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Unit 6
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Leisurerit e Product s N.Z Lt d
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54 | SPLASH!
S consumers who are in the market for a portable spa are
typically in or near the Baby Boomer generation, and are
seeking one or more of a list of benets that soaking in hot
jetted water can provide.
According to the Hot Tub Council, a division of Association of Pool
& Spa Professionals (APSP), the top reasons people decide to buy
a spa include pain relief from arthritis and other diseases; sports
and other activity; to relax and reduce stress and tension; and to
improve sleep patterns. Further reasons include entertainment and
enhancement of personal time with family and friends.
Lauren Stack, director of marketing and promotion for the Hot
Tub Council, says following 9/11, the entertainment at home as-
pect became as strong a purchasing inuence as other reasons.
Holiday and vacation travel slowed after 9/11, says Stack. Peo-
ple began putting the discretionary dollars they previously spent on
vacationing into enhancing their backyards. The goal is to create a
sanctuary that makes people feel like they are hundreds of miles
away, when they are only steps from their back doors.
Stack says that during this same period, health and tness
professionals publicly substantiated their belief in warm water
as benecial therapy for physical and stress-related ailments.
Baby Boomers, Stack added, represent the largest category of spa
purchasers because they are intent on living active lifestyles. This
category bought the majority of the 450,000 portable spas produced
in the United States in 2004.
Larry Giles, chairman of the Washington, DC-based Hot Tub
Council (HTC) says: A hot tub can denitely enhance a healthy,
happy lifestyle. The US National Institute of Health cites numerous
Soaking up
the spa market
Christina DiMartino looks at business and
technological developments in the spa sector
studies that show that warm-water therapy alleviates lower back
pain and knee ailments by reducing stress and stiffness.
Despite the pleasures and benets, the portable spa industry
is complex, variable and competitive. The myriad of new features
now available includes multi-functioning jets, new shell materi-
als and synthetic cabinetry that realistically simulates wood, stone
residential feature
Baby boomers are t he maj or spa buyers i n
t he USA. Phot o court esy of ThermoSpas
The Fi j i by LA Spas
SPLASH! | 55
residential feature

& Northern NSW
Craene Aaron & Co
Ph: 07 3349 5335
Fax: 07 3349 5334
AuIomaIic Pool Cleahers (AusIralia) PIy LId
40 Percy SI, Auburh, NSW, 2144
Ph: +61 2 9643 8338, Fa: +61 2 9643 8448
Theres only one choice for lhe nosl advanced pool
cleaning lechnology ever developed, The Legend.
Designed for fasl and effcienl cleaning, Legends
Four vheel Design and Fronl vheel Drive allow for
superior lracking and slabilily. Deep pools, slippery
surfaces, lighl corners and olher challenging shapes
are no problen for Legend. Legend is powered
by lhe AquaOuip Boosler Punp and requires a
dedicaled plunbing provision.

Theres virlually nolhing lhis cleaner cannol swallow!

The huge 115nn lhroal picks up lwigs, large leaves,
dirl, even golf balls and goggles. Large capacily bag
conpacls up lo 3.5 lilres of rubbish.
Aulonalic reversing nechanisn.
vorks on any pool surface.
Propulsion achieved
purely by high pressure
waler jels.
vheels are free spinning
and nol connecled lo
lurbines, drive bells or gears.
Fequires dedicaled
plunbing line and
is powered by
lhe AquaOuip
Boosler Punp.
and rock. Its the dealer or retailers job to help customers weed
through the thicket of detail and convince them that the spas they
offer are the right choice.
Pearls reign
The most widely used shell materials today include vinyl, typically
used in soft-sided tubs, and plastics, such as polyethylene and OAS
(Olen Acrylonitrile-Styrene) and continuous cast acrylic, which is
the most widely used in higher priced hot tubs because of its ability
to prevent scratching and withstand direct UV rays. While acrylic
shells are not new, some of the design and colour options are, giving
homeowners more choices that coordinate with their backyard dcor.
Weve seen shells in the spa industry do a full circle, says Chris
Robinson, director of sales and marketing for Lucite International,
one of two producers of acrylic shells in the US. The marble n-
ishes popular in the 1980s are being reborn as a new look.
