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The Reconstruction of Social Order

1. This question refers to whether an individual Christians or groups of Christians may or should address social issues. OFCOURSE, WE SHOULD. Each Christian should take his or her beliefs and values into the public arena and apply to the important social issues of the day. First, because Christians are called to be responsible, compassionate, and law abiding citizens. Second, the church should speak out on the general goals that a society should pursue. It should speak out when the social goals being pursued are evil. It should speak out against clearly immoral policies even when they are intended to achieve morally acceptable ends. However, with respect to the vast majority of political options (whether for or against certain social policies or for or against certain political candidates), the church should keep quiet. It has no privileged knowledge that allows it to choose between these, and, when it does so anyway, it impedes the accomplishing of the primary mission of the church.

2. Capitalism reflects to a more unequal society which results to a more unstable society, which we see with eroding trust, increasing division between people, and rising political dysfunction factors which tear at the social fabric that binds society together. Indeed, it is real that the ones who possess much are relatively few and those who possess almost nothing are many. It is the injustice of the poor distribution of the goods and services originally intended for all.

On Human Work

1.) John Paul declares that work is good for human beings, and indeed that through work a human being achieves fulfillment as a human being and indeed in a sense becomes more a human being. Work can mean specific kind of human activity that aims to produce and procure the necessary means of life. Work is not only good in the sense that it is useful or something to enjoy; it is also good as being something worthy, that is to say, something corresponds to mans dignity that expresses this dignity and increases it. Work is a good thing for man- a good thing for his humanity-because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also achieves fulfillment as a human being and indeed in a sense becomes more human being. Work expresses and increases human dignity, because in work a human being expresses herself as a person- as a free and rational being.

2.) Dehumanizing- When I am doing work which does not stimulate and challenge me makes me less than fully human for the simple reason that my work involves little or no thinking. When my work leads me to be in conflict with other human beings, it leads me to be less than fully human. And sometimes, when I function like a machine and have no opportunity to express my personality. Creative- when I am decided to act in a new way or to produce something different or to improve a situation. When I work with others to achieve a common goal. And whenever I make my own decisions and perform the work with my own personal style.

3.) We live in a passive society in which few people take a stand or become involved in social issues. People have become extremely egocentric and they care only about themselves. Besides, many social functions such that individuals believe that they dont need to get involved individually. In other words, they have deputized their civic responsibility, and all these have sometimes resulted in an ignorance of the problems faced by us and a lack of perceived personal responsibility to help. On the other hand, the society itself should be accountable for peoples disability to become involved in social issues because people have deputized their civic responsibility due to the more and more professionalized trend. For example, sometimes people would take it for granted that those sick, poor and homeless people will be taken care of by the DSWD and Red Cross because this is the goal and job of those agencies. We, as catholic stewards of Christ, must do something, and be actively involved in these social issues. We must not take every single thing for granted, because we would be benefiting it all. So feed the hungry, and be a help to the needy because I believe that people are duty-bound not only to themselves, but also to society.

4.) This principle states that within an economic system, the working persons are of primary importance and everything else is subordinate to them. Because human workers are free persons, human labor is valuable over-and-above the goods produced. Human work possesses special dignity. The Priority of Labor grounds the fundamental rights of workers. Because, to work is a duty for human beings, and work is something to which we are called by God, something necessary for fulfilling our humanity, and something by which we serve our neighbor however, not every sort of economy shows proper respect for human labor.

A Call to Action

1.) As a Legal Management student with an advocate of changing the justice system and equality among the people, I would like to be involved in changing the Government. Government should be the main promoter of important public values, such as justice, that are essential to a good society. Without a strong public sector, the society would be less just, less free, more unequal, and more insecure. Yes, I believe in justice and I definitely agree that our civil liberties should be protected, and all citizens should all be treated as equals. But suddenly it comes into question if it should be necessary that if we are an avid supporter of public values like justice, liberty and equality, then we should also be an avid supporter of government? I realized and its perfectly obvious that some of the public persons only involve themselves to be unjustly enriched and do the opposite of what they suppose to do and what is right for the society as a whole. I would like to change the government system and aim to get involved in politics and the governing process someday not because I want something for myself but because I want to promote certain democratic values such as equality or freedom. But I believe that would be pretty far from now. What I can only contribute for a change is to vote for candidates who think and act well and also encourage the government to do what is right for society as a whole. The community must participate in the democratic process to promote principles and values which are in the public interest. We must all have a vision of what the good society is and we should try to use the government to make that vision a reality. Let us all be the change we want to see in this world!

