a special barcode graphic is downloaded to your cell phone or PDA. Some search engines claim this is a bad idea because in keeping search result records. Watch out for emails containing coupons. Now most people can download their boarding pass and print off their own e-ticket.Online Coupons Lead To Phishing Attacks The bad guys are hard at work this Christmas season. open your browser and enter the retailers real site and see if you can navigate to the coupon offer to assure it is real. some frames have the ability to access music files and play them in conjunction with your photos. but this seems to be the way things will be going. they have a record if criminal activity took place. Some frames allow for a USB connection or memory card. Google still retains your search data on their servers for up to 18 months. which is a leader in creating click ads. There are still problems being worked out. such as what to do for those people who don’t have a cell phone. For more information.msnbc. a product manager for computer security firm McAfee Inc.

as an “add-on” to the cell phone. along with Sprint and Alltel. Start asking friends AROUND THE COUNTRY to watch for Wii’s being sold. and Google applications directly accessible from mobile devices. When they are stocked. Today. sent from your cell phone. but these services are not available to other networks. Verizon has just announced that they are opening up their network to outside developers of mobile devices. the most important ability they have added may actually overtake the main purpose that the cell phone was created for. Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 5 . Services have also included sending text messages that can originate from the web. songs. Accessing the Internet on your phone is becoming increasingly important. they are still hard to find. many people around the world bought them and used them for their Internet access. text messages. more access and a better screen. This means that as soon as they release their information. they are sold and off the shelf.When the iPhone went on sale in the USA. keyboard. Do not plan to purchase one from online retailers. while the most popular used worldwide is GSM (used by AT&T and the iPhone. The goal will be to open up Verizon’s network and break through what is called the “walled garden”. 2. They WANT a small portable device that is functional.) Verizon will publish technical standards for developers in early 2008 and evaluate devices to make sure they are network compatible. that can be sold separately. etc. 2008 may be the year of the decline of the phone. etc. Ask them to tell you when it is that they seem to be stocked. Here Are Tips For Getting Yours Wii from Nintendo might be the hottest item for Christmas this year. talking. most consumers are not happy with the end results and want fast connections. it is obvious from the success of the iPhone. consumers want more. a line will form and they will quickly sell out. and then hang out. Everyone seems to be trying this. and colorful. to access the Internet . However. This does not mean that Verizon will be able to use the iPhone on their system. MP3 Player. While many phones can offer some level of access. adding a cell phone service will be an add-on to the more valuable Internet access mobile device.wired. There are two basic standards for cell phone use and Verizon. 3. received 1. Your best shot is to talk to the people in the electronics department. with WiFi. downloading ring tones and songs. The service will provide Google search. visit http://www. and posting pictures to the Internet. Instead of Internet access to share email. The only problem is that after a year on the market. com/gaming/hardware/news/2007/12/get_wii Cell “Phones” Converging To Internet Access Devices? Cell phones have continued to add abilities such as digital cameras and GPS tracking. a friend of mine (Nick Nicholaou) noticed a Wii line at a Best Buy in California and quickly called me. As soon as a store receives them. pictures.I Got My Wii For Christmas. separate companies can begin developing mobile devices. However. use CDMA. they were all sold in less than 10 minutes. When Amazon. However. For more information. There are now two interesting developments.. Cell phone companies have worked to increase some services and access using EVD to increase speeds. Google has announced they will be coming out with a mobile Internet service that will work with many cell phone and mobile devices. but work with the Verizon network if customers want to add a phone service to the device. I received my Wii shipped to me from my friend. Second. even a knock-off of something like the iPhone.200 Wii’s for sale last week. even though phone conversations were not possible. The “walled garden” refers to the present structure where each cell phone company offers specific services to their customers related to Internet access. First.

com. As a key component of Electricurrent’s mandate. blog. 3 with a unique and simple management system. Managing event details is as easy as TGL. Pure Life will be sure to offer you a hassle-free. we believe it will change the way that churches reach their communities. Additionally.” From a web perspective. web links and contact information. value-priced product that will enhance your organizational communications. Whether you are managing the communications of a church body. has launched a new product called CalendarCompanion. video streaming and more. For example. “We are excited about the leading-edge technology that Calendar Companion offers. Teen Challenge.0 – the third generation of its online product that originally launched in 2002. podcast. CEO of Electricurrent. an internet solutions corporation. or download any software. AdvancedMinistry enables you to create a “Christmas campaign” for your church or ministry. 2. with Christmas approaching. communicating the season schedule for a sports team. Biola University and The Salvation Army. Our progressive email system enables organizations and members to stay tuned into the latest scheduled events by event reminder emails that are auto-generated based on preset user preferences. or switch to a completely different theme. when we first endeavored to offer ministry-based organizations an inexpensive content management solution. founder of TGL. When Christmas is over.0. take donations. special attention has been paid to SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure that clients of AdvancedMinistry are found in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. you can simply revert to your original theme.K. a TGL Inc. CalendarCompanion. Our team is very excited about the latest version. In August of 2000.0 takes dynamic church web design and content management to the next level Electricurrent is pleased to announce the official release of AdvancedMinistry 3. they have worked to offer a free version of AdvancedMinistry to those who can’t afford an elaborate solution and advanced versions for those who need something more powerful. or organizing and maintaining the employee work detail for a restaurant. they began a journey to create AdvancedMinistry – an online solution that would assist churches and ministries in building and maintaining an effective website at little or no cost.Press Releases AdvancedMinistry 3.. send newsletters and more. “This technology allows organizations to integrate CalendarCompanion.CalendarCompanion. product for churches that are looking for a clean. please visit www. cost-effective way to offer their church audio sermons online. AdvancedMinistry handles everything that you would expect out of a content management solution: the ability to create your own pages. TGL Inc is a pioneer in the development of innovative web solutions.advancedministry. MI. real-time calendar application designed to improve organizational communications. an effective web-based.” says Bob Cassidy. Crown Financial. with their organization’s website without having to purchase. The latest version focuses on building community through blogging. AdvancedMinistry has the power to change the way that you do ministry. based in Swartz Creek. Canada and the U. Innovative Online Calendar Start-Up CalendarCompanion. 6 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . it includes a content management system that is easily operated by non-technical displays scheduled events based on user-defined categories. Electricurrent has assisted hundreds of ministries throughout the United States. “It’s incredible to see how far the product has come since Version 1. Founded in 1996. Some of their clients include Youth But the distinctive heart of AdvancedMinistry lies in the tools it provides to help ministry-based organizations create and maintain a consistent. “God has taken us on an amazing journey. With the click of a button. in the latest iteration of this platform. install. The official release of AdvancedMinistry came in March of 2002. The system also allows you to upload your own JPEG or Flash headers that correspond with your ministry’s brand. Certain events can even be set to private giving the organization control over which events people or staff can view using unique password also gives users the ability to seamlessly integrate their organization’s calendar with SermonCompanion.” says Ray Majoran. This system allows administrators to insert a description of the event that includes text. with their creative and technology-based efforts. you can change your entire website to a “Christmas theme” and then download and customize corresponding PowerPoint templates and bulletin shells to go with it. podcasts. and includes a vast number of options including email reminders. high-quality media campaign. More importantly. CalendarCompanion.” Organizations and users will be drawn to the customizable features and ease of navigation that encompasses CalendarCompanion. www. For more information.

