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31 PrimaryField=1 SecondaryField=2 GroupField=3 TagField=4 [DATA] word definition part of speech high-frequency misogamy hatred of marriage noun misogynist hater of women noun missile object to be thrown or projected noun missive letter noun mite very small object or creature; small coin noun mitigate appease verb * mnemonic pertaining to memory adjective mobile movable; not fixed adjective mode prevailing style noun modicum limited quantity noun modish fashionable adjective modulation toning down; changing from one key to another noun mogul powerful person noun molecule the smallest part of a homogeneous substance in chemistry noun mollify soothe verb molt shed or cast off hair of feathers verb molten melted adjective momentous very important adjective momentum quantity of motion of a moving body; impetus noun monarchy government under a single ruler noun monastic related to monks adjective monetary pertaining to money adjective monolithic solidly uniform; unyielding adjective monotheism belief in one God noun monotony sameness leading to boredom noun monumental massive adjective moodiness fits of depression or gloom noun moor marshy wasteland noun moot debatable adjective moratorium legal delay of payment noun morbid given to unwholesome thought; gloomy adjective mordant biting; sarcastic; stinging adjective mores customs noun moribund at the point of death adjective morose ill-humored; sullen adjective * mortician undertaken noun mortify humiliate; punish to the flesh verb mote small speck noun motif theme noun motley parti-colored; mixed adjective mottled spotted adjective mountebank charlatan; boastful pretender noun muddle confuse; mix up verb muggy warm and damp adjective mulct defraud a person of something verb multifarious varied; greatly diversified adjective multiform having many forms adjective multilingual having many languages adjective multiplicity state of being numerous noun mundane worldly as opposed to spiritual adjective *

munificent very generous adjective murkiness darkness; gloom noun muse ponder verb musky having the odor of a musk adjective muster gather; assemble verb musty stale; spoiled by age adjective mutable changing in form; fickle adjective muted silent; muffled; toned down adjective mutilate maim verb mutinous unruly; rebellious adjective myopic nearsighted adjective myriad very large number noun nadir lowest point noun naivet quality of being unsophisticated noun narcissist conceited person noun nascent incipient; coming into being adjective natal pertaining to birth adjective