Robinson says consumers were introduced to acrylic shells that
looked like granite in 2006, including some with a ne, grainy-
feeling surface texture, as compared to smooth. The company
began adding Microban to its acrylic shells in 1998. This product
inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odours on
surfaces and makes spa surfaces easier to clean. Consumers in
the US are quickly becoming familiar with the term Microban be-
cause of its increased use in common household products such as
toothbrushes, blankets, kitchen utensils, socks and other items. It
is not, however, a substitute for normal water treatment chemicals.
Lucite International is currently the only spa shell manufacturer
that uses Microban.
Unnatural growth
During the past few years, many companies have switched from
natural wood to synthetics for spa skirts. The material resists dam-
Not hi ng i s qui t e as ni ce as a warm spa i n t he
mi ddl e of a col d wi nt er. Phot o court esy of ThermoSpas
56 | SPLASH!
age, fading and warping caused by weather exposure. Besides be-
ing more durable, synthetics are conducive to a much wider range
of colours that complement or blend better with different dcor.
Just a few years ago, skirt colour choices from a manufacturer
may have included ve or six wood look-alike colours, such as Oak,
Pine, Walnut, Maple and Birch, for example. Today many companies
have added blues, greens and other colours to their palette.
In 2006, newer looks designed to resemble stacked rock, stone or
brick, and in multiple colour options, began appearing in manufac-
turers literature. Made from synthetic materials, these treatments
t with todays trend toward backyard landscape designs such as
rock piles, waterfalls and other natural elements.
Aristech Acrylics, the other US cast acrylic manufacturer, ex-
panded its reach into cabinetry in 2006 with a product that com-
bines polyethylene, wood our (a ne sawdust) and a proprietary
UV inhibitor.
Marketing manager of Aristech, Todd Whitney, says: It doesnt
fade and it holds up superbly under climate changes and vary-
ing weather conditions. One of the challenges involved in using
synthetic materials has been that they often look more like plastic
than wood, even from a distance. The advantage of this product is
that it has a more natural appearance.
Manufacturers are adding other exterior details, such as drink
holders or handholds, and some, besides being utilitarian, also
help to enhance the products appearance. Easy-to-remove side
panels allow access to the inside components for repairs. Many
manufacturers have taken extra care in positioning the hose con-
nection higher on the cabinet so it is easily accessible for people
who have difculty bending or kneeling. A solid wraparound bottom
shield (also called a shroud) prevents bugs, rodents and other
critters from gaining access to and damaging the underside. These
creatures can nest, and even gnaw at the inner components, re-
sulting in the need for major repair.
Pumping up efciency
Research studies conducted by PK Data, a market research and
consulting rm that regularly conducts surveys for the pool and
spa industry in the US, show that (after maintenance issues) the
primary reason consumers hesitate to buy a spa is because they
fear high ongoing expenses, including fuel charges. The APSP
reports that new energy efciencies in spa design and development
including the use of adequate spa insulation and the consumers
consistent use of the spa cover result in average monthly fuel
costs of between $10 and $30 (US dollars) a month, depending on
the geographical location and time of year the spa is used.
Two types of insulation are typically used in spa manufacturing.
Polymer-based foam-like insulation is placed between the hot-tub
shell and the air around the skirt. This is the preferred method
among high-end spa manufacturers. The material lls the space
between the shell, cabinet and oor of the spa.
The other method, commonly called blanket insulation,
involves layering the material between cabinet walls and the spa
shell. Proponents of this method feel it allows easier access to
operating equipment for repairs because, unlike foam-like mate-
rial, which is solid and unmovable, blanket insulation can be
moved aside for access to pipes and lines. This type of insulation
residential feature
Port abl e spas can be used i nsi de or out .
Phot o court esy of ThermoSpas
58 | SPLASH!
should have a high R-value rating. (The R-value rating system was
originally developed by the US Department of Energy for the build-
ing industry, and relates to the insulations thermal resistance by
measuring how well it holds back heat; the higher the R-value, the
better.) All insulation absorbs some level of the noise produced by
the hot tubs pump and lter, resulting in a quieter spa experience.
Filled, a typical six-seat spa can weigh as much as 2700Kg. To
increase the strength of the unit, most manufacturers adhere a
combination of a thick layer of breglass and other additives to
the acrylic shells. Many show cross sections of the spa in their
literature to demonstrate the layers, and dealers often have cross
section samples on display in showrooms.
