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Animal: African Elephant Report: Felicia Ferentinos African Elephant The African elephant is a herbivore which means it only eats plants and leaves. A herbivore is also called a plant-eater. Elephants eat roots, grasses, leaves,fruit and tree bark. Elephants can use their very long trunks to grab their food. Elephants spent a lot of time eating. Bull which are called male elephants they can eat about 300 to 600 pounds (130 to 260 kg) of food every day. The African Bush elephant diet is usually leaves and branches that are stripped off of trees and branches by uses their very long trunks. The African bush elephant can also go for fruit and grass. Elephants can use their trunks to dig for roots into the ground to strip up the bark of the trees. The food that the elephant eats by putting the food into its mouth by use its trunk to grab the food then it puts into its mouth. The elephant can eat about 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of food in just one day. The african elephant can travel in very long distances to look for food. Elephants can dig up the roots and also it can peel barks off of trees. A herbivore is a animal that only eats vegetation. The forest elephant can eat leaves, fruit that are on top of tree herbs and many other vegetation foods like low-lying shrubs. The front pair of the molars of the elephants mouth can wear down and drop out into pieces. The back of the elephants mouth shift foward that turns into two new molers that are in the back of the elephants mouth. The molars that are in the back of the mouth are emerge. The african elephant teeth can replaced like about 6 times during a elephants lives. But when the elephant is about 40 or 60 years old then the elephant will start to lose all of its teeth. Then the elephant will die from starvation. This has come a common cause in the african wildness. The African elephant lives in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The other sub-species like the forest elephant they can be found in the forests Central Africa. The African elephants can be found in forests, grasslands, marshes, Scrub, and Semi-desert places. Elephants are usually found in hot places. The African bush elephant used to have ancestors that used to live in the Arctic Circle. Today they can only be found in Central and Southern Africa They can also be found in on the African plains and on grasslands Where they are looking for food and water. The African forest can be found on the grassly savanna plains. They can also be found on grasslands and in the forests. The African elephant can be found on the savanna grassland and in the forest. Elephants can also be seen on the African Southern of the Sahara. The African elephant is divided into two Sub-species the African Bush Elephant and the African Forest elephant. African elephants are usually found where there is places that is fall of food and water. They can also be found on dry woodland that are in some regions of Africa. They can also be seen in desert places. They can be seen up in the mountains that are in Congo and in equatorial countries. African elephants are also found in the rainforest of Central Africa from Zaire to the west of mauritania. The Elephants that live on the Savanna or widespread in drier woodlands and savannas. Now the African Elephant now their common range are in many parts of Africa like kenya, Tanzana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namiba, and in South Africa. The three of the other species both live in both habitats the Savanna and in the forest that are in West Africa. The African elephant can weigh about 6 tons (5,443 kilometers). They can stand about 12 feet (4 meters) at the shoulder. The African elephant height is 8,2

to 13ft (2.5 to 4m ) to the shoulder. The African elephant is the biggest land animal on earth. They can weigh about 5,000 to 14,000 lbs (2,268 - 6,350kg). Their usuall size is 6ft (2-m) then a adult man is. The African elephant's average size is up about 10 feet to (3m) tall to the shoulder. Their weigh is also 6 tons (5,400kg). Males are much bigger then Females are. The weight of their very big ears are 5 feet to 1,5m long. The male elephants that live on the Savanna can grow about 25 feet long. They can stand about 11 feet tall and their weight is 14,000 pounds. Their other size is 3-4m (10-13ft) to the shoulder their weigh is about 32,000 - 6400kg (7000-14000 lbs,) A male elephant's height is 3,3m at the shoulder. Their weight is 6000kg that is like 10 small cars together. Females can weight up about 4000kg. They can grow about 4m tall. That is like the height of a double decker bus. The male bush elephant can reach about 3.5 metres in a height. The females are much more smaller then males are. The females can reach about 3 metres tall. The bush elephants body can grow about between 6 or 7 meters long. The elephants tusks are about 2.5 meters in a length. Their rather weigh is between 50 or 100 pounds that is much