Kanakadhara story Scene 1 Curtain opens: Characters: Sankara and his friend Costume: both dressed in orange dhoti

and uttareeyam (cotton fabric) Audio clip: peaceful Ashram music playing in the background Friend Sankara Sankara, today is Dwadasi. We fasted yesterday – Ekadasi day. Let us go for Biksha now and get something to eat. Let us do that. Scene 2 Characters: Poor lady and Sankara Costume: poor lady dressed in old cotton sari – she has patchwork in couple of places on the sari, and a couple of gaping tears on the sari & Sankara same clothes as Scene 1. Audio clips: “Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namo Narayanaya” Sad piece of music to be played at the end of the scene Props on stage: Lord Vishnu’s picture or Satyanarayana Swami’s picture and some pots and utensils with lids (different sizes) in couple of places on the stage; one pot contains a golden gooseberry. Setting: Poor lady is sitting on a tattered mat in front of the picture of Lord Vishnu in a prayer pose. Audio clip of ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ is playing in the background. Sankara slowly approaches her: Sankara Bhavati Bhiksham Dehi, Mata. Poor lady The lady quickly gets up from her mat. Walks quickly to every corner of the stage, opens the lids of all the utensils. I don’t have any food to offer. He must be hungry. What should I do? Poor lady is still opening all the pots and utensils and looks worried ---In the meanwhile, Sankara waits patiently for the lady to give him something. At last in one of the pots, she finds an amla (gooseberry). She takes it out of the pot, and we play the pre-recorded audio clip again, while the girl shows a puzzled look on her face. Poor lady All I have is this one amla. I kept this for myself to eat. Is it proper biksha for him? (with Thinking pose …) I can’t let him go with empty hands. I will give this to him. She walks closer to Sankara and offers him the gooseberry (amla) Sankara Dhanyavadaha. He looks at her and is very sad. Audio clip of sad music piece is played in the background.

Both leave the stage.

God will take care of you. Lady is still on stage looking at Sankara. golden gooseberries Audio clip: Pre-recorded clip of Kankadhara stotram Sankara looking at the amla piece with his back to the lady. Scene 4 Characters: Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi lifts Sankara with her hands on both his arms. falls at Goddess Lakshmi’s feet. poor lady and Goddess Lakshmi Costume: Goddess Lakshmi in silk sari with a pot in her hand. no. we have the entry of Goddess Lakshmi. Sankara. .Scene 3 Characters: Sankara. He lifts his arms to the sky and “Angam harehe” music plays in the background – the first stanza is fully played while Sankara continues to have his arms lifted in the same pose. This audio piece is quickly followed by the sound of anklets— to that sound. poor lady and villagers Costumes: cotton saris for girls and white dhotis for boys with white cloth on their heads as turbans All the villagers come on to the stage—from right and left: Sloka Bhajan Namastestu Mahamaye Devi lakshmi mam pahi At the end of the play. kind Mother!! I do not want anything for myself. Please grant this poor lady with wealth. She has only one amla fruit and she gave that to me. Sankara Alas! This poor lady has nothing to eat now. if you are selfless and kind. Poor lady comes to the front with her hands on her mouth – very surprised and happy. Goddess Lakshmi Sankara! You are so unselfish! I shall grant your boon! Lakshmi tilts her pot and gold gooseberries fall out of the pot. What will she eat now? Let me pray Goddess Lakshmi for her. Sankara looks surprised and falls at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi. I am pleased with your Stotram! What boon do you want? Sankara O. two kids walk up on stage to convey the moral of the story (one kid with a goofy moral and the other with the real moral of the story): Kid 1 Kid 2 “Give an amla and get gold in return” “ No. Goddess Lakshmi Sankara. that is not the moral.

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