Until recent years, the majority of companies used timber sup-
port frames, but some, mostly in the higher priced range, have
switched to steel or wood-steel combinations, claiming it makes
the system even stronger.
Most spa packages today include a cover. Besides keeping heat
inside, covers prevent children or pets from access to the water.
The US spa industry uses the American Society for Testing and Ma-
terials (ASTM), safety standard F1346-91, which supports at least
80Kg as its minimum strength capacity standard.
Some higher-priced spa systems offer covers as either standard
or optional equipment that go far beyond required standards by
guaranteeing weight support of several hundred pounds (130+Kg).
Some materials claim to use outer skin materials that are chemi-
cal and UV-resistant, stating they will last longer that typical
standard quality covers. The APSP states that a good quality cover
should be constructed of thermal insulated material and t snugly
A LOT, says Barr y Kni ck-
erbocker, presi dent and CEO
of Spa Par t s Pl us i n Prescot t
Val l ey, Ari zona. If I were a spa
manuf act urer, I woul d make i t a
cri t eri a f or deal er s and ret ai l er s
who sel l my product s t o submi t
t hei r cust omer s names, phone
number s, addresses and emai l
addresses back t o my compa-
ny. Then I woul d have a sur vey
i n pl ace t o submi t t o each cus-
t omer af t er i nst al l at i on of t hei r
spa t hat asks quest i ons about
t hei r sat i sf act i on wi t h t he product , i ncl udi ng how t hey are
usi ng i t [ f or t herapy, ent er t ai nment , rel axat i on, et c] . It woul d
al so i nqui re about t hei r sat i sf act i on wi t h t he sal es t ransact i on
and f ol l ow- t hrough on ser vi ce and mai nt enance i ssues.
The t heor y behi nd Kni ckerbockers suggest i on i s based on t he
pot ent i al f or repeat sal es, i ncl udi ng cust omers i nt erest i n up-
dat i ng t hei r spas t o newer, more advanced model s over t i me.
But i t al so has t o do wi t h mai nt ai ni ng a sound reput at i on wi t h
bot h t he manuf act urers and t he deal ers cust omer base.
Founded in 1986, Spa Parts Plus is a major spa parts distribution
company. It supplies distributors, dealers, maintenance rms and
repair companies with repair parts and accessories for portable
spas. The company stocks more than 7000 SKU (stock keeping
units) in its inventory, and services more than 5000 customers in
the US, Canada and Europe. Orders are received via its website,
phone and email. Knickerbocker says a large percentage of its or-
ders are for electric heaters, pumps and pump parts, control parts
such as topside sensors, peripheral jets and plumbing parts.
Spa Parts Plus continues to work toward enlarging its customer
web around the world, including Australia. Knickerbocker says
his consideration of the Australian marketplace is twofold.
One i s t he l ack of a whol esal e di st ri but or of part s, he says.
Thi s l eaves compani es t o search f or what t hey need, whi ch i s
of t en ver y t i me consumi ng. But t he ot her reason i s rat her per-
pl exi ng. It ent ai l s convi nci ng deal ers and ret ai l ers t o become
more i nvol ved i n af t er- sal es cust omer ser vi ce. That can onl y be
accompl i shed by our demonst rat i ng t he many benet s t hat are
t o be gai ned by st ayi ng connect ed t o t hei r cust omers even
l ong af t er t he sal es and i nst al l at i on processes are compl et ed.
The overal l i mpressi on Kni ckerbocker recei ved f rom deal -
ers when he vi si t ed Adel ai de recent l y was t hat many do not
consi der af t er- sal e rel at i onshi ps i mport ant .
I don t know i f i t i s a cul t ural or an i ndust r y condi t i on, but I
got t he sense f rom some compani es t hat t hey want t o sel l and
i nst al l t he spa, but want t hat t o be t he end of t hei r rel at i on-
shi p wi t h t he cust omer, he says. But t hat ment al i t y does not
run paral l el wi t h a company t hat i s at t empt i ng t o i ncrease i t s
product vi si bi l i t y and expand i t s market . Taki ng advant age of
what i s at our doorst ep and at t empt i ng t o expand on t hose
opport uni t i es i s why we re al l i n busi ness.