it’s not in your church bulletin! It’s via your web site. more often than not. They include the mom that helps out with the infants on Sunday morning. how do students get their information? Well. you 7 be missing the opportunity to communicate with their congregation. people now expect that their church is communicating with them with the speed and need that they get in the world. online giving is probably the best vehicle to engage them in their support of your ministry. the list goes on and on. and instant communication via texting. as he or she Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 . Of course.jkwgroup@comcast. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served. and probably each of us reading this article have either volunteered or benefited from a volunteer who is there for A Good Volunteer is Hard to Find. Yellow Pages advertising is so 80’s!) The truth is the local church cannot and would not exist without volunteers. Volunteers come from all walks of life.” Mark 10:45 I n today’s online world. the single dad that teaches the 5th grade Sunday school class. too! My guess is your ministry has students that are stepping out into your community as well. So. By the way. And of course. is your church passing the collection plate on Sunday? If so. by teaching a class on one of his free nights during the week. Kevin Weinhoeft . collecting clothes for the needy or maybe helping in the local shelters.cover story J. by organizing food drives. and to give his life as a ransom for man.. the way the church does ministry has changed—forever. Using the Internet and your own web site. who steps up to help families in trouble with their finances. online bill paying. With the advent of online banking. if you want these people to tithe. recent data shows that people under 30 years of age seldom carry cash or checks. and the majority of their purchases are conducted with a debit or credit card. but to serve. email. emails and for sure through text messaging! SignUsUp to Serve™ is like having someone available ‘round the clock to manage your volunteers. to the banker that makes million-dollar decisions during the week. if a church is not online with a compelling web site. but they are missing the opportunity to reach nonbelievers and new members. these younger people are passing it along. (Yes. they may not has been called upon to be “Jesus with skin on.” Students love to volunteer.. In addition. The bottom line is most visitors will state that they found your church by searching for a church online or a drive by. as they don’t have cash in their wallet to drop into the plate! In other words.

Allow volunteers to self-register--without staff ever losing control or email info@ signusup.Report on volunteer involvement.) If or call 800.7106. in just a few days you can begin recruiting and signing up volunteers through your own web site.Provide contact information. and more . Perhaps it’s time for your ministry to consider a new way to recruit and maintain your volunteers? Is it time to meet them online at home. without any software to install on your network or computers! For more information or a free demo. Users can easily identify specific opportunities to serve and then register where interested. SignUsUp is so excited to serve your ministry that they’ll give a 60-day free trial of SignUsUp to Serve! Yes. Special Payments.can now organize and share volunteer service oppor¬tunities with members and visitors through your web site. SignUsUp to Serve will even take care of sending out reminders and thank you notes.347. visit www. SPECIAL OFFER SignUsUp is here to serve you! In fact.Supports automated e-mail and voicemail options for managing reminders and other timely communication needs SignUsUp church management applications also include: Online Donations. at work. descriptions. Online Store. and volunteer requirements for each service area . and even through their mobile phone? (In 2008 SignUsUp will introduce text messaging into their Serve application. In addition SignUsUp also offers turnkey kiosk solutions. Ticketing and Serve. that’s right. Online Event Registrations.Easily integrates into ANY web site! Create departments and volunteer service details specific to your ministry . We live in a 24/7 world. demographic information. here’s a quick review about SignUsUp to Serve: . 8 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine .

having 4 cores makes multi-tasking a breeze. but the multi-tasking boost is not nearly as important to most power users as the multi-THREADING performance. There are a lot of high-end professional applications that are able to take advantage of a quad-core system.. including Photoshop. Supreme Commander. which allows a single application to take advantage of all four cores. and most games currently available benefit Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 W 9 . Some reports have indicated much more significant performance boosts. Lightwave 9. Many developers are still playing catch-up with dual-core support. Half-Life: Episode 2. Just as with dual-core systems. plenty of computer enthusiasts are wondering whether the time is right to upgrade to a Quad-core processor. In these sorts of professional applications. Is The Game The Thing? High-end gamers don’t have it quite as peachy as cutting-edge professionals. and notebook options sitting in the pipeline for the first half of next year. 3D Studio Max. What Can Quad Core Do For You? The biggest question is whether you will see any advantages from using a Quad-core processor. and Crysis are four of the biggest). you can expect to see at least a 25% improvement in performance over faster dual-core processors.Donald@PowerNotebooks. especially when it is apparently running at a lower speed than cheaper dual-core processors. the number of games with native quad-core support is miniscule (Unreal Tournament 3. multi-tasking power users will certainly be able to eke out a little bit more day-to-day performance. With more cores to handle individual application threads. The answer depends entirely upon how you use your system.inside the box Donald Stratton . Currently. or not to Quad ith Intel and AMD both now offering Quad-core desktop To Quad. and Adobe After Effects. which is significant enough to take notice..

less expensive dual core processor than they do from having four processing cores. quad core also makes sense. but it is not the present. the primary market for quad-core processing is the professional user. As with the average gamer. and audio. especially in 3D design and modeling. Even if there is a slight performance hit with games right now. For the average gamer. given the recent trends of the gaming industry. For the every-day computer user who is not into gaming and does not work with professional-grade applications. the upgrade to quad-core is a must have. less expensive dual-core processors that will give a better bang for the buck. a quad-core processor probably would not even be noticeable without a half-dozen different applications running at the same time. quad core is still something best approached with a “wait-and-see” attitude. and video editing.much more from the faster. Professional applications have been taking advantage of multiple threads ever since the first dual-processor Intel Xeon motherboards were released. there are faster. There are faster dual-core processors available that cost less and give equal or better performance in everything but the bleeding edge of entertainment applications. In the small number of games that do take advantage of quad-core processors. Do You Need It? Right now. 10 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . For the professional user. this is the next big upgrade for the high-tech professional. and. increasing quad-core support by virtue of their ubiquity. games will start to benefit more and more from a quad-core processor. it wouldn’t be too far off to assume that Epic Games’ Unreal Tournament 3 engine and Valve Software’s revamped Source engine will be used heavily in future games. image. rather than an upgrade for present performance (except for the “big four” mentioned above). For the high-end gamer looking to build a gaming system that is future-proof. but gamers need to be aware that a quad core processor is more of an investment for the future. so professional applications have a significant head start over the rest of the computing industry when it comes to utilizing multi-core processors to their fullest. the processors are invaluable for improving game performance. It may be the future.

