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Journals writing REFLECTION ISSUE The Involvement of ICT inside Classroom.

Alizea Binti Bayan KPLI Pengajian Bahasa Inggeris (SJKC) ISSUE During my practicum, I will arrange a teaching aid for every lesson that I responsible for. Although Im using textbook, Im still prepare new teaching aids which become a way that can help me to attract pupils attention during teaching and learning process. But it is also a way that can help to increase pupils understanding on the topic that taught during the lesson. But how to prepare an interesting teaching aids? ANALYSIS OF ISSUE Nowadays, the usage of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) is also a way that can be used for teaching aids. The process of teaching and learning also affected by this matter and this help us the teacher to prepare an ICT related teaching aids which help us in many ways. The process of teaching and learning depends upon the different types of equipment available in the classroom. So, this is why ICT are importance in every lesson for teaching and learning process as it is a fun way to learn through ICT. There are various reasons why ICT is very important nowadays. The involvement of ICT inside classroom help us to lead the pupils into the world that beyond our expectation. Pupils inside classroom should be alerted with the technologies that are becoming crucial these days. Not all the pupils have the opportunity to be getting involved with the usage of ICT, but we as teacher should bring pupils into this new world if we are capable to do so. Furthermore, we must keep in mind that ICT develop a sense of learning that are ahead of usual and conventional methods.. This is because ICT leads pupils through their five senses in teaching and learning process, they tend to participate more in every

Journals writing activities that teacher has prepared earlier. Besides that, ICT also create the environment of interest for the pupils. ICT magnetize pupils into world of new ideas which indeed create a good opportunity for all the pupils to improve themselves continuously. Hence, it is important to include ICT inside teaching and learning process. MEASUREMENTS

To ensure the involvement of ICT during teaching and learning process, it is important that all the pupils are involved wholly with this method. As is it, a way which can help pupils to be a part of this method is through the ICTs teaching aids.

This is where the teacher can use simple way such as power point slide during teaching and leaning process. Teacher can graphically design the power point which can attract the pupils attention and at the same time help them to understand the methods. Teacher can includes the pupils through the activities that need their involvement such as clicking for the answer or typing the correct or suggested answers inside the textbox that prepared for them. FOLLOW-UP ACTION This method has being used starting in the middle of practicum. This method is believed to arise the pupils understanding towards the topic. I improve the usage of ICT inside my lesson from time to time. Pupils pay attention during lesson especially when my teaching aids involved the usage of ICT. Pupils show interest on this matter and this allowed the pupils to be more aware on the development of modern era. What should be proud of is that pupils are getting actively inside classroom and they always want to answer the questions and be a part of any activities. This shows that ICT are a good way that can influence pupils behavior inside classroom.

Journals writing

CONCLUSION ICT are tools that can be used by teacher as it help pupils learn quickly and thoroughly. The involvement of ICT inside classroom indeed is a good way that attract pupils desire to study and at the same time create a good atmosphere for the pupils to learn.