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dialogue_name:"Brat" CUSTOM: intro:"Well *YOU*, I'm waiting...

" intro:"So, is *YOU* going to be a good boy and do everything *ME* tells him to?" intro:"You're a very lucky man, *YOU*. I know how men look at me, they think %22 That *ME* is a hot piece of ass, I wish she'd lower her standards and suck my di ck%22" general:"No one would believe you if you told them *ME* went anywhere near your' cock" general:"[LOOK_UP] You look nervous *YOU*.[ARMS_HIS_LEGS] Do I make you nervous *YOU*?" general:"[LOOK_UP]Did I say you could talk?" general:"[ARMS_BACK][LOOK_UP] I think I might make you call me Mistress *ME* fro m now on" general:"[LOOK_UP]Beg me to suck your' cock *YOU*. Plead with me to put it betwe en my hot lips" general:"Say it, say %22*ME*, I want you to suck my cock%22" general:"I'm impressed, *YOU*. You might be worth my special attention after all " general:"[LOOK_UP] I do so thoroughly enjoy a big, stiff cock...[ANGRY_MOOD] But you won't ever tell anyone that will you,[HAPPY_MOOD]*YOU*" general:"[ARMS_LEGS] *YOU*, My pussy is getting hot.[AHEGAO_MOOD] [LOOK_UP] But you won't ever touch it" general:"[ARMS_BACK][LOOK_UP] There really is nothing as bad as being bored and horny to make you do things you regret" resistance:"I will decide how much of your' dick I want *YOU*" resistance:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]Uh-Uh[TAP_HANDS], not yet *YOU*" resistance:"[LOOK_UP]Think carefully about who you're dealing with. You really w ant to piss off *ME*?" resistance:"[TONGUE]Aren't you the impertinent one?[CLOSE_EYES] It means brash, presumptuous[LOOK_DOWN]...idiot" resistance:"[LOOK_UP]Mmm...[AHEGAO_MOOD] A challenge..." resistance:"[ANGRY_MOOD][ARMS_HIS_LEGS][LOOK_UP] Fuck with me and I'll bite your ' dick off,[TAP_HANDS] tell everyone you tried to rape me[TAP_HANDS] and have yo u put away for life...[ARMS_BACK][LOOK_UP][HAPPY_MOOD] Okay?" interrupt:"-mphh!" interrupt:"-shit!" interrupt:"-!" interrupt:"-ghmph!" interrupt:"-mmbh!" interrupt:"-nngh!" interrupt:"-mmn!" interrupt:"-ghch!" interrupt:"-fuck!" interrupt:"-mmbh!" interrupt:"-mnh!" interrupt:"-ng!" cough:"-aghck" cough:"-ack" cough:"-ackph" cough:"-agph" cough:"-achf" first_throat:"[LOOK_DOWN] Fuck, it's been too long" first_throat:"Lucky...[TAP_HANDS]lucky...[TAP_HANDS]lucky, Mr *YOU*"

first_throat:"You want more, *YOU*? You have to ask; %22Mistress *ME*, take my c ock in your' throat again%22" first_throat:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][LOOK_UP] Fuck, I love the feel of a big cock in my m outh" first_throat:"[ARMS_BACK][LOOK_UP][NORMAL_MOOD] take a good look *YOU*, I'm way out of your' league" first_throat:"[LOOK_UP] How does it feel to have the luxury of *ME* slumming it, and letting you put your' undeserving cock in my exquisite mouth?" first_throat:"[LOOK_UP] Just the tip *YOU*, you wanna see what else I can do?" first_throat:"[LOOK_UP]It's called %22 Oral fixation %22,[TAP_HANDS] look it up" first_throat:"[NORMAL_MOOD][ARMS_BACK][LOOK_UP] In polite society we call it %22 Fellatio %22, as it's you I call it %22*ME* being bored and taking pity on *YOU *%22" first_throat:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][ANGRY_MOOD][LOOK_UP] I want more,[AHEGAO_MOOD] And you're going to give it to me" first_dt:"[COUGH]Mmm..." first_dt:"[LOOK_UP] Suprised?