If I were sel l i ng spas at t he ret ai l l evel , I woul d want cust om-
ers t o come back t o me rst f or repai rs, part s or mai nt enance
i ssues, he says. I woul d consi der nurt uri ng t he rel at i onshi p
wi t h an ul t i mat e goal of f ut ure repeat spa sal es, or havi ng
t hose cust omers t el l t hei r f ri ends and f ami l y members about
t hei r sat i sf act i on wi t h my company, t hereby i ni t i at i ng new spa
cust omers.
Consumers l ef t i n si t uat i ons t o search out t hei r own repai r or
mai nt enance ser vi ces, Kni ckerbocker says, of t en nd i t a chal -
l engi ng and f rust rat i ng endeavour. He adds t hat t he di sposal
rat e on port abl e spas i n Aust ral i a i s ver y hi gh, and he bel i eves
t hat t he resal e or upgrade rat e i s ver y l ow, bot h of whi ch can
be at t ri but ed t o t he l ack of sound rel at i onshi ps devel opi ng
bet ween deal ers and cust omers.
Taki ng a pro- act i ve rol e i s i mperat i ve t o bui l di ng a cl i ent
base, he says. Adel ai de i s not short i n t he l ei sure product
cat egor y, whi ch i mpl i es t hat peopl e i n t hat regi on want i t ems
t hat provi de t hem wi t h ent ert ai nment and rel axat i on opport u-
ni t i es. In compari son t o ot her areas of t he worl d, i ncl udi ng t he
US, t he spa market i n Aust ral i a i s st i l l rel at i vel y smal l . Those
compani es who do sel l spas shoul d be i nt erest ed i n keepi ng
t hei r cust omers happy, and mai nt ai ni ng st rong rel at i onshi ps
wi t h t hem.
Barry Knickerbocker will present a seminar on these and
related topics at the SPLASH! New Zealand Pool & Spa Trade
Expo in Auckland, NZ, July 25- 26, 2007.
Customer follow- up, maintenance & repairs: whats in it for you?
residential feature
Barr y Kni ckerbocker, presi dent
and CEO of Spa Part s Pl us
We all know that pools dont consume a lot of
water, instead they recycle it through their
ltration system over and over again.
And thats why every pool needs a Hayward
cartridge ltration system.
Unlike other lters, Hayward Cartridge Filters
never need to backwash so they never waste a
precious drop of water.
And they keep the pool brilliantly clean for much
With up to 100 times the lter area of an
equivalent sand lter, Hayward Quad-Cluster
lters gently sift and strain the water until its
completely pure.
Shouldnt everyone be water-wise?
Of course, all that complex technology comes
at a price and Hayward Cartridge Filters will
cost a little more than a sand lter.
But, if youre looking for the very best and the
most environmentally sound ltration system,
there is simply no better choice.
For more information on Hayward Cartridge
Filters just phone 1300 POOLS1 send a fax
to 1300 POOLS2 or just visit
residential feature
NSPI Australia
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over the spa top. Many are tapered in the centre so water and
debris run off.
Automatic covers with child-resistant locking mechanisms help
bump up the total package price for dealers in the US, as they
generally run into hundreds of dollars.
Thats entertainment
In the late 1990s, an entire spa industry full of professionals raised
their eyebrows in disbelief when the rst company revealed it was
installing a stereo system in a spa. But soon after claiming it as
a ridiculous idea, consumer interest caused their scepticism to
wane. What could be better, people apparently determined, than
listening to your favourite music while enjoying a warm soak? By
2003, nearly every one of the top US manufacturers was offering a
stereo system in some of its spa models, at least as an option.
Television sets with cable connection capabilities or DVD equip-
ment built into spas, however, have not enjoyed the same popularity.
This is likely because safety recommendations state that a hot tub
soak should not extend beyond 15 minuteshardly enough time
to view a few commercials, let alone a half-hour sitcom. Besides,
backyard environment trends also extend to outdoor kitchens,
gazebos and pool houses, and any of these areas seem to be the
preferred place for those who want an outdoor TV.
LED (light-emitting diode) technology will continue to be a pri-
mary interest of expansion for manufacturers because it enhances
the spa atmosphere and uses less energy.
