Project Manager Job Interview Questions and Answers

1. Define the role of the Product Manager. All the managers have responsibilities to deliver their duties or services are considered as operation managers. Several production techniques are used by the Product Manager in both industrialized and built-up industries. It includes the responsibilities which are based on the management of products and services with the new tools and agendas. He is likely to maintain a proficient procedure by means of a labor force to manage the products. He can appoint the right person at right job in right time. 2. Is there any difference between Production Manager and Product Manager? Yes, the work of production managers is to see the activities regarding the management of production of resources as well as their inbound and outbound logistics where as the Product Manager Look after the product management only. They are the asset of management. 3. Define the role of the Operations Manager. The main role of Operations Manager is in the decision-making. The activities involved are:
  

Scheming the operation system Organization the operation system Humanizing the operation system

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