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Rajeev Nagar, Raipur (C.G) Telefax: 0771-2284888

About SteelMint
SteelMint Info Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Steel Research and Consultancy which publishes current prices, market views, daily & weekly steel reports, news updates, logistics updates and market analysis on Steel raw materials (domestic and international), semi-finished and finished products. SteelMint provides its clients with information and data on steel markets of various products and help them make informed decisions (related to purchase or sales).

Web Service Product Description
• Steel Prices – Updated prices of Raw Materials (Iron ore, Pellets, Coal, Scrap), Semi-finished (Ingot, Billet, Sponge Iron, Pig Iron, Ferro Alloys) and finished products (TMT, Angle, Channel, Beam, Wires, Flats) of benchmark steel products in each category at various locations in India • Steel News – Regular updates on Steel industry, market sentiments, expert comments, demandsupply situation • NCDEX – The index movement is mapped constantly in a chart showcased on the website • Steel Reports – o Reports are sent on the registered email address o If, only a particular section is subscribed, the client is entitled for report on that particular product only o Daily reports covering prices & updates on both domestic & international Steel industry o Weekly forecast reports covering prices & updates on previous week’s Steel industry and outlook of upcoming week o Detailed update report on Iron ore covering both domestic and international market o Detailed Scrap update covering both domestic and international market • Logistics – Data/Information covering Iron ore and Coal vessel freight, and vessel line-up at various Indian ports • Iron ore fines –Daily updates on FOB and CNF China prices, Stock position at various ports • Scrap – Regular updates on domestic and international scrap prices and market view • Coal - Regular updates on CNF and ex-plot prices, stock position at various ports

3% Service tax extra) Product Complete Web Access Iron Ore Scrap Reports (only) as an email Market Insight Price/annum 14.950 6.Raipur Office: 301.G) Telefax: 0771-2284888 • Market Views – This section will showcase industry reviews collected by our team from various players including manufacturers. Such prices may differ from plant to plant and are subjected to change depending upon the macro market even during the day • SteelMint accepts no responsibility for and excludes all liabilities in connection to any sort of errors. traders and brokers Salient Features • Benchmark products in each category with fixed commonly used sizes and grades • Prices based on market terms and conditions (also applies to payment conditions) • News items and prices are current • Archived/Past data is available • A 7-day free trial is available Terms • Prices provided are only indicative and for reference purposes only.950 4. Jeevan Parisar Rajeev Nagar. Weekly Steel Report. importers/exporters.950 3. Raipur (C.950 6.com . Iron Ore Report & Scrap Update • SteelMint Market Insight includes evening market mailer along with web access to Steel News section • The ‘Steel Reports’ and ‘Steel News’ section will come as an attachment with the complete web subscription (access) • The information covered on the website covers both prices and market view/analysis • The above charges are for individual product exclusive of service tax and to be paid in advance for one complete year • Charges are for a single user-id only and are not negotiable www. 10. omissions or misleading statement that may be based on one’s own interpretation Product Charges (Annual charges.950 • Reports package includes Daily Steel Report. inaccuracies.steelmint.

Raipur Office: 301. Jeevan Parisar Rajeev Nagar. Raipur (C.com.G) Telefax: 0771-2284888 2284888 Our clientele include most of the industry biggies – & many more… Bank Account Details Cheque to be drawn in favor of - “SteelMint Info Services LLP” HDFC Raipur A/c no. 01522560009922 IFSC Code . www.HDFC0000152 Feel free to reach us at your conveni convenience on +919575100430 or write to us on support@steelmint.steelmint.com .

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