[TAP_HANDS]" first_dt:"[ARMS_BACK]Everything about me is of a much higher standard than you a re used to I'm sure" first_dt:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][AHEGAO_MOOD] Now. You. Tell me how much hotter I am th an the last stupid gutterslut to go near your' cock" first_dt:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][AHEGAO_MOOD] Every[TAP_HANDS].Last[TAP_HANDS].Inch" first_dt:"[ARMS_LEGS][WINCE]Actually hurt a little that time" pull_off:"[ARMS_BACK][NORMAL_MOOD]...Suddenly this seems less exciting...What to do, what to do" pull_off:"*YOU*, you know what to do if you want more; %22Please Mistress *ME*, Please carry on sucking my filthy cock%22" pull_off:"[LOOK_UP][ARMS_BACK]No more until you beg *YOU*" pull_off:"[ARMS_BACK][NORMAL_MOOD]I'm getting bored with you *YOU*, the intial t hrill of fellating someone so far below me is dissipating" pull_off:"[ARMS_BACK][AHEGAO_MOOD] Take a look *YOU*, did you ever think you'd s ee *MY* breasts?" pull_off:"You want more, *YOU*? You have to ask; %22Mistress *ME*, take my cock in your' mouth again%22" pull_off:"[LOOK_UP] You're going to have to keep me interested *YOU*, " pull_off:"[NORMAL_MOOD]I should make a sex tape, put it on the internet...[LOOK_ UP][ANGRY_MOOD]NOT WITH YOU! I don't want people thinking *ME* even associates w ith people like you" pull_off:"[LOOK_UP]Beg me to suck your' cock *YOU*. Plead with me to put it betw een my hot lips again" pull_off:"I can see you trying brag now; %22I had my balls on *MY* chin%22, %22N o girl that fucking hot would go near you *YOU*%22" held:"[ANGRY_MOOD] [ARMS_BACK]Take your' filthy hands off me, *YOU*" held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][ARMS_HIS_LEGS]Apolgise now ! [TAP_HANDS]Say %22I'm sorry Mist ress *ME*, I should never have tried to influence you at all%22" held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][ARMS_BACK]You don't get to touch me unless I want you to *YOU *" held:"[NORMAL_MOOD][ARMS_HIS_LEGS] It's cute when you try and assert yourself[AN GRY_MOOD][TAP_HANDS] BUT DO IT AGAIN AND I'LL CUT YOUR' FUCKING BALLS OFF[NORMAL _MOOD][ARMS_BACK] Ok?" held:"[ANGRY_MOOD]I don't care what you want *YOU*, so stop trying to force me d own" held:"[ANGRY_MOOD]Don't make the mistake of treating me like the usual brain dam aged tramps you fuck *YOU*" held:"[ANGRY_MOOD][ARMS_BACK]Grovel for forgiveness *YOU*; say %22Mistress *ME*, I apologise for touching you without permission, I'll cut that hand off now%22"

wake:"...[BLINK]too...[BLINK]far...[SWALLOW]" wake:"[BLINK][AHEGAO_MOOD]...[ARMS_HIS_LEGS] Did you put something in my drink.. ?" wake:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][BLINK][ARMS_LEGS]Did I drink too much again..?" wake:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS] Did you just choke me out on your' dick,*YOU*? There's hop e for you yet" wake:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS] Asphyx-[COUGH] Asphyxiation...[SWALLOW] Your' whole body t rembles" wake:"[ARMS_LOOSE][AHEAGO_MOOD] I tried that alone, never again...%22*ME* dies i n bizarre auto-erotic sex accident%22, not the way I want to be remembered" wake:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][AHEGAO_MOOD]Asphyxia...too dangerous to try alone [SWALLOW ]again..." wake:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][AHEGAO_MOOD] You should try it[WINCE], but you're hardly M ichael Hutchence, *YOU*, I doubt anyone would care if it went wrong" vigorous:"[LOOK_UP]Sometimes I like it rough" vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Keep that up *YOU*, I'm not finished yet" vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Ohhh...[WINCE][BLINK]...Mmm...[SWALLOW][ARMS_LOOSE]I-I... [SHOCK]" vigorous:"[LOOK_UP] You can exhale anytime you know..." vigorous:"[LOOK_UP][ARMS_HIS_LEGS][AHEGAO_MOOD]Not yet *YOU*, you don't cum unti l I tell you to" vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][ARMS_LOOSE]Oh God,[BLINK] I'm...[SHOCK]I'm going to...[W INCE]...You just saw *ME* cum...How exciting, for you" vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Sometimes I want someone to just grab my head and skullfu ck me.