You are not limited to the first letters of the book’s title. and with books purchased for WORDsearch 7 and Bible Explorer.000 Sermon Illustrations is SALE PRICED for $99. For NEW users we have SPECIAL introductory packages at tremendous or call (800) 888-9898. and many others are discounted.m. • The $499 Topical Teaching Library is only $249.wordsearchbible. Also available is FREE Webinar Training. Testing shows it substantially faster than all major competitors. “WS8 is the most feature-rich update of a desktop software package I can ever remember seeing. making these newly transformed tools absolute essentials for my lesson prep and daily study of the Word.A. my favorite innovations are several robust and powerful functional enhancements to the old Parallel Bible and Personal Bible Notes windows. All you pay for is the call to 512-835-6900. WORDsearch 8 is fully compatible with Microsoft VISTA and XP. • The $498 Upgrade CELEBRATION Sale! Join the WORDsearch W ORDsearch is having a TREMENDOUS SALE to celebrate the release of the latest version of its Bible software. WS8 has only been available for a few weeks and already users are excited about its many new and improved features.m.price on many of its electronic books and tremendous savings on its most popular packages. Training times are found on the WORDsearch website.bdasal@wordsearchbible. There is FREE Technical Support Monday through Friday from 9:00 a. Warren Wiersbe. The internal browser is a home run and I have already put all of my study links into my favorites. and WS8 is no exception.95 Thompson Chain-Reference Leaders Edition is now only $149.wordsearch word Bob Dasal .95 • The POPULAR $29. documents. Here is a short list of additions and improvements you will find in WS8. Current users will want to take advantage of the opportunity to grow their library through the celebration half-price sale. CT. • Topic Explorer • Integrated Web Access Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 11 . Ironside.95. “WORDsearch 8 has some wonderful improvements over version 7. For a limited time WORDsearch is offering half. • The $199. Here is a sampling of comments. H. Examples of the savings are: • The $49. to 5:00 p. Type “strong” and you can choose from Strong’s Concordance. simply invoke Open book and type “concord” then choose the one you want to open.95.95 Thompson Chain-Reference Bible Library is on sale for just $34.99 New American Commentary is sale priced at $14. WS8 is fast! WORDsearch has always been noted for its search speed. Strong’s Dictionary. J. and downloaded Community documents. To check out the complete listing of one-half off electronic books and packages go to www. John Gillis writes. John MacArthur.” And Mark Skoda writes. The search functionality is terrific! The collections allow for quick topical searches and the footnoting feature is a dream for reference and study. Vernon McGee. Open Book finds resources on any word in the title or by the author’s name. or the book “Tabernacle of Israel” by James Strong. “Open Book lets you quickly find any book in your library.95. Tony Evans. To open either Strong’s Concordance or NASB Concordance. • • • • • • Cross Reference Explorer Library Organization Word Searching Improvements Instant Verse Study Parallel Bible Window Improvements Turabian Footnotes If you are a WORDsearch 7 user you can upgrade to WS8 for only $39. While half a dozen or so new productivity tools are the meat of the upgrade.99 a volume. • Books by John Butler.” Ken Hill says.95. WORDsearch 8 (WS8).

2. Just to repeat briefly. You can also go to the “Exceptions’ tab and specify exceptions there. and if you fail to update often enough. (Doc) Watson . If you’re using Windows’ built-in firewall. Also on the matter of security is checking for “Windows Updates. If you’re using a more robust third-party firewall.000 miles?” After a little Internet research. I mentioned Window’s unconscionable habit of rebooting your computer without 12 your consent after doing an update. such as when you’re using your laptop in a hotel or airport. others that you’re a dumb sheep if you do because it’s just a plot by the oil companies.” Whatever! I guess I’ll just stay a sheep (which is Biblical anyway). is that you should keep your PC tuned. 1. A firewall blocks outside sources from connecting to your computer. “I wonder if it’s really necessary to change the oil in my car every 3. Yes.docwatson3228@qwest. did I get into a controversy the other day when I thought to myself. “Sorry I asked. it actually becomes worthless. I can pretty much guarantee that there are programs installed on it that you either no longer use or no longer need. I checked my AVG anti-virus installation and found that it updated on 11/9 and ran on 11/10 at 5:00 AM. What I do know. Most proChristian Computing® Magazine B December 2007 . June 2007). “Just buy synthetic. Most enable you to easily check when they last updated. Check/Update Security Software and Settings Security software is often only as good as its last update. refer to the manufacture’s documentation. and still others say. most anti-virus and other security software automatically update. however. but let me choose when to install them” option. J.” Some say you’re an idiot if you don’t because you’ll destroy your talk Dr.” which includes patches to repair potential security holes and other stuff. Depraved minds continue to create new viruses and unethical “merchants” continue to flood us with spam and malware (see my “Malware Mayhem” article. Back in my October column (“Windows Weirdness”). so in this two part series. we’ll look at the top ten tips for doing so. As I write this. for example (11/10/07). for example. go to “Control Panel > Windows Firewall > General” and make sure it’s turned on.” and then select the “Download updates for me. in less secure The Top Ten Tune-Up Tips oy. Such programs not only consume disk space but can also slow down performance if they load automatically. Most enable you to allow exceptions or just block everything. Remove Unused Programs Without even looking at your computer. I then thought. You should also check your firewall at this time. go to “Control Panel > Automatic Updates. the latter of which you might want to do. but it’s a good idea to make sure those auto-settings are on and to keep tabs on when they do update.

Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 13 .

so just peruse your “Program” menu and uninstall what you don’t need. and press Enter (or click “OK”). this deletes all those pesky files. there are all sorts of “junk files” on your computer—guaranteed. Press Windows Key+F (or select “Start > Search > For Files”). First. Click “OK” and the changes will take effect the next time you start Windows. 3.” select a program.*. (In Windows Vista. Even more annoying are the ones that load programs into RAM without your knowledge during a Windows launch.tmp. System Tools Disk Cleanup. This not only wastes memory but also increases startup time. go to “Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Now uncheck any program you do not want to launch at startup.grams today come with their own uninstall program.” and the click “OK” in the dialog box that appears. Remove Temporary and Other Unwanted Files This tip is actually an umbrella for several and is at least four-fold.”) As I’ve mentioned in this column before.” Now just select a program and then click the “Change/Remove” button. right? Wrong. type msconfig in the “Run” dialog box. temporary Internet files. They are just wasting space. The utility will now gather info and then display the “Disk Cleanup” dialog box. so click it if you want it emptied and then click “OK.” Voila! Now. type *. and then click “Uninstall. Press Windows Key+R (or select “Start > Run”). Obviously. backup files. The “Recycle Bin” will probably not be selected. Many applications indiscriminately put files on your computer. 14 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . Another approach is to open Control Panel and then open “Add/Remove Programs. click the “All files and folders” option. Windows’ “Disk Cleanup” utility will clean most of these for you. This includes temporary files and folders. don’t disable a startup program if you don’t know what it does. Select “Start > Programs. and the files in your Recycle Bin. you can also use the System Configuration Utility to specify which programs load at startup.

t$m and then delete them. press Ctrl+A to select all the files (hold down the Ctrl key and click on any you want to keep) and then press Delete. If some won’t delete. you can also clean up your Outlook Express mail folders. Second. http://www. These files are supposed to be deleted automatically. the files that store all these messages get huge. open Windows Explorer and use the following location on my computer as a guide: “C:\ Documents and Settings\Doc\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\ {31391EF3-B3AC-4F12-94D8DC2DA45E9526}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.~*.ccmag2. but this will help you look.chk.* in the “All or part of the file name” box. when this great product encounters a locked or corrupted file during a scan. if you are an AVG antivirus user.” Obviously the “Doc” name will be different on your PC. OE doesn’t actually delete a message from a folder when you click “Delete” or even move it from one folder to another. Just do another search for these using *. For example. As a result.T$M file extension. but some versions of the program (especially the free one) fail to do so. so I won’t repeat it here.dbx database files. Fourth. each named to correspond to the folder names in OE. because it’s an integral part of your clean up. I actually detailed this tip back in September 2007 (“Hot Tips 33”. start by right-clicking on the Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 15 . Third. this means they are in use. you can also clean up your Desktop. and then click the “Search” button. It simply marks it as deleted. however. Once all the files are displayed. it copies the file to a temporary directory (such as Windows\Temp) and gives it the . If you want to see yours. verify that “Local hard drives” appears in the “Look in” box. Here you’ll see . com/2007_09/2007_09techtalk.pdf). I mention it.