2.) Life is full of challenges, and indeed, it is how we respond to them that makes a difference to our lives. I see challenge as a blessing because I discover a better way to do something. Too often I view challenges as irritating annoyance, when in fact it hold a great opportunity to learn and grow. Thus, I learnt to see each challenge as an opportunity to become stronger and more capable of facing every challenge. Every time I pray and ask the Lord for guidance, the gospel always reminds me that every challenge holds the seeds for unlimited blessings and opportunities, and so, I always feel blessed and protected from the challenges that life may bring.

Justice in the World 1.) The law of the jungle or the "an eye for an eye", and tooth for a tooth" principle. In my own perception, this principle has been the precedent of the Capital Punishment-the Death Penalty. There has been much hue and cry against it because it is absolutely inhumane and unjust. What push me to work for justice are the judges who are not infallible and there are instances where innocent people have been sent to the jail owing to some error of judgment. What breaks my heart the most, is when an innocent life is destroyed. Another factor is the reality that the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. This does not only apply to the social standing, but it has been a huge failure in moral judgment. 2.) My faith for Jesus able to work for justice and peace because I believe that we are all fair on this earth no more, no less. We all have the right to be treated equally and fairly. I dont want to be treated in biased condition that leads me to not to do to others what I dont want others do unto me. My faith made me realize the good things that needed to be applied in my daily routine; it reminds me of how God become equal to all.

Evangelization in the Modern World

1.) This question makes me think long and deeper. I remember the quote You hate your life, while some other people dream to have your life. It really tears me apart when I think of those unfortunate people who suffer from severe poverty. I suddenly realized that life is too unfair and injustice can be felt and seen everywhere. I am able to get everything I want while some people suffer in the midst of getting my pleasures and desires. I realized that I should stop thinking about everything I want and take a minute of what I have. I may not be contented sometimes, but I never failed to be grateful to the Lord for giving me the grace and blessings I have received from the day I was born. I just hope and pray that those who are weighed down in pain and sufferings may realize that they are among the chosen ones whom God call blessed and help them to understand that they are united with God in their sufferings.

2. )

Probably as "confusion," since the different denominations don't seem to agree on what

the church to be involved in, what is real and what is not. As Christians we are asked to live to a higher standard, because we are representatives of God on Earth. So striving to live a God-centered life is important, because when we exhibit Godly behavior we are providing a good witness to those around us. So, we must keep striving to walk in Jesus' footsteps as best we can.

Peace on Earth 1.)See. Judge. Act. These three signs of the times are reflects Gods voice as He speaks to us and invite us to respond to His call to participate in the work of Christ within our human history. I would not add or remove anything from it because it has been perfectly used to call the church to renewal in its own life and in its involvement in the world.

2.) Rights Pertaining to Moral and Cultural Values- Also among man's rights is that of being able to worship God in accordance with the right dictates of his own conscience, and to profess his religion both in private and in public. The Right to Choose Freely One's State in Life- Human beings have also the right to choose for themselves the kind of life which appeals to them: whether it is to found a familyin the founding of which both the man and the woman enjoy equal rights and dutiesor to embrace the priesthood or the religious life Economic Rights- In the economic sphere, it is evident that a man has the inherent right not only to be given the opportunity to work, but also to be allowed the exercise of personal initiative in the work he does.

3.) The community, as I have perceived, strives to make our world a better place. The community commits serenity to all who work for peace and an end to all tensions. A Right judgment to those who work to uphold law and justice. An aid to comfort and support those who suffer. And Aim to give its people a safe and peaceful life.