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AleeV8 Aromassage ClusterBurst Gyrossage Mini ClusterBurst

Multi directional
jets spin water
to reach the
entire back
A dozen
adjustable jets
deliver a deep-
tissue massage to
your entire back
A soft, yet
powerful massage
that is incredibly
soothing for the
entire back
Delivers a soft-
to mid-tissue
massage, alleviating
back pain
Releases aromatherapy
fragrances into the
air while pulsating
water caresses the
upper back
hand-held jet is
great for hard-
to-reach places
Create your own masseur
With our exclusive Patented Jetpak System available in all series III Signature Spas, under exclusive licence from
America's leading manufacturer, patented JetPaks

are extremely energy efficient and allow you the flexibility of

being able to create you own masseur just as you have your own Signature.
Master Control Centre
Balboa Ozone Purification Unit
Interchangeable and upgradeable patented Jetpak

24-hour Circulation Pump
Hydro Massage Pump
Moving water is cleaner water. The powerful circulation
pump operates 24 hours a day and moves 100 litres per
minute to filter all the water in your spa at least four times
every hour.
Available in Australia only in Signature Spas, this
special feature helps keep your spa water clean, pure and
hygienic. Ozone treatment is a requirement for most of the
bottled drinking water sold around the world and provides
the ideal means to ensure that your spa water is free from
micro-organisms and other impurities.
Controls all the critical functions of your
Signature Spa. For your convenience, these are
set at the factory to give you years of hassle-free

offers a comprehensive range of

massage options, the modules can easily and
quickly be moved from one seating position
to another - and you can upgrade your

whenever you want.

Also known as the boost pump, it moves large volumes of
water through the jets to create the pressure necessary for
providing a stimulating and thoroughly satisfying massage.
What makes
For further information contact SCS Industries Pty Ltd on Tel: +61 3 9702 3144 Fax: +61
'Everyone should have their own Signature'

A massage option that no other

Shiatsu Pulsator Mini NeckBlaster NeckBlaster Oscillator Spinalssage
Ten small jets target
neck muscles while
four pulsating jets
soothe the upper
and lower back
Delivers deep-
tissueneck massage
and a soothing,
massage to the back
Mimics the
of four hands
delivering a deep-
tissue massage
Can be fine tuned
to target specific
muscle groups
at your desired
massage intensity
Loosen tight muscles
in the upper back neck
while an oversized
jet disburses wide
sweeps of water to the
lumbar region
Configured to target
the muscles around
your spine and
thoroughly relax
your back
External Fill/Drain Valve
Top loading Filtration System
Signature Scents Aromatherapy
Thermoformed TuffBase

