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producers Fulsome Flora nepenthes attenboroughii (giant pitcher plant) Discovered more than 5000 feet above sea

level on Mount Victoria in the Philippines, the giant, carnivorous pitcher plant secretes a nectar-like substance to lure unsuspecting prey into a pool of enzymes and acid. A series of sticky, downward ribs makes it nearly impossible for trapped prey to escape. The plant's 30-centimeter diameter is large enough to trap unlucky rodents, but insects are its most common meal. Pitcher plants, of which there are about 600 different species, tend to grow in nitrogen-deficient environments, and therefore get their nutrients from decaying victims. This aquatic meat eater relies on several submerged bladders to capture prey such as tadpoles and small crustaceans. An unsuspecting passerby will brush against an external bristletrigger, causing the bladders to spring open and capture it. Once inside, the victim dies of suffocation or starvation and then decays into a liquid that is sucked up by cells on the walls of the bladder. With the ability to clamp shut in a half-second, the Venus flytrap's reaction time seems fit for the animal kingdom. Insects need to touch two of the flytrap's hairs consecutively in order for the plant to react, but the precise mechanism that shuts the trap remains unclear. The Botanical Society of America notes that early theories suggested that a sudden change in the water pressure of cells triggered the response, but this theory has since been abandoned. It now seems that when the plant is touched, the electrical potential of the leaf is altered, triggering a host of cellular-level events. The droopy, gorgeous angel trumpet packs a punch of toxins, containing atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine. Criminals in XXX have extracted scopolamine from the plant and used it as a potent drug that leaves victims unaware of what they are doing but entirely conscious. Scopolamine can be absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes, allowing it's powder form simply to be blown in a person's face. Scopolamine-related horror stories, including one account of a man moving all of his possessions out of his apartment (and into the hands of his robbers) without remembering any of it. Found in scrublands and is covered with nasty thorns, which could be turned into makeshift barbwire if needed. The real danger, however, comes from the milky sap that can leak from the plant, causing painful skin irritations and unsightly discoloration. People who got euphorbia saps in their eyes had long-term eye damage." The most "violently toxic plant that grows in XX by the USDA, the water hemlock, or breath-of-man or water carrot, contains the toxin cicutoxin. Most concentrated in the plant's root system, these roots, when pulled freshly out of the ground, are often mistaken for edible plants like parsnip. Eating the plant leads to nausea, abdominal pain, respiratory impairment, kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, tremors, seizures, and death. The neurotoxin is also incredibly potent; ingestion of the plant has been known to lead to death in cattle in as little as 15 minutes. Flora Ssumani Shambling Mound Roper Flora (Mold, Flower, Trees) subtable For use on .2 mile hexes; coverage determined by climate: tropical 1 20 hexes; sub-tropical 10 60 hexes; middle latitude 31 50 hexes; high and low latitudes 41 60 hexes D20 Flower 1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

atlas of trees
Name 1 Pinus strobus Low White Pine Kings Tree Rgbsti rgbelj High Ht. (ft.) 140+ straight trunk adds 1 row of branches every year 70shiny dark green Diam. (ft.) 6+ Needles bluegreen, 8 in. long, 5 in a bundle Bark gray and smooth trunk, rough with deep furrows upper Dark brown, rough Cones 8 16 in. long narrow yellowbrown Habitat sandy, sometimes in pure stands Range (ft.) 0 5,000 Economy Masts Spirit Magic Psionic

Pinus Banksiana

Jack Pine

Brown, smooth, resin blisters

2 in. 2/bundle, shiny green

2 in. shiny light yellow

Sand, rock outcrops, often in extensive pure stands Many soils, sometimes in pure stands All coniferous forests, often in pure stands

0 2,000, To treeline

Grows following fires; cones open with heat Musical instruments, game magnet Aromatic resin, game magnet

Picea Glauca

White Spruce


Abies Balsamea

Balsam Fir


1 in. skunklike odor when crushed Many, shiny dark

Gray, smooth

2 in. light brown

To treeline 0 5,000 To treeline, 0

Brown, smooth, resin

3 in. dark purple

Tsuga Canadensis Larix laricina



green 1 in. shiny dark green

blisters Cinnamon, rough

1 in brown

Acid soils, moist, cool valleys, rock outcrops/bluffs

5,000 0 3,000

Leather production, tea, game magnet


Allsight Sycamore Spear Ash Tongue Tree Hone Tree Tree of Life Tree of Doom

(oracular signs in leaf reading) (telepathic) (fruit grants a skill level 1 for a day) (leaf eating allows 6 hours of out of body vision while body lies in comatose state followed by 6 hours of blindness) (buds picked at noon of the first day after the first full moon after the vernal equinox made into a tincture of reverse aging) (boil bark for a tea that restores 1 HD of health upon


Tree of Vigor

drinking and resting for 4 hours) Tristriseult (skin to tree contact transmits false memories of a lost true love and unquenchable desire for reconciliation treat as geas, roll random direction/location objectives) (seedlings can be transplanted and shaped into blades and heads for weapons) (Enormous Wraith Spider imprisoned in tree form) (said to give birth through pods to infant humans) Upon waking exhibit conspicuous grandiose behaviors including expecting special treatment or


Tree of Heaven Blood Tree (carnivorous) Man Tree


(shiny smooth bark reflects ones image

heavy stone sized cones drop when human, humanoid, nonhuman gets within 10 ft. Getting bonked the

head with one causes a person, upon regaining consciousness in d6 hours

admiration on the basis of claiming to know important, powerful or famous people or to be extraordinarily intelligent or talented, to cultivate a private world in which their power, success, beauty and brilliance are unmatched and that everybody else is inferior and therefore worthless, and wants constant and loud praise, compliments, deference and expressions of envy for which sincerity is not required.) The cure is to get bonked on the head a second time under the same tree. After that, any

hard blow to the head has a 2% (noncumulative) chance to trigger a permanent relapse. Sigil Tree (as scale tree) Tana Tree

(burning a brazier of its leaves to fumigate a ghoul hive makes the colony docile for as long as the smoke lingers) (large enough and strong enough to be turned into a castle) (making incense sticks out of it and sticking them near traps or blinds or in clearings attracts game) (a tree whose song bards and musically-

Great Tree

Jewel Tree Hunters Helper


skilled persons can learn by spending 2d6 days and nights camped practicing where it can be seen and heard song is Repulse Undead)