smaller then a adult human. The African bush elephant has 4 molar teeth they all weigh about 5.0kg and they measure about 12 inches long. A male forest elephant cna reach 3 metres in a height. The female can reach 2.5 metres The forest elephant tusks can grow about 1,5 meters long. Their rather weigh is between 50 and 100 pounds the forest elephants 4 teeth molar can weigh 5,0 kg and they can measure about 12 inches long. The African elepant can live about 17 years. The African elephant can live 60 years in the wild and they can live about 80 years in captivity. The aveage life span for a African Savanna elephant is 60 years in the wild. They can also live about 70n years in the wild to. How the elephant life span also depends on the animals teeth that are on the molars. When the elephant is about 40 to 60 years then it will die from starvation. The elephants teeth gets replaced by six times. The elephants trunk has 40 and 100,000 muscles in it. The elephants uses its trunk to breathe and also to grab things. The trunk is also the elephants upper lip. The trunk is even strong enough to knot down a whole tree down. A elephants speed can charge up to 40km 1hr. (25mph). The elephants are shaped like the continent of Africa. The elephants ears are not just made for hearing the elephant ears are also fans that help keep the elephant cool them down from the African heat. The elephants trunk is also helpful for taking a bath. The elephants trunk is also a snornkel. On the end of the elephants trunk which is called a finger the African elephant has two fingers but its couisin the Asian elephant only has one the fingers are helpful for picking are graping things. Elephants have very strong bond with each other that are in their family. A male elephant is called a bull and the female elephant is called a cow. Elephant are very good swimmers. Females travel in herds along with their youngers males travel by themselves. A elephants tusks are very helpful for getting food. The elephant gets food by digging up the roots and prying bark off of trees. Elephants are very good at greeting each other when they greet someone they sometimes hug each other by wrapping their trunks around each other. This is also how they get each others affection. When the elephants feels that it is being threation then the elephant will use its trunk to make a loud trumpeting noises as a warning meaning to stay away. When elephant goes under deep water they can use their trunk as a snorkel. Elephants can drink 2 gallons (7.5 liters )of water at a time. Then the elephant will stick the tip of water into the elephants mouth, and then it goes into the mouth then it brows out water right down to the elephants throat. A elephants trunk can be about seven feet (two meters) long. adult elephants do not have natural predators other than people adult elephants don't have natural predators because of their size. But calves have predators their predators are lions, crocodiles and other carnivores that is a type of animal that only eats meat. The close relatives are

dugongs, manatees, hyraxes, and aardvarks. The elephants trunk has no bones in it so that they can use this to delicacy so that they be able to pick a blade of grass. When they blade of grass they can suck 3 gallons of water so that the elephants can use the water to spray water over themselves to keep them cool. Elephants spray on themselves to keep them cool when they get hot. Elephants have lots of tools to keep themselves cool from the African heat. in a Elephant herd There are ten females and their youngers. All Females in the herd are related to the matriarch. The Matriarch is the larger of the herd the job of the matriarch is to find the best places to find food and water. The Matriach elephant is the oldest and the biggest female in the herd. Males only join the herd when they reach maturity when they are ready to mate but usually Males usually live alone. African Elephants are capable with each other by making wide variety of vocal sounds which are grunts, purrs, bellows, whistles and the obvious trumpeting. Elephants can also get capable by making low freguency sounds that are below to human hearing this allows wandering individuals that could be somewhere in the herd this is also used to warn other seven different herds to stay away that can be seen miles away. Then with all the animals in the animal kingdom elephants have longest pregrancy then all the animals it can be pregracent about 22 months. A baby elephant is called a calf. Bush elephants will have babies when the female elephant feels that she is ready. The female will make her mind anytime during the year. When the female is ready to mate then she will start yo ermitting inforasounds that can attact a male that maybe kilometers away. The adult male will start to arrive to the herd during these following days then they start to fight head-to-head that is between them that will cause many inuries and they can even cause broken tusks. The Gestation period is last then 22 