Western Red Cedar Cabinet

Air Massage Pump
Standard equipment on all Signature Spa
models in the Platinum range, this special
feature provides enhanced heat-retention and
noise reduction characteristics.
For routine maintenance, you'll really appreciate
the easy access afforded by Signature Spas top-loading
filter design.
You can enjoy the extra pleasures of
aromatherapy and choose scents to match
your mood with the unique Signature Scents
Aromatherapy system.
Used for its lasting good looks and high
heat-retention properties, the 19mm-
thick cabinet surrounding Signature Spas
is specially treated to resist the damaging
effects of sunlight.
(Also available in Eternawood).
Provides easy connection to a standard hose fitting
to facilitate draining of your Signature Spa at required
intervals with a minimum of effort and mess.
Creates a soft, pulsating massage
to caress your body by injecting air
bubbles into your spa water.
a Signature Spa superior?
3 9702 3540 Website: Email:
Spa Manufacturer can offer!
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residential feature
ortable spas are becoming increasingly popular in Australia,
and they are nding a niche market being built into new,
prestigious homes and apartments.
The portable spa market has grown over recent years due partly
to increased marketing. Another key factor, however, is the water
shortage, and the fact that spas hold a much lower volume of water
than swimming pools.
There are a number of brands imported from the United States
and some from China, but there is a large, strong group of local
manufacturers centred in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland, with
some smaller manufacturers located in other cities.
One large Melbourne manufacturer is SCS formerly known
as Signature Spas. They produce 5000 spas each year in their
state-of-the-art Hallam factory. There they manufacture
Signature, Cyclone, Bullfrog and Designer spas and Innity
swim spas.
Each SCS brand is marketed independently: Cyclone may sell to
one shop, Designer to the another, for example. This helps grow
the overall market, says SCS managing director Graham Ritchie.
The market always comes back to your dealers, says Ritchie.
We try to help them as much as we can.
He says he built the new factory which was resurrected on the
same site as the old factory after a re to compete long-term
with the Chinese. Currently, SCS produces 20 spas per day out of
in love
with spas
More Australians are enjoying the
health and relaxation benets of spas
the production line, but have the capacity to triple that output, to a
total of 15,000 per year.
SCS recently included a Bunnings branded spa for sale through
the Bunnings network in Victoria. This proved successful and it
rolled out nationally, though it will not be going to New Zealand.
However, they will be getting into the New Zealand market though
other avenues, and are also expanding internationally to the UK
and Europe
In particular, the Innity swim spas have attracted attention
overseas as a good value product. They are also about to introduce
a new model swim spa in Australia called the Super Swim Spa,
which incorporates the Super Swim harness and pole.
While SCSs best selling colour has been Sierra a sandstone
tone they are about to launch a new range of shell colours includ-
ing White Pearl and Silver Marble, and are also introducing cabi-
nets made from the Eternawood composite material.
While feeling some impact from the water crisis, they say it has
improved since dealers have been able to source their own water.
However, the water has to be brought up to A-grade quality, be-
cause if it has too much salt it is too hard to treat with bromine.
Family connections
Another Australian spa manufacturer who sees potential in the
swim spa market is Maax Spa.
Spas are a heal t hy, rel axi ng way t o spend t i me
t oget her. Phot o court esy of Beachcomber Hot Tubs
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industry feature
Maax Spa was started by Russel Devenish in 1999 when he bought
and rebranded Hibiscus Spas. Prior to that he had been in the spa
business for many years, owning Monarch and Spa World. Family
members now run the business, drawing on 27 years experience.
National marketing manager, Lisa Pritchard, says that their star
performer is the XS840 a giant 5800L swim spa and adds that
swim spas are a particular trend at the moment.
The spa business itself is quite a good business as long as you
dont go overboard, she says. That is, dont go too cheap and
nasty, or go too high end and expensive. Its when you try to get too
big numbers and go too cheap that the problems arise.
Its been a consistent business for us otherwise we wouldnt
be in it.
Maax continually invests in R&D to keep on top of the technology.
We spend a lot of time with research and development so we dont
have to go and service them so often, says Pritchard. Weve put a
visual diagnostic system (VDS) into the spas, so you can just check
the spa on a console. Its good for us but also good for isolated
communities. If you live in a mining town, for example, and some-
things wrong with the spa, we may be able to troubleshoot it over
the phone. And if we have to go out, at least we know what it is we
have to x and wont have to come back for a different part.
And while Pritchard says the water shortage is obviously having
a negative effect on the industry, the fact that spas hold less water
than pools has helped their section of the market.
In comparison with a swimming pool, its not as much of an issue
for a consumer, she says. Also, Maax has made some improvements
to the spas, such as introducing shut-off valves, which means main-
tenance can be carried out on the spa without having to empty it.
Maax recently ran a successful marketing campaign which
included a competition to win two trips for two to Hawaii one for
the consumer and one for the dealer. It was advertised on Foxtel
and dealers did their own local marketing and advertising. The
result was that sales spiked and they received hundreds of entries.
Another marketing campaign is planned for the August release of
the new Maax range.
Maax is also the largest Australian distributor of portable saunas
the imported infra-red variety a sideline which gives their 100-
plus dealer network an extra way to make some additional prot.
Across the Tasman
With 50 per cent of the New Zealand market, Leisurerite Products
