Gauze, swivel, lappet, dobby, and jacquard.

Table shows in details
Weave Structure Properties Easily produced, inexpensive, duarable and adaptable dyeing, printing and finishing. Inexpensive, drapable, soils more easily. Drapes well, durability Ribbed Plain weave with wales or cords in warp or weft. affected by pronounced rips, yarn slippage. Warp or weft floats over two Twill or more counterpart yarns in progressively stepped up right or left direction. Four or more shaft with warp floats in interrupted diagonal, Four or more shafts with weft floats in interrupted Combination of plain and satin or Sateen weaves. Extra set of warps or wefts Pile woven over ground yarns of plain or twill weave to form loops. Cut Pile Uncut Pile Loops cut Pile loops intact Strong, increased drapability, flexible resilient, and lustrous. Lustrous, excellent drapability, floated fashion. Similar to Satin Irregular, indistinct pattern, textured surface. Soft, warm, resilient, absorbent, interesting surface effects, Chevot, denim, drill, Gabardine, serge, tweed, Bengaline, broadcloth, poplin, Typical Fabric Batiste, Cheesecloth, Cretonne, Gingham, Parcel, Voile. Monk's cloth, Oxford,

Each weft passes Plain alternatively over and under each warp in a square pattern

Two or more warps Basket one or more weft.

simultaneously interlaced with resilient, absorbent,


Satin, Slipper satin, crepeback stin.




Granite, moss crepe, sand crepe. Cut and uncut pile fabrics ranging from toweling to rugs. Corduroy, Velvet, velveteen Frieze, Terry,

As Pile As Pile

Grenadine. Attractive generally good body. Any combination of weaves and patterns possible since Jacquard each warp is individually controlled with each pick passage.Pile Double cloth Two fabrics of independent weaves woven together with extra set of yarns. The transfer of heat within a material takes place by conduction. Attractive designs are more durable than swivel Strong Warm. geometric designs Dobby composed of short floats created by dobby loom attachment. Small designs. in this process the materials do not move as a whole but the energy flows through the body of the material by the transfer of the molecular kinetic energy. drapes well. . its structure and temperature. marquisette. Granite cloth. Madras Lappet Madras. upholstery Grenadine. Pique. Hukaback. bulky Blanket. Thermal conductivity depends on many properties of a material. Thermal conductivity is defined as the property of a material that indicates its ability to conduct heat through its body under a steady state condition. minimum stretch. Thermal conductivity can be defined as the quantity of heat that is transmitted through a unit thickness in the direction normal to the surface of unit area per unit of time and per unit of temperature difference. Crystalline substances which are pure in nature exhibit different thermal conductivities along different axes because of the alteration in the phonon coupling in any given axis. damask. Small. sheer but durable for its weight. stable. coatings. Pairs of warps twisted over Leno each other with each passing of weft Small designs interwoven on Swivel surface of fabric with extra weft yarn insertion. Triaxial Three yarns construction at various angles Strong. Dotted swiss. stitched into fabric during weaving. tapestry. Brocade. Industrial uses and home furnishings. Open mesh. Attractive design yarns tend to roughness on back side. Attractive.

Malleable .

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