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The job management system tough

enough for the Trades!

A better way to run your business

In 1998, when Sam MacGeorge couldn’t find an affordable job management system for his
building services company, he decided to develop his own. The result is SmartTrade, which
is revolutionising small and large service businesses by streamlining the front end operations
(such as managing jobs, customers, suppliers and employees) and slashing paperwork.

SmartTrade provides affordable job management solutions for the office and the field. Smart-
Trade Server® is a comprehensive office system, sharing data with accounting packages such
as MYOB and QuickBooks and reducing double entry and errors. It can be accessed remotely
- with a laptop and wireless connection, you can run the business from the field.

SmartTrade Mobile® enables tradesmen equipped with handheld computers (PDAs) to receive
and process jobs, and to communicate wirelessly with the office. It significantly reduces paper-
work and improves productivity by keeping your tradesmen in the field and out of the office.

SmartTrade can be implemented in days or weeks rather than months, and allows users to
customise certain aspects. We demonstrate SmartTrade over the internet, and focus on making
sure that it fits your business - if it doesn’t fit, we won’t sell it to you.

We use the same internet technology to install SmartTrade, and to train and support users - it’s
convenient, flexible and very effective, whether you are located in a capital city or out the back
of beyond.

SmartTrade is full of fantastic features. This, combined with outstanding sup-

port, has made my life so much easier. I now have time for my family!
Csaba Francsali, CAS Plumbers (Adelaide)
Why service companies are choosing SmartTrade

1. SmartTrade significantly improves job management, with benefits such as:

• Speeding up invoicing and improving cashflow.
• Improving customer service
• Increasing billable time, by keeping tradesmen on the job and out of the office
• Providing powerful scheduling.
• Enabling quick and accurate job costings, quotes and estimates.
• Ensuring you use up-to-date prices by importing supplier price books.
• Reducing paperwork and double entry of data.
• Allowing supplier invoices to be downloaded and electronically matched
with jobs.
• Improving control of time and materials.

2. Interfaces with popular accounting packages such as MYOB and QuickBooks.

3. Affordable and quickly implemented — days or weeks, not months — a low
risk solution.
4. Suitable even for one man businesses — simple to use, and scalable as the
business grows.
5. Excellent support and training.

“The program and support from SmartTrade are wonderful.”

Darren Brownlee, D&N Plumbing Services Pty Ltd (Sydney)

With SmartTrade, job information is easy to find.

Creating and managing jobs is easy, with features such as
templates and recurring jobs.

Jobs and staff can be scheduled in the calendar.

Internet job logging allows cus

directly into SmartTrade.

“I can review the job and invoice it out without touching a piece of
paper — simple... Invoicing is now done before the end of the month, not
around the 10th of the following as used to be the case.”
Mike Barr, Barr Electrical (Hamilton)
Jobs can be dispatched to field staff wirelessly and, when
complete, be returned wirelessly.

Customers can log jobs into SmartTrade via the

internet (optional module).

stomers to log jobs

“SmartTrade has really improved our cash flow. We now send out invoices
in days rather than weeks.”
Paul Griffiths, Stewart and Rogers (Auckland)
SmartTrade Server® Functionality (as at March 2005)
Client database • Add new clients easily, including multiple sites, contact names, default pricing and
payment terms, and notes.
• Import client details from an interfaced accounting program.
• Search for clients by name, contacts, addresses, phone numbers and user
definable fields.

Job Management
Job logging • Create a new job, from scratch or from a template or by duplicating an existing job.
• Open a new job from inside the calendar view in the scheduler.
• Select job type (quote, estimate or charge-up) and set a status.
• Enter an occupant (e.g. where the client is a landlord and a tenant is the occupant).
• Allocate responsibility for the job, assign one or more employees to the job.
• Set job priority level and due date and time.
• Enter a job category.
• Use user definable fields.
Internet job logging¹ • Allow selected clients to log jobs into SmartTrade Server® via the internet 24/7
Recurring jobs • Set jobs to recur at set intervals (e.g. monthly) for a specified period or number of
Scheduler • View calendars and timelines for multiple employees (your electronic whiteboard).
• Reschedule jobs by dragging and dropping in the calendar view.
• Open a new job from inside the calendar view, including from templates.
• Create appointments and make recurring if required.
• Send appointments to field staff equipped with Pocket PC devices.
Dispatch • Print job sheets for field staff
• Send jobs electronically to field staff equipped with Pocket PC devices.
SMS² • Send text messages to field staff equipped with cellphones.
Job Management • Search for jobs by client, status, due date, employee, user definable fields etc.
• Use colour coding to visually see different job types.
• View (but not edit) jobs that have been dispatched to Pocket PC devices.
• Record job notes, and selectively include in invoices.
• Automatically record the job history including date and time of key events.
• Attach electronic files to jobs (e.g. drawings, correspondence).
Costing • Select items direct from supplier price lists or from MyData, or create new items.
• Speed up costing by creating templates or duplicating existing jobs.
• Monitor gross profit % as you build the costing.
• Use subtotals.
Quotes and estimates • Create multiple quotes and estimates quickly from the costing page.
• Select the level of detail to show on a quote or estimate.
• Add headers and footers, using preset text.
• Set a quote expiry date.
Job sheet • Record actual time and materials and monitor gross profit.
• Monitor the gross profit % as the job progresses.
• Create purchase orders and invoices direct from the job sheet, and print or email.
• Reprice jobs for new costs.
• Use subtotals.
• Move items up and down the grid.
Variations • Monitor variations on quoted jobs.
Ordering • Issue purchase order numbers to field staff.
• Print or email orders.
Invoicing • Select items to invoice.
• Select the detail to show on an invoice, including variations.
• Add headers and footers, using preset text.
• Invoice to a 3rd party