SPLASH! | 61
residential feature
Tha rompIaIa ranga oI quaIIIy
pooI and spa aquIpmanI
Member ol the bB rou
wk (0B) 9Z66 8666 h8w (0Z) 9BZ4 87Z4
L (07) 8Z66 4711 VI6 (08) 9646 4987
8k (0B) B84Z 6Z06
k08I8klIk8 0w80 k80 0F8kI0
FooI 6Iaanars
Professionals report that indirect and perimeter lighting on
both the spa interior and under the cabinet top rim, to illuminate
the exterior, will likely become an industry standard. LED light-
ing has evolved in huge ways in the spa industry during the past
several years. Today lighting dances in streams and commingles
in waterfalls. It jettisons from fountains, following the arch of the
water into the air and back into the spa. It is installed in every nook
and cranny, often moving in melodic tune with the music emanating
from the stereo. Lighting in the water can change colour continu-
ally, spanning the entire spectrum, or be set on one mood-enhanc-
ing favourite shade. And any of the lighting treatments are made
instantly with a touch of a control button.
Under control
The total number of jets in most popular brands has also in-
creased. It is not unusual today for top of the line spa models to of-
fer in excess of 100 jets, positioned to massage nearly every square
inch of the body. Typically, the larger the spa, the more jets, but it is
not always the case.
Types of jets have also advanced in recent years. Today massage,
whirlpool, mini and other types of jetssome stationary, some that
spin or pulsateare placed in every imaginable place inside spas,
and they all have a proprietary name, often trademarked, by each
For the time being at least, most manufacturers agree the
number and placement of jets has reached its apex, and that what
62 | SPLASH!
is now available provides as ultimate a hydrotherapy (massage)
benet as possible. This means we probably wont see drastic
changes in the number, placement or type of jets installed in spas
for a couple of years. But it wouldnt be surprising to learn that
manufacturers have a few more secrets on their research and
development tables that will appear on the market in the future.
Pillows, upholstered mounds of comfort incorporated at or near
the top of the spa, have quickly become a common feature among
the more popular brands. Waterfalls, which began appearing on
new spa designs over the past few years, are typically positioned
beneath the pillows, pouring a stream of water down the neck,
back of head or upper back.
Seat conguration has also developed from the simple bench
seats of spas a few decades ago, to specialised seats that, like jets,
carry a variety of trademarked descriptive terms. In common terms,
the most popular seats used in spas today include: Captains Chair,
Lounger and Cool Down seats positioned about 150mm to 300mm
from the shelf of the spa. They allow people to sit in outside air so
their bodies can cool down before they exit the spa.
Todays control systems, especially in higher-priced units, are
computerised, and most can be locked to prevent those who should
not be using them from doing so (such as curious children). Auto-
matic shut-off valves, on most popular brands, also serve as timers
to remind users of how long theyve been soaking.
Activating the action
Operational equipment on spas produced in the US, including pump
seals, must meet standards set by the International Organisation of
Standardisation (ISO). These dictate that a successful seal must be
designed to give long life, reduce maintenance and provide auto-
matic self-adjustment.
Pumps circulate water through the hot tub and provide the
force that propels water to the jets. Hot tub water is drawn from
the surface, as well as from one or more suctions in the foot-
well, to the pump. Most spas have at least one two-speed pump,
and some have more than one pump. It is notable that if one spa
has 57 jets, for example, and another has 87, but both models
have the same pump power, the jet power will be affected. Most
jet configurations (a configuration might be, for example, a set of
eight back jets, or six foot jets) are operated by a control system
that enables them to operate individually, and not all jets are
always used at one time. Pumps used today, however, are power-
ful enough to provide a more than adequate massage even when
all are in use.
Water also ows through a heater housing where it is warmed to
the desired temperature. The heater system incorporates a pres-
sure and overheat high-limit switch, safety devices to cut heater
element power should water ow be restricted or overheating oc-
cur. The water temperature is controlled at the topside keypad, up
to a maximum of 104F (40C), the legal limit in the US.
Only a few manufacturers have begun using heaters made of
titanium, a relatively new development that helps to retain heat.
Early in 2007, ThermoSpas, a major US spa manufacturer, launched
a patented heating and cooling system. Andrew Tournas, company
president, says the unit will make hot tubs more energy-efcient
and reduce operational costs by as much as 75 per cent. The heater
will also enable water temperatures to increase much faster than
other systems.
