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Application for Senior Rule

Instructions: Consideration for Senior Rule requires prior admission to the Graduate School. This application, along with your
completed application to graduate School, is due no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester you wish to enroll under the Senior Rule option. Applicants must have a minimum 3.00 grade point average in both upper division and major course work, and be within ten hours of bachelor degree completion. (1) List undergraduate courses needed to complete your bachelors degree (2) List graduate courses you will enroll in during your final undergraduate semester (3) Sign and date the application (4) Obtain the signatures as indicated (5) Have the Dean of your undergraduate college or their designee compute your grade point averages as indicated (6) Submit to the Graduate School, Campus Box 4, along with your completed WSU application to Graduate School.

I, Applicants Name

myWSU ID _______________________________,

am applying for permission to receive graduate credit for certain courses prior to the granting of the bachelors degree. This application is to cover courses taken during the _______ semester of Year_______. I am currently an undergraduate student in the department of ________________________________________________________, in the academic college of ______________________________. Only _________ hours are needed in order for me to complete my bachelors degree program. I will be enrolling in the following courses (please list all courses for the semester). The courses under the graduate section are beyond the requirements for my bachelors degree and are the courses for which I wish to receive graduate credit. I understand that the tuition for graduate credit courses will be assessed at the graduate tuition rate. I also understand that if I fail to complete my bachelors degree this semester the graduate courses will revert to undergraduate credit on my WSU transcript. Department Undergraduate Course Number Title CRN


To be completed by Undergraduate College representative:

G.P.A. - Overall ________ Upper Division _________ Major _________

Applicant ________________________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________ Undergraduate Advisor _____________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________ Graduate Program Chair or Coordinator ________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________ Dean of Undergraduate College ______________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________ Dean of Graduate School ___________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________

Photocopy Distribution:

Original Graduate School

Copy Academic Department

Copy Undergraduate College Dean