Frater Kiimalehto has the distinction of being one of the oldest members, in point of time, in the Rosicrucian Order since its re-establishment in North America. He was an active co­ worker of the Imperator when the Supreme Lodge was located in New York City twenty years ago. He was the first Grand M aster of the Order during its present cycle, and he directed the publication of the former A m erican R o sa e C rucis magazine, and headed the Pub­ lishing Department of the Order at that time. He is now a Grand Councilor and Inspector General of the Order. In Frater Kiimalehto is exemplified a rare combination of business ability and mystical temperament. He has also been a member for many years of the Freemasonic and Martinist Orders. (C o u rtesy o f T h e R osicrucian D igest.)

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