mouths. The mother usually has one calf. The African savanna elephant female usually breeds when they are ten or they give brith to one calf in every four years. The African elephant gestation period is due to 22 or 24 months. The female elephant will show off her acceptance of the victor by rubbing her body agaisnt the male. Then they will mate and they will go on their own. After the gestation period then the female gives brith to one single calf they weight 90cm they can also weigh about 100kg. The calf will fed on the mothers milk until it is 5 years old, but it will eat solid food in 6 months old. Just in a few days after the calf is born. A new born elephant can weigh about 170 and 250 pounds it can also stand about three times high from the ground to the shoulder. In the first three weeks the calf will start to fed on its mothers milk. Then after 3 weeks it will start to eat grass and other different plants. A adult female elephant can have babies when she is about 17 years old. The female will six or seven calves during their whole lifetime. Females stop mating when she is 50 years old. It is a very special day for the herd when there is a new baby in the herd they will crowd around the mother to tough the baby. The elephants will get very excited and will start to make lots of noise. Female elephants will reach maturity when it is 10 or 11 years and the males are 10 to 20 years. Female bush elephants are ready to reporduce after they are 10 or 11 years old but most fertile are between 25 or 45 years. Males do not reach redporduce until they are in their 20's. Males and females will mate about 2 years. A female will give birth to one calf having twins are extemely rare. The calf will drink its mothers milk for 2 years but it will still have the protection from the herd until the calf is old enough to take care of itself which will be about 6 years old. When it is in 6 years then the tusks should be starting to grow on the elephant. The female forest elephant will not start to mate until it is about 10 or 11 years old. Forest males will not mate until they are in their 20ths. The gestation period will be about 2 years. African forest elepphants calfs will drink its mothers milk in about 2 years. It will stay in the herd when it is ready to take care of its self. When the calf is ready to go on it own its tusks will start

to grow. Male elephants use their tusks to battle each other. The African elephant so important for a very special system called the eco-system in which the animal lives. African elephants play a very big role in nature they are known as the keystone species which is on other numerous of species rely. Some plants need to be eaten by an elephant before the seeds will grow which are includs in the third tree species that are in the elephants habitat. The elephants big size and the taste of the roots leads to pathways that makes the forest clear. This will allow the sunlight to otherwise dense and dark forest which gives the opportuntiy for a big videty of flora which will grow and turn in varitey of fauna. These pathways work at natures firebreak. Some that used to be the ones that were ancient that are so well established those have been turned into roads. unlike the Asian elephant these elephants are not easy to domesticated they are about 470,000 -690,000. The African elephant was domesticated in 1.3 million in the 1970's. Many African elephants have been killed by poaching for their beautiful tusks to make ivory this started to happen in the 1980's that is between 1979 and 1989 that is in their population. people sale the ivory in markets in Africa and in Asia. The numbers of elephants are about to be distoryed because they are also losing their habitat. Elephants are in trouble because of proaching and habitat loss is threaten the African elephants throughout the elephants range. Elephants have lost much of their habitat to ranches, farmers, and desertification. The fosert elepant is in safe numbers for right now. The savanna subspecies are very mush in trouble because of logging and in markets. people in markets are hunting the elephant for meat. The African elephant is mostly found in many reserves and in parks. There are about 1,300,000 animals and now there are about 750,000 elephant population. People that live in India travel on elephants they carry their crops to go to place to place. people use to use elephants in war. A elephant can run 24 miles per hour. A elephants head can be account to 12 up to 24 percent of their body weight. The elephants tusks can grow that has been recored are more than 11 1/2 feet long. a highest weight of elephant tusks are 440 pounds. When a male elephant changes can show that it is friendly, gentle from violent and dangerous. Zoo keepers injuries are mostly from elephant attacks. Elephants will take a bath 3 or 4 times a day . These animals love the water they will use their trunks to take a bath by spraying water over themselves when the weather is to hot. Elephant use to be the best way