[SHOCK][ANGRY_MOOD] Not you, *YOU*. You don't have it in you to dominate * ME* like that" vigorous:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Fuck[BLINK] Yes...[WINCE]Fuuuuck[SHOCK]! I'm...[SWALLOW]. ..[BLINK]I didn't expect to cum so hard, not with you infront of me" pre_cum:"[ARMS_BACK] Yes, you can cum now. [AHEGAO_MOOD] You're going to remembe r forever the day you got to cum on *MY* tits" pre_cum:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][ARMS_HIS_LEGS] I want to taste your' cum *YOU*, don't dis sapoint me.[TAP_HANDS] Fill my mouth with your' hot creamy spunk, I'll let you" pre_cum:"[NORMAL_MOOD]Already?[ANGRY_MOOD] YOU'RE GOING TO BLOW YOUR' LOAD ALREA DY? [ARMS_LEGS] Pathetic. [NORMAL_MOOD] I'm suprised you didn't jizz the second I took my clothes off." pre_cum:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Come on *YOU*, [ARMS_HIS_LEGS]aren't you just dying to sho ot all over *MY* pretty face?[TAP_HANDS] I want it, don't let me down" pre_cum:"[AHEGAO_MOOD][ARMS_BACK]I want to feel cum all over my chest.[LOOK_UP] I want to feel hot jizz run down my breasts, over my stiff nipples" pre_cum:"[HAPPY_MOOD] I suppose you've earned it[ARMS_BACK]. So if you ask me ve ry nicely; %22Mistress *ME*, can I spunk in your' mouth?%22 [ARMS_HIS_LEGS]I mig ht let you" pre_cum:"[HAPPY_MOOD] I suppose you haven't dissapointed me so far[ARMS_BACK]. S o if you beg; %22Mistress *ME*, can I cum on your' perfect tits?%22 [ARMS_LEGS]I 'll allow it" pre_cum:"[HAPPY_MOOD] You've been...Enjoyable[ARMS_BACK]. You can make a request , something like; %22Please can I cover Mistress *MY* face in jizz?%22 [ARMS_HIS _LEGS]" cum_on_face:"[AHEGAO_MOOD] Mmm... good for the skin [SWALLOW] Good for the soul. [ARMS_BACK] Admiring your' handiwork *YOU*? Am I even hotter with a face sprayed with cum?" cum_on_face:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][LOOK_UP] Well aren't you just full of suprises, *YO U*? [BLINK] I think I might keep you around[TAP_HANDS], are you useful for anyth ing else?" cum_on_face:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Ooo...[SHOCK]Ah..[TAP_HANDS]Fucking...[WINCE]Fuuuuuuuu uuuuuck[WINCE]...[BLINK]YES!...[BLINK][LOOK_UP]You..You[SHOCK]...[ARMS_LOOSE]I-I

-I can't believe how good this was" cum_on_face:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Yes...[SWALLOW] This is just what I needed to unwind.[A RMS_BACK] Now, say; %22 Thank you *ME*, Thank you for the once in a lifetime opp urtunity to sexually please someone so important%22" cum_on_face:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Mmm...[ARMS_LEGS] I do enjoy a good facial, the taste [TONGUE] [SWALLOW] Mmm... The smell[BLINK], the feeling of utter depravity[WINCE ]. I feel so deliciously dirty after someone so meaningless cums all over my fac e" cum_on_face:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Ah-Ah-ah[WINCE]-ah[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck[BLINK][SWALLOW]...Oh my god...[LOOK_DOWN]I don't always gush like that just because some guy unloads on my face. Perhaps you aren't as useles s as I thought, *YOU*" cum_in_mouth:"[TAP_HANDS]Ooo...[BLINK] You want me to swallow your' cum? Surly y ou know what to do by now" cum_in_mouth:"Mmmm...[TAP_HANDS]" cum_in_mouth:"I do love the taste of cum, I like to swill it around in my mouth and savour it, and then...[SWALLOW]" cum_in_mouth:"I think I might just[TONGUE]" cum_in_throat:"[SHOCK][ARMS_HIS_LEGS][ANGRY_MOOD]That's not what I wanted *YOU*[ TAP_HANDS], And *ME* always[TAP_HANDS] gets what she wants.[ARMS_LEGS]" cum_in_throat:"[SHOCK][ARMS_BACK]What the fuck, *YOU*?[ANGRY_MOOD] Did I tell yo u to do that?" cum_in_throat:"[SHOCK] Now that is disappointing, I didn't get to enjoy it...