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This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of a bartender/barista in cleaning bar areas, operating bar, preparing and mixing cocktails in accordance with industry standards. It covers the basic, common and core competencies that a person must achieve to operate a bar, provide wine service to guests in hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, canteens, resorts and luxury liner cruise. SUMMARY OF LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, the trainees/students must be able to: 1. Clean bar and equipment 2. Clean and maintain public areas 3. Prepare bar for service 4. Take drink orders 5. Serve drinks 6. Deals with customers affected with alcohol 7. Close/turn over bar operations 8. Prepare and mix a range of cocktails 9. Prepare and mix a variety of non-alcoholic drinks 10. Use, clean and maintain bar tools, equipment and machineries for mixing cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks 11. Explain different types of wines to customer 12. Recommend appropriate wine and food combinations to customers 13. Prepare wine, glasses and accessories for service 14. Open and serve wine 15. Check wine for faults ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Candidate/trainee must be any of the following: Can communicate both oral and written Good moral character Physically and mentally fit


(18 hours)
Units of Competency Module Title Learning Outcomes Nominal Duration

1. Participate in workplace communication

1.1 Participating in workplace communication

2. Work in a team environment 3. Practice career professionalism

2.1 Working in a team environment 3.1 Practicing career professionalis m 4.1 Practicing occupational health and safety procedure

4. Practice occupational health and safety procedures

1.1.1 Obtain and convey workplace information 1.1.2 Participate in workplace meeting and discussion 1.1.3 Complete relevant workrelated document 2.1.1 Describe and identify team role and responsibility 2.1.2 Describe work as a team member 3.1.1 Integrate personal objectives with organizational goals. 3.1.2 Set and meet work priorities. 3.1.3 Maintain professional growth and development. 4.1.1 Identify hazards and risks. 4.1.2 Evaluate hazards and risks. 4.1.3 Control hazards and risks. 4.1.4 Maintain occupational health and safety awareness.

4 hours

4 hours

4 hours

6 hours

(18 hours)
Units of Competency Module Title Learning Outcomes Nominal Duration

1. Develop and update industry knowledge


Dev eloping and update industry knowledge Obs erving workplace hygiene procedures

1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3

2. Observe workplace hygiene procedures


2.1.1 2.1.2

Identify and access key sources of information on the industry Access, apply and share industry information Update continuously relevant industry knowledge Practice personal grooming and hygiene Practice safe and hygienic handling, storage and disposal of food, beverage and materials

2 hours

2 hours

Units of Competency

Module Title

Learning Outcomes

Nominal Duration

3. Perform computer operations

3.1.1 Identify and explain the functions, general features and capabilities of both hardware and software 3.1.2 Prepare and use appropriate hardware and software according to task requirement 3.1.3 Use appropriate devices and procedures to transfer files/data 3.1.4 Produce accurate and complete data according to the requirements 3.1.5 Maintain computer system 4. Perform 4.1 Perf 4.1.1 Practice workplace safety, workplace and orming security and hygiene systems, safety workplace processes and operations practices and safety 4.1.2 Respond appropriately to practices faults, problems and emergency situations in line with enterprise guidelines 4.1.3 Maintain safe personal presentation standards 5. Provide 5.1 Prov 5.1.1 Apply effective verbal and effective iding effective non-verbal communication customer customer skills to respond to customer service service needs 5.1.2 Provide prompt and quality service to customer 5.1.3 Handle queries promptly and correctly in line with enterprise procedures 5.1.4 Handle customer complaints, evaluation and recommendations


Perf orming computer operations

6 hours

2 hours

6 hours

(250 hours)
Units of Competency Module Title Learning Outcomes Nominal Duration

1. Clean bar areas 2. Operate bar

1.1 Cleaning bar areas

3. Prepare and mix cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks

4. Provide wine service

1.1.1 Clean bar and equipment 1.1.2 Clean and maintain public areas 2.1 Operating bar 2.1.1 Prepare bar for service 2.1.2 Take drink orders 2.1.3 Serve drinks 2.1.4 Identify and deals customer affected with alcohol 2.1.5 Close/turn over bar operations order form, etc.) 3.1 Preparing and 3.1.1 Prepare and mix a range of mix cocktails cocktails and non3.1.2 Prepare and mix a variety of alcoholic non-alcoholic drinks drinks 3.1.3 Use, clean and maintain bar tools, equipment and machineries for mixing cocktails and non alcoholic drinks 4.1 Providing 4.1.1 Explain different types of wine service wines to customer 4.1.2 Recommend appropriate wine and food combinations to customers 4.1.3 Prepare wine, glasses and accessories for service 4.1.4 Open and serve wine 4.1.5 Check wine for faults

50 hours 70 hours

70 hours

60 hours

ASSESSMENT METHODS: Individual and group demonstration (Practical application) Written examination Individual report

COURSE DELIVERY: Group discussion Demonstration Film viewing Modular instruction Practical application Reporting Industry immersion E-learning

RESOURCES: Facilities Workshop Laboratory Audio-visual room Lecture room Storage/stock room Equipment Projector screen Overhead projector Electric fan First aid cabinet Fire extinguisher Emergency light directional signage air condition telephones computers TV Video player Fax machine Refrigerators Wine chillers Tools Hawthorn strainer Cork screw Speed pourer Bottle and can opener Canulator Ice bucket Ice scooper Ice tong Chopping board Cleaning Tools Mops Brushers Brooms Buckets Dust pans Garbage receptacles Sorting baskets/laundry basket Step ladder Squeegee Draft beer dispenser Coffee maker/percolator Electric glass brushes Mechanical glass washer Shelving Cart Trolley Coffee maker Electric kettles electric jugs Bar caddy Carpet sweeper Vacuum cleaner (dry and wet) Polisher (electric with complete accessories) Washer Dryer Paring knife Muddler Bar tray Wine basket Glass rimmer Decanter Carafe Coffee cups and saucer Teaspoon Water hoses Lint free cleaning cloths Scrubbing foam Spray bottle Anti-static duster Gloves Caution signs Mop squeezer Glasses

Supplies Papers Slides Acetates Requisition form Cleaning and sanitizing agents Herbs Seasoning and spices Accessories Complete laboratory outfit Working devices Padlocks Keys

Wines Vegetables Fruits Liquor Liqueur Fruit juices Evaluation forms

Reference Brochures Manuals Charts Recipe Book CDs Video Tapes Pictures

QUALIFICATION OF INSTRUCTORS/TRAINERS: Must have completed a Trainers Training Methodology Course (TM II) or its equivalent Must have at least 2 years industry experience Must be a holder of a Bartending NC level II or equivalent qualification Must be of good moral character With pleasing personality Must have attended relevant bar service trainings and seminars (for bartending trainers) Proficient in bar service (for bartending trainers)