to travel around people use elephants to carry their crops to place to place. In Thousands of years elephants had helped people from over the years they have helped people with building cities, even people used to fight in wars with elephants, they used to figth in battles as also to have fun. before trains and other automobles elephants were the best and the most powerful force that can push and haul things. In Asia the Asian elephant has a very long history of being trained for labor even today people are still useing elephants to get around. before there were cars or trains people used to ride on elephants to go to place to place and it was also the best to carry crops around. In Asia people are still traveling by elephant to get to the place where they need to go. Elephants eat about 125 pounds of hay and ten pounds of herbivore pettets they also eat about ten pounds of fruit and vegetables and few leafy branches This is the type of food that elephants get when they are zoos. The elephants tusks are also teeth that can grow very big. A elephants trunk can hold a small flower to a big log. When elephants spray water on themselves this helps keep their skin from drying out. When one of the females has a baby then all of the elephants in the herd will became aunties even to calves that they are not their own. Baby elephants need a lot of protection and affection from the herd. Elephants can communate in lots of different ways. They can use body language to send out messages by standing, moving and holding each others trunks. They can also communate by position of their ears, trusks, and

tails. Elephants can also scream, bellow, rumble, trumpet, and grunt. Baby calves will shake their heads and flap it's ears and trumpets this means that the baby calve wants to play. But when the adults seldom trumpets when it is agitated. Elephant communicate move by making a rumbing sound that kind a sounds like a stomach growl. The rumbing sound is a growl that actually occurs in the throat this keeps the herd in contact with each other. When a individual that can be seen in a tall thick brush. A rumbing sound can carry about in one-half a mile away. The woolly mammoth are the closet relative of the elephants that we know today. A lot of people see elephants in zoos and in circuses. Elephants have been paraded and displayed for 2,000 of years. There are lot of resons that the great African elephant is endangered today. The main reson that elephant are endangered because people are in competition for space that the elephant needs to live and eat. Elephants are losing a lot of space because people are building farms and houses over elephants habitat. Elephants are mostly found in national parks and reserves. Elephants have a very serious and steady of numbers in the 1970's. The elephants that are in Africa's reserve parks. Hunters pay a lot of money for killing a elephant. This is caseing elephants numbers to drop low. If people doen't stop killing elephants they will be gone forever which means there will be no elephants on this planet that is sad. Elephants are also in trouble because of humans population keeps on growing and keeps on getting bigger around the world. If Kenya had put a stand of international trade in ivory that have gone banned for $3,000,000 worth of confiscate ivory that has gone banned in Kenga. There are only 50 elephants that have been killed by proachers in Kenya instead of 3,000. If this contines then elephants will start to eat crops and then start to kill and distory peoples lives. The gestation period will take about 22 mouths. The mother will give brith in every 2 or 4 years. A baby elephant calf has to stand half an hour after the baby has been born. Female elephants are some of the few mammals othen than humans have beyond of their reprodctive years. A typical cow will stop having babies when the female is about 45 or 50 years old. During post-reproductive time the mother will assists and care for her younger. In the 1970's scientists were beginning to have very good deal about elephants. The elephant population is now 170,000 to 25,000 that is lefted for the elephants. In November 2004 elephants had been stamped on villages, They also been flating peoples homes they eaten farm crops and they have trampled people to death. The reason that their doing this because they are habitat is getting smaller and it is starting to shrink this is giving elephants rampages. Between 1996 and 2000 there is more than 113,000 acres of forest areas are getting cleared up by loggers and subsistence farmers. Today human population is starting to grow. Elephants are starting to lose the battle for thier space to live and a place to look for food. It loks like that these giant creatives are about to head to extinction. But if we can find a way to rebuild thier habitats and if we all work together we can be able to save the great african elephants and it's small conisin the Asian elephant from being gone forever.That is what I know about the African Elephant.