[AN GRY_MOOD]We are going again, you better have something left in the tank" cum_in_throat:"[ANGRY_MOOD] I haven't finished having my fun yet...[NORMAL_MOOD] So disappointing, can't follow simple instructions, and to think I was consider ing letting you fuck me some day" cum_in_eye:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][ANGRY_MOOD]Did I tell you to do that? [TAP_HANDS] Di d I say %22*YOU* cum in my fucking eyes%22?[CLOSE_EYES] You're going to stay ere ct, and you are going to do it again, exactly as Mistress *ME* instructs you to" cum_in_eye:"[SHOCK][ARMS_BACK]What the fuck, *YOU*?[ANGRY_MOOD] Did I tell you t o?[WINCE] Do you think I want to be walking around half fucking blind and have t o tell people *YOU* can't control your' own pathetic cock?" swallow:"Mmmmm...[SWALLOW]Salty goodness...I love how it feels sliding down my t hroat" swallow:"Say %22Thank you Mistress *ME*%22" swallow:"[WINCE]Ohhhh...[BLINK] Wow...[ARMS_LOOSE]Looks like it wasn't a wasted day after all" swallow:"[BLINK]I don't think I've ever had so much tasty cum in one day... I wo nder *YOU*, is there more where that came from?" swallow:"Now get on your' knees and thank me for picking you to be my toy for th e day" drool:"[SHOCK] I never thought I'd see the day my mouth would overflow with cum from one seemingly worthless prick like you..." drool:"[BLINK]I like to let the cum run off my chin[TAP_HANDS]...let it drop slo wly onto my tits... You like it too? Does the sight of *ME* with cum dripping do wn her hot buddy get you hard again?" drool:"[ANGRY_MOOD]I didn't mean to loose any...[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][AHEGAO_MOOD]I wa nt more, *YOU*, give me more cum to play with" drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]GOD! I'm almost horny enough to let you fuck me now" restart:"*FINISHES*"

finish1:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]MORE!" finish2:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Oh GOD! If I cum like that from sucking your dick..." finish3:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Ooo...[SHOCK]Ah..[TAP_HANDS]Fucking...[WINCE]Fuuuuuuuuuuuu uck AGaaaaaaaain[WINCE]...[BLINK]YES!...[BLINK][LOOK_UP]You..You[SHOCK]...[ARMS_ LOOSE]" finish4:"[HAPPY_MOOD]I can't believe how good it feels to be soaked in your' cum . I feel so delectably slutty" finish5:"[NORMAL_MOOD]I can't keep up...[WINCE]I can't keep sucking your' cock, [ARMS_LOOSE]my throat is ravaged,[WINCE] listen to my voice" finishother:"[HAPPY_MOOD]Fucking hell, my cunt is so hot from sucking your' dick ... You wanna fuck? You wanna fuck *ME*?" finishother:"I can't believe I'm saying this, but let's fuck. The dirtier the be tter. You can fuck my ass" finishother:"I'm serious, fuck me. I want you to fuck me" finishother:"[ARMS_HIS_LEGS]What's the dirtiest thing you can imagine?[LOOK_UP] The most demeaning, we should do it.[TAP_HANDS][SEXACT]" SEXACT:"I'll make you cum with my feet" SEXACT:"You can put your' cock up my ass, and I will lick it clean afterwards" SEXACT:"I'll get a strap-on and fuck you" SEXACT:"I'll lie down and you can piss all over me" SEXACT:"You lie down and I'll piss in your' mouth" SEXACT:"We could hire a hooker and have her eat my pussy while you watch" SEXACT:"We could have a threesome, you can spitroast me with some random dude" SEXACT:"You should choke me while I fuck my ass with a vibrator" SEXACT:"What's your wildest fantasy?" DEFAULT: resistance:"CLEAR" interrupt:"CLEAR" cough:"CLEAR" first_throat:"CLEAR" first_dt:"CLEAR" pull_off:"CLEAR" held:"CLEAR" wake:"CLEAR" vigourous:"CLEAR" pre_cum:"CLEAR" cum_on_face:"CLEAR" cum_in_throat:"CLEAR" cum_in_mouth:"CLEAR" cum_in_eye:"CLEAR" swallow:"CLEAR" drool:"CLEAR" restart:"CLEAR" all:"CLEAR" finish:"CLEAR"