” right-click on drive C:. So why use this version instead of the GUI version? One reason is that this version displays a little more information than the GUI version. Microsoft recommends 16 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . whichever version you choose. In the “Run” dialog box (press Windows Key+R). you can’t use the computer during this time and you must not interrupt the check. you need to close all files before running these options.“Deleted Items” folder in OE and empty it. Entering chkdsk c: /f /r automatically fixes any errors encountered (/f) and locates bad sectors and recovers readable information (/r).en-us. Figure 1 shows a check already in progress. but it does not save the contents of the lost In other words. mspx?mfr=true. CHKDSK sends a confirmation message similar to the following: “10 lost allocation units found in 3 chains. This will free a lot of space. (BTW. Be warned: using this switch on a large drive might take an hour or more. In both cases. One way to get to this is to open “My Computer. and then the “Check Now” button. no kidding. Figure 2 shows what will happen on your next boot. it doesn’t fix while the GUI version did not.” When CHKDSK finishes. It has to lock the drive to correct errors.” the “Tools” tab. go to: http://support.) At the prompt. Your drive is not available to run other tasks while the disk is being checked.aspx?scid=kb. enter exit to close a command line window. but also to locate and identify bad sectors and recover readable information. Check Disk (CHKDSK) a throwback to the old DOS days (which actually doesn’t exactly break the heart of an old DOS hound like me). a message asks if you want to reschedule the disk checking for the next time you restart your computer. 4. For those users out there—such as system administrators—who want more on CHKDSK. At any rate. Since repairs usually change a disk’s file allocation table and sometimes cause a loss of data.187941. If the drive is currently in use. A case in point is that Scandisk no longer exists. typing chkdsk with no switches checks the disk but does not repair anything. Windows saves each lost chain in the root directory as a file in the following format: “Filennnn. microsoft. Like the GUI version.) The /f switch requires a little more explanation. you can check these files to see if they contain any data you need. Windows fixes the disk. just press F5 back in Windows Explorer to refresh the listing and notice the difference. select “Properties. Additionally. using these switches will display a message that says it cannot run because the disk is in use and asks if you want to schedule it to run on the next restart. which are used on NTFS drives. Convert lost chains to files?” If you press Y. Selecting “Automatically fix file system errors” tells the utility to repair file-system errors that it finds. for more on the new /C and /I switches.chk. When I ran the command prompt version on my machine—that is. go to: http://www. For If you prefer. enter either cmd or command to go to a command prompt (I’ll tell you the difference between these later. CHKDSK. it seems to be a little more precise. and optionally recovers readable information. just chkdsk—it reported that there were problems with the file system. This checks a disk for file-system errors. Replacing it is. locates bad sectors. Run Check Disk to Fix Disk Errors It has always puzzled me why the boys and girls at Microsoft can’t just leave things alone. If you press N. falsely leading me to assume that there weren’t any. If you want to see how much. Leaving the two options unchecked only checks the drive for errors. you can use the command line version. and it does not relinquish control until it’s done. Selecting “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” instructs the utility not only to repair file-system errors. Now select “File > Folder > Compact” (or “Compact All files” if you just want to do them all now).

and so forth. what is the difference between command and cmd? While both of these are command interpreters. add 50 cents for any number of booklets you order. which I think is good advice. There are two other booklets in this Hot Tips series. Meeker. popd. 81641.00 for 2-9 copies of the same title and $5. Additionally. A single copy of each is $6. Bulk prices are: $6. no long filenames. Thanks to all of you who have already supported this project! God bless. for. CO. including 640k base memory. launches a Windows NT command shell. but printing costs demanded it). We’ll conclude next time with the rest of our Top Ten. each of which contains related tips. on the other hand. which is much more powerful. and command line editing (like the old DOSKEY program did).com/logos/0205coverstory. It creates an instance of the old DOS. Read CCMag’s Review of our LogosGiving Service!Visit “Windows Hot Tips 3” and www. and if to see some of this additional power). Cmd. Command. Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 17 . it makes a great quick reference because it’s divided into sections. PO Box 235. Like its predecessors. a more extensive batch language (for example. Order yours today (it will be greatly appreciated).running a disk check once a week. Since I mentioned it above. It’s there for the sake of legacy programs.50 (sorry for the rise in price. it’s also multi-threaded and gives you access to NT services. long file names. set. Windows Hot Tips 1 and 2.50 for 10 or more copies. and 6 or more copies $12 each). Send orders to: MicroManuals. add the /? switch to pushd. and so forth. It includes more environment is the old DOS command interpreter. the difference is actually significant. If you’d like to help with costs (not required).ccmag2. which enables you to recall the commands that have been entered at the prompt. Doc’s Giant Utility Collection on CD is still postage paid at $14 (2-5 copies $13 each. edit them.pdf More Windows Hot Tips 3 covers all the tips and other stuff presented in my column from January 2004 to January 2007 (including graphics).exe.

which presents an online manual. The question is how to counter such messages. we need another Web site to counter it. educating them on the role of a female suicide bomber or mother to a jihadist ’martyr’. to attract young people to the ideology and later to the way of terrorism. attended by leading experts on Islamist radicalization. it is openly available on Islamic militant websites. and Western societies (mostly in Europe) are struggling to find a response. “When they target children. they do everything any commercial advertiser would do. very young children.” Weimann added. “If there are fallacies in the simple narrative of ’the West has been against Islam for hundreds of Christian Computing® Magazine “One of the most alarming trends we found on the Internet recently is what we call ’narrowcasting’. prize-winning and so on. While this kind of communication to young children is not allowed in the US. professor of communications at the University of Haifa in Israel which monitors 5.waltccm@aol. They use comic books. The head of Britain’s MI5 spy service has pointed out that teenagers have been implicated in terrorist-related activities.internet ministry Walt Wilson . movies.” But Johnny Ryan of the Institute of European Affairs in Dublin said that governments lacked the resources and Internet skill to fight the battle on the Web. cern about militant ’grooming’ of children on the Internet. graphics. They are aiming at specific audiences. presented in pink. Western security officials are expressing con18 December 2007 . storytelling. If they produce one Web site. an expert from Singapore.800 militant Web sites. Terrorists are using the Internet to focus on children. Mohamed Bin Ali. Islamic Militants Leveraging the Web I slamist militants are becoming more skilled at market targeting. so that role needed to be played by the public and religious leaders.” said Gabriel Weimann. including women and children. Those were the findings from a conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Weimann said al Qaeda was also targeting women. Instead of ’broadcasting’ like Al Jazeera — trying to reach the biggest possible audience — the approach is to slice the audience into segments and target each with specific tactics. told reporters: “It is important to produce counterWeb sites.