¹ Optional and requires a separate licence

² Requires a SMS account.
Timesheets • Enter data from timesheets, or automatically from SmartTrade Mobile®
• Run timesheet reports by period and activity.
• View hours in the Time tab for a job.
MyData • Group frequently used items into user defined categories.
• Enter custom items (e.g. labour rates, call-out fees).
• Create kit-sets (assemblies), including items from different suppliers.
Archiving • Bulk archive jobs.

Supplier database • Add new suppliers easily, including multiple branches, contact names, and notes.
• Search for suppliers and orders.
Price books • Download price books from various suppliers and import into SmartTrade Server®
Supplier invoices • Download from suppliers' websites (where available) or key in.
• Compare suppliers' invoices to orders created in SmartTrade Server®
• Electronically copy line items from suppliers' invoices into job sheets.

Employee database • Add new employees, including phone numbers and notes.
• Allocate employees to security groups
• Use user definable fields.
Security • User name and password protected.
• Set up logical employee groups and assign privileges to each group.
• Lock out users if necessary.

Accounting • Export data to and import data from a number of popular accounting programs using
interfaces1 the SmartTrade Data Exchange Wizard.
Reports • Customise reports
• Run reports designed from a job management perspective.
• Export reports and data from grids to a spreadsheet or word document.
ST Alerts • Advise when jobs become overdue, are returned from a Pocket PC, are logged by a
client via internet job logging or are automatically created from a recurring job.
Data entry • Use speed keys

SmartTrade Mobile® Functionality

Receive and return jobs • Receive jobs, either wirelessly or by cradling the PDA when in the office.
• Accept job, or decline or reassign to another employee.
Job history • View a list of jobs that have been returned (history period specified by the user).
Log jobs • Create a new job in the field (charge-up, quote or estimate)
Costing • Create quotes and estimates quickly while on site.
• Select items from MyData (cost prices can be hidden) or enter custom items.
• Print to a portable printer.
Job sheet • Record actual materials while on site, not when back at the office.
• Select items from MyData (cost prices can be hidden) or enter custom items.
Ordering • Create purchase orders direct from the job sheet. Print or email, or return to the of-
• Allocate order numbers
Invoicing • Create invoices direct from the job sheet. Print or email, or return to the office.
Scheduler • Receive appointments from SmartTrade Server® and display in Outlook on the PDA.
Timesheets • Enter time as you do the job.
• Enter time for other employees.
Synchronise jobs and • Update the view only copy of the job held on SmartTrade Server®.
timesheets • After completing the job, return it electronically to the office.
• Send timesheet data back to SmartTrade Server®
Signature capture • Have the client sign on the screen of the Pocket PC to accept a quote, estimate,
invoice or job sheet.
Data network • Choose your data network provider, either GPRS or CDMA.
Supported Accounting Packages (as at June 2006)
Accredo Mercury, Saturn
Moneyworks Gold v.4.09
MYOB - Australia Premier 8, 9; Accounting 14, 15; Accounting Plus 14, 15
- New Zealand Premier 8, 9, 10; Accounting 14,15,16; Accounting Plus 14,15,16
QuickBooks - Aust Professional 2004, 2005, 2006; Premier 2004, 2005, 2006
- NZ Professional 2004, 2005, 2006; Premier 2004, 2005, 2006
Quantum v5
Sage Line 50 v10

“Teamed with an accounting package, SmartTrade provides a complete and

economical system. This is definitely the tool that trade people need to drive their
companies toward the future.”
Geoff Isherwood, Computer Link, Accredited accounting software trainer, Melbourne.

About SmartTrade
SmartTrade Ltd is a privately owned company operating in Australia and New Zealand.
Our goal is to offer world-class products that simplify life for our customers.

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