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The Dragon Fruit Industry Group (Chavez, Figuracion, Gaerlan, Gan, Limbauan & Pascual)

1. What is the status of the dragon fruit today? What are the impacts of their strategies to the status of the industry today? The dragon fruit is fast emerging as the apple of the eye in the fruit industry today. What makes it the new darling in the industry is that it can be made into various products. It has an increasing market share, it is providing also high profitability and it is expected to be the same and still increasing in the coming years. The different functional strategies play great roles in the status of the dragon fruit industry. Marketing strategies enable various types of consumers to be aware of the fruit. With a number of marketing strategies, it really helped in establishing a name for the dragon fruit to take place in the fruit industry. For the production strategies, building quality, costs, dependability and access to the product is the primary concern. For HRM strategies, workers are being trained first in maintaining the dragon fruits properly, in further processing of the fruit and many more. In the research and development, new technology called the artificial lighting has been adapted in all farms in Ilocos Norte. Note that even though how great the strategies are if you failed to implement them effectively and efficiently, these strategies will only lead to failure and non attainment of your goals. 2. How do you synthesize all prospective strategies to really penetrate in the global market? That is the role of strategic implementation. Upon the formulation of these strategies, it has to be implemented properly (strategically) that is at the right time, with the right resources, with the right amount (if it involves quantity) and at the right level. And eventually, one can now broaden his reach in the market and even penetrate globally as well. 3. What are the strategies implemented by the industry to the lowering price of the dragon fruit? The pricing strategies applied in the dragon fruit industry are based on the market-oriented and value-based pricing. Market-oriented pricing is setting a price based upon analysis and research
compiled from the target market. And Value-based pricing is pricing a product based on the value the product has for the customer. The lowering price of the dragon fruit is based on the supply and demand. This is controlled by setting a floor price of the product and that is so far, Php. 80.00. Furthermore, the Php80.00 per kilo is granted to bulk buyers.

4. Do you think that the strategies formulated and implemented are really applicable to the industry? If yes, how sure are you? The strategies formulated and implemented are compatible to the dragon fruit industry this can be shown by its increasing market share and profitability. The applicability can also be known by the financial measures like the payback period, the return on investment and the like. All of the measures are in the positive and favorable conditions. Well, the main thing here is on how strategic these strategies are to be implemented to get the best results. Since data have been gathered, with a hundred percent conviction, one can say that the strategies are effective.


The Dragon Fruit Industry Group (Chavez, Figuracion, Gaerlan, Gan, Limbauan & Pascual)
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed marketing strategies? The dragon fruit is fast becoming the market-leader in the fruit industry. With the help of the various marketing strategies, dragon fruit is able to widen its market share. It is able to generate more and more sales, and due to the awareness of its health benefits, it is becoming bigger and wider. There are a lot of favorable conditions derived from the marketing strategies. The main constraint now is the cost of these marketing strategies, how much should be allocated for marketing? And also, in the implementation part. Once these two are not done properly, disadvantages of these marketing strategies will occur. It can be, that all funds are allocated for marketing because it generates sales, this would lead to business failure.