years’ then you have to educate the public.” It certainly follows that Christian leaders must also play a lead role in countering the messages of radical Islam. Europe is ready to manage the threat. some Web sites should be hacked because they are teaching how to use weapons. Go figure.S. recruit suicide bombers and promote Web sites that encouraged the killing of infidels – meaning non-Muslims. We continue in our failure to protect ourselves under the wrapper of freedom of speech. including one forum which recently published a manual on how to kidnap Americans. Some well known al Qaeda-linked Web sites are hosted by U. On the topic of Internet management. a Scottish student described as a “wannabe suicide bomber” was imprisoned for eight years for owning terrorism material and distributing it as content on Web sites. Both of these cases are examples of what European authorities believe is the dangerous and growing role that the Internet plays in spreading extremist propaganda and recruiting sympathizers to Islamist militant causes. and explosives. will we ever learn? Weimann said different types of extremist sites required different approaches. “Some Web sites should be kept monitored. The European Commission this month proposed that all 27 EU member states should make it a criminal offense to incite terrorism over the Internet or use the Web for militant recruitment and training. the US has taken a hands-off approach. In September. The European Commission urged the EU’s 27 states to crack down on militant Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 19 . Counter-terrorism officials claim freedom-of-speech laws prevent them for shutting down such sites. The Moroccan-born student and two accomplices were among the first to be jailed in Britain for inciting terrorism over the Internet. we continue to stick our head in the sand hoping it will all go away. Here at home. From his computer keyboard at his London home. Some have to be blocked and stopped”. Restricting the bad guys should never constitute denial of constitutional rights as the liberals mistakenly claim. But can the West censor radical Web sites? The threat has prompted much talk from governments of the need for action. student Younes Tsouli used the Internet to spread al Qaeda propaganda. The US is not considering such a plan. One can only ask.-based companies.

20 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine .

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. offers the liberal view of an academic: “It would be morally questionable to censor jihadist Web sites that present an alternative world view.sites. banned from Britain after the government ruled that he was not “conducive to the public good. “I don’t think what they are doing is going to stop the Islamists or the Muslims from conveying the Islamic message.” he said.” Since the Internet is global and not just a US political issue most of the serious discussion is taking place in Europe. Bakri. Dr Akil Awan. who gained notoriety by calling the September 11 hijackers the “Magnificent 19. They are critical of any attempt to contain the evil of terrorism but as usual have no plan to offer in response. New York’s police chief described the Internet as “the new Afghanistan”. Despite his exile from the UK. “all of this is nothing more than a campaign against Islam”. Additionally.” in the aftermath of the July 2005 London bombings said. “They can train themselves over the Internet. The Commission’s proposal states that the Internet now being used by Islamic terrorists as a virtual training camp. US liberals disagree about what should actually be done and express serious doubts about what would be effective. It is also clear that militant Islamists dedicate significant resources to getting their message out online. That supported the view of U. who points out that potential recruits no longer needed to travel to al Qaeda camps.S. Radical preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed. the US is not taking a strong public position on the issue of protection because of our cultural (and liberal) sensitivities and misinterpretation of the First Amendment. Rick Warren has pointed out that al Qaeda means network and asks the question why should only the bad guys have a network?” Why don’t Christians have a network? Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 21 .” has continued to communicate with followers via Internet chat rooms.” Bakri stated by phone from his home now in Lebanon. University of London. of the Royal Holloway.

in the case of MIDI.ccmag@terrywilhite. For now. is “dead on arrival” with Vista – no Vista drivers available. (A driver is a software “bridge” that allows peripheral devices such as & multimedia Terry Wilhite . and MIDI drivers for your favorite devices and applications. peripheral manufacturers or Microsoft? My Christian Computing® Magazine It has infuriated me to no end that devices such as my Tascam US-122. the time between when a synthesizer key is pressed to the time a sound is heard. unlike Windows WDM drivers. Who is to blame: the application developers. One of the things aging – make that maturing – will do to you (among many) is to not be so quick to adopt new software upgrades. How about my “tried and true” (with Windows XP) favorite little USB MIDI heirloom. Anybody who does audio to any serious degree on a PC knows the value of using an ASIO driver. But I found myself needing a new designated desktop multimedia computer for my studio. Although positioned as a “multimedia computer” – and my new buy certainly is based upon the plethora of varied audio/video inputs. is a matter of latency. my Midisport 2X2 MIDI interface that connects my keyboards to my computer? No Vista drivers. ASIO drivers. do not! At least not right now. a analog/digital audio converter. For example.) Vista – so we’re relegated to either equipment not working or the latency rising to unacceptable responses using WDM drivers. digital TV tuner and quad core processor – the driver unavailability is startling. I can forget using it as a analog to digital audio interface for Vista and Multimedia? NOT! A word to the wise. you’ll be hard pressed to find audio. Almost a year since Vista’s shrink-wrapped roll out. No Vista drivers. if you’re looking to use Windows Vista for multimedia purposes. espe cially upgrades to Operating Systems (OS). A writer for PC Magazine says that a year since its roll-out. are known for their very low latency. Vista still does not work with more than half of the PC peripherals on the market. digital cameras and digital audio mixers to communicate with one’s computer. So is my Mackie Onyx audio mixer with Firewire card. video. ASIO drivers don’t work with Windows 22 December 2007 .

Now how brilliant is that? I’m confident that these deficiencies will one day work themselves out – but when? What do we do between now and then. Windows 95 on its best day was “hit and miss” when it came to being stable enough to perform multimedia task. On the other hand. but I cannot recall the depth of delay – ever – with an OS that I’ve experienced with the release of Vista. they will one day but it’s not Today! I can tell you that the value of my three-year-old XP Pro (with Service Pack 2) laptop has gone up considerably in my book over the past few weeks that I’ve been experimenting around in Vista. Looking back. especially if we need a new computer? Something hopefully we’re all good at – pray! Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 23 . video and MIDI drivers powering third party devices like those I named at the outset. and software companies seemed to be able to turn out fairly trouble free drivers that were also as stable. While applications may in fact run in Vista. I don’t care! It is totally unacceptable that we find ourselves in such a predicament. Of course. still do not work with Windows latest OS.answer. with drivers to a multitude of my favorite multimedia tools. I can easily recall stability issues with the release of a new OS. equipment and gadgets. Windows XP was solid as a rock post Service Pack 2. Vista? We don’t know if it’s stable or not because the multimedia drivers needed to do the job don’t even exist. I do know for a fact. that the majority of audio. I’ve got the “best of the best” multimedia software loaded on my XP machine.

