In my opinion the U.S.

Supreme Court and the Congress are struggling over of who will make new laws or appointed a new constitutional amendments. Both have resp ectable views; however, the judges had prepared themselves their whole life to s erve the citizen of the United States. As example, when the U.S. Supreme Court w as established, panels of adjudicators were picked to serve a lifetime as a judg e. These judges were acquired to learn how to serve on the Supreme Court and the y followed their own procedures or opinion to debate. Moreover, they upheld the Justice s philosophy. As stated in the video SCOTUS Video Part 2 [Video] (n.d) the judges were questioned about how to use their knowledge and power to uphold the Justice s philosophy. These judges shared their personal feeling regarding how to evaluate a case in privately behind a closed door. Today this day the some peopl e are scared to serve judge. According to Newsweek, the Supreme court Justices Ke nnedy and Thomas asked Congress for money to add 11 police officers, including o ne new officer just to assess threats against the justices. And the Judicial Con ference of the United States put in a $12 million request to install home-securi ty system for more than 800 federal judges (145; 17, 22-26). These judges put the ir own life on line to make a better difference for the United States. References Rosenberg, D., Taylor Jr., S., Sloan, C., Bailey, H., & Skipp, C. (2005). THE WA R ON JUDGES. Newsweek, 145(17), 22-26. SCOTUS (n.d.). Video Part 2[Video] Available from htt:// 8cW4nNFyym8&feature=relmfu

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