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48 PrimaryField=1 SecondaryField=2 GroupField=3 TagField=4 [DATA] word definition part of speech high-frequency ulterior situated beyond; unstated adjective ultimate final; not susceptible to further analysis adjective ultimatum last demand; warning noun umbrage resentment; anger; sense of injury or insult noun unanimity complete agreement noun unassuaged unsatisfied; not soothed adjective unassuming modest adjective unbridled violent adjective uncanny strange; mysterious adjective unconscionable unscrupulous; excessive adjective uncouth outlandish; clumsy; boorish adjective unctuous oily; bland; insincerely suave adjective undermine weaken; sap verb undulate move with a wavelike motion verb unearth dig up verb unearthly not earthy; weird adjective unequivocal plain; obvious; unmistakable adjective unerringly infallibly adjective unfaltering steadfast adjective unfeigned genuine; real adjective unfledged immature adjective unfrock strip a priest or minister of church authority verb ungainly awkward adjective unguent ointment noun uniformity sameness; monotony noun * unilateral one-sided adjective unimpeachable blameless and exemplary adjective uninhibited unrepressed adjective unique without an equal; single in kind adjective unison unity of pitch; complete accord noun unkempt disheveled; with uncared-for appearance adjective * unmitigated harsh; severe; not lightened adjective universal characterizing or affecting all; present everywhere adjectiv e unobtrusive inconspicuous; not blatant adjective * unprecedented novel; unparalleled adjective * unruly disobedient; lawless adjective unsavory distasteful; morally offensive adjective unscathed unharmed adjective unseemly unbecoming; indecent adjective unsullied untarnished adjective untenable insupportable adjective untoward unfortunate; annoying adjective unwarranted unjustified; groundless; undeserved adjective * unwitting unintentional; not knowing adjective unwonted unaccustomed adjective upbraid scold; reproach verb upshot outcome noun urbane suave; refined; elegant adjective urchin mischievous child (usually a boy) noun ursine bearlike; pertaining to a bear adjective

usurpation act of seizing power and rank of another noun usury lending money at illegal rates of interest noun utopia imaginary land with perfect social and political system noun vacillation fluctuation; wavering noun * vacuous empty; inane adjective vagabond wanderer; tramp noun vagrant a homeless wanderer noun * vainglorious boastful; excessively conceited adjective valedictory pertaining to farewell adjective valid logically convincing; sound; legally acceptable adjective validate confirm; ratify verb valor bravery noun vampire ghostly being that sucks the blood of the living noun vanguard forerunners; advance forces noun vantage position giving an advantage noun vapid insipid; insane adjective vassal in feudalism, one who held land of a superior lord noun vaunted boasted; bragged; highly publicized adjective veer change in direction verb vegetate live in a monotonous way verb vehement impetuous; with marked vigor adjective