Some of these collectors are producing their own images.special feature Internet Protection Agency Chris Duff. Social Networking or Blogging Sites Sites such as MySpace. At an early age we teach our children not to play on the street. But it also poses new and evolving dangers to our children. President/CEO Internet Protection Agency www. and more sadistic. Children are increasingly targeted by online sexual predators and abused online by those who are producing child pornographic images. Friendster. Duff and Aguillard have witnessed the images of child sexual abuse that are distributed over the Internet gradually become more disturbing. The Internet Protection Agency founders and cyber cops Chris Duff and Toby Aguillard are haunted by the evils of online exploitation as they continually patrol cyber space. Xanga. It is also clear that measures taken by law enforcement are not enough to deter the predatory behavior. and others where people can meet and interact have recently exploded in popularity. The explosion in the production and trafficking of child pornography and the staggering numbers of Internet predators hunting our children online is nothing short of an epidemic. Duff and Aguillard established the Internet Protection Agency as a means of fighting these evils and combating this epidemic. Duff and Aguillard have learned that Internet predators are taking advantage of our failure as adults to teach Internet safety to our children. and rob youth of their innocence. Facebook. In the course of their cyber investigations. BlackPlanet. Internet predators and child pornography are profound evils that exploit children. and they increasingly involve younger and younger children. but we have failed to teach today’s generation of “keyboard children” about the dangers of playing on the Internet. The IPA seeks to provide parents with access to the tools and information that they need to effectively protect their families and to provide law enforcement agencies with proper training in online predator investigations. The Internet has provided child pornography collectors with an easily accessible and seemingly anonymous means for collecting and distributing images and videos depicting child sexual abuse.ipatoday. Everyone must join the fight to protect our children. In their work as child exploitation investigators. shatter lives. These child predators find their prey easily in part because an entire generation of today’s children is growing up in the digital age without guidance. The cyber world is saturated with cowardly villains hiding in the shadows of the Internet who are preying on our children daily. more graphic. The majority of the activity on these sites is legal Christian Computing® Magazine T 24 December 2007 .com The he Internet is an important and powerful resource that can enrich our lives. using children that they have met online. Duff and Aguillard established the Internet Protection Agency to inspire responsible adults to face the new brutal threat that is posed to our children through the Internet. Child Pornography New technologies have significantly contributed in the increase in the proliferation and severity of child pornography.

Online predators are also exposing our children to sexually graphic conversation. and every adult shares in this responsibility. The amount of personal information that is unwittingly displayed by children makes social networking sites a playground for predators who seek to harm our children. Duff and Aguillard believe that there is no gray area when it comes to protecting children. ipatoday. However many children. Internet Predators New technologies have also significantly increased the risk of our children being sexually solicited by predators. for all of its good and valuable purposes. schoolyards or other places where children can be found. images. are not aware that they are putting themselves in danger by giving out too much personal information and communicating with people that they have only met online. cyber-bullying. The Internet. Other dangers to children in these sites include inappropriate content. has become a tool for evil in the hands of those who seek to exploit and abuse our children.and can be positive. The IPA will continue in its mission to establish a culture of zero tolerance towards Internet child predators and child pornography. and videos. Please visit our website at www. The child predator no longer has to spend his time near the playgrounds. and identify theft. Recent law enforcement efforts have revealed an increasing number of online enticement cases nation-wide where predators contact children online and arrange to meet at a designated location for the purpose of making sexual contact. He can simply log on and find an entire generation of children at his Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 25 . particularly teenagers.

solarize. Snagit also has some pretty powerful image editing tools—you can use it to crop. If the image is not in WMF. Christian Computing® Magazine Christmas Goodies C 26 December 2007 . for only $29. clipart editing WMF Image Editor www. a great little program that allows you to edit clipart that is in the WMF format— Windows Metafile Format. When working with this program I usually have two windows open—it is so much fun to take apart a complex piece of clip art and save little parts of it for use in various projects. you don’t want to buy another clipart set. They don’t have a category for clipart on the home page. The ClickArt Publishing Suite III described above site is also in the WMF format. reduce. pixelate. you can convert it into WMF through Snagit. Most of the clipart you download from the www. historical packages and all kinds of However. site is in the WMF format. but is very hard to find now. This link is a source for WMF Image Editor. rearrange If for some reason. apply a number of image filters including posterize. and one of the best gifts I can give all of you who faithfully read my column is a list of some resources for church communicators of which you might not be aware. it also includes the WMF Image Editor which is a great image editor for clipart in the WMF format. It not only has lots of good church clip art. for clip art deals www. It allows you to break apart clipart. You can do so much more with this than you can with the image editing that comes with MS Word or MS Publisher. Following is a variety of annotated resources in a variety of areas from clipart and image editing. and re-color parts. One of the best programs. what is odd about this section is it is a bit hard to find on the website itself. Clipart and related links Christian Book Website. to high-end studies on writing for websites and many other areas. you need to type “clip art” into the search box for the offerings to come up and then a HUGE list of many pages appears.ministry communication Yvon Prehn . Snagit www. is the ClickArt Publishing Suite Resources For Church Communicators hristmas is a time for This website has all kinds of clipart packages including denominational sets and ones that are no longer nationally distributed including denominational packages.snagit. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! With it you can clip out and save anything that appears on your computer screen— anything from a section of a page to a website or any part of it. the following program. that used to be sold all over.yvonprehn@aol. to a great source for youth related logos and t-shirts. enlarge. In addition to the screen capture function. add noise. you can buy this image editor by itself. delete parts.

great and full of ideas. variety of prices depending upon the level of customizaJakob Nielson’s USEIT tion.These filters give you end results that are similar to what you get if you apply filters in Photoshop. well. but you don’t know if it is legal or not for you to use it. com. but don’t of long vs. Website advice It is no secret that I am not a huge fan of overFor Volunteer training. etc. designed websites with lots of graphics and little useEnergize ful An extremely basic and very sensible site—a recent For Blogging article relates a study that shows the comparative benefits If you want to try this tool to communicate. It contains many articles. Their newsletter is graphic you are playing with. Gerry McGovern www. let me know and I’ll pass them on in future articles. My thoughts in this area have been greatly http://www. The difference is that Snagit is a $39 program and SUPER easy to use and Photoshop….com sensible web content creation and his brief newsletters This site is wild and crazy and a wonderful company for very edgy designs for youth groups. You can also use it to convert clipart from one format to another—for example. One caution: Little Snagit has no conscience. McGovern is a secular guru on www. ask. you can convert it to the WMF format simply by saving it in that format in This is a secular A free and beginner site for blogging. but it is one of the best resources influenced by the two resources below and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do something of I’ve ever come across with great advice for anyone who value with their website rather than display the latest Flash works with volunteers. info. The Links section of my website. PLEASE. short articles on the web. lated to church communications. if you have resources rethrough step by step on setting up and starting a blog.energizeinc. Photoshop never has been described as easy. If you really want something you see on the web. (www.lynda. Blogger is free.blogger.useit. if you snag something that is in a jpeg or eps format and you want to edit it in WMF Image Editor. and only capture and use images that it are legal for you to do so. and an online newsletter.uthstuph. but how do you use it? Lynda. but the ones above are lynda. It is available in a contain much that is useful for church communicators. Blogger Have a wonderful. books. joyous Christmas! www. has a tutorial on Blogger Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 27 . no warning pops up saying “better check with the copyright owner on this!” You have to keep an eye on little Snagit…. If you capture an image that is not legally yours to use. www. these two will get you started.thelionsvoice. my seminars and website. know where to has a wonderful tutorial that will walk you some of my favorites.gerrymcgovern. etc. For your youth group The source for a newsletter on writing and content Uthstuph management for the web. of course has much more.