is the largest manufacturer and supplier of spas in the land of the
A Speci al i sed Pool s and Spas swi m spa
t t ed i nt o a t i ght , but spect acul ar, l ocat i on
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residential feature
where people are not looking after their regular dealers. We have
one agent per area and look after them 100 per cent. Its all about
dealer loyalty, but of course youve got to be competitive too, you
have to price it right and have good products.
Leisurerite has also found a market in Japan.
Its a hard market to crack, says Carruthers. But its got the
potential to be 500 per year for us. It was hard getting through
government qualications, but weve sorted that out now, all the is
have been dotted and the ts have been crossed and were starting
to move product in there.
The company also sent 500 spas to the UK last year, a market
which is increasing at 10 per cent each year and where they have two
distribution points, in Manchester/Preston and south near Brighton.
But without a doubt their biggest country is New Zealand, where
Carruthers says they own half of a market which boasts 40 brands. Of
the 8000 units sold each year in New Zealand, Leisurerite currently
produces 4000 to 5000.
Carruthers says the future for spas in Australia and New Zealand
looks promising, but there are also some things to be more alert
about in particular, the growing awareness of spa consumers.
The general consumer is getting wise on spas, he says. They
know what theyre looking for, theyre interested in warranties, in
service and in how long the companys been around. Retail is getting
very competitive and very tight. Theyre looking for good quality, eco-
nomical products with all the necessary features and more.
Carruthers says that while there is some drop-off on the lower
priced end, the market is healthy towards the top and in fact the
whole market seems to be shifting upwards. The way to take ad-
vantage of this is to sell the lifestyle.
Were selling a concept rather than just selling a spa pool, he
says. You need to aim at that market, the new clientele theyre
long white cloud. Over recent times the company has made a con-
certed effort to move beyond those shores, and now exports to the
UK, Europe, Asia, the Pacic and of course, Australia.
Leisurerite was started in 1983 by Andy Carruthers together with
a number of partners. For the past dozen years it has been wholly
owned by the Carruthers family. Since then, the company has
changed direction to become very much focussed on wholesaling
and also on exporting.
While Leisurerite had been exporting to Australia for the past
20 years, it had only been on a small scale and without a national
distribution presence. Now, they distribute through Spa Products
Australia and a network of more than 30 dealers across all states.
Were increasing market share every year in Australia by 25 per
cent, says Andy Carruthers. We moved 1000 last year, which was
our fth year with national distribution. Carruthers expects this 25
per cent growth to continue for the next three years.
Were gaining market share as well as the
market itself is growing. Were picking up
Phot o court esy of Beachcomber Hot Tubs
SCSs new Super
Swi m Spa
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industry feature
Contact Niagara at
NSW Ph 9648 6022 Fax 9648 6055
QLD Ph 5522 0226 Fax 5522 0955
All lights are available in
Halogen Globe and Ceramic Light Engine
Niagara stocks and supports the complete
range of Spa Electrics lights, transformers,
eyeballs, suctions & accessories
Wall mount Retro lights and Retro mounting plate
Niche Lights
with Spa Electrics
& Niagara
after a good deal, but theyre not just set on price only. A spa is no
longer on a wish list, its on a must get list for more profession-
als, who are getting them built into houses. People are looking for
efciency, economy, a good total package of good backup service.
Something the industrys been lacking for a long long time. Spas
are getting designed as part of the whole house concept its only
the bottom end that seems to be disappearing.
Carruthers has seen a trend for more architects coming to
him for the specications so they can specify spas into homes, and
says the website is helping draw them to Leisurerite. This trend is
just starting to take off in Australia, but they have been doing a great
deal of it on the other side of the Tasman. Another side of the busi-
ness growing is custom-made jobs for commercial projects.
On the question of environmental and water concerns, he says
that you can make it work as a positive, by taking away the obsta-
cles and accentuating the environmental credentials.
For example, we supply the water, all done legally as part of
the package.
The lesser requirement for water also gives spas a selling advan-
tage over pools in this climate, and Carruthers says a number of
consumers have said to him at recent shows that they had recently
switched their preference from a pool to a spa.
We try to promote environmentally and water friendly features
on the spas. Were offering as standard, a chlorine-free system
better for the consumer and better for the environment both in
New Zealand and Australia.
This system uses ozone purication, coupled with Spa Poppits,
which are peroxide based.
Smaller manufacturers
As well as the big players and the offshore fabricators, there are a
number of smaller manufacturers, such as Specialised Pools and Spas,
which were one of the original Australian swim spa manufacturers.
That market has since become relatively crowded, and includes
swim spas by spa companies, rather than the traditional variety
which were small pools with the increased functionality of swim
jets plus spa jets and spa features.
Another small operator is Spa Pools Australia, who manufactures
between 200 and 300 spas per year, focusing mainly on the Queens-
land, Northern Territory and South Australian markets largely leaving
the Melbourne and Sydney markets to the bigger manufacturers.
Spa Pools Australia has been in business for 11 years, but had
operated for a further seven years before that as Queensland
Wholesale Spa Pools.
Maax spas l i ned up at
t he Mel bourne f act or y
residential feature
CPSC Series
Salt Water Chlorinator
Compu-Pool Products
Leading the way in pool & spa equipment since 1979
88 Spencer Street, Nerang,
QLD Australia 4211