It also contains a cooling apparatus that brings the temperature
of water down, says Tournas. This is especially benecial to peo-
ple who live in hot climates because it can be physically uncomfort-
able to exit a hot spa into hot air.
residential feature
Spa congurat i ons are more numerous and powerf ul
nowadays. Phot o court esy of ThermoSpas
Enjoy extended benefits with insurance which is custom
designed for the pool & spa industry.
With a wealth of experience in meeting the needs of pool & spa
builders and suppliers, our team can take the worry out of your
insurance program.
Take advantage of a FREE audit and report on your existing
insurance program by contacting:
Peter Freeman
Nationwide Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Ph: (02) 9634 6600 or email:
Insurance Brokers to your industry
64 | SPLASH!
Plan to survive
Many businesses dont plan to fail, they just
fail to plan, says Sue Hirst of CAD Partners
industry advice
lanning and budgeting
are actions every busi-
ness should be undertak-
ing right now with a view towards
the end of the nancial year.
Compare results
Most businesses have lots of
transactions happening and it
can be difcult to keep track of
it all. By having a budget (i.e. something to compare actual results
against) you have a regular procedure for checking income and
costs are on track.
Identify overspending
If you dont have a budget you may not nd out until long after the
nancial year that youve overspent on some items. With a budget
you can identify overspending quickly and take action to x it. A
budget can be entered into most accounting software systems and
a Budget versus Actual prot and loss can be printed so that you
can easily see any variances and manage them.
Spending limits
A budget lets staff know there are limits on spending. Its amazing
how some staff will keep spending if they dont have a limit.
An income and expenditure goal
A budget is a goal for what you want to achieve. There is a saying
If you aim at nothing you will hit it with amazing accuracy. Only by
having a goal can you hope to do any better than in the past.
A budget helps you plan what resources will be required to achieve
the sales you want. Its important to match the outgoings with the
income and plan what resources will be necessary. Thus avoiding
crisis management, which is no good for morale.
If you want to acquire business funding you will denitely be re-
quired to produce a budget and probably a business plan. A lending
institution needs to be condent you have thought through your
business and funding requirements.
Some people say Theres no point doing a budget because I cant
predict what I will sell. This should not be an excuse! Most busi-
nesses know what their costs and overheads are so it should be
possible to calculate the break-even point. Break-even means
the level of income you need to cover costs and overheads (i.e. not
making a prot or a loss) but a $0 result.
CAD Partners is a team of nancial controllers who can help busi-
ness owners with budgeting and planning for prot.
Call 1300 36 24 36 or visit the website for
more information.
Blue Circle Southern supplies the Swimming Pool Industry in
Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, with a high grade
White Silica Sand/Pebble in a variety of gradings, ideal for
filtration, rendering and finishing of swimming pools and spas.
To compliment our White Pool Pebble we offer a range of
"Coloured Crystal" which is a resin coated glass to further
enhance the finish of your Swimming Pool or Spa.
The Crystal is available in a variety of colours, and sizes
(0.300 micron - 10mm). and has a "Five Year Warranty
against UV and Discolouring".
Brisbane Head Office: T: 07 3272 9898 F: 07 3272 9040
A range of quality products.
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1000s of Australians enjoy
perfect temperature in their pools and spas.
Every day.
Rheem Customer Protection Plan
1 Year Parts and Labour.
For all enquiries or
technical advice
contact Raypaks
Sales Oce direct.
Sales 1300 729 725
Service 131 031
Raypak pool and spa heating units are
high quality, versatile, robust and are
backed by Rheems Warranty Plan.*
Raypak oers a complete range of
pool and spa water heaters that deliver
perfect temperature every day.


Whether you are heating a backyard pool for the family,
a pool for demanding resort guests or an Olympic pool
for high performance athletes, Raypak delivers perfect
pool and spa temperatures 365 days a year.
Raypak water heaters are high quality, compact, ecient,
reliable and have been proven over time. Tey are ideal
for heating large quantities of water for all domestic and
commercial pool and spa applications.
Product features:
Integrated system control
Backlit LED display
Fault diagnostics
Child lock & memory back up
Optional in-house controller
Cupro nickel heat exchanger
Available in natural gas or propane