You can even give them a free program called OpenOffice. Have you got all your shopping done? There are probably one or two people on your shopping list who are selfdescribed computer geeks and you don’t know what to get them. hard. teacher or do they have kids in school in their home? Office 2007 has a student version for only $149.higher power with kevin Kevin A. It even has a laser pointer. this is the perfect mouse for a road warrior who does presentations or even if they don’t. It has a nice. Yet those are some of the last things we consider when buying a system. If you already have Bluetooth on your laptop you can set it up so that you don’t even need the and I would love a Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser. clear.kevin@kevinpurcell. Some of the new features make them worth the upgrade price. Photoshop and Premiere Elements just released versions 6 and 4 respectively and I love them. Burn a CD for them and call it a High Christian Computing® Magazine A Better Mouse – I know that your geek probably already has a mouse and the person getting a new computer will get one with it. Sometimes the only reason to upgrade is you now have a Vista computer and the old version doesn’t work. Both recently released newer versions. I love Logitech (www. These are a little more 28 December 2007 . the MX Revolution series is the Mercedes of Mice. But newer versions offer some new functionality or are less buggy. split for a more comfortable typing experience. plastic carrying case for the mouse and dongle. Another would be Adobe’s excellent photo and video editing tools. For the road warrior with Bluetooth in their notebook. Are they a student. Purcell . Computer manufacturers often throw in some cheap $5 ball mouse or the lowest quality optical mouse available. I love mine. Do some homework and find out what software your recipient uses that needs to be upgraded. On the bottom of the mouse there are buttons useful for making presentations. So upgrade it. Some possibilities could be Nero or Easy CD burning software. Here are a few ideas of Great Geek Gifts for Christmas. Every laptop has a pointing device of some kind. If you only want a new mouse. your keyboard and your mouse. Give them the newer version they’d love to have but wouldn’t buy themselves.99 and less if you look online carefully. It is a cordless keyboard and mouse combo set that comes with a natural keyboard. expensive so give their cheaper cousins a look if they don’t fit your budget. The mouse is one of their better ones. It is small and fits nicely in a computer bag. Of course WordPerfect is still around and has a new version as well. They have a new look and work great even on Vista. With a power switch to save battery life. If you have more money to spend. then give them that new version of Microsoft Office. the three things that you use most on your computer are your Great Geek Gifts C hristmas is just about here. But remember this. but you know they are getting a new computer for Christmas and you want to find something to go with it. Maybe someone on your list is not a geek yet. A New Version of Old Favorite Software Sometimes we don’t feel like upgrading software because the old version does just fine.logitech. try the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000. Buy them together and save. You can get a combo set that comes with both a nice keyboard and a mouse.

If you plan to only print 4x6 prints you don’t need anything higher even if you crop the photos. If your budget is bigger and you think your recipient has more advanced needs. Cool Tech Toys Everyone wants an IPod or something like it. A great way to do this is get them a copy of e-Sword which is free to download (www. No matter what they tell you 6-8 MP is enough for simple needs. or download free software. but I’ve heard great things about their newest versions. If the camera is at your local department store or electronics store in a clear plastic wrap for under a $100 then be wary. If they use an older version of that package then upgrade for them. So look around for an external hard drive for extra storage or backup. Another option is to get a new collection of books for them. Ignore the digital zoom because it degrades the quality of your pictures. This will be especially true as you start to take pictures. The second category is the higher end cameras with high zoom lenses. a PDA is the way to go. For many. Or for a small donation they will send an install CD with most of the best resources on it. Usually it is something like a higher resolution. Of course the most dominant player in the multimedia player market is Apple’s IPod. Finally. usually 10 or even 12 times zoom (10x or 12x when measured against 35mm equivalent lenses). then they can always use a few books for their collection. Digital Camera I’m a photo nut. then introduce them to it.e-sword. Bible software programs can take up a lot of space too. You can buy content from their ITunes store or add your own via CD ripping. These are usually poor quality cameras that feel like a good deal but will make your recipient frustrated when all their photos are very soft or too blurry. And if they are a Windows person you can go with either a Windows Mobile version or a Palm version. If they don’t already have a multimedia player get them one. Inexpensive point and shoot cameras will have at least a 3X optical zoom lens. sports. you don’t need one of those. Bible Study Software If you have a pastor on your list or someone who likes to study or teach the Bible. And more computers have USB ports to spare than have Firewire. unlock some of the more modern translations like the New American Standard Bible or the New International Version which will soon be available for e-Sword. If they are Mac only people you can still go with either but save them some pain and stick with Palm. There are three categories of digital camera. They only license their name to others so you are not really getting a Polaroid. They also usually offer a movie mode. But make sure you get something for the program they already have. Smartphones are expensive. unless you are really into this stuff. They are coming way down in price. you can spend more but ask the sales person why the camera costs more. But today. I’ve also used a Sony camera and had great results. A 10 MP camera can theoretically print at photo quality on paper larger than 8x10. I personally don’t like Kodak cameras and Polaroid is not the same company anymore. it may degrade the quality a little. So go with an inexpensive model. Panasonic or Olympus. Why not give it to them digitally? Find out what program they use and give them an updated version of that software. You are somewhat limited by their service Microsoft just entered this market with a product called the Zune. look at my column from last month for some Christian video game ideas. Storage Almost everyone using computers needs more storage. If they are not using Bible Study software. But if you crop out half the photo. The Digital SLR models are for the serious photographer. Also WordSearch has recently updated as well. Don’t spend more than $150 for a basic camera. Nearly all of these cameras will shoot in some kind of video mode and provide at least three or four modes for things like outdoor. These are nice and will cost closer to $300-$400 or more. These will often have more advanced shooting modes and mimic the expensive cameras like my Rebel. Load a disk in your computer and ITunes will import it for you. The earliest versions were panned by most reviewers. USB drives are more ubiquitous than Firewire. Again stick with Canon. But if your friend or family member has an old phone and would enjoy a PDA try getting them one of the great new Smartphones. edit video. but I like my Palm Treo 700w and can’t live without it. portrait or close up macro shooting. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XTi which is a serious camera. Nikon. go with a name associated with Photography like Canon or Nikon. They are easy to use and work great. These are just a few ideas. Other companies make players too like Samsung and Sandisk. Tell the person to turn off the digital zoom feature when they open the camera and load the batteries. which you will see in the megapixel rating or MP for short. If they enjoy games. I personally prefer Firewire but I would still go with USB unless you Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 29 . Sony. Then.Tech Christmas card. You don’t need extra software to sync with their computer. Next month I will be taking a look at PC Study Bible’s newest version. I am talking about a Personal Digital Assistant with software from either Microsoft or Palm. If you want to print 8x10 pictures you may want more MPs. Today there are fewer of these available that don’t come as part of a phone. But remember that Apple isn’t the only game in town.

Are you buying for a movie fan? Try a Netflix gift certificate. It costs anywhere from $5 to $40 a month. kevinpurcell. Christianbook. You keep the movies as long as you like and return them in the postage paid envelope. All of my family and friends know they can give me a gift by giving to my foundation instead of If you want another great gift giving idea go to our web site at www. If you want to learn how I did it send me an If your recipient would only want to backup their pictures then go with a pro Flickr account from www. or really any place you like to shop. They have just recently added some online photo editing capabilities that make the site really useful for casual photographers. and. And their gift will help spread the Gospel literally until Jesus returns.95 if you have an account. As I mentioned previously it is all about making a free CD or Flash drive of freely downloadable software that you can legally give away.95 a month or less if you buy a year’s worth. Finally. if you want to get them something but don’t want to spend as much money as the above suggested gifts might cost. They are great for carrying around your most often used files. And if you read my Nov. You can learn about that at my web site at www. 2006 article on free software as a gift you can learn how to set up a drive with some cool software to give your recipient a fully functioning office on a thumb drive.mozy. how about making a gift to a charity in someone’s name? My wife and I have set up a foundation and the proceeds from it will go to my denomination’s International Mission Board. I have about three of these ranging from 256 MB to 4 GB.know that your recipient’s computer can take a Firewire drive. You sign up and put your favorite movies in a list called a Queue. I hope I’ve given you some ideas and pointers. I have a free account but am planning to upgrade to a pro account which lets you backup all your files. the person can even watch movies online. also called a Stick or Thumb drive. I still think that your favorite geek would enjoy that much more than a silly card or a cheap necktie. Netflix is a great service that I’ve used for years and gifted to others. Find out what is important to them and give to one of their favorite charities. which is an online storage account. You can also buy previously viewed films for as little as $5. If your friend or loved one seems to be a person who has everything. why not give a gift in his or her name. Then they send anywhere from 1 to 8 DVDs out to you at a time depending on your account and look for back Get them an account with Mozy (www. try a few Internet services. The amount of storage is unlimited if you pay just $4. Cheaper Gift Ideas Also consider a USB Flash drive.ccmag. 30 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . Search for the November 2006 issue and find my column. Other great gifts are gift certificates that can be used online at places like Amazon. In less than 5 days you will have your next movie or movies on the list.

students. alumni. As you will soon find out. or their favorite IT guy. Discouraging in that there is so much potential not being used yet. The news and reviews are very good and they don’t pour a bunch of junk on you. which I am sure many of you know him or know of him. I wanted to concentrate this month on some Christian colleges that have some great blogs setup from their website. Besides the fact that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. You may also I wanted to share with everyone what has been going on with me this month as I have prepared myself for this month’s selections.albertmohler. Actually. www. My plan is to come back to this in several months and to see where progress has been made in this area. Originally. I believe the unique family traditions are what I look forward to the most. I really like the Event Calendar that they provide which highlights different conferences coming up and gives you a link to their site. I realize that a lot of faculty may have their own blog setup but what about the benefits of the institution having blogs setup to help benefit the marketing of their website as well as the great dialog that comes from the multiple blog setups. I work for a college/seminary and they are the ONLY college technology magazine out there that covers all aspects. www. for fear that I may be pestered and ridiculed for months to come. I will not go into our family traditions. but encouraging in that I think a lot of institutions are just around the corner from having something like this implemented. I only came across one college that had blogs easily accessible from their main site. We will see what happens. I am hoping that within the next 6 months we will all see more blogs on these college is the personal site of Al Blog Sites and More I hope everyone is having as good of a Christmas season this year as I have been. Mohler has a very nice site and if you notice he has his blog setup easily so that people can go right to it from his header menu on his main site by clicking on a very easy to recognize tab labeled “blog”.scottdhoward@gmail. Mohler’s site is a great example of what I would call a good site when it comes to accessibility. I am not trying to be sarcastic here but just wanting to make a point of how important it is for something to be easy to find on a site as many people will only look for a short time before they give up and Dr. as I am sure others will fill me on this one. or there website to keep up with the latest in higher education technology. from any college out there. I think there would be interested people wanting to read blogs coming from is the site I decided to start off with considering that I just wrote about it. This is a hard thing for me to grasp. I did not end up doing this as I was shocked to discover that most of the colleges that I spent time checking sites for didn’t have blogs linked from their main site. Dr. You can take advantage of their newsletters. print magazine.scott howard’s hotPics Scott Howard . I have not been a reader of their site and magazine for very long but it is now one of my favorite resources given that Christian Computing® Magazine December 2007 31 . given the huge success that other professionals have seen from the blogosphere including politics and business. I find the lack of blogs within college institutions both encouraging and discouraging.

Keep up the awesome work is the blog by. enjoy watching football. and is the personal site by the one and only Jakob Nielsen.evangelicaloutpost. politics.useit. Take some time to check out his site. Needless to say with all the articles written up about him. and have been inspired by reading a book by Hugh Hewitt. a quicker response time. Jakob does a great job at creating strong content and doesn’t spend time fooling with graphics on the site which in turn also gives the readers. Come to find out. Nathan is the publications director at New Hope Christian Center in Waterloo. news. Joe and I have several things in common. Jakob has 79 patents which are mostly ways to make the Internet user friendly. yes you guessed it. Nathan is a reader of Christian Computing Magazine. Jakob pushes the concept of permanent content. He posts on various happenings from experiences at NHCC. Jakob is probably most known for his incredible wisdom of usability on the Internet. He has his main page divided in half with the objects on the left being “permanent content” and the objects on the right “news”.nathandiehl. I don’t know this for a fact but I am guessing by the graphics on his blog that he may even be a coffee fanatic. that still are not using broadband. have been veterans. We both are Christian. and personal thoughts. Yes!!! I found a fellow Hoosier. I am hoping we will find some interesting articles in the near future from Joe as he has taken the position of research and rapid response communications for the Mike Huckabee campaign. Nathan likes to be able to reach out to people.want to check out his “radio” page if your interested in downloading some of his radio broadcasts in mp3. Joe has a great gift of writing and never ceases to keep me pulled into his posts. www. If you contact him. but most importantly. make sure you congratulate him on his 30 year milestone. Joe Carter. which the way I understand it is content that is quality and not quickly outdated so it can be looked back on for a long while and still be beneficial. At least that is what I would call quality permanent content. he is looked to worldwide as a leader in the Internet arena. 32 December 2007 Christian Computing® Magazine . I have found this blog to be a huge success if you are referring to the popularity of it within the Christian circles. I am sure many of you will even find your blog or website listed in his blogrolls but I assume that there will always be some out there that will find this as a new resource. Indiana. Nathan Diehl. www. covering is a great blog by a Christian man. www.

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