Ph: +61 (0)7 5596 3773
Fax: +61 (0)7 5596 1951
High Performance
Self Cleaning
Chlorination System.
N 3500 PPM salt required
N LCD digital display
N LED indicator lights
N High and low salt fault lights
N No ow sense and fault light
N Self regulating function if
salt content is to high
N Fully weather protected
N Winter mode for cold
water operation
N SuperChlor mode for
boosting chlorine levels
during peak times
N Touch pad controls that
provide easy setting
N Fully automatic operation
even when the owner
is away
N Easy installation to new
and existing pools
N Reliable and durable for
long lasting performance
N Digital time clock with
battery back up timer
as standard
N Cell has push on water
proof connectors for simple
exchange of cell
N Advanced high grade
U.V. stablised plastic
control unit
5 Year
Pro-rata Warranty
on Cell
2 Year
Full Warranty on
Power Pack
Output (litres)
CPSC08 10, 000
CPSC16 60, 000
CPSC24 80, 000
CPSC36 150, 000
Powerful Features
Wayne Simmich says sales have been affected by the east coast
drought, but has been buoyed to some degree by Northern Territory
sales and Pacic island exports.
His biggest selling spas are the 6-8 person Sarah hydrotherapy
spa pool and the Jessica 3-4 person compact spa, However, the
company has also gained a reputation as a specialist in western
red cedar spa enclosures. Spa Pools Australia has been making
the Colonial Cottage Spa Retreat with WRC walls and roof (with
windows built into the structure) for 11 years. It has proven very
popular, especially in colder climates.
Gazebos, together with saunas, are one of the sidelines most
commonly offered through spa dealers, and help increase the bot-
tom line for the retailers while adding greater value and functional-
ity for the consumer.
Spa chemicals
Focus Products Jayne Orth has put together some information
about the chemicals needed to keep a spa in tip top condition, and
explains why bromine is so popular as a spa sanitiser.
In a small body of water such as a spa, changes in chemical
balance can occur rapidly. An increase in temperature, high bather
load and inaccurate chemical dosing can cause dramatic changes.
Water temperature makes perspiration and body oils more readily
soluble, causing a fast build-up in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
In addition to this, the warmer water and increase in bather load
places a huge burden on the chosen sanitiser.
There are numerous options available for sanitisers including
bromine in tablet and liquid form, lithium hypochlorite, potassium
monopersulphate, and ozone (O3) which is classed as a non-halo-
gen oxidiser.
The reason that bromine has always been so popular is its abil-
ity to work across a broader pH range than chlorine, in addition
to the fact that even in its used-up form it still makes an effective
sanitiser. When bromine is added to water it forms hypobromous
acid (HOBr). This is what controls bacteria and algae and oxidises
organic waste. Bromine by itself is not capable of oxidising nitrogen
compounds or ammonia in the water. Liquid bromine forms both
hypobromous acid and also hypobromite ions. Heavier than chlo-
rine at a pH of 7.5, bromine has a killing power of 94 per cent. Once
HOBr has been destroyed by either killing algae or bacteria, it will
end up as bromide ions. This can then be recharged by adding a
powerful oxidiser such as potassium monopersulphate. Chlorine
does not have this ability. Bromine tablets are actually a compound
of bromine and chlorine called
BCDMH. Bromine tablets
will therefore provide an
available chlorine
level of about 28 per
cent and an available
bromine level of about
63 per cent.
Lithium hypochlo-
rite has an option to
be used either as a
sole sanitiser or as
an oxidising agent.
Lithium hypochlorite
is 35 per cent avail-
able chlorine and is
instantly soluble. To
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residential feature
use as an everyday sanitiser, 15g per 1000 litres of spa water must
be used. To oxidise, this is increased to 50g per 1000 litres of water.
Potassium monopersulphate also known as Oxyshock (chlorine-
free shock) is used to burn out bather waste and other contami-
nants. This is an oxygen-based product so it has the ability to
oxidise and eliminate organic matter without increasing chlorine
residuals in the water. Also, this product will not produce irritating
chloramines. The use of potassium monopersulphate will increase
the efciency of the chosen sanitiser by the oxidation of the bro-
mide ions. Its dosage rate is 50g per 1000 litres of spa water.
In order for the sanitiser to work effectively, even though bromine
is more exible, it is necessary to ensure water balance is cor-
rect. If pH needs reducing then an addition of sodium bisulphate
(NaHSO4) will be necessary. If pH or total alkalinity need increas-
ing, then an addition of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) will be used.
Additions of these chemicals should be done in minimum quanti-
ties due to the swiftness of change within spa water.
Foaming is a common problem within spas and is often caused
by undesirable compounds which have been introduced into the
water by the bathers. These may be residue of washing powder or
fabric softener on swimming costumes, deodorants, body lotions
or even make up. If the foam has a detergent appearance then
the use of an anti-foam will eliminate the problem. If, however, the
foam has an oily appearance then it is the result of unlterable
wastes and needs oxidising. Anti-foam should not need to be added
each time during general use and if the problem continues a water
change should be considered.
Clariers, which are generally water soluble polymers (water
polish), assist in the clearing of cloudy water. The product gathers
the small particulate that cannot be ltered out and binds them
together to a size that the lter can hold on to. The regular use of
a lter cleaner/degreaser will extend the life of the lter cartridge
and ensure the lter performance is not impeded.
Total dissolved solid levels must be monitored in a spa consist-
ently and once over 1500ppm the water must be drained. There is
not a chemical available to remove TDS.
For more information relating to the transmission of diseases in
spa water, you can contact the Technical and Training Department
at Focus Products.